How To feel Like God Loves You: My Story by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Series Index

  1. How to Feel Like God Loves You: My Story: Start here for my story about how I felt God’s love for the first time, and how you can too!
  2. God’s Physical Touch: God really does touch you all the time. Here’s how you can recognize His touch!
  3. Quality Time: God Is All Over You: He loves nothing better than to hang with you. It’s just Who He is.
  4. Acts of Service: The Energizer Bunny Has Nothing On God: He keeps serving, and serving, and serving…
  5. Response to Reader Question: Is It Too Strange For God to Serve Us? Someone had a problem with my saying that God serves us. But that’s ok. God doesn’t have a problem with it. Here’s why.
  6. Words of Affirmation: He’s Just That Into You: He can’t stop telling you how awesome you are and how much He loves you. He’s obsessive about it. I, for one, dig that. 🙂
  7. The Gifts He Keeps On Giving: He’s more ardent than the most ardent human lover. He showers you with gifts day in and day out. He can’t help Himself. He loves you.
  8. Book Review: The Five Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman: Read about the book that God used to heal my lonely, aching heart and help me feel His love for the first time.