1. I had a very strong impact of Gods love. I prayed that God will show me his heart, I was so hungry for his love cause I didn’t sense it for a long time. One night I woke up cause something touched me. It felt like a big heart covered me and I heard a loud, strong heartbeat and liquid, warm love flooded my soul. This was Awesome, Thank you Daddy. you only need hunger for him, he likes to suprise you!!

  2. steven simmonds says:

    Hi Jamie, Steven Alexander here from “fedupofbeingpoor.com” i just want to say what a beautiful piece of work,

    I love how honesty and rawness meets you and God and together you build up a love relationship that demonstrates real love to you.

    Im sorry for what you have been through, your past i am sure resonates with many. I hope you continue to love yourself and through the outpouring of love may streams of abundance flow.

    I love your work and tell others about you. May your ministry seeds just flourish blossom and produce multiple fruit.

    Thank you for your life and your ministry.

    Best wishes from across the ocean in the UK

    Steven Alexander

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