Welcome to my series of real-life dream interpretations and tattoo interpretations using God’s symbolic language. The purpose of these articles is to show you how God’s people can and should use Biblical symbolism to interpret His messages–and also to give hope to others through His prophetic word.

I have used both dreams and tattoos here because they are two versions of the same thing. Dreams are like movies, and tattoos are like photographs. Both can be interpreted using God’s language to share His message of hope and love with the hearer.

Note: It can take hours to do a dream or tattoo interpretation. For this reason, I am no longer able to interpret dreams or tattoos on this blog. If you would like a dream or tattoo interpretation, I provide those as a paid consultancy service due to the length of time it takes me to research each one. Contact me via my contact page if you’re interested in a personal interpretation of your dream or tattoo based on God’s symbolic language.

Dream Interpretations:

Phoenix-tattoo-buttonTattoo Interpretations: