21 Days to the Manifest Presence of God: Day 19 (The Power of Words)

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Hello! Welcome to Day 19 of my series about developing an awareness of God’s presence! You can refer back to Day 1 if you’d like to know my backstory for the series.

I encourage you to read all the posts in the series if you are just joining us. Each day’s assignment builds on the previous assignments, and they are all vitally important! (Be sure to subscribe to receive my daily posts so you won’t miss anything.)

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    Today, we are going to talk about the power of words.

    Have you ever noticed that sometimes our words can get out of control?

    I know I have. Sometimes things just come out that I didn’t mean to say!

    Words are important in the spiritual realm. Not because you might hurt someone’s feelings, either. (I’m assuming you already know that if you hurt people with your words, you should apologize and make it right.)

    No, your vocabulary is important for an even deeper reason. That reason is:

    Most of the time, you will get what you say.

    I say “most of the time” because I’m not into a “name-it, claim-it”-type theology, in which people believe that if they start saying, “I have a million dollars!” then suddenly $1,000,000 will show up on their doorstep.

    But it is true that words shape your mindset. They shape your thoughts, and your expectations, and your emotions. By doing so, they shape your circumstances.

    The Bible is full of verses about the power of your words. Here are a few:

    • Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18:21
    •  “Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.” Ephesians 4:29
    • “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man.” Matthew 15:18
    • “But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment.” Matthew 12:36

    Our positive words  bring blessings upon us, but our negative words actually harm us. When we speak out negative things, it’s like a curse over our lives.

    Here are some examples of things we might say that harm us:

    • “That just kills me!”
    • “I’m sick and tired of…”
    • “I can’t do it.”
    • “That’s never going to change.”
    • “I’ll never reach my dream.”
    • “Nothing ever goes right for me.”

    But here are some things we can say that will bring blessings upon ourselves:

    • “I can do all things through Christ who empowers me.”
    • “Somehow, God will get me through this.”
    • “I’m so thankful for all the things God has done in my life.”
    • “I may not be perfect yet, but thank God, I’m not where I used to be!”
    • “My marriage is getting better all the time.”

    When you read the list of negative statements, couldn’t you feel the death and sliminess in those words?

    But when you read the list of positive statements, couldn’t you feel the hope and encouragement they bring? I can!

    Here is your assignment for today:

    Find things in your life that you are accustomed to speaking negatively about. Then replace your negative statements with positive ones.

    Remember, a negative statement is anything you wouldn’t want to be true; anything that you wouldn’t want to happen.

    A positive statement is anything you WOULD want to be true. Anything you DO want to happen.

    Have you found something you need to start speaking positively about? What is it, and what positive words are you going to start saying? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below.

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    If you need help with this subject, I highly recommend Joyce Meyer’s book, “The Secret Power of Speaking God’s Word (Amazon affiliate link). It’s a book of positive, Scriptural confessions you can speak over yourself. It will teach you how to speak life into your situation, instead of death. This book has helped me get through many dark nights!

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    1. Hi Jamie, just wanted to let you know how much of a blessing FromHisPresence has been to me! Please keep it up & I pray God’s continued blessings on you as you yield yourself to Him in writing these posts!


      1. Thank you so much, Joi. That really means the world to me. I appreciate your comment AND your prayers. 🙂

    2. Rafael-Olivier Somma says:

      Through the years I got everything I didn’t want by having a negative discourse inside me. Now it’s time I changed my mindset and my internal discourse to get what I WANT.

      1. Yes. Change your mindset and words to reflect the Word of God. Come into agreement with what God says about you, and speak it out. You will see His Word and promises manifest in your life if you do! 🙂

    3. We’re still slowly making our way through these as a family. The series has had a big impact on each of our lives.
      I’ve long been a subscriber, but I’ve still never received the ebook and blessing cards. I’ve even tried unsubscribing a couple of times and re-subscribing, but, nope. It didn’t work. haha! If there’s a way to get them, I’d appreciate it. Either way, thanks for this series. It’s the best ever, IMO.

      1. Hey Nettie. I emailed you the blessing cards and the ebook on February 19. I just re-forwarded you the email. Please let me know if it comes through! Thanks!

    4. Rumbidzai Mwedzi says:

      this is indeed a Word in season for me Jamie….the Holy Spirit is talking to me about the Power of Words in so many ways….

      thank you for the post…

      1. I pray you’d have wisdom and discernment to know when to speak and when not to speak, and what to say in order to call forth the purposes of God for your life!

    5. Maria Dimba says:

      One day I was angry with my two boys and out of it I said “you are so stupid” Immediately I remembered that what I said is wrong then I said God I reverse what said and said to them I am sorry having said so they are not stupid but I do not like what they were doing and they must stop it. God is great

    6. Thank you Pastor Jamie. Great message. Lord help me to use my mouth and tongue aright. Father, anoint my lips with your gracious words. Amen

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