Welcome to the Paid-For Parsonages for Pastors Project!

By His Spirit, and with the help of generous readers like you, the Lord has provided us with 10.62 acres of beautiful land in east Tennessee, paid-for free and clear, on which to build parsonages for local church pastors in need.

Many pastors give their all to the Lord every day, pouring out their lives for the sake of the Gospel–but their churches don’t pay them enough to provide basic necessities for their families.

As a result, pastors battle depression, suicidal ideation, marriage problems, church problems, and worse. Their ability to focus on their family plus their Gospel work is inhibited because their basic necessities are not provided for.

The Lord has called us to help proven, faithful pastors in need of housing, which is one of every family’s biggest needs.

The parsonages we are building will be gifted to each pastor’s family, paid-for free and clear, in their own name (NO mortgage), so they can do the work of the Gospel without worrying about where their children will sleep that night.

The land has been developed. Utilities have been installed. We are ready to build!

As of January 27, 2024, the land has been surveyed and subdivided. The land will accommodate four pastors’ homes, with their accompanying septic systems. Each pastor’s family will even have space for a garden if they so desire!

All necessary county approvals have been obtained. The road into the land has been built and graveled. Utilities have been installed. (All utilities were installed underground.) Architecture has been completed for the first parsonage, and we are ready to build!

The first home is a 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath, hyperefficient home on an unfinished basement with a small footprint.

However, the architecture is exquisite, making the home “live larger” than it really is. Check out the slideshow at the top of this page to see the architectural renderings of each room!

Architecture services have been provided by the incredible, godly homebuilders extraordinaires at Natural Element Homes in Sweetwater, Tennessee–makers of houses that heal!

We need your help to sponsor the building of this home.

We are depending on the Spirit of God to provide. Is He leading you to participate in this project with us?

Whether you can sponsor a shingle or the entire home, please reach out and let us know what you can do! (We already have an agreement with our builder, but we can receive donations of supplies and labor. What we need most, however, is cash to build with.)

This project was birthed in fasting and prayer, and the Spirit of God has done the work so far. We know that He who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete it, for our calling and election are sure in every way–just like yours are!

Won’t you join with us today? Thank you in advance!

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