How To feel Like God Loves You: My Story by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Series Table of Contents

  1. How to Feel Like God Loves You: My Story: Start here for my story about how I felt God’s love for the first time, and how you can too!
  2. God’s Physical Touch: God really does touch you all the time. Here’s how you can recognize His touch!
  3. Quality Time: God Is All Over You: He loves nothing better than to hang with you. It’s just Who He is.
  4. Acts of Service: The Energizer Bunny Has Nothing On God: He keeps serving, and serving, and serving…
  5. Response to Reader Question: Is It Too Strange For God to Serve Us? Someone had a problem with my saying that God serves us. But that’s ok. God doesn’t have a problem with it. Here’s why.
  6. Words of Affirmation: He’s Just That Into You: He can’t stop telling you how awesome you are and how much He loves you. He’s obsessive about it. I, for one, dig that. 🙂
  7. The Gifts He Keeps On Giving: He’s more ardent than the most ardent human lover. He showers you with gifts day in and day out. He can’t help Himself. He loves you.
  8. Book Review: The Five Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman: Read about the book that God used to heal my lonely, aching heart and help me feel His love for the first time.

Healing from Fear and Internalizing God’s Love

Struggling with fear? God wants to heal you—and He heals you by helping you internalize His love.

In this book, Jamie shares from her own personal experience how you can heal from fear, intimidation, panic attacks, and even a physical inability to breathe! Get your copy of Victory in the Camp of the Lord Volume 1: Healing from Fear today, and learn how to beat the spirits of fear, python, and intimidation in the name of Jesus.