Tattoo Interpretation #4: Fireworks

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I met a lady this week who had a cool-looking tattoo on her forearm. (I’ll call her Miss M.) Miss M graciously told me about her tattoo when I asked, and she gave her permission for me to blog about it. 🙂 (Miss M, thank you!)

It’s pretty neat how people’s tattoos almost always express part of their own, personal story. Sometimes, their tattoos will even symbolize awesome skills and personality traits that are in them, but that they can’t see or don’t even realize are there. But when you see their tattoo, you can totally see amazing things in it.

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    In this case, Miss M told my friend and I that her tattoo represents new chances every day. The first thing that struck me was that she chose green and black/gray as her colors. And guess what green means?

    Green, as I posted about in Miss T’s tattoo interpretation, represents, in the positive sense, conscience, character, creativity, prosperity, growth, provision, healing, health, and balance. (The fireworks are a very positive symbol, so we know the positive meanings apply here.) Green also symbolizes new beginnings!

    Isn’t that cool? Miss M didn’t even know that green meant new beginnings when she picked her colors! However, I think her tattoo was divinely inspired, and she picked the colors to match that message without even knowing it!

    Miss M also told my friend and I that she is creative, and she likes to write. We didn’t talk with her more than that, so I don’t know anything that’s going on in her life. But the more I thought about her tattoo, the more it made me think that there are more symbols here that might also reflect Miss M’s unique talents and destiny.

    Check it out:

    The tattoo is on Miss M’s forearm. The forearm is a place of hidden strength; you don’t usually see it, but it does a lot of work!

    Fireworks are an explosion of light and color; an explosion of art, and Miss M is a creative writer. I think there is a connection there because the best inspiration for writing comes in flashes:

    • When you’re struck by an awesome, creative idea, it’s like the idea comes out of nowhere.
    • A spotlight shines on this idea in your mind, and suddenly you see a new thing to write about, and the perfect way to craft your words.
    • You’ll see it all perfectly in your head, just for a moment.
    • If you ignore your flash of inspiration, it’s just like the fireworks: it fizzles out and is gone.
    • But if you write it down and preserve it, you’ll get an incredible result.

    (And by the way, those sudden doses of creativity are usually divine inspiration. Daddy God still loves to create; He told me so after He spoke to me audibly one time. I’ll be blogging about that experience this week, so be sure to watch for that post.) 🙂

    Fireworks also have altitude. They happen at a higher level. That’s important.

    There’s even more symbolism in this tattoo:

    The color black can represent a sense of hiddenness or separation. It can also just represent a literal color, but since fireworks are never black in real life, I think “hiddenness” is the more appropriate meaning here. (And look… that’s the second time we’ve seen this word “hidden” in this list of symbols!)

    Fireworks make light, and light is an awesome thing. It always represents God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, wisdom, understanding, and a clear mind (1 John 1:5).

    Also, this kind of fireworks has many streams going out from one center. There are many different kinds of fireworks, but she picked this one. I think the shape is significant. When I see many branches going out from one thing, I think of:

    • options or choices;
    • expanding your horizons; and
    • many possible outcomes.

    So when you put all this together, I think there’s more here than meets the eye:

    Miss M got this tattoo to symbolize new chances, and her tattoo conveys that message in many ways. Not only does it represent new beginnings, but it also represents the many options and choices that are available to her.

    She might still be in the center–not having chosen which option to take–but she is going to have all the light and wisdom she needs to know where to go and what to do.

    Some of Miss M’s options and choices may be hidden. She might also feel a sense of separation or isolation sometimes. But she has hidden strength that she may not even realize she has; and if she feels separated, it’s because she’s separated unto her destiny. She’s uniquely gifted to see things at a higher level. (Her ability to see things at a higher level might even be one of the reasons she’s gifted to write, so she can inspire the rest of us!)

    Finally, new beginnings are ahead of her. Her tattoo tells us that she’s going to do things that she’s divinely inspired to do–maybe even with sudden flashes of inspiration–and she’s going to experience a deep, inner fulfillment, balance, and a sense of rightness. Nothing missing and nothing broken; everything prosperous and flowing right!

    Miss M, if you happen to read this, I’m curious. Do the interpretations above mean anything to you? I’d love to hear about it if so – please leave a comment below, and thanks for letting me blog about your tattoo!



    1. J. Whelchel says:

      Hi Jamie, I’m curious how you would interpret very Satanic tattoos like the skull and bones, demonic and pagan symbols, and all the symbols mocking the Trinity, etc. in a positive way. My daughter has a large tattoo of a demonic character from a worldwide video game on her forarm and regrets it now that she has recommited her life to Christ. How do you minister when you deal with the demonic spirits that may be attached to these tattoos simply because of their origin? Thanks for any insight.

      1. I would go through the prayers to clean up your bloodline and renounce agreement with all sorts of evil things, as outlined in my Finding Deep Soul Healing 101 and 102 video teachings. That is SO IMPORTANT. Personally, I would also have the tattoos removed if possible. If not possible, I’ve seen people have them re-made into other art that is not demonic. The Lord will show her how and what to do. But I would definitely encourage her to go through the Soul Healing 101 and 102 classes immediately. Both will be important, and 101 is necessary before 102–and they are both urgent.

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