Tattoo Interpretation #8: Bird

Miss C tattoo #2

Today’s tattoo interpretation is for Miss C.

Miss C recently got the tattoo pictured above. I don’t know the natural meaning she had in mind when she chose it, beyond the obvious meaning of the Scripture passage from Ephesians 6:10-20. (That passage is about standing in the midst of hardship and putting on the armor of God.) However, I do see several neat spiritual meanings in the symbols Miss C chose.

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    First, the bird has a very long beak. It looks like a hummingbird to me; whether it is or not doesn’t matter, because the thing that immediately catches my eye is the beak. Birds that are created with very long beaks have one purpose for those beaks: to mine nectar from deep, hidden places in a flower that few other creatures can get to.

    Also, the swirls remind me of the fish that is often used as a symbol of Christ. (The fish was a secret symbol of Christ in the early church, in the first few hundred years A.D., and it has remained in symbolic use ever since.)

    The color black represents hiddenness and/or the literal meaning of an object, if the object is black.

    The number 6 represents man.

    The number 10 represents a journey, a wilderness, and a pastor’s heart.

    The number 20 is 10 times 2, and 2 is multiplication or division; so the number 20 here would represent multiplication along the journey through the wilderness.

    This is what I feel like the Lord may be saying to Miss C through the spiritual symbols in her tattoo:

    Miss C, the Lord sees that you love to drink deeply of Jesus. He is affirming your heart for Him, and inviting you to mine the deep places of Christ even more than ever before.

    You are on a journey through a wilderness. Throughout this time, hide yourself under the wings of your Father. Do what Ephesians 6 tells you to do: let Him fight your battles for you while you stand in that secret place, hidden in Him.

    Even when it’s hard to do this, the reward will be worth it. Multiplication is available to you in this season. I believe you are going to reap great fruit.

    Some of your fruit will be in the people you have poured your life into. I believe Papa is affirming the heart you have for other people. People are your fruit that remains, and Papa sees your fruit.

    As you hide yourself in Christ and drink deeply of His sweet nectar throughout this time of hardship, the multiplication you will find in Christ will surpass the hardship of the wilderness journey.

    Now it’s Ms. C’s turn. Ms. C, does this tattoo interpretation mean anything to you? Please leave a comment below (on this post) and share your thoughts. Thanks!



    1. Angela Bley says:

      So cool! Makes me want to get a tattoo. Its cool that you can bring out the conscious and unconscious meaning of the tattoos. This lets me know that our minds are ever thinking about spiritual things, things of God! We were made to praise Him!

      1. Hi Angela! Exactly! “Deep calls unto deep” and God has set eternity in our hearts. Even when we don’t realize we are doing so, we are often pointing our spirit to God. Yay! Go Jesus! He made us to be tuned in to Him!

    2. My friend “J” and I chose this tattoo to remind us that our Lord is our protector and provider and that we can face anything together with our Savior. The placement was to show we always have each others back, and that as long as we are strong in the Lord and read and drink of His word, we can weather any storm and are protected from the darts that the evil one hits us with. Your interpretation is spot on and an enlightenment to the meanings of the bird and swirl that we were unaware of! Love it Jamie!!!

      1. Wow! That is too awesome! I love it even more now, Callie! I love the part about watching each other’s back. So precious to have friends who will stand with you through thick and thin. Beautiful!

        1. Judy Rrrr says:

          I loved our tatoo before and love it more now….it is a great tool to witness with..praising God always!

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