1. I was blessed beyond measure reading this post. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and sharing, Anja! I thank God for touching your heart! Aren’t His hugs just grand??? 🙂

      1. Elrica Sakoor says:

        Hi Jamie, may God continue to bless you. I came across your website just a few days ago, have never been touched on a special way. I am an unemployed despaired single Mom of three, have nothing in life, no house, no car, not sure where my next slice of bread is coming from. My kids are at a critical stage of their lives. My son is getting married, my daughter in grade 11, my 11 year old is thriving, they keep accomplish so many things, despite our circumstances. Reading your blog and understanding what God says, is healing for me. It’s a good thing, I can move forward.please keep us in your prayers, we need a financial miracle, a home of it own, a car. And I need permanent employment. Thank you, God bless

    2. Lisa Pietrantano says:

      Jamie, through your blough I realized I had made my husband and idol. I’m my intense desire to be close,loving, communicate again,and it wasn’t working.
      I am now only looking to Papa to fill me with the worth and love He created me to be!!
      Since finding your website a few weeks ago I am headed in the right direction to be and do all Papa has placed in me.
      Thank you, bless you, grace and love be multiplied to you.
      Lisa Pietrantano.

  2. I have been yearning to feel God’s love for the longest time but I had no idea how to do it. I came across this series last week but am only now getting to read it. When I got to the end, where you said why don’t you ask God to touch you right now, I got really nervous. I wanted to but I was scared I wouldn’t feel it or that He wouldn’t hug me in the first place. I really had to psych myself up to do it. Finally, I followed the steps, I held out my arms and cried out for a hug. Immediately, I felt like crying, and I told myself not to give in to the urge to cry in case it wasn’t real. (This is because when I first started praying in tongues, I thought that crying meant the Spirit was there so I’d pray and pray until I cried and sometimes, I made myself cry so that I could confirm that I had really prayed, you know. I thought I was doing the same thing here). When I told myself to stop “trying” to cry, I immediately started feeling hot and my legs got a bit shaky. This time when the tears came, I couldn’t stop them. I can’t believe it, I really got a hug from God!! I actually got up to see the tears in the mirror because I was like, where did these tears come from?!! I need to see them for myself!!

    I feel like I’m rabbiting on and I’m sorry, but I have to tell someone that I felt a hug from God!! And you are the perfect person to tell because your post helped me feel it. Thank you so much for this post. I didn’t know this could happen. I didn’t know I could instigate a touch from God. I’m so full of energy right now, I don’t know whether to walk around or read the next post in the series!! Your posts really bless me, this is not the first one. And looking at the titles of your other posts, I see at least two that could help me in a situation I’m in right now. Thank you, Jamie.

    1. Smith, I’m sorry it has taken me several days to reply. I’ve been snowed under at work, and haven’t been able to reply to anyone until this morning. But I got an email with your comment right away, and it ROCKED MY WORLD. GOD is sooooo good, isn’t He? Oh He loves you so much, and I’m so thankful that He meets us wherever we are, however we are, just the way we are, wraps us in His arms and slobbers kisses all over us… because He’s a good, good Father. Thank You, Daddy God, for blessing Smith.
      And you know what? Each and every time you ask Him for a hug, He’ll hug you again and again and again! I just stopped what I was typing and asked Him for a big hug myself, and He hugged me too! And tickled me… I started laughing for no reason, and I could see Him in my mind’s eye poking my ribs and tickling me and making me laugh.
      He’s a GOOD, GOOD FATHER! And He loves us very much.
      Have a wonderful day, Smith!

  3. My friend, I am a big believer of God and I see him as my friend and my love. He loves me an I know for a fact without a doubt he cares and he never leaves my side. I don’t go to church regularly but I have a strong love in Christ. I did what you said to do, I simply put out my hands ask him to hug me an as if he was waiting for that. I felt my body shiver and a cool breeze from my window surrounded me.
    Great info!

    1. Josh Alloway says:

      I get the cool breeze sensations too. Without a window but the sensations are the same! Good for you:)

  4. My story is a bit different I never consciously reached out to God (This happened over 12 years ago) I left my husband and was in a troubled state of emotion / mind I am not a church goer But I do believe that we are all spiritual The experiences I had were so intensely beautiful Let me explain : The first experience was “Out of the Blue” I was buying furniture and wheeling a shopping trolley, when all of a sudden I felt the warmest glow in my pelvic area It felt like Pure LOVE ( so hard to explain) It didn’t stop there The Love worked it’s way up to my heart and that’s where it Culminated It was both a physical and spiritual sensation And this sensation would come to me for a few years without warning All I can say is that it felt as if the Love had entered my physical body And that the source of it had an intention to soothe me..I could never will it to enter me…It came into me randomly As I said, it lasted a few years I’ve spoken to many of my friends and asked them if they ever experienced such a thing but they hadn’t…I haven’t had it happen for almost 8 years It was probably the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me And it went inside me when I was at my lowest ebb Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. No, I haven’t, but if it pointed you to Jesus and glorified Jesus, that’s cool! If it didn’t, then all you would do is rebuke it and command it to leave in Jesus’ name. Anything that is from the Lord will glorify Jesus. 🙂 Thanks for reading and sharing!

      1. Thank you Jaimie for publishing my experience I feel that Smith’s experience and mine are similar It was life-changing for me And I will try and reach out for that Divine Love again 🙂

  5. Christine Saliba says:

    Thank you soooo much for sharing how to encounter Daddy God’s Love.
    This is an amazing breakthrough for me! I have always wanted God to be more tangible to me.
    I was abandoned as an infant without bonding with my parents. I have been needing to feel a physical touch from God & had always felt I was incapable & blocked from intimacy with Him. I needed Him to fill that empty void of not being held, comforted, hugged, & respondent to my cries. I didn’t grow up feeling wanted,loved, or unconditionally
    adored like a mother’s touch.
    I have overcome much of the false beliefs in my mind about myself, but I still struggled to be able to get things from my head to my heart…until now.
    I am so grateful to know now what you know & am so excited to share this experience with others!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

    1. Christine, that’s amazing. I’m so glad our Papa blessed you. Thank you so much for sharing! I pray He would continue to surround you with His strong arms and hugs all day today!

  6. Josh Alloway says:

    I’ve felt God’s presence or the presence of an Angel on at least 3 occasions.

    I repented for my sins and turned my life over to Christ about a month ago. I always believed but I was living life on my own terms..

    It wasn’t working. I turned my back on the sins that had me depressed and it’s been such a transformation.

    When I feel his presence it’s always the same. I feel cool sensations on the back of my arms over my hands down my legs and I get the sensation of fingers in my hair. I’m at complete ease.

    I simply told the Lord I needed to feel his presence. Everyone has different sensations. Most of them I’ve seen is warm sensations. Mine are cool.. Never cold just cool and comforting.

  7. I was going through a really painful part of my life several months ago and was laying in my bed weeping. I felt as though I simply couldn’t go on any longer. In a moment of sheer agony I felt the most amazing warmth surrounding me. ..as if someone had placed a heated soft blanket around me. It surprised me so much that I stopped crying and in that moment I felt total peace and knew that everything would be ok. I started Bible study soon afterwards, now I’m getting back into Church. I still have sad days but with those days I have hope and feel peaceful. It’s been life altering.

    1. Wow. Verna, thank you for sharing. That was a hug from the Holy Spirit. He loves you with an everlasting love and cherishes you. I pray that precious Holy Spirit, Daddy God, would continue to minister to your heart today and heal you and lift you up in every way.

  8. God has been touching me all the time just needed reinsurance of the fact. Thank you

    1. I pray you received the reassurance and confirmation you needed, Gina, and that Papa encouraged you mightily. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading!

      1. Jamie I’m in real trouble with my life. Every time I think I’m going down the right path something happens to show me wrong again. I’ tryin not to think God hates me but right now that’s how it looks. I would like to know why God hates me so much. I know its God’s will and every thing has a prose for this. Right now it looks like God’s wrath. Thank you Gina

        1. Hi Gina. God does not hate you, precious. He loves you very much, and all of His wrath was poured out on Jesus.

          I used to be so hurt and angry that I called myself “God’s celestial joke.” I was not actually saved at the time, although I thought I was. But I had not totally given my life to Jesus. I knew who He was and I knew about Him and I believed in Him, but I had not turned my life over to Him. I lived my own way, thankyouverymuch. 🙁 And I was hurt and angry and discouraged and depressed.

          But then God showed me His love in the form of Jesus dying on the cross, trampled on the ground like a rose. He actually used the song below to do so. It was at a church service someone had invited me to. And I walked forward at the end of the pastor’s message and told God, “You can have everything. I just want more of You.” And at that moment, He saved me. 🙂 And my life began to change rapidly after that. No change before that, but loads of change after that.

          Have you ever had a moment like that? Where you totally just say “You can have me; just give me You”? If not, I encourage you to take that step and fully hand your life over to Jesus this very moment.

          And if you have… then I encourage you to set your face like flint to seek Him so you can know His love. Every day, get alone with Him for a few minutes each morning and open your Bible. Read the Gospel of John and then move to Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Ask the Holy Spirit to open His Word up to you and to encourage you and help you receive His love.

          Papa loves you very much, and He is longing for you to crawl up in His lap and let Him hold you, comfort you, keep you safe, and take care of you.

  9. Hi. I know you posted this blog a while ago but I’m going to post my comment anyway. I’m 16 years old and I think God spoke to me today. My church had a guest speaker and he was praying over me and then I heard something or someone. It was almost like a whisper. It told me that Im going to be a minister. But when the Pastor was praying over me I felt a hand on my back. After church I was driving home with my mom and dad and I asked them who was behind me. They said no one was behind me or touching me. I can’t really make my mind around the whole thing. But I feel like a totally different person. All I need is some guidance.

  10. Hello, I had received some devastating news and was crying out to God before falling asleep. During the night I felt a gentle touch on my back and woke right up thinking it was my husband. I looked over and was turned the opposite way so I knew it wasn’t him. I was laying there talking to God and asking if it was him. I felt the same gentle touch again. Is there scripture in the Bible that says he does that to people? I want to believe badly it was him but then doubts come into my mind. Thanks

      1. Hello, I had received some devastating news and was crying out to God before falling asleep. During the night I felt a gentle touch on my back and woke right up thinking it was my husband. I looked over and was turned the opposite way so I knew it wasn’t him. I was laying there talking to God and asking if it was him. I felt the same gentle touch again. Is there scripture in the Bible that says he does that to people? I want to believe badly it was him but then doubts come into my mind. Thanks

  11. Hi Jamie! I did what you suggested. I wrapped my arms around myself and I said, Daddy Hug, Daddy big hug. I actually felt arms coming around me and there was a small amount of pressure in my chest. It was warm. I began to cry and to thank Him for his love and for hugging me. I also felt what I call cool chills that felt like a cool breeze! I am very grateful for your blogs and suggestions! I also love your past experiences with God. They are really blessing me through this season of my life! Blessings to you!

  12. Emma Hammond says:

    I had been reading Isaiah 51 12-16 about God being a comforter. I really struggle with this as I am a very tactile person who needs to have physical contact with other people and that’s not always possible and leads to me often feeling very lonely. After reading I googled Gods physical hugs and your blog post came up. I started to read and tears poured down my face. I have a much better understanding of it now. Thank you for blessing me so much tonight.

  13. I recently experienced something very unusual in my bed when I was not sleeping because I was emotionally distressed from worry over the safety of my daughters. My husband was sound asleep snoring so it was not him. I was praying fervently for protection on my girls. I suddenly experienced a tight hug around my back. It startled me and I went to get up and I felt a pulling back into bed and a tightening of the hug. I prayed for protection and turned my head but there was no one there. I fell asleep immediately. I feel this was spiritual. I don’t think I was dreaming or even on the verge of sleep because I was concerned for my girls.

  14. Victoria Rosanwo says:

    This is an amazing message it has really enlightened my eye’s of understanding on what to tell Papa Father in my pray Father touch me and my life shall not be the same again thank you Jamie God bless you and your family

  15. Hi I want to feel close see to God please

  16. I wasn’t raised to be religious. I am 28 years old And have recently been thru some dramatizing life situations this past year and a half and ive been feeling the need to pray to God even though I haven’t been raised this way. I recently was watching a TV show and something that was said on the show hit home for me and sort of woke me up and I felt this wonderful feeling like cold water running thru me and felt this pressure like someone was holding me tight like a light pressure on my whole.body face and everywhere and thoughts just came rushing to me on what I should be doing And that every thing will be ok and I won’t have to worry no more. Like I said I’ve never been religious nor experienced anything like this. So I turned to Google to hear other peoples stories, came across your blog. I liked some of the things you had to say. I’m still questioning whether I am supposed to do the thoughts that crossed my.mind. and how I will even be able to over.come the hurt and broken trust by doing what I think God is telling me to do. If anyone could write me back that be great

  17. I Had a Feeling in my heart after doing that but didn’t seem like god hugging me just a feeling in my heart which felt nice.

    Is that God Doing something to me i’m just getting into Jesus / god and id like to know more about this.

  18. This is so encouraging as physical affection is my love language!!

  19. Annanson John says:

    What a word! So soothing. Amazing Grace.
    God bless you for giving me something to reflect on.
    He touched me.

  20. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Yeah i need Dad’s hug everyday.Lord please hug my son and my husband also during this times we going through. Thank you.

  21. God we need your healing presences right now.

  22. For some of us, touching is connected with use and abuse and rejection, which makes it nearly impossible for us to ‘feel’ God in this way. Believe me, we wish it was different! Oh how we wish it was different! But it’s just not.

    1. Hi Lynn. I’m so very sorry that you had abuse happen to you. However, I have worked with many people who have been abused as you describe, and I’ve seen God the Holy Spirit heal them so completely that they were able to commune with God and sense His love in every way after that. It is possible. If you want to know more about our inner healing path that the Lord has used in this way, you’re welcome to email me anytime.

  23. My heavenly father’s unconditional love touched me once again by leading me through his holy precious spirit to this 21 days prayer.

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