21 Days to the Manifest Presence of God: Table of Contents

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Free devotional series that will help you live every moment in the manifest Presence of God! By Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com

Hello and welcome to 21 Days To The Manifest Presence of God! This free devotional series will help you live every moment of every day, the rest of your life, fully aware of God’s manifest Presence and love.

Just so you know, this journey might mess you up (in a really good way)! Becoming aware of God’s manifest Presence changed my life, and I believe it will change yours too!

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    1. Day 1: Constant Companion
    2. Day 2: The Wow Factor
    3. Day 3: Starting to Pray
    4. Day 4: Everyday Conversation
    5. Day 5: Hear the Sizzle
    6. Day 6: How Much God Loves You
    7. Day 7: A Special Place
    8. Day 8: Fifteen Minutes
    9. Day 9: Candid Discussion
    10. Day 10: Jumping Words
    11. Day 11: True North
    12. Day 12: Hearing God Speak
    13. Day 13: Divine Flow
    14. Day 14: Forgiveness & Moving On
    15. Day 15: Giving Thanks
    16. Day 16: The Word of God
    17. Day 17: Resting in God
    18. Day 18: Dreaming With God
    19. Day 19: The Power of Words
    20. Day 20: God Likes Us Needy
    21. Day 21: Conclusion
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    1. wow…im in day one and im already feeling blessed,i pray that God will help me to go through the 21 days and i believe i will ascend – my life will never be the same again

      1. Amen. Becoming aware of God’s presence changed everything for me. I believe it will for every other person as well. Thank you for reading, and I pray the Holy Spirit will minister to you powerfully!

    2. Carol Adams says:

      Hello !
      I found your website through Pinterest and am so glad I did. It was the Lord who led me to it.
      I feel like a kid in a candy store. ‘Where should I read first ? Oh my gosh everything looks so good to eat.’ I look forward to reading more and more but I want to take it at a pace so I can absorb it and digest it.

      1. Hi Carol! Thank you so much for reading. I’m sorry it took me so long to respond. I’m in the middle of nowhere for the weekend with very little internet reception. But your comment made my day. Candy store, lol! That’s great. Thank You, Daddy God, for blessing my sister. I pray the Holy Spirit will encourage and strengthen you over and over, every time you read. 🙂 Have an amazing day!!!

    3. Eleanor Tay says:

      I am presently going through my own dark valley and I just did the exercise. WOW.

      Immediately, came in my mind of a scene of Jesus and a little girl who was me under a dark, vast night sky. Jesus hugged me tightly and said, “I love you more than your parents do. I love you more than (my partner’s name) does. I love you more than this whole universe you see on the sky. Do not fear my child. In me, you find everything.” And his hug was so tight and reassuring.

      And He lifted me up in His arms and carried me, continued to talk to me, “My child, you feel like you have nothing to hold onto in this darkness but look below you.” I looked and I saw that we were moving in air but He was hugging and carrying me tightly.

      “You feel like you are lost in the darkness and you are scared but that is because I am carrying you to somewhere better. Do not fear for I am always carrying you. Hold onto me, my child. I am always with you.”

      And we landed onto soft ground again. Right before us was a forest of lights. We went into the forest and the lights shone on His face. He put me down, smiled and rubbed His face against mine.

      I didn’t understand the significance of the lights until shortly after, the verse from Matthew 5:14 came into mind: You are the light of the world.

      1. Eleanor, I was just going through some old comments and realized I never responded to this. I’m so sorry. Your vision is beautiful. I’m so glad our Papa ministered to you. I pray you’d be continually encouraged in this new year. 🙂
        Thank you so much for sharing!

    4. Jamie

      I cannot create an account no matter what I do. And can’t choose mp3s for purchase. Doing the University course and want to be able to keep up. Help! Thank you.

      1. Hi Loretta! I’ll email you. I’m sorry you’re having difficulty but I think we can work it right out for you!

    5. Maria Dimba says:

      God has spoken to me about time for everything after I have ask him to tell me about my status of how long will I remain single as really I love to have a man who fears Him. God answered by telling me that there is time for everything and I must read Matthew from my Bible. He further said to me that my time has come. I never knew that I can find a scripture about time for everything in Matthew then I google it. This is what I got “Ecclesiastes 3:7 “A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;”

      Rending of clothing is a sign of great mourning. The rending of the veil from the top to the bottom at the crucifixion of Jesus opened the way to the Father for all believers.

      Matthew 27:51 “And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;” 

      The sewing of this very curtain had been ordained of God. This curtain was sown with thread of beaten gold. No man could have rent it. It had to be Almighty God” God is good, I never been this happy.
      Thanks Jamie for your teachings. God bless you

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