3 Prophetic Words for Your Transition

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Dear Presence seekers,

If you are in transition right now, the Lord gave me 3 encouraging, prophetic words for you. I pray they will bless you!

1. The enemy has covered up your blessing with a lot of uncertainty …

… so much so that you feel like you have lost your hope. But, the Lord says: “Ask Me to fill up your hope bucket.” It is hope that keeps you pliable and maneuverable. It is hope that helps you move forward in your life. And it is hope that helps you to receive more from the Lord.

Papa God wants to load you with His benefits. However, He responds to faith. So …

Do a faith check along with your hope check.

Is your faith preparing you to receive from the Lord? Or, is your mind set on the uncertainty and instability the enemy is throwing at you?

Remember that faith is a choice. We choose to say, “My hope is in You, O God, the God of my salvation.” When you choose to walk in faith, you will find the victory much earlier, and your hope bucket will be filled with blessings.

2. The Lord will be cementing some things concerning you over the next two weeks.

Although you have been tempted to waver, the Lord has been continuously working on your behalf. (I specifically heard Holy Spirit emphasize the word “continuously.”) He has been cooking up just the right combination of ingredients to lay the foundation of the next stage of your life.

The ingredients are currently swirling around. They feel disconnected to you right now, but they will not always be that way. As a matter of fact, Papa is getting ready to pour out the mixture of blessings you have been waiting for.

Is your ground ready?

In order for the Lord to pour out His prize concoction of blessings–the blessings that will empower you to build your house–your ground must be ready. This means that you must have everything prepared that He has already given you, because those things will be the container for your blessings.

Without a proper vessel that is prepared and positioned to contain your foundation, the blessings the Lord has for you will not support the house He wants to build for you going forward.

You also need to persevere.

In these next two weeks, you will be tempted to give up. However, it is essential that you persevere. Jesus is in Heaven interceding for you … and He is petitioning our Father for you to persevere!

So hang in there! Hang in there! Hang in there! Your foundational blessings are on their way to you right now. Just prepare your ground and pray it in!

3. If things haven’t been moving for you, move them.

When an intolerable situation doesn’t change despite much prayer on your part, it is usually because Father God is waiting for you to make a hard decision or obey Him in some area. The very thing that you’ve been hesitating to do is usually the key to your breakthrough.

So if things aren’t moving for you, move them!

Remember the words of Jesus:

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force” (Matthew 11:12).

Jesus said that the violent take the Kingdom by force. Throughout the ages, people who have done the most for God have refused to be stopped. Smith Wigglesworth, for example, was known for saying, “If the Spirit’s not moving, I’ll move Him!”

So what have you been waiting on God to do? Consider doing it yourself.

If you have peace about doing so–even if you have to move away from your comfort zone–look at what needs to be done and decide to move forward with it.

Stop waiting for two trumpet blasts from the heavens, an angel appearance, and a sign in the weather patterns. Just step out in faith, presenting everything to the Lord and covering everything in prayer, knowing that God is a big enough God to protect you and stop you if you are about to do anything that would be bad for you.

You may have been waiting for God, but God’s waiting for you.

Beloved, if you’re in transition, our Lord Jesus sees right where you are – and He’s going to be with you all the way.

Persevere. Let Him fill you up with hope. Do a faith check. And move forward in faith. Jesus will meet you and help you all the way.

Does one or more of these words encourage your heart? If so, please leave a comment below! I love to hear from you!


  1. Delia Charlot says:

    Thank you for the encouraging words…

  2. Georgina Barboutis says:

    yes this does speak to me. IEver since the gilgal? post you posted, things have been stirring but disjointed. I sense something is moving but is not quite there yet. My house is on the market , I am looking into a change in career and money that was invested and was to be helping me in life, has been stopped for some reason for a period of time. I can only seek God and hold on. Its beautiful really, I know there is a extra closeness I have with Jesus through this. Our awesome Father.

    1. Akoba Lawson says:

      Your prophetic words are very powerful and encouraging. They have buit my hope in God and increased my faith. I have always been wanting to work with God, but always fall by the way side. I need a mentor, and I am sure that you fit in very well. Please, guide me through.

  3. Oh yes these speak to me! Amen. I will continue preparing my vessel. I will press in by faith. I will decree your will be done in my life and my family’s, all to your glory Lord. So be it! Two weeks you say, yes I believe it is around the corner. And yes I know you have been working continuously. amen amen, thank you Father!

  4. It totally speaks to me and how I feel at this very moment! Trying to move forward and waiting on God to do, eventhough I’ve been praying a lot it got me thinking what else I need to do or how I can get him to move things? Obey? thank you for this!

    1. Hey Sari. I am in the same place! Desperately wanting to hear from the Lord for clear direction! Bless you for your pure heart, may you be very certain that the Lord is directing your steps !

  5. Yes I needed to hear this.. This is speaking to me. Lord please hear my prayer. I have faith in you. I thank you for all your blessings. Amen..

  6. Eufaula Morgan says:

    WOOWEE!! YAWZA, Jamie, I am right in the thick of crossing over from what was into what is/will be. God Bless You richly!!!!!!

  7. This is an right on time post. God bless you richly!

  8. Yes, this aligns with what was spoken over us last night! Thank you for this encouraging post! May His great grace continue to pour on you as you share His Words with us all!

  9. terrysmithhart says:

    Perfect for me at this time

  10. Mireille Guerrier says:

    Thank yoy for the word and prayer, I shall wait for Abba, Father to bless me abundantly during my transition

  11. Ahhh how this message was for me Today! I receive it in the name of Jesus and Bless you for being his conduit!

  12. Thank you for these words Jamie, I am starting an internship at church next week and have been approved for a student loan but not for course costs to cover travel, books etc as I am too old (56). I believe that I am in God’s will doing this but have been under a lot of attacks lately. Praise God I am an overcomer as ‘Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world’

  13. Armstrong says:

    i needed to read this i now know God has not left me,this has spurred me on my transition in life particularly my career.thanks

  14. Rebecca Jones says:

    I was just reading and doing a word study on foundation.

  15. This relates to me squarely. Am at a time in my life when I am trusting God for certain major all round intervetions. God is in control.

  16. Right on time thank you Father

  17. Yes!! I totally needed this today!! We have an adult daughter in bad mental shape- she’s very abusive to me, and is a bully. She’s an adult and I can not make her get help, but I have the power to cut her off financially (she hasn’t worked in almost 6yrs). I can refuse to take the treatment she dishes out- I pray every day for God to take hold of and change this situation, and I now know He’s my strength and I need to stand up to her. He is with me. I also pray everyday for our Grandson to return to our daily lives (we raised him 12 1/2 yrs, he 14 and his dad is keeping us from seeing & communicating with him).
    Thank you so much Jamie!!

  18. Just what l needed to hear. Blessings

  19. Pray for me to know when I’m on the right path.


    You have been ministering hope to me for quite some time now, and once again you have brought me instruction from heaven. Thank you, and God bless you for letting the LORD use you as he does. “A MAN HAS JOY BY THE ANSWER OF HIS MOUTH: AND A WORD SPOKEN IN DUE SEASON, HOW GOOD IS IT.” (Proverbs 15:23)

  21. Hello Jamie,
    Actually, they all speak to me! I thank you for your obedience!!! I’m glad He has brought you into my life. You’re a breath of fresh air, your prophetic voice speaks volumes. I am appreciative of your ministry. You’re spot on, a true prophet!!!


  22. Jamie Hello im brother joe spencer im from eureka ca, Redwood christian center. I need help please! Ive been sowing for 10 years. Ive sown into 10 ministries and 7 prophets plus the anointing. For the last 3 years ive sown for all my fathers feast days passover, pentecost, atonement, etc. Now he says stop praying for finances i want you to pray for the provisioning and the launching for the new approach to the great commision! and pray for mercy upon all people! ok i got that! Now im told give me some coroperation and i will give you the change that you have cried out to me for. What? Im confused? By the way my wife is a witch and wants me dead! She llies, steals my money, spit on me, and calls me all kinds of vile names. Tries to control me through my rent money. Im stuck here in her trailer in sacramento ca, i want to get moved back to eureka ca, jamie my father refuses to give me my miracle money breakthrough! that was promise me in 2014 and 2015. I had a prophet write to me! he said he had heard a conversation with some devils that were laughing at me! they said that they had the power to stop my miracle and my breakthrough! that i would not get it! I even sowed into that word that anointing! and that was years ago! and i have done it with the other prophets that i spoke about too! I think it is my wife? Well praise god forever more! Glory!!! Help please? i love you! joe

  23. I am in a time of confusion Right now. And I look forward to the blessings that the Almighty father has for me. This post was perfect timing. I believe and I’m faith in Jesus. Thank you God for the miracle you are working in my life. Amen

  24. The second point I found very encouraging. We have been waiting for 2 years for the prophetic word of a consulting position on a major contract with a great company for my husband. Please may I ask you to pray with us?

  25. Marilyn Bucci says:

    Yes I am in transition and I know that God is moving because the enemy is raging.

  26. This speaks right to my situation and I receive it!

  27. Amen,right word at the right time, you are a blessing for and to me,always accurate. Be blessed

  28. Angie Reneau says:

    Hi Jamie….loved your word from the Lord…but wanted you to be more specific on the…. Preparing The Ground… Part….if you would. Thanks and Blessings to you ?

  29. very powerful words, touched on me right inside, God bless you so much Jamie, I feel encouraged.

  30. Amen! Just on time word, I won’t give up! I’m persevering and holding up my “bucket”. Lord fill me up as I wait on you, and you alone!

    God bless you and your family Jamie x

  31. This is very timely for me as my marriage is on the rocks, my husband wants a divorce and is involved in an affair. We have been together 20 yrs. I would love prayer from others. I am believing God wants to heal my marriage but somwtimes i struggle with hope. There is much confusion. I receive the words spoken by Jamie. Thank you.

  32. TANNIA KOAT says:

    This speaks volumes to me right now. I know I have to obey and put one thing to the side that’s been keeping me back from my blessings and God’s plans for me. I’m trying and I feel confused and frustrated…but no matter what I’m determined to get through this. God is with me and I will keep trying. Thank you for this word ?

  33. I guess I’m the one who’s been waiting for a trumpet Blast From Heaven. There is a situation in my life that is so heinous and I’m not sure how to proceed although my heart is broken with longing for the victims and tells me to go forward to try and intervene. However, I don’t want to cause trauma or backlash to the people who need my help. Please pray the Lord would reveal his wisdom To me and give me his perfect strategy. I do want to work within the timing of the Lord God Almighty and not my own good intentions. Powerful word Jamie God bless you.

    1. Dear Gina, I will pray for you and for God to show you exactly what and when to do what He wants you to do.
      I have a situation in my family I know I need to something but know it has to be just right or it will make things much worse. Prayers and Hugs

      1. Thank you Rachael,
        This situation needs the involvement of law enforcement, but no one is telling. I’ve called the PD and they think i have 2 heads! Please pray the truth is revealed and can no longer remain hidden. Blessings to you and praying your tough situation turns around too!

  34. Hi Jamie! This word speaks to me also!. I have been praying at midnight and the adversary is in an uproar. I don’t really care if he is. I know believe and know that we all have the victory if we can just hold on. I have felt twice in the last 3-4 weeks that I have come to the end of myself. Not knowing where else to turn but to the Lord God Almighty! I know He hears our prayers and he knows who we are and where we are! I pray that every prayer request that goes up to the Lord that we all will be found faithful in well doing and not giving up. The victory is ours! Hold on and hang in there folks!
    God bless you Jamie for the encouragement and the inspiration. I wish you and yours the very best in all things!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I found this post very encouraging. We’ve had a lot thrown at us lately, but especially the past 2 days have been hard. I’m reminded of your words “hang in there” and persevere. Thank you and blessings to you.

  36. Absolutely encouraging!!! Since the word about being at Gilgal, this word adds to the picture! Soooo in waiting for clear instruction/direction, and to be absolutely blunt: I have NO feeling/sense of moving in any direction…. I feel like that one guys who said to Jesus: Lord, I believe, hep me in my unbelieve (small faith?)…. Thank you, this was for me, will study this also and make it MINE !

  37. Heather Bugnacki says:

    Jamie, you are a huge blessing! So very glad the Lord highlighted your ministry to me on Elijah List. Your words speak deeply to me, giving me language for what I don’t always have words for.
    Thankful, Heather B

  38. Dinah Akinyi says:

    Hi Jamie,

    This word came right in time. I’min a transition and I’m hit with variouschallenges. His grace is sufficient. Thank you

  39. Hi Jamie,
    This post is a confirmation of what I spoke to my Heavenly Father about …, not hearing from Him, even though I prayed and fast. But I do know He is molding me and I submit totally to His will.

  40. A beautiful and timely word.
    Thank you Sister.

  41. I recieve it arms wide open Father ????Give me back what the enemy stole ????????I’m Jesus name our sins have been nailed to the cross

  42. GEORGE MODISE says:

    DEAR Jamie ;this massage from GOD is my message.but I thank father GOD TO REMEMBER ME.I WILL PRAY

  43. Roseann Sparacia says:

    Today I have read the Prophecy for 2019, The Dethroning of Queen Vashti and this one. They are all on point for me. I love reading your prophecies. Confirmation of what God tells us in our quiet time with him is always encouraging.

  44. Komal Merry says:

    It was needed a timely word God bless

  45. AMEN!!! God bless you Jamie!

  46. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    Lord please strengthen me to obey you and magnify you in this warfare.Increase my hope in you and give me perseverance to wait for you.Amen

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