Prayer for a Cheating Husband to Stop Adultery and Come Home

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Prayer for a Cheating Husband to Stop Adultery and Come Home |

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Sister, is your husband cheating on you? If so, I want to help you pray today with a powerful, Biblical, spiritual warfare prayer for a cheating husband to STOP his adultery.

I receive many emails, week in and week out, from wives whose husbands are caught in adultery.

Usually, these wives are praying hard for their husbands to come back home. I always pray for every family and every marriage when I receive these emails, but I want to equip you to pray with power over these situations yourself as well.

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    I’ve written this prayer against infidelity in marriage from the wife’s standpoint.

    Why? Because the majority of requests I receive are from wives. Also, men and women are created differently, so this prayer is written to pray specifically for men.

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    However, if you’re a man reading this and you’re looking to pray for a cheating wife, you can still use this prayer. Just change it where the Lord leads you based on a woman’s needs and using the female pronoun, okay? I may also try to write a prayer for cheating wives later on, to help the brothers among us. 🙂

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    My friend, if your husband is in an adulterous affair–and IF you want him to come home rather than wanting a divorce–then pray this prayer for your husband to stop cheating:

    “Father God, I come to you in Jesus’ name. Father, I thank You today that You are alive and hearing me pray. I thank You for sending Your Son Jesus to come to earth, live a perfect life, and die for me just to save me from sin.

    I thank You that Jesus is alive and resurrected, sitting at Your right hand, where He ever lives to make intercession for me and my husband.

    Father, before I proceed with this prayer for my husband and marriage:


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    I first want to acknowledge that I don’t know what to pray for as I ought to–or how to offer it worthily to You, as I ought to.

    But Lord, Your Word says (Romans 8:26-27) that Holy Spirit will intercede for me and through me with moanings and groanings which cannot be uttered; and You who search the hearts know what the mind of the Spirit is, for He makes intercession for the saints–for me–according to Your perfect will.

    So Father God, before I pray for anything else, I ask that Holy Spirit would pray through me right now. 

    Father, I pray that Holy Spirit would make intercession for me right now with those moanings and groanings which cannot be uttered. I pray also that You who search the hearts would know what the mind of the Spirit is, for He makes intercession for me according to Your will. 

    I invite You to pray both through me and for me right now, Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name; and I thank You for doing this and for helping me pray.

    Abba Father, You know why I am pouring out my heart to You today.

    I come to you on behalf of my husband, Lord, and lifting up my marriage to You. Father, You see what (insert husband’s name) is doing. You see that he is (insert what he is doing here).

    Lord, Your Word says that You have given us free will. My husband is free to make his own choices. However, Lord, You have also said that he will be bound in sin until You save Him–and that I can pray and You will move. 

    Father, I acknowledge that Your Word says I am not bound to my husband since he has broken our marriage vows with adultery.

    However, Father, I also believe that You have given me the love I have for this man, and I believe that You have called me to pray for my husband’s return to our home–and to our children–instead of leaving him.

    Father, I have authority to pray for my husband because we are one flesh.

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    Lord, I lift up Your Word to you from Ephesians 5:31, which says:

    “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.”

    Father, my husband and I are one flesh based on Your Word. We have been united in the bounds of holy matrimony, and we are one. And since we are one flesh, this means that praying for my husband is the same as me praying for myself. We are one.

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    So Father, I stand in authority today over my flesh–which includes my husband–and I execute judgment upon my flesh and over my husband according to Your word.

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    Your Word says that I may bind things on earth that are already bound in Heaven, Lord; and I may loose things on earth that are already loosed in Heaven (Matthew 18:18). Your Word says that I am to pray, decree, and command Your Kingdom to come and Your will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven (Matthew 6:8-13).

    Therefore, Lord, I stand before You today in governance over my life and over my husband’s life, for we are one flesh; and I am here to decree and declare Your Word over our situation.

    I expect You to move on my behalf as I do this, Lord, for I believe and know that You have been waiting for this prayer of mine in order to move on my behalf, stop my husband’s adultery, and bring him home in his right mind.

    So this is what I decree and declare over my husband, over myself, and over our marriage, Lord:

    • I decree that there will be no more cheating or adultery in our marriage, from this time forth and forevermore.
    • I bind cheating, lust, adultery, the lust of the flesh, the pride of life, and the lust of the eyes off my husband, off myself, and off our marriage, right now in Jesus’ name.
    • I stand in governance over my husband’s body right now, Lord, which is my body; and I declare and decree that we are not physically capable of cheating on one another any longer.
    • If we even try to cheat after this very moment as I am uttering these words, You will keep and prevent our bodies from making any movements, thoughts, or actions that are adulterous and unholy.

    Father, I stand in the authority of Your Word, which says in Matthew 5:27-30:

    “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. 

    If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell. And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell” (Matthew 5:27-30).

    Father God, I ask right now that:

    • Because my husband’s eyesight for other women is causing him to sin, I ask that You would protect his literal eyes and eyesight but You would utterly remove his ability to notice or see other women in a sexual way.
    • Because my husband’s sex drive is driving him right into hell–as Your Word says that adulterers and fornicators will not inherit the Kingdom of God (Galatians 5:19-21)–then I ask You to remove his sex drive from him completely in every way that it is inspiring him to sin.
    • Because my husband’s body is my own, I forbid it to function sexually outside our marriage bed. I ask You to enforce this right now, Lord, and send angels to enforce it as well, in Jesus’ name. I declare and decree that my husband’s body may only function sexually within the boundaries of our marriage.
    • Because my husband’s brain is part of his body–which is my own–then I forbid my husband’s brain to think thoughts of adultery, fornication, and lust. I declare and decree that my husband thinks thoughts of purity and holiness–the thoughts of Christ.

    And because the attraction my husband is experiencing to the other woman is sinful:

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    • I ask that You would BREAK it off him right now in Jesus name. (Note: When you say “BREAK,” clap your hands at the same time you say the word “break.”) Let every other woman, other than myself as my husband’s wife, be completely unattractive and unappealing in any sexual way in my husband’s sight. 
    • I BREAK (clap) every ungodly soul tie off my husband and myself RIGHT NOW in Jesus’ name.
    • I bind my husband and myself to Jesus Christ, our Bridegroom.
    • I send every part of every person that my husband and I have had sexual contact with BACK to those people in Jesus’ name, washed in His blood.
    • I call back to myself and to my husband every part of ourselves that is currently with anyone else, washed in the blood of Jesus.
    • I BREAK (clap) and cut off every outside interference in our marriage NOW with the blood of Jesus, and I decree that my husband and I are healed and whole, complete and perfect and wholly one with Christ Jesus and with each other, with no outside interference. 

    Father God, I plead the blood of Jesus:

    • over my husband’s body, soul, and spirit;
    • over my body, soul, and spirit;
    • over our thoughts, imaginings, and perceptions;
    • over our desires;
    • over our memories; 
    • over our marriage; and
    • over our family.

    Our family is the healed of the Lord!

    Lord, I declare and decree Your word over my husband, which is that:

    • My husband has the mind of Christ. He thinks the thoughts of Christ, does the deeds of Christ, and speaks the words of Christ. Lord, let the thoughts of Christ, deeds of Christ, words of Christ, and mind of Christ be manifest in everything my husband does and says, starting right now, in Jesus’ name.
    • My husband remembers the wife of his youth–me–and lets my body satisfy him at all times. My husband finds me beautiful and his needs for visual and sexual stimulation are completely fulfilled by me, his covenant wife, at all times.
    • My husband loves righteousness and hates lawlessness. 
    • My husband walks in holiness and purity, without which no one shall see the Lord.
    • My husband hears Your voice behind him, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it;’ and he ALWAYS obeys You and never turns to the right or to the left.
    • My husband actively and aggressively hides Your Word in his heart, that he might not sin against You. He is a man of the Word and of prayer, and he memorizes Scripture and meditates on it, being a doer of the Word and not a hearer only, night and day.
    • Sin is extremely repulsive to my husband at all times, and righteousness is extremely attractive to him at all times.
    • My husband is not under the influence of witchcraft, manipulation, seduction, or control; but instead MY HUSBAND is filled with the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.
    • My husband walks in the Spirit, and he does not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

    Father, Your Holy Spirit is He who convicts of sin, righteousness, and judgment. So I ask right now, in Jesus’ name, that Holy Spirit would:

    • Convict my husband of his sin by revealing to him the UGLINESS and ENORMITY of what he is doing right now. Show him how repulsive his adultery is to You.
    • Convict my husband of righteousness by showing him Jesus, in all of Jesus’ blazing glory. Reveal Jesus to him right now, no matter where my husband is. Show him what righteousness really looks like in the Person of Jesus.
    • Convict him of judgment by showing him that there is no hope and no future in his sin. Show him what will happen to him, to me, and to our family if he continues in his sin. Show him that he will be eternally lost and damned to hell, for Your Word says that he cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. Show him that the devil is judged, and that his sin comes from the devil.

    And Father, as Your Holy Spirit convicts my husband of sin, righteousness, and judgment, SAVE HIM.

    Draw him to Yourself. Shower him with Your goodness, which brings men to repentance (Romans 2:4). Make him the husband and the man of God that You have ordained him and created him to be, and disciple him personally as You do this.

    Father, I pray that my husband would sense Your love and affection right now, and that You would draw him.

    Lord, Your Word says that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). Your Word also says that no man can come to Jesus unless You, Abba Father, draw him, as Jesus told us in John 6:44:

    “No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day.”

    So Father, because You made provision for our salvation before we even knew of You–and because You are the one with the power to draw us back to Yourself–then draw my husband to You. Save him radically and fill him with Your Holy Spirit.

    Father, give my husband the gift of true repentance.

    Let him see the way he is going and TURN AROUND, going the other way completely and NEVER turning back into the path of sin. Let him enter Your Kingdom through Your narrow gate and walk in Your narrow way, which leads to life. 

    Father, in Jesus’ name, I thank You for healing my marriage.

    Let total and complete forgiveness flow between my husband and I. Let us hear wise counsel, and deliver us from any unwise, unholy counsellors. I ask that You would get us into counseling with the right, Spirit-filled counselor who can help us navigate this path of restoration.

    Lord, please help us to have the conversations You desire us to have at the right time, and I bind off any words or conversations that are not from You. I loose godly and holy conversations, words of love, and words of forgiveness between my husband and I and our children.

    I also loose Your mighty love to flow through my husband and I–and through our marriage–like a river. I thank You for stopping my husband’s adultery right now, in Jesus’ name, and for restoring our marriage.

    Father, bring my husband home in his right mind.

    If he has to hit the lowest rock-bottom in order to listen to you, then bring him to his lowest rock-bottom. But while he’s there, Father, and on the way, keep him safe. Remove every ungodly influence from him and hedge him in behind and before. Lay Your hand upon him.

    Abba Father, please fill my husband with Your Spirit of Elijah:

    • Turn his heart back to his children, and even back to his parents as well.
    • Turn our children’s hearts back to him with Your Spirit of Elijah as well.
    • Unite our family under the covering of the blood of Jesus.
    • Heal us, help us, and make our family whole again.

    Father, thank You for hearing and answering my prayer.

    Because Your Word says that, if I ask anything in the name of Jesus, then it will be done for me, I thank You for doing everything for me that I have asked in this prayer. I ask also that You would show me every single answer to this prayer as You work, both gradually and suddenly, along the way.

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    And finally, I ask that You would move immediately in this situation, Lord.

    Thank You for doing so. Thank You for hearing me, for loving me, and for taking care of me. Thank You in advance for healing and restoring our family, for it is done in the name of Jesus by Your Word and by Your breath, which is breathing Your Spirit into my husband right now.

    Thank You, Abba Father, for breaking the adultery off my husband.

    Thank You for healing our marriage, and for bringing him home to Your glory. I give You all the glory and all the praise.

    In Jesus’ name, amen.”

    My beloved sister, if this prayer for a cheating husband helped you, please leave a comment below and give God praise. Never fear: His Word shall NOT return to Him void! Keep praying, and keep giving our Father in Heaven all the praise!

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    1. I have been praying for restoration of my marriage for 2 years now. God brought my husband home in December–glory and praise to Him!!–but he’s home physically, not in his heart. God has been working and I have let it go and let Him do what He needs to do. This prayer has everything in it that I have been desiring in my heart, all that I’ve been asking God for. And it came at just the right time. I’m believing God heard this prayer and will fully move and complete what He’s started. Thank you for sharing this prayer.

      1. Hallelujah, praise the Lord! I am so glad the prayer blessed you. I will pray for you, Jennifer!

        1. I am trusting God to move as never before. God is able. Jesus bring into manifestation all you need to do. I surrender all to you. Jesus you are bigger than the situation. Your name will be glorified. With speed Lord. With speed. Restoration. Too many destiny involved.

          1. Yes I have been praying this prayers for a speedy recovery my marriage and that my husband is truly delivered from Adultery and is truly delivered back home to me and our family I declare and decree that all my prayers have been answered in Jesus mighty name amen

            1. CRYSTAL SMITH says:

              I have caught my husband talking to several different women but I recently found out that he actually meet up with one and she and the messages say they had sex but he denied having sex with her and it has caused alot of problems in our marriage I love my husband with everything I have but it feels like he is still interacting with other females and he has shut down when it comes to his feelings for me its very painful I don’t want to lose my husband but now he has a password on his phone and he continues to lie to me and I need the truth about if he did have sex with her … I need the truth and I would do anything to save my marriage…

            2. Elizabeth says:

              I have been doing this prayer since my husband has been unfaithful to me for as far as I know. I have given him another chance in the summer of 2021. He’s at it again not knowing how much I know. Supposedly he has stopped and ask for forgiveness indirectly which I accepted, but being more awareness of this situation and praying very much so. I just understand why he hasn’t really been honest about it. I pray to God that he would change his actions before it’s too late.

            3. Amen

            4. Missy Joyner says:

              I pray that God sends the answers to this pray for everyone who prayed it. Dealing with an adulterous husband is heavy in my spirit but I also know that Gods word does not return void but accomplishes what it is sent out to do. So I believe this anointed prayer will move the hand of the Almighty.

          2. Im trusting the lord to bring my husband home. For him to stop committing adultery and living in another women’s house. And trust the lord with his marriage.

            1. I have just finished praying this prayer and i have faith that God has already ended my husband’ s nearly 10 years adultery relationship with Patience.

          3. Glory Odufa Egharevba says:

            So blessed with dis prayers..pray DAT God heal my home Amen

        2. Elizabeth says:

          I just finished reading the pray and after reading your comments I have faith my husband will come back to me. His mother died in April and really since I had surgery a few years ago he started acting different . Since he been back he is more distant two weeks ago he left and came back saying he doesnt have to tell me anything. Then left again I feel so disrespected..He said he is in therapy but wont tell me anything else. I asked him if he is seeing someone he said yes. Then when I started asking him if it serious he started saying I didnt say that. He hasn’t taken his clothes I asked him if he wants to stay in the marriage he says he isnt happy. So this is where I am now. He comes home Monday and Tuesday to change his clothes he said he lost his keys but never asked for another pair. I still have faith things will work out I just cant believe this is happening .

          1. My heart and prays go out to you in your situation. This is a great offense that is happening in your marriage. I send blessings to you and your husband that your marriage will be restored!!

            1. Gifty Williams says:

              I just finished reading this prayer and I believe Gos is going to move greatly in restoring my marriage. I cannot State everything going on in my marriage here because it’s a lot. Last year my husband impregnated his girlfriend. Before this very lady he has been with uncountable ladies which I’m aware. We were not staying together after marriage because of work but now we’re together but my husband won’t stop cheating on me. He has gone as far as having video sex with other women meanwhile I don’t deny him sex and I’m a presentable lady who keeps herself neat.
              I pray for swift intervention because I’m dieing slowly. He leaves home Friday morning and he won’t return until Monday evening
              May God hear my prayers 🙏🙏

            2. I’ve been dealing with my husband’s adulterous life style for the past 6 years, praying to God for him to change and keeping the flame of hope burning. Though my husband comes home but he abuses and deprives me of my feminity. I stumbled upon this prayer today and I’m believing God for a miracle through it in Jesus’ name. Amen🙏

          2. After reading the comments, I do have faith and believe that my husband will completely stop adultery.i just pray this prayer today but I fell already God answered my is well with my souĺ

            1. Amenituma that’s faith,when you believe it’s done

            2. Parisanne T says:

              Abba Father, Thank You for Your faithfulness in restoring my marriage!! I declare that my husband is ending his affair, not longer engaging in pornography, and he is returning to our home where he belongs. He is seeing the error of his ways and repenting. I declare that he wants to be a better role model for our twin boys and he wants to do what is right in the eyes of God, our Father. He will return to our home and submit to Christ. I will submit to my husband”s leadership under Christ. Thank You, Father, for your unconditional love, forgiveness, and your faithfulness!!
              I ask this in Jesus’ Holy name,

            3. My husband had me and the kids move out 6 months ago. We were to be monogamous. He was acting normal at first, but over the last couple of months he has really changed. He has accused me of cheating for years (I never did) and now I feel it in my bones that he is cheating. I know for a fact 2 different women have been to our marital home in my absence. I saw him walking a lady and her kids to her car. I stopped and confronted them. She was hesitant to speak with me but eventually told me what they had was casual and this was the first time he met her kids. I was pregnant then and had a miscarriage that same week. He tried to explain it away after the fact, but it was all lies. He lies to me all the time now. Yet he still wants to “try” for the kids. I want to heal our sacrat union, I need Gods help so badly right now.

          3. I just prayed this prayer, my husband has been having an affair for the last 4 years and it resulted with a pregnancy(to make a long story short, cuz it’s a long one), we are currently separated, he is with the other woman, but this prayer has brought much encuragement to my heart and mind. I continue to trust in the Lord and belvie he can and will work on mine and evry other persons in these comments and who prays the prayer behalf. Don’t loose hope, the enemy is going hard against marriage and Jesus is the only hope, God hears us

        3. Kishyne Augustus says:

          Hello . I just read this prayer fir me and my husband . My Name is Kishyne Sanders , husband Darnell Sanders . His is living with another mans wife . Keep us in your prayers . That he come back in his right mind . Thanks

        4. Ejike Ahaotu says:

          I have prayed this prayer right now on the other hand for my wife. I trust God to win and turn her heart around in Jesus name.

      2. Jakequlynn Chantell Cleveland says:

        Yes I prayed this prayer 6/20/20, and I stand in agreement with this prayer. I do love my husband and will continue to pray for restoration, regardless of the devils tactics.

        1. I just prayed this prayer and will do so daily. My husband and I separated back in June and we are currently fixing our marriage. We love each other but the separation caused some hiccups on the road to healing. I will continue to pray daily and ask God to work on our behalf.

        2. Sefina Gabriel says:

          I have great peace and assurance that my husband’s soul is restored from the power of adultery and lies as I read through and pray this prayers for my husband. Thank you

        3. I also pray for my husband to o do right by an leave his unlawful partner alone an come back home where he belong….. an know that we are one so when he’s he’s also hurting him self so father god continue to watch over this union in Jesus name amen

        AFTER 36 YRS OF MARRIAGE TO A PERFECT, hushand and Father , He walks around like a zombie! LORD HEAR OUR PRAYERS! ALL OF US HERE PRAYING FOR OUR MARRIAGES.

          AFTER 36 YRS OF MARRIAGE TO A PERFECT, hushand and Father , He walks around like a zombie! LORD HEAR OUR PRAYERS! ALL OF US HERE PRAYING FOR OUR MARRIAGES.

          1. I feel the absolute same way. He is nothing like he used to be and it’s been going on for seven months now please pray I’m asking God to expeditiously send him home. I am sick with high blood pressure and diabetes. I need my husband now we’ve been together for 15 years 14 years. We had total peace until last year and I don’t know what was put on him, but he changed. Please pray for us and I am praying for you.

        2. Hello.
          My husband has not touched me in over a year. He told me it’s because he does not have the same drive as before. I did find out later he is seeing another woman. At first I hid it that I knew but broke it off in a secretive way ( which I later asked the Lord to forgive me). I was at my wits end. I recently found out he is back with her. This time I confronted him. He thinks I never loved him ( we are going on 19 years of marriage) I loved and still love this man as much as a woman on earth can live a man! We were not fortunate to have children and he brought up that he was disappointed. I told him it hurt me also since I could not have any. He is also battling depression. I told him I want to help him but he keeps turning away from me. He now does not want to speak to me and he is living in the basement of our home. He left our bed mentally and now physically. He avoids me. I have been praying, crying constantly. I have not told anyone. I finally told the Lord that I will put everything in his hands. I want to pray for his soul. If I have to leave him in order for him to stop sinning in this way then so be it. I want his soul saved first and foremost. I would be lying if I said I don’t want to stay with him I really want him back!! I just found this prayer and I went down on my knees and prayed it. I will constantly pray for him, his soul, his mind and for us. Please continue to pray for all of us. I’m not very good at quoting the Bible but there is a verse which says, If there are two or more present in prayer, God is with us.
          I thank our Faster, God Almighty and give Him praise and I thank you Jamie for sending this prayer to help us. Keep being a tool for God to help us.. God will show us the way in which we can help others.
          Thank you

        3. Amen hallelujah persistence in prayer

      4. Cynthia Herrion says:

        I just pray for my husband Anthony. Thank you for that prayer. May God bless you

        1. Ochelle Blessing says:

          I just prayer for my husband and I have faith in God.Amen

      5. Jessica Marquez says:

        I prayed this for my husband and myself. Bring my husband home with a loving heart for me and our children Lord. Thank you Father God

        1. My heart and pray goes out to you in your situation. This is a great offense that is happening in your marriage. I send blessings to you and your husband that your marriage will be restored!!

      6. We praise you LORD thank you for this prayer God bless you, your family, marriage and ministry

      7. I do hope my prayers will be answered.

      8. I have prayed this prayer tonight and believe God did restored my marriage

      9. I Have had a feeling that something was wrong for a long time now, after finding out the devastating I don’t know what to do. I know I must forgive but I feel otherwise because of the deep hurt. Please pray for us and for him to come back home as we are in a distance relationship.

      10. Glory to our mercy and powerful GOD

      11. Renee In California says:

        Please read How God can and will restore your marriage by Erin Thiele. It has really helped me in my stand for marriage restoration.

      12. Powerful!!!! Thank you, I prayed this prayer over my husband, my marriage, and myself. To God be the glory!

      13. Thank you so much for sharing this prayer. It’s going on 3 years that I have been praying to save and for restoration for my marriage. Today, was one of those days I was feeling a little defeated, reading your prayer was good for my heart and soul. Thank you so much blessings

      14. Elizabeth says:

        This prayer is for me… word for word!!! I’m trusting that God Almighty will show forth His works in our marriage including everyone on this platform and will grant us all full restoration in our marriages. Thank you so much for these amazing prayers backed by Gods Word and Promise for us.

      15. Deborah Norred says:

        This was a timely prayer as my husband struggles to be faithful and it hurts me deeply. God has promised deliverance and restoration and I feel this prayer needed to be prayed to have the deliverance and restoration needed in our marriage. Thank you for caring for women and for families and marriages. May God bless you and meet your every need perfectly.

      16. To God be the glory!!!! I’m happy for you and your family. I’m praying for my own restoration and I hope to share my testimony!

    2. Can I use this prayer for my husband’s addiction to gambling as lust for money or fear of poverty ? Or can you send me a link for prayer to break addiction to gambling off my husband? Thank you.

      1. Yes, for sure! Just change the words as needed to reflect your husband’s situation! I will pray for you!

    3. Anonymous says:

      In the past my husband shamed me very much by asking his friends if they [removed by admin for OP’s privacy] when they looked at me. I retaliate by gaining weight. Now my husband says that I’m ugly and wants a divorce. I understand that the Bible says that “man looks at the outward appearance and God looks at the heart” but I’m afraid to lose the weight because I rather be pure in spirit then have a faithful husband. His adultery is his sin not mine and i’m honestly indifferent about it. My only prayer is “God let Your Divine Will be done in this marriage”.

    4. Annett Hamilton says:

      thank you for this I just pray the prayer one time?

      1. No, you pray it as often as you can until God answers every bit of what you want Him to do for you!

        1. My husband has told me he his marrying another woman please sir I don’t want to be in polygamy or lose my husband to sin please help me

        2. Hi Jamie
          I ran across this prayer and began to pray it in late May 2023. I was coming from church Sunday June 2, 2023 and prayed this prayer emotionally hard that morning. My husband returned home that evening after being gone away from home over 30 day with his adulterous ways. He is still cheating with the same woman. I believe god is about to do something amazing in my life today 8/1 and I’m not sure if my husband is apart of it. I trust god and I believe in god not my husband anymore. I am ready to accept whatever gods will is for me and my marriage now. Thank you Jamie for such a powerful prayer. Amen!

      2. Thank you for such a glorified gift you have right tears to my life and I will continue to pray

    5. Thank you Jamie! It’s been over 3 years that I have been standing, and praying for restoration of my marriage and husband’s salvation. He’s told me over and over he wants a divorce. We have a court date in June. Just today, I asked the Lord what more I could pray. I just didn’t seem like my praying were going any higher than the ceiling! Then, I get your email. It’s exactly the prayer I needed! All praise and glory be to God!
      Bless you my dear sister!

    6. Jeanne Montoya says:

      Thank you Jamie for taking your time to post this awesome prayer!! God bless you and your family ❣️ This prayer is so thorough and complete, you left nothing out, I felt my faith rise just reading and declaring it! Thanks again ❣️

    7. Marethabile says:

      I have prayed for him. I swear I decided I will never pray for him, I cursed him. God knows what I say over that man’s life but today I prayed for his adultery and drug addiction to end. I am not sure I want him back but if he change for the sake of our children then to God be the glory.

    8. I thank God for this Prayer as I’ve been praying God to change and bring my husband home and to his senses. My husband comes and goes and there’s no communication between us. Thank you for this Prayer because God is already working on my husband wherever he is and soon I’m going to testify of the goodness of God.

      1. Cynthia Herrion says:

        I just pray for my husband Anthony. Thank you for that prayer. May God bless you my husband is doing drugs and also cheating on me as well. I have my own apartment and he have his own apartment. I left his apartment. That is one powerful prayer

    9. Anonymous says:

      I wish to apologize for sharing my situation. Please forgive me, I won’t say another word. Jamie I agree with others who said that your prayers are excellent. May God heal many marriages with your godly prayer guidance.

      1. Oh sister. You don’t need to apologize. You were simply telling the truth. I will be praying for you and your situation. Know that, if your husband has cheated on you, you are not bound to remain in the marriage according to God’s Word. And if he is prostituting you or trying to do so, I would suggest you run as far away from him as you can get.
        Blessings and prayers to you,

    10. My husband has not communicated with me for more than a month now. I hear he’s having an affair with another woman. I have been praying and trusting God to bring him back home and restore our marriage and change him inside – out and use him for His glory, in whatever roles God entrusts to him as a husband, father, son, entrepreneur, etc. He enrolled in a Bible College to study theology but he pulled out… and we planned for him to continue and complete his study but he’s been drifted off…- I am praying that he will continue and complete his theology study and serve God like never before.
      Thank you Jamie for this prayer – it is just how I wanted it, I am encouraged and blessed. I know God is working through this situation for the good of our marriage, kids and family and I cannot wait to testify what God is about to do in my life for His glory.

      May God continue to use you powerfully sister Jamie to encourage and strengthen us in our faith in God and His holy Word.

      God bless you, your family and ministry abundantly.

    11. Denise Privette says:

      Wow, thank you! So powerful! Your email actually went to my SPAM and I found it there. Praise God! I was saying, “Yes, yes” all the way through. I was coming to finish writing out a prayer for my husband when I found your prayer. You gave words and life to my spirit for my husband. You are annointed Sister. You did touch on rebuking witchcraft but I’m wondering if you have any prayers against a Jezebel spirit because I’m positive one has attached itself to my husband and you know how destructive that can be. It’s only by God speaking to me through many channels that I’m here praying for the healing of my husband and restoration of our marriage because his betrayal has been tramatic to the kids and I but I know God has called me to stand in the gap for his soul. So, again, if you have any material on the Jezebel spirit and prayers to cast it out, off, and free from I would appreciate being directed to them. I live just a couple of hours from Chattanooga!
      God bless. I hope to sow into your ministry one day and am standing in prayer and agreement with you for your beautiful retreat center.
      Blessings and peace,

      1. I pray for restoration of my marriage for my husband to come back home to me n my kids in Jesus name. I don’t want a divorce or a broken home. Pls remember me in your prayers please.

    12. Thank you Jaime! I have been praying for my marriage to be restored for a long time. He married the OW, but I continued my stand. She left him earlier this year, but returned a month ago. I grew passive in my stand, have been distracted, spiritually attacked, and have struggled to continually pray for him. In the midst of this struggling, you prayer came yesterday just before my husband dropped off our son! It’s exactly what I needed in that moment to press on fervently and to stand strong, because God is not finished yet!! Thank you Jaime and blessings!!

    13. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Jamie,i was really thirsty and hunger for this prayer.Since 31st Dec 2019,i haven’t hear from him.I believe and have faith that my Elohim God will move and i can feel that he moves when i was praying this prayer.I can feel peace of God right now.Was in tears when i pray in faith.I felt God restore peace in my heart this Sunday morning here in Fiji where i am sitting right now.Praise God for the powerful prayer my Sister.Always pray and thank God for your life and ministry.Amen.

      1. Thank you for this prayer I just confirmed he’s cheating this morning been suspicious for a few months this prayer helps me to pray for him and healing for myself thank you again

    14. This is the second time my husband left me and daughter for this woman. They supposedly just broke up and she moved out. My husband said he was going to his mom’s house 6 hrs away for two weeks. He says he’s sorry for what he’s done to me but still is not truly repentant. Hope God will have him reach rock bottom so God can talk to him. Bring him back to us in his right mind and as the husband and father we need. Have him desire only me as his wife. Divorce is coming up soon. Hope Jesus intercedes soon and gives me signs.

    15. Carrie Braun says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for this prayer! My husband left me 7 months ago and is having an affair. I have been praying for him everyday since then. I am so grateful for this spiritual warfare prayer. I have faith that he will return to Jesus first and then to me! I will update you when he does. To God be the glory!!

      1. Chinyere Dagogo-Wariso says:

        Thank you Jamir for this prayer. My husband is a chronic womanizer. He claims he loves God but he cant just stay away from women.
        For some weeks now, I have been praying for him , I have wept, cursed, blessed him. I was just looking up how to confront him and if possible leave him if he refuses to change and the holy spirit led me to this prayers
        I have vowed that I would say this prayers 3 times a day for the next week and watch God do his will.
        Thanks a lot.

    16. Esther Aghaegbunem says:

      These prAYyers are all just on time and timely and it was difficult tho to prayer initially, but then i found grace through the Holy Spirit to go ahead.
      God bless you Ma’am
      my only challenge with seed sowing is that it only requats for paypal, i use master card
      how can you help.
      God bless you.
      love from Banjul.

    17. Fanicia H Williams says:

      Wow this prayer is full of FIRE! Thank you JESUS! I just KNOW in my Spirit that the Lord lead me to pray this prayer right at THIS moment when He has already begun the work of healing and restoration of my marriage and family! I believe that as I was praying this prayer, the Lord was winding back to know a huge homerun out of the park with his battering ramrod revelation! HALLELUJAH! Even as I type this comment, I feel the fire of the Lord flowing through me! Praise you Jesus! You are Wonderful! We love you so much! Thank you for loving and caring for us and for DELIVERANCE AND HEALING NOW FOR EVERY WIFE WHO PRAYS THIS PRAYER IN YOUR MIGHTY NAME!!!

    18. Teasha Ward-Davis says:

      Wow thank you so much Jamie I felt the power of God as I was praying this prayer I’m gonna pray this prayer everyday until my husband returns home fully and never leaves again. This is amazing how I felt the power of the Holy Spirit through and through I know God will come through God Bless you my sister and your ministry I pray the Lord brings you the richest blessings for blessing us with this🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    19. Thank you Holy Spirit for this prayer and the vessel that wrote it. I have been praying, this prayer covers it all and I thank you.

    20. Seeking restoration says:

      My husband and I have been struggling with infidelity for 4 years. He works in another state. I have been actively praying for Hod to bring us back together under the same roof. I don’t care where. Here or there. The separation is driving me insane. Our trust is broken so deeply through countless lies and sneaking around on his part. He says it is over but offers no proof or willingness to show proof in ways that I ask. God is my only hope. Thank you for the gift of this prayer. I have said it several times over the last week. Please pray with me. Where two or more are gathered, He is with us. Divorce is not an option I will choose. Not ever. I believe God’s promises will reign!!!

      1. Thanks for this wonderful came at the right time…..I’m so sad about my marriage I have faith that God will change things for me.ours is a long distance marriage with 3 kids but I’m getting to a point were I will soon give up if my husband doesn’t change his lying and adulterous ways. Please kindly pray for my family.thanks alot

    21. I have been standing for my marriage for 10 years. During this time, my husband has had an “on again/off again” relationship with the same woman. We no longer live under the same roof or same city. This allows him more freedom to be with her. The day I found out, I felt God’s presence and he told me to stand. But nothing is changing. He continues to cheat then tries to be a family with me and our son. I have forgiven him so many times. Our son who is 14 now, doesn’t even know that she exists. I’ve kept his heart shielded so he would not hate his dad. I prayed this prayer today, as it is my husband’s birthday and he is choosing to be with the other woman instead of us. May God hear this prayer and intercede so that he would lose sight and sexual lust of her, right now as they are together. Thank you for sharing this prayer. I will say it daily until God brings him home.

    22. Cassandra says:

      I’m prsying for the restoration of my marriage, my husband kicked me out and moved another woman in and kept most of my things ,I’ve forgiven him and I also ask you as well to to praying for my husband(Steven) pray for his salvation, and deliverance from alcohol and drugs and that the lord will restore my marriage, and love and forgiveness of each other,Thank you in advance, God Bless each One.

    23. Thank you so much for this wonderful spirit filled prayer. I’m glad I found it. My husband and I have been married for 3 years, we are both in our old age and this is his second marriage, but my first marriage. He has a history of infidelity, sexual orgies, lust, promiscuous affairs, drugs you name it. But when I prayed for a husband, this is the answer I got from God. I found a broken man living in deep sin and enjoying it. The Lord clearly spoke to us that he was to be my husband and after living together for six months, we went home for introduction ceremony and got married. It’s been 3 years now but he brought a woman into my home just before our wedding and I sensed she was trouble. Nothing good ever came from this relationship. I also suspect that he is having an affair with more than just one woman. This prayer I prayed today shall be the beginning of my joy and the end to my misery. My husband is a good man who needs total restoration and I need a clean heart free from worry, fear, anger, anxiety and to forgive and love him. God answers prayers and I believe He will do this for my family. Thank you so much for this great prayer. God bless you abundantly. I’ll continue to pray it and will give a testimony to you when the spiritual manifests into physical. Thank you so much.

    24. Anonymous says:

      Thank you Jaime
      God bless you. I am broken, weak, surrender. God is my source of strength.
      I surrender all to God and trusting for my husband to return with speed. Save and santified by the blood of Jesus Christ. God is in control. God could change months or years into days. He will do it. I feel it and I know it.

    25. This is so awesome and it blessed me to repeat it. Please pray with me that my husband will be saved, delivered and set free and will turn from the situation he is In outside of our marriage and stay where he belongs. He hasn’t left yet but he is planning on it once he finds employment.

    26. Jasmine Smarr says:

      I recently just experienced a miscarriage for the fourth time in my marriage and before the miscarriage came it was just full of insecurities from me and a lot of anger and resentment from me towards my husband. I had a lot of bitterness in my heart because he’s cheated on me multiple times and have always strung his baby mama along. Every time we fall out he runs back to her . And a lot his daughter came to my house I would get jealous and a little upset because I just hadn’t completely forgave him for making a baby on me. I was his provider and his caretaker how could he just move on and go no contact with me. He hasn’t even reached out to me about his son. When I finally decided to reach out to him he said he was Enjoying his life right now and didn’t want to talk about anything at the moment. I hope he realizes soon the grass isn’t greener and he will come crawling back to me . I miss him and I’m going to pray until my soul gets tired . If you have any other prayer points
      please email them to me .

        1. My husband no Ed out on jan8th And I just found this prayer and I believe I will see result thanks for This

      1. I will pray for your difficult situation. Below are a few other articles to guide you, and there are many others that could probably help. However, the main thing to do is find time early in your day to spend with The Lord and pray and read His word. The more you spend time with Him, the more He will guide your thoughts and words and steps to take.


        Words of Comfort

        How to Keep from Being Manipulated

    27. I am praying and believing this over my husband. He says he wants me to leave and only visit our home part-time. The devil is a lie and my husband is whole, complete saved and a husband after God’s own heart. He is disgusted by sin, immorality and adultery in Jesus name and has returned to Jesus as his savior and me as his wife. Thank you, thank you for this prayer. I was feeling very broken before reading but now am powerful in God’s word. Thank you for your obedience.

    28. I’m going to use this for my wife. This is second time she has left and she uses God and prayer in her Facebook posts knowing she is in the wrong. I pray for all the women on here to restore their marriage and to the men trying to save theirs too. God bless

    29. Catherine says:

      Thank you for this prayer, l feel so overwhelmed with thanksgiving. Please pray for me

    30. As painful as adultery and emotional abuse is, nothing is too big for the omnipotent Jesus Christ. I wait and pray for strength. May this wonderful prayer that you sister have provided, bear fruit in my marriage, In Jesus Name. Amen!

      1. Ann Ogochukwu says:

        I really Thank GOD for Allowing his Holy Spirit to direct me to this Prayer. This is Exactly what I ask From God in JESUS NAME and By the Power of the Holy Spirit it’s working already for me. For I will Share my Testimony. Amen

    31. Letty Acuna says:

      Hi jamie please pray for my husband Luis Alberto Garate 2 months ago I confronted him of cheating on me he got so mad and he got so mad he kick us out of the house we been married for almost 5 yrs he kick us out with our 2 daughters our youngest 15 months old we just in a shelter 3 weeks ago I just got a place for us I been praying for restoration in our marriage but my husband Luis Alberto Garate he just text about how r our daughters doing and that’s it nothing about us please pray me thank u my name is letty Acuna Garate

    32. Thank you for this prayer. My relationship is so broken, not from adultery but through Pete facing his own demons. I prayed this wholeheartedly, and I’m standing in God’s promises to restore our family.

      Please pray for our healing and reconciliation.

    33. Susan Small says:

      My husband left me and praying he would come home

      1. Susan, I’m praying for you. I’m so sorry that happened BUT GOD can fix it and heal your marriage. I will pray with you for that.
        Love and big hugs to you.

    34. Thank you so much for sharing this you are helping me and I am so great full for you and your Ministry may our Daddy God bless you and your Ministry and Family with favor and blessings continually from this day forward in Jesus mighty name amen.

    35. My husband left me 15 months ago when he found out that I was pregnant and I decided to keep my baby. I delivered my baby alone at the hospital. My son is 7 months old now. I don’t even have the heart to pray for my husband. Can’t even find the words to pray. I waited long enough for God to Intervene but no sign of Him. I’ve been crying the whole morning. Came across your prayers and decided to pray for him atleast for my Son. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you.

      1. I’m praying for you, sweetheart. I’m so sorry this happened, but God can heal and restore your life even better than it was before, no matter what that looks like.

    36. I’m esther,my husband Christopher committing adultery right now with another women, D..we have two kids.My husband asked forgiveness from me but he still committing adultery with that women like husband and wife.they try to convincing me to accept their relationship,but I husband giving excuses that he can’t leave that women because that women has no family with her.her father mother left her from small.that women brought up in the that women threatening my husband with her tear, loneliness and keep on telling my husband that’s no any other man want her,because she has no virgin anymore.right now all my husband family supporting my husband to commit adultery.but I won’t.i keep on praying to our loving God so that everything can be flow in God ways.i hope you can pray for me so thats my husband can stop continue the adultery,also praying for D. so that she can open his to other man and find her solemate and to accept her with love and build a nice family.

    37. Thank you for this. I’ve been praying spiritual warfare prayers for my husband and our marriage. He filed for divorce last month and was in a relationship with another woman but it ended and he’s not interested in fixing our marriage. I’m sure he’s actively looking for another relationship. My children are heartbroken as am I. My son who isn’t 5 asks me daily to pray for daddy to come home. I prayed this prayer for his adultery and divorce and will keep praying. God is telling me to stand for my marriage and I believe he’s going to restore it. I’m praying for Him to move immediately. I will be facing having to leave 2 little ones with someone and find a job if God chooses not to restore before the divorce is final. They are upset because I’ve been a stay at home mom with them all their lives. I need God to move immediately for my husband’s salvation and our marriage.

    38. I found out my husband was seeing another woman on July 31st 2020 and that very day he moved in with the woman and have been doing so since. We have 2 children together and he’s called and checked on them once. We’ve been married 6 years and this prayer makes me hopeful that god will return my husband home and in his right state of mind. I feel hopeless at times but I don’t want to give up on my husband or my marriage.

        1. Hi Jamie! This prayer is so powerful and on fire. I have been on a journey seeking the face of God since May 2023. My husband left February 2023. What started as a prayer for our marriage restoration turned into seeking the Lord and His truth. I’m still praying for my husband to come home but mostly for him to know the Lord and to walk in His righteousness. I prayed and asked God to bring me a woman of God who can pray with me. There are some days I’m weary and losing hope. I’m hoping there’s a way for us to connect.

    39. Deola ibukun says:

      Glory be to God,just found this prayer and am not joking with it.And I know by his grace I shall testify ijn. Thanks God bless you.

    40. Williams abayomi says:

      GOOD PRAYER. MAY GOD REWARD YO FULLY. I want my wife to change totally from adualtory

    41. I just found this pray this morning which I believe it will work for me to change my husband totally from adultery

    42. Rosanna Sass says:

      i need prayer for my partner whom i have been with for 20 years, name Randall, i really love him and he loves me, but to ask God to remove the spirit of cheating, lust and also confusion , and allow both to be peaceful in our relationship, i pray and ask in Jesus name

    43. mantsebeng says:

      Thank you very much for this prayer.I’ve been praying for my husband for years about his faithfulness with no success.Thank you once again for this guidance on how to come before God.

    44. Jasmine Smarr says:

      I’m so hurt me and my husband have been separated going on 7 months and he hasn’t tried to make it work. It’s very one sided and he is making me wait on him while he continues through like with his girlfriend. I put him out because he wasn’t the man he needed to be always wanting me to provide and take care of him while he sat around smoking and playing video games while i slaved and worked to provide . He made more excuses then the man on the moon . As soon as I put him out all of a sudden I was told he had 3 jobs . It hurts me to my heart because I did ever thing for him and he didn’t do nothing but use and abuse me . I need prayer . Please help me .

    45. Natasha Withers says:

      I just ran across this prayer in search of which scriptures can I read to save a marriage with a cheating husband. My husband and I recently got married in August 2020 and 35 days after being married his phone back dialed me and I heard him with another female. I say female because, I don’t believe that a real woman with morals would even be involved with a man who is actively in a relationship and then moves on to get married to that same woman he’s been with for years. We got into a huge argument and fight when this happened, so I put him out. That didn’t last long because he came back the next day. He has continued to talk to this person and I truly believe in my heart that they have committed adultery. I have let a lot of things slide, but the disrespect has gone overboard with his actions and lies. GOD knows my heart and I prayed this prayer with conviction while giving my heart to GOD!!I don’t wish for anything bad to happen to my husband, but I do need for him to understand that what he’s doing is not only a sin against ME and Our Marriage, but Against GOD as well and this is only leading him to destruction. I can only hope and pray that GOD has heard my prayer and knows the pain in my heart. I will continue to pray and ask GOD to give me the strength to get through this and to heal our marriage in JESUS HOLY NAME…AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!!!

    46. Aprile Marquardt says:

      Jamie, thank you for this prayer. I just finished praying your prayer and will continue to pray this prayer for my husband Todd and our marriage. He began to see OW about 3 months ago and he continues to talk to me when he is not around her. He says he misses me and loves me. I will continue to pray this prayer to free my husband from this woman’s spell and to bring him home to me and our children. Thank you again for this wonderful prayer.

    47. Thank you. I needed this now.

    48. Siann Charles says:

      I love my husband and above all I want to see him have a relationship with God, happy and saved. I stand for my marriage by first praying for his salvation. This pray is amazing touching on every point I wanted to emphasize speaking against and binding my husbands adulterous way. I may not know Gods will for my marriage but I know my husband is a child of God despite his sin and God wants to see his child turn away from sin and come to Him. So I hold on to this with faith and hope that as he draws closer to God he will return to his wife and family in Jesus name.

    49. I just finished praying the prayers and I strongly believe that our marriage will change for good. My husband does not leave the house but he cheats alot and he can go sleep out with any woman he wants without considering how I feel, but I believe that God has finally came to the rescue of our marriage in the mighty name of Jesus Amen

    50. Tabitha Machiwenyika says:

      Thank you so much for the powerful prayer, I am totally healed believing that the Prayer is already answered. The Prayer comes at the right time when I was perishing.

      1. Thank you so much, keep on Praying for my marriage.

    51. susan small says:


    52. I began praying this prayer about two weeks ago. For the first week, I prayed all or part of it every day. Amazingly, I’m seeing more progress than I have in months. When I first found out about the affair, I never imagined that it would continue for this long. My husband has finally realized what kind of person this other woman is and is actively shutting her down from contacting me and the children again. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anyone who was as self-centered and selfish as this woman. Her only goal was to deliberately cause our divorce so she could pursue my husband. It took time, but God has opened my husband’s eyes and he is seeing the truth of the situation. She wasn’t really even concerned about him…her goal was to remove me from his life so he could support her. All of it was based on the life she thought he could provide her with…What she didn’t know was that the majority of what we have was mine before we married. God has always taken care of me and our children. Put God first, do the right things, become patient, and pray. God loves His daughters and He will intervene and take vengeance on your behalf. Have faith!

      1. God I thank you for restoring my marriage and my sanity. I just want to thank you for bringing my husband closer to you. Please teach him how to know you and love you so that he will respect me for who lives in Christ and knows God will be like a tree planted by the river side

    53. Jakequlynn says:

      I’m praying this prayer of Feb23,2021. And I’m beliveing God for adultry to end and restoration in our marriage and for us to reunite under the same roof again. And for our love to be greater than before. Married 12 years. In Jesus name amen

      1. Vidya Rodney says:

        Believing with you that it is done in jesus name. Amen

    54. Thank you for sharing this prayer! Thank you God for fighting this battle.

    55. I began praying this prayer in January. While my husband had never left, he also had not completely stopped seeing the other woman. The saga is long and complicated, but I have seen more movement towards me, our children, our home, and God in him in the last 40 days than I have seen in the last year. He is completely reassessing his priorities, has cut off all contact with the other woman, gotten a restraining order against her to keep her from harassing us anymore, and become an attentive, loving husband. I don’t know if we have completely resolved every issue, but we are much closer. Remember that God can soften his heart. You can not change a man. Only God can. Don’t stop praying!

    56. Powerful, powerful prayer! This has blessed me tremendously. Lord I am standing on Your Word!

    57. This is really a powerful prayer. I have prayed this prayer and will continue to pray it for the next 30 days. I am trusting and standing on Gods holy word that my husband will definitely change and seek the help he needs to recover from this SIN!

      1. Crystal Smith says:

        I prayed this prayer and the next day the woman my husband was having sex and other things with messaged me and told me everything but he is still lying to me about having sex with her and it hurts im just praying that he will stop cheating and that he will tell me the truth because she told me things that she would only know if they where having sex. He admitted to taking her to dinner but is lying about having sex with her and I just need him to tell me the truth because it hurts every time he looks me in the eye and lies to me.. I have all their messages between each other…

    58. Blanca Mota says:

      This is a beautiful powerful prayer. I could feel it’s power working. Thanks so much for posting such a beautiful prayer.
      God bless! May I see it bear fruits!

    59. Angela sikweti says:

      I have just come across this prayer when I needed it the most… We’ve been married for 4yrs but together for 14yrs. I never expected him to cheat on me and break my heart after everything that we have been through together. It has been one girl after another and every time, he says sorry he will change. After confronting him after the last girl, he’s been showing some change towards me and the children but I don’t completely believe him. He has put a password on his phone which has got me suspicious. Just a few minutes ago, he left his phone while he went to the other room. A familiar number started calling him, when I checked it on my phone, it’s one of the many girls he was dating awhile ago. I don’t know if he has started again or if it’s the girl bothering him again. This time I chose not to confront him or fight the girls but to take it to the Lord in prayer. I pray for a breakthrough in my marriage. I will continue praying this prayer for my marriage to be restored

    60. I really love this prayer and lord I pray you restore my marriage with peace love and understanding and arrest my husband from this cheating ways and bring him back home Amen

    61. laurell watson says:

      Its been 3yrs since i found .my husband coming out of a hotel with Binta Balde and as of today they are still together. No matter what I saw or do he won’t leave her alone. So I’m done, I told our 25yr old son that I will be moving out of our home by the end of the year and even he is devastated. The only that I have left is to rest on the Lord’s word and continue praying for my husband. Lord please touch my husband’s heart on behalf of our marriage and family. I will continue praying the above pray maybe even pray it 2x a day. Thank you

    62. Jenny Macdonald says:

      In Dec 2020 I found out that my husband has been having an affair with one of my friends for 3 months. I was totally devastated. Didn’t matter what I said or did, he refused to reconcile and was planning to marry her. She promised him a baby. On 27 April 2021 I came across this prayer on Pinterest and wrote it down in my diary. At this stage I had moved out and my husband filed for divorce. I read this prayer over and over again every couple of days, praying to God to open my husband’s eyes. A week ago he called me and said he can’t stop thinking about me, the good life we had together and he still loves me. We met up on Sunday and he is a changed man. It’s as if he has woken up from a slumber and he can see and think clearly now. To God all the glory! Thank you for this prayer. And thank you to God, His grace for our family and the love He has for all of us.

      1. Jenny!!! Wow! To GOD BE THE GLORY! I thank God for moving in your husband’s heart! Continue to stand firm in your faith; the LORD will perfect all things that concern you!!!

        1. This prayer is working for me like wild fire.Though I have been praying with a heavy heart as I discovered my husband of 8years and forever has been cheating on me with a lady. when I saw his conversations with the lady on his phone,they were heavy on me because he denied outrightly not until I started showing h more evidences with the help of the holy spirit before he could admit.Though he is still at home trying to man-up but my spirit was still troubled because he hasn’t ended the relationship with the strange lady. Infact it got to the stage that his picture was displayed on the lady’s profile as her intending husband and my own covenant husband kept leading her on and giving her hope.But I thank God that in the midst of this storm,I came across this powerful prayer journal which I engaged 3hourly the very day I got it.Just on the very first day that I prayed and my husband could confess to me for the first time all that transpired between himself and the strange woman and seeing my husband being genuinely broken is a super miracle for me.i know that my testimony will be made perfect as I continue in this prayer routine.I don’t think I can stop using this prayer journal.I give God all the Praise!!!!

    63. I stumbled upon this at just the right time. A few weeks ago my husband moved out of our home. I was side-swept, I didn’t see it coming. His claims were that he wasn’t happy, but as I searched for answers I stumbled upon phone records that showed he had been having a relationship with a co-worker of his for the past 8 months. Those around me were quick to tell me to move on and forget him, so I had no counsel on what to do to save this…. and then I found this prayer. I have been praying this night and day the past week. I have been praying for the other woman too, because I have come to find she is having her own marriage struggles as well. My heart is filled with forgiveness for them both, and since my husband is a non-believer, I am praying that God use this struggle for good and brings him on a path to salvation. I know God’s plan for me is to have a hope and a future, and this prayer has given me the hope I need to give this marriage over to Him. <3

    64. Hello,
      Wow that was a powerful prayer. I just prayed it and I will pray it again especially when he leaves and I can tell he will not come home till the next day in the after noon. Is there a prayer like this for my self I am so hurt sometimes I just want to go run into another mans arms for comfort. I know this is wrong but it crosses my mind when I am in an emotional state because it hurts so much to not be wanted by someone you thought would always love you. I have been seeking God since before the pandemic and I have been trying to let go of all ungodly things in my life and some were sexual things I did with my husband. He is not into God like I am and he didn’t say anything but it stopped and sex became less and less until he cheated and I found out and when I asked him about it he said things were not working out between us and that he wanted a divorce. He knows that adultery is sin but will he be held accountable even though he is not a follower of Jesus Christ. He cursed God when I told him God would help us. I begged him to tell me what brought this on to please tell me and give us a chance to work this out but he was sure that he didn’t want me anymore or “this” as he called it he just kept saying no no no. He didn’t want to hold me when I asked him to please hug me and he didn’t want to talk to me about it anymore he just wanted to walk out. Later friends told me I did not do anything wrong that I was good to him and why was I begging him to give me a chance. I suppose they are right but why do I still feel like I caused it to not want me. We still live in same house he does does not talk to me at all he sleeps in the living room. I stopped doing all my wife duties for him. I have not bought any groceries I make myself food to eat or I eat out actually I havent really eaten much lately. He eats what ever can food he finds or eats somewhere else. He don’t use my car anymore. We share a manager’s unit with my sister in law who is the office manager and works in the office that’s attached to my home but we have separate entrances I don’t have access to the office and she dont have access to my home. When we got married we stayed in this home because my sister in la moved out into a home she bought and after several years of no manager onsite the park was in ruin. We became onsite managers to help her manage the park because she couldn’t handle the stress and wanted to retire so I was to take over the office when she did but that was 7 years ago. When she learned that my husband wanted a divorce and I wanted him to move out she came and told me that we both had to move out. And now they tell me that I dont work here I never did I was only helping my husband. I decided I was not leaving until she gave me something that says why I am being let go and a proper notice to move out but staying here is making me depresses I know they only plan on getting rid of me. And I am now hurt and angry that they would throw me out like that after I worked so hard to get this park in order. All the tenants see me as a manager. We got free rent for managing. What should I do. I dont even know what to pray for with so many things going through me head. I just sit here and think and think and think.

      1. Mary Lou,
        I’m sorry you’re going through this. But since you asked me what to do, you have to get out of your own head. You are called to look at Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith–not look at yourself or your situation. So, get out your Bible and start reading. Ask the Lord for wisdom. FORGIVE everyone who has hurt you for everything they have done. Ask God to fill you with His Spirit. Be sure you have confessed and repented for any sins in your heart and life. And do what He gives you peace about AFTER you have done all those things, as long as what you have peace about lines up with the Word of God and is in obedience to God’s written Word, the Bible.
        I will pray for you. And I pray that Father God and Holy Spirit would comfort you and heal your heart from all wounds today.
        Look up, friend. Look to Jesus. He will help you.
        Jamie Rohrbaugh

        1. Thank you. Yes i need to read his word I been praying mostly. I have to tell you what has happened since last time I wrote. I was decribing to someone how my husband has been acting towards me and the words “It’s like he is under a spell” came out of my mouth and I thought oh my could it be that he has been put under some spell, voodoo, or witchcraft. So i began looking into it and all the signs are there. Now I beleive this woman his Ex from 20 plus years ago did something evil to our marriage to break us up and for him to submit to her. It’s too much to tell you on here but yes she sends him on runs to find pills that she is hooked on and then i find out she is a drug counselor. But the last thing i was told by his own daughter was that that woman wood do a spell on him to make him believe that he is in love with her that she would say some spell, kiss his piture, and light a candel everynight. She left him because my husband could not have anymore kids and she didnt have any and wanted children so now that she has left her husband and she has her kids she came back to take my husband away from me for her own selfish needs. My husband won’t even look at me he stays away from me as much as possible but he wont move out. I told his ex to leave my husband alone or I would put her on blast on social media. She dont want that so she called my husband immediately and cut him off. He came back to the house in a rage threatening me with such hate. But what was weird is that by the afternoon he sent me a nice text not sorry but that he was wroking on my car cuz it was broke down. I was shocked and even asked him are you texting me? cuz he was not talking to me at all he deleted me from his facebook every single picture and post about me and blocked me. I was so hurt i cried all night beging God to help me. So when i got that text i thought wow maybe she backed off and stopped the spell or something cuz i don’t see that hate in him towards me anymore and was almost acting normal asking me where i was going. he did not care what i did before that but Saturday he left and did not come back till the morning and it started again the not talking to me or looking at me and after i told his ex to keep her demonic hands off him he was looking at me again. I really can’t stop thinking about him and what else she could be doing to him. Knowing this now I can’t leave him like that he needs to be freed even if we don’t work things out after I just want God to release him and remove that witch from his life forever and proitect him. To open his eyes to the evil this woman has been doing to us atleast I will know the truth because he will react to his true feelings and not the lies she put in his heart. Please help me pray for him for us. I really want this to end now so he dont divorce me and make me move out of our home. Because if I have to go as far as moving out and being homeless. I dont know if I will be stong enough to go through that. I want to trust God right now I have to I can’t do anything else but pray, and ask others to pray for us every day till the evil has been lifted for good.

          1. Praise The Lord! Hallelujah 🙌.
            For over a year now, my husband has been in and out of Adultery and fornication….. Sometimes he would come back home resume his duty as a husband and behaved well.

            Now he no longer sleeps at home and hasn’t touched me for some time now. I couldn’t sleep so I decided to check online for prayers.
            Lord, as I have prayed this prayers this night with all my might….please let there be Joy in the morning. Let my husband return home delivered from strange women completely. Amen 🙏

    65. I have been drawing near to God, praying that my marriage be healed in the name
      Of Jesus. For the past several years I have been struggling to pray for my marriage, instead of praying I would lose faith and let doubt seep in. My marriage has been on the rocks.. and in the beginning we had some good, but for the past few years my husband left us to live with another women, he was constantly committing adultery with several different women, and had another child in our marriage, so it was placed in my marriage to pray for my marriage for 7 days, to trust Gods timing and love my husband. This prayer has truly helped me. I have called on God, whole heartily, and I believe he will restore my marriage, and make a unified front. In the mighty name of Jesus! I thank you for this very prayer. Continue to keep us in prayer

    66. I’ve read this on 7/20/21 and stand firmly in my faith in our Almighty God. He WILL deliver my husband from adulatory, he WILL provide a way of escape from the enemy, He WILL humble my husband and bring him to repentance, He WILL rebuild our marriage and bring us closer together as one flesh then we’ve ever been before. Glory and honor unto the Lord’s name! AMEN!

    67. Sylvia Wolfe says:

      Thank you Jesus & thank you for sharing I need this right now I believe that I will see the hand of the Lord move on my behalf I’ve been feeling down its only been a week my husband has not came home to sleep I caught him at a motel with another woman he keeps denying it and he is under the influence & this is not the 1st time im tired of this repetitive behavior I always forgive him but I believe the Lord has done it before He will do it again. I love my husband we are one God says what The Lord has joined together no one can tear apart I stand on His promises! Please pray for me and my husband Derek. Thank you once again I am so thankful right now for this prayer its every word on point Thank you my sister in the Lord.

    68. Anonymous says:

      Please pray for me, going a through a rough time in my marriage. There’s no intimacy, no affection,or communication.My husband has a record of cheating …I suspect he never stopped cheating thus no intimacy , I am born again but I have developed some resentment towards my husband, I currently have no hope for change in our marriage as I somehow feel he has no guts to just end the marriage. I was thinking about filing for divorce to making things easier for him and removing myself from this trauma. I am tired of hoping this will be well, I feel like am being taken for a fool by him.I really need God’s intervention I still love him, I know God hates divorce. Does God hear us pray ? At the moment It feels like I am on my own and my prayers are not reaching him. at my lowest today…Hoping things will change after doing this prayers….currently feeling. …please pray for me. Please keep my name anonymous. ..

    69. Osifo Tracy says:

      While I was praying I felt deep move in my spirit and I thank the Lord for directing me through the Holy Spirit to pray for my husband and I thank God for hearing and answering my prayers.

    70. Christine says:

      Amen! I just prayed this powerful prayer. Praise Jesus! I trust and believe He will restore my marriage and my husband will come home. God will move mountains! I declare and decree that a miracle will happen.

    71. Annie Francis says:

      When my husband left I was praying and trusted Jesus will bring him back. At the same time I was desperately looking out for help, where I could free my husband from this sin soon. Today I was prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to help me find a way and I found this beautiful prayer which was just what I had asked for. I prayed this prayer today and almost feel that it has started working in our lives. I believe totally that our family will be united to glorify our Lord soon. Thank you so much for helping us in this despairing situation. God bless you. You are truly blessed.
      Annie Francis

    72. Gail Harvey says:

      After reading the brokenness of these woman who’s husbands are walking all over them. It’s heart breaking. Bountries have to be set, counseling for you who are grieving. Prayer is wonderful but sometimes YOU have to do something. Get help,for yourself. I am going thru something myself. We teach people how to treat us. Don’t allow them to steal,your joy, life and destroy your family. Forgive yes but don’t just sit around crying your eyes out hoping he will come back. He may not. God is the only one who can reach him. Do what God tells you to do and let God deal with him. You probably won’t print this because it’s way different than these others. Stand up and fight, ladies.

      1. I couldn’t agree more, Gail! Prayer is essential but sometimes God’s plan for restoration involves moving on. Only the Lord can tell each woman whether she should wait and contend for her husband or move on, but if the husband is cheating, then the Bible says the woman is free to choose. She is not bound.

        Either way, I definitely recommend Christian counseling for any woman (or couple) who is going through this. And if the spouse won’t attend, go alone.

    73. Mildred Mkala says:

      Thanks be to the Almighty God,because the prayers came at the right time when I need it.After praying this prayer I filled relieved and am in agreement that I will come with a testimony soon that my husband Geoffrey has changed.Glory be to God

    74. Thank you Jamie! God led me to this prayer today knowing that I needed it. My husband Steve and I have been separated for 7 months. This prayer gave me confidence I needed as I was starting to feel defeated. I will pray this until he returns as I know God will hear all of our prayers ♡

    75. Thank you, Jamie my husband is gone for the last 3 years I’m still believing in the Lord for complete restoration. I need your help pray for Dennis’s return. Break down his pride and give him a brand new mind Amen
      Daughter of the Lord

      1. Anonymous says:

        I prayed this prayer and I’m going to patiently wait for God to move. I’m praying for all of us having to endure such pain and heartache. What God has put together let no man put asunder! The divorce rate HAS to decrease and we have to continue fighting on our knees for our souls, marriage, and families! Keep us all lifted! There’s strength in numbers and God is present! Hallelujah!! Thank You Jesus!! Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers us out of them ALL!!! KEEP PRAYING AND KEEP BELIEVING!!!

    76. Praying. For healing and restoration for my marriage Stephen Chavez he is abusive and cheats we have a daughter lord have Marcy and give me guidance Natalie armijo.

    77. I pray this prayer over my marriage. My husband left and move in with another woman and I’m in need of prayer to bringing my husband back home to me and our sons.

    78. My husband of 22 years (together for 30) was in ministry. He left me two years ago for another woman. Then he divorced me about a year ago. He now lives with this woman (who was also married for over 20 years). Our family (2 sons) has been ripped apart and it seems my ex can’t see – blinded by sin. I have prayed and prayed and prayed for his repentance, yet it seems he loves her and there is no hope. I read and prayed the prayer. Oh how I wish that RIGHT now God would snap him out of this fog of list and sin and destruction.

    79. Jeth Apolona says:

      Praise you will give this now the courage and love to bring home my husband right now.For his heart and soul are covering from the sin of adultery.heal his mind and heart to see that his true family and only wife will truly love him. Thank you for sharing to me this powerful prayer for thosehusbsnd commiting adultery.I believe tru this prayer the Lord Jesus Christ will bring him back home now before the year ends.And finally to realize him that his true family are his house and comfort.heal him all his troubled mine and hearts. Thank you Lord for this will gonna happen right now through your name Jesus Christ.All the glory are Yours.

    80. Jenny Neal says:

      Thank you for this prayer…means so much to me!!!! Father please watch over everyone who has dealt with a cheating husband, or wife!!! I can already feel the power of this prayer. Thank you so much!!!

    81. April Mendoza says:

      Hi Jamie. 🙂
      I have said this prayer at least twice before tonight, And those other times I knew in the spirit but now I have the very evidence and we know that GOD exposes all that that does lay in darkness.

      I appreciate that this is still up and I thank you for working with our LORD and Savior in this matter as well.

      I haven’t truly been able to enjoy my marriage or even have it as my husband and I were under such spiritual and emotional oppression, and let me tell you, even with all I knew, I knew nothing coming into this marriage. WOW. Albeit, GOD is GOOD and HE reveals to all those who ask Hi (Jeremiah 33:3 and Jesus’ telling the disciples He shared everything our Father gave to Him). Hallelujah! Thank YOU JESUS.

      I am letting you know I am documenting here, tonight, March the 8th of 2022, the breakthrough from adultery in prayer and I am believing this time next year we will all be celebrating on this page a restoration story or two from it with my husband, Ruben.

      To all the glory, honor and praise of our Father, the workings of the Holy Spirit and in the sanctification of Jesus Christ. Yes and Amen.

    82. To God be the glory for the breakthrough and answered prayers. May the Lord continue to guide us all and answer the rest of our prayers too in Jesus’s name. Amen 🙏🏽

    83. Gracy Fernandes says:

      Thank you for this powerful prayer.. Trusting ABBA FATHER to save my marriage. may HE bless you abundantly in every area of your life

    84. Kemi Akerele says:

      I thank God for this powerful prayers. It came at the right time when l needed it. I will continue to trust God to restore my marriage of 31 years.

    85. Thank you for this prayer. I’m standing for marriage and believing God for restoration. I pray that everyone else in the comments will have restoration as well.

    86. jeanna burch says:

      I am in need of my prayer warrior or even guidance. I have been praying for a year for my husband to come home. He walked out on me and our 3 little and filed for divorce and has been with a new woman ever sense. The emotions and heart break are unreal and I have been praying for a year for him to stop and come home. Its been a terrible situation and the children and I are hurting so much. Our final court date is June 2 and I am terrified of loosing my husband forever. I forgive him for his wrongs but the pain and heartache are still there, we can’t even have a normal conversation and he doesn’t wish to see me or speak to me. Please help

      1. Dearest Jeanna,
        I am so sorry you are going through this. I don’t know what to say except that you are not bound to stay in this relationship because your husband has cheated on you. However, if you are feeling like the Lord wants you to stand in intercession and pray for him to come back to you, I will certainly agree with you in that prayer!
        May I suggest that you might want to break the soul tie with him so that you can function without pain in this area? Here’s info about breaking soul ties:

        And if you could use some written prayers for your marriage, here is our list of free prayers you can pray through:
        And these same prayers are also available in PDF format in my ebook, Hope for Your Marriage, here.
        I will be praying for you.


    87. I have been praying this prayer daily. Believing for my husband to come home and be healed of depression, alcoholism and adultery. Please claim this with me in Jesus name.


    88. I prayed this prayer and he started to give our marriage another chance until she contacted he and he forwarded right back to her. Lord there are children involved on her side and it is not right for her to expose these children to that lifestyle. Lord I ask that you break this hold she has on him and bring him back home. Let us be witnesses to word that marriage is a holy institution and need to be kept. In Jesus name I plead the blood of Jesus to bless my marriage forever until the lord calls us home.

      1. Keep praying, Ellie! And remember that you are also free to move on with your life if you desire to do so, because you are not bound Scripturally to a husband who has committed adultery. But if you feel led to contend for your husband to come back home, keep on praying and believing and God will hear your prayer!
        Love and blessings and courage and hope and grace and peace to you,

    89. Thank you so much my husband is in a outside relationship we have been together 15 yrs married 7years on the 12th he told me he did not want to be married just a few days ago now today he wants to try he wants me to understand and be patient he is also a alcoholic ..Please Pray for us

    90. I prayed this twice today not knowing the second time my husband would blow up at me and ask me for a divorce. He told me he is not attracted to me and the woman he has been seeing which I thought had only been a few months has been on going for at least 3 years. She does things for him that I would not do. He will not admit the last time he saw her which was a week ago. I am praying God moves mighty on my behalf and removes her and brings him home. I do not want to have my marriage end. I know God can and will restore it and the love between us!

    91. This is an awesome prayer. This reminds me of all the things I should be praying over my husband as well as myself. Thank you for sharing.

    92. Christina Harley Scruggs says:

      Praise God!
      This prayer is amazing! Thank you Woman of God for posting this prayer. I have been addressing adultery in my marriage since the beginning. 17 years to be exact. I have forgiven my husband over and over as the word of God teaches us. Lies, cheating so much deception. Everytime I try to let Go, Im encouraged by God to hold on, pray, dont give up. I recently asked him to leave. The pain is unbearable. I don’t want to divorce, but i don’t want to suffer in this anymore. I know what God can do and will do. So I’m gonna keep praying, and stay out the way! Thank You to All the ladies who shared their experiences with me. Blessings to all.

    93. Amen! Such a powerful prayer that is already answered by faith HALLELUJAH in Jesus’s Name. Amen and Amen.

    94. Rasheika Singleton says:

      I have been standing for my marriage since 2020. My husband returned in 2021 but a month ago literally out the blue said he was unhappy with me and life. He filed for divorce and we have a hearing this Friday. I am praying and fasting for a miracle for him to be filled with the Holy Spirit and turn to God and repent of his sins. I have prayed for the women on here and it literally breaks my heart what the enemy is doing to families. I pray we sll see restoration.

    95. lay Rodgers says:

      I felt the power of God in this prayer! I have faith that God is working right now to save my husband and our marriage! I will continue to trust Gods words and have a peace that surpasses all understanding! This is a spiritual battle that must be fought with prayer! I pray for all the wives on here and you are not alone. God will never leave you nor forsake you!!!!

    96. i just finished reading this prayer,i hope that God will hear my prayers and change my husband from cheating on me and turn him to a faithfulfaithful husband and love and cherish me again in Jesus name Amen

    97. Tina Edwards says:

      I have found my husband cheating and even though I have caught him in his lies and have asked to him make a choice I know he is still finding ways to see her. I found this prayer and I am praying it faithfully twice a day without fail for I know God has a plan greater than mine for us. I am trusting God to completely restore my marriage and my marriage bed. I am praying for patience and faith in God’s timing, not mine. None of this is easy because trust has been broken in our marriage and I don’t believe anything he says when he goes anywhere but I do trust God and that is what get’s me through because I know He is truly in control and I have faith in that. Please pray with me

    98. I just prayed this beautiful prayer. After 22 years of marriage I have proof he’s at least having an emotional affair but the most hurtful is he lies constantly. He looks at her naked pics while I’m in the room. He texts her in our bed at night but denials

    99. Thank you Almighty God for delivering my husband from adultery, spirit of lust and lies and for returning my husband to me with love

    100. Dear Jamie
      Thank you for this powerful prayer.
      I am already seeing answers to my prayer. I started this prayer in Monday 9 th January 2023. Our church started the 21 Days Daniel Fast and I’m following it with much sacrifice.
      I encourage others to fast and pray for your husband’s return.
      God bless.

    101. Please pray with me for my wife Shanda. She is a confessing believer in our Lord Jesus and believes she is “Saved” Yet she has abandoned our marriage and moved in with an ex-boyfriend, whom she has also declared as an unbeliever and unequally yoked. The pain of this Adultery and Abandonment is beyond anything I can imagine… But I will lean on God with these powerful prayers and decree and declare that not only for forgiveness and reconciliation and restoration of my marriage but also my prayers are with you all as well. Stand firm for God and take a stand in his mighty name. I will fight for Gods Victory — in Jesus Name, Amen

      1. Praying now. Please pray this prayer often, changing the pronouns to fit her! God can restore and heal your life and marriage!
        Jamie Rohrbaugh

    102. Elizabeth says:

      This prayer is so powerful!! 🙌🏼☝🏼❤️‍🔥
      I prayed it for 2 days & immediately observed a difference in my husband & how he interacted with me which was a huge difference compared to not wanting to be near me a couple months beforehand!
      Kept praying the prayer each night & within a week, we (our 3 daughters & I) were staying with my husband because we lost power. Within a few more days, he asked us to move in with him! 🙌🏼
      He & I have reconnected intimately & we are “developing”—a sort of new, fresh start! ❤️‍🔥☝🏼
      I will continue to pray this prayer though…this world is FULL of distractions! We MUST pray without ceasing for our husbands, marriages & families! 🙏🏼👍🏼

      1. Praise the LORD! Elizabeth, thank you so much for sharing this powerful testimony! We are agreeing with you for TOTAL restoration of your marriage and family!
        Love and blessings,
        Jamie Rohrbaugh

        1. Stephanie says:

          Please pray this over my husband Russ and myself. I am standing firm for my marriage- though it is so hard. Please please help me pray and call out to Jesus for us. -Stephanie

      2. Jakequlynn Cleveland says:

        Praise God

    103. I have been praying for three years, its devastings
      I surrendered to God, Let him lead. Im tired, IDK if I even want him back. Only God can make it a miracle

      1. Today is 8/26/23. I found this a couple of days ago and have been praying it daily since. We have been married just shy of 19 years, and have 4 gorgeous children. The last year he has been seeing someone who I was very close to. I found out in March, the Lord has grown my love for him over the last several months, but my husband is still seeing this person. It has caused our youngest daughter to have extreme mental issues (self harm and suicidal thoughts) and even that does not seem to shake him. I know the Lord has us in His hands and I don’t believe he would have grown my love if He wasn’t going to do something big in our marriage and family. My kids and I are staying with a friend, for my daughter’s well being and safety, until the Lord restores wha has been lost.

        1. I am praying for you, sweet sister. May God convict him, heal, and restore.

    104. I just read the prayer and I was sobbing in tears, filled with emotions. My marriage has been struggling for years and I continue to pray and this time it has taken a toll on me. The prayer was perfect and right on time and I have the faith that God will restore my marriage. He was working as I read the prayer and I know that it is done. Glory to God.

    105. I found out that my husband has another woman and my heart crushed but after reading this prayer my heart is revived,i will be praying everyday.thank you.

    106. Jakequlynn Cleveland says:

      I prayed this prayer May 22,2023. I’m believing God for a testimony. In Jesus name Amen.

    107. Rasheika Singleton says:

      I just prayed this prayer and sowed into this prayer. After praying this prayer my faith went to whole other level. I believe God is going to move suddenly and mighty. My husband and I were
      restored in 2021 and then in 2022 he filed for divorce but the Lord says what we bound in heaven we bound on earth and what we loose on heaven we loose on earth. I pray God restores all our marriages and bring our husbands back home and God will get ALL the GLORY!

    108. Ukaigwe Chibuzor says:

      As I made up my mind to carry out this prayers, I believe that my testimony is sure through Christ Jesus, Amen.

    109. Thank you for this prayer and for all the comments. Sometimes it is nice to feel like I am not the only one in the trenches. I hope and pray that God can restore and heal each of our marriages and families. I ask God to open his arms and pull us all closer to Him. Please hear our prayers for our spouses and know that we want to use our marriages to honor God, by keeping the promise we made to Him on our wedding day. God we leave our future in your hands and pray for your peace.

    110. Thank you for the guidence in prayer. I pray for the dry bones of our marriages come alive and out of their graves. I pray that the Soverign Lord breathes life from every direction directly into our marriages. I pray that we become the wives our husbands need and our hisbands become the husbands God wants them to be. I pray that God reveals removes anything unpleasing in us wives. I thank God for his will for our marriages to have a hope and a future and that God does not have a plan for the destruction of our marriages. Father change me and mold me and help me to see your will and how you want me to be. Thank you for your miracles and thank you for covering our marriages with the holy blood of Jesus. Satan you can not have our marriages, you can not have our husbands, you can not have our families. I stand in the mighty name of Jesus against any tongue who speaks against our holy covenants and wage war in the name of Jesus against any generational curse, demonic force or ungodly influences against our marriages and families. In Jesus Name, Amen

    111. Just prayed this prayer for my husband as everything seemed fine then he had a message from a foreign girl and now says he has feelings for her after 2 weeks …he plans to leave me and our 4 kids but I have total faith that God will put this to a stop and he will realize he wants to save our marriage … I love that man with everything in me I truly believe we are soulmates and I have faith that God will help our marriage be restored

    112. Searching for a prayer like this is how I found Jamie’s website. It helped me immensely and I always feel a sense of calm when I pray it. I am still praying it occasionally when I feel unsure and suffer attacks from the enemy. I just change the words a bit to fit my current situation and pray for myself that I will not suffer undue suspicion and attacks. That is an area in which I suffer. It is hard to overcome being suspicious after experiencing the kind of hurt that cheating brings, but I pray that I will also overcome these attacks and are able to overcome my need to control to feel safe. I will say to those reading this that it is obvious that God is working in my husband’s life and he listens to the Billy Graham channel on Sirius radio all the time. I comfort myself knowing that you can’t listen to Billy Graham without conviction on so many levels, but in this area in particular. When I first started praying this, it seemed unlikely he would ever change, but God is the God of the impossible and can turn any situation around. I still pray this prayer occasionally because I know that the enemy is on the prowl like a roaring lion, looking for those he may devour. Thank you, Jamie, for this prayer. I am now one of your monthly contributors because without this prayer, I don’t know what I would have done. I can’t contribute as much as I would like, but want to do something to help others in the same place as me. I pray that all of you will have the peace that surpasses all understanding and that your situations change.

    113. Mama more says:



    114. Thank you Lord for answered prayers… I have faith and I believe God has done it

      1. Chimwemwe says:

        Amen. God’s faithfulness is the greatest.

    115. This is a beautiful and power prayer! If we believe we will receive! My journey began 7months ago. At first it was about restoring my marriage. But my journey has saved & brought me closer to God than I ever been. I found a peace that passes all understanding during my storm. Now my journey is about how God can use me for his will and help others in their relationship with God and find their peace & purpose. I pray for every women on here and for your husbands salvation. Because without God it won’t work. I love you all💜

      1. Thank uou for your prayers

    116. Chimwemwe says:

      Thank you for this wonderful prayer, it came to me at the right time and I believe God has answered me. God,s faithfulness is the greatest. Amen

    117. Praise Yahweh! 🙌🏽 Thank you for this prayer. Praying for my husband, Michael‘s soul, for him to return to the Most High Elohim and come back home. Praying for all covenant marriages to be restored. In Yahshua HaMashiach’s name, Amen. 🙏🏽

    118. I can’t even explain how I feel right now, my wife who has left me for about 3 months seeking for divorce has called me to let settle out of court because she cannot afford to live without me, . I can’t even add too much, taste and see for yourself.

      1. God is amazing!

        I pray for continued blessings.

    119. Thank you do much for this prayer! Please pray for my husband Trevor and I we have been separated 3years first due to his drinking and disrespectful behavior bur while separated he has now started relationships with strange/counterfeit women. I love my husband and want our marriage restored to better than it was. I’m trusting God for this miracle because we have tried our own ways and failed. Only God can do this.

    120. Gloria Johnson says:

      Thank so much pastor the prayers for my cheating husband was really helpful I’m grateful sir.thank you so much thank you Jesus 🙏

    121. Hello, I’ve been married to my husband for 31 yrs. Our marriage was great. I had lost both my parents when I was 7 due to my father killing my mother and then himself. Satan always tried to destroy my life but I refused to be destroyed and stayed happy, full of hope that when I fell in love nothing could break that. I met him when I was 19. He was 31. I fell in love the moment I saw him. My life had caused me to grow up really quickly and to be the rock for others in my life. I give of myself unselfishly always putting my husband and our 3 children above myself or my needs because I wanted my actions to show I cared. I gave of myself until I was lost to myself. In 2016 as I was sitting with my dying grandmother my husband used my email and tried to sign up on a dating app paying so he could meet women. He was making up emails and hiding them, social accounts and hiding playlist from a woman from me. It destroyed me when I found out. He kept saying is was crazy and delusional and that it wasn’t true. And he kept saying God’s gonna show you. Well he kept praying it and God kept leading me to find all his things. I would lay there crying begging him to stop and fight for us. And he wouldn’t even look at me. Finally I begged God to help me see why. God showed me that he had a spirit wife. And told me where to take him to get him set free. I did. I also informed him to end all the things and let me help him cut it off and delete stuff the right way. I assured him it was OK. That all I wanted was him to shut it down right and we could rebuild our marriage as long as I saw he was doing away with it and not hanging on to that. He held on to it told me to get over it drop it and everything would be fine. But if I kept on about it we couldn’t go forward. I’ve prayed for him and stood by him. I ended up overdosing because of the lies. And he said I made it all up. It was in my head. I ended up in jail and at a crisis center because of this. Yet while there God said He didn’t put you here I did. I needed you to focus on me. When I got to the crisis center the nurses wanted to know why I was there. They ask did I see or hear things that weren’t there. And I said always my whole life God shows me what I need to see. They listed it as a spiritual gift not mental. And the nurses starting asking me about some of the patients and what was really wrong with them. I was discharged in less than a week and he was upset that I didn’t need to stay longer. God informed me that I thought I had fallen and been hurt before but this time I was going to have a testimony that everyone could relate. That all would no I couldn’t have ever came back from were I was without God getting the glory and all knowing that He was the one true God who raises up. My husband still has had problems but I know what’s coming and victory, a blessing, a freedom from the Pharoah. A restored marriage, a renewed life, and a witness showing He’s the same yesterday Today and Forever Praise God.. His timing is perfect. Keep us in your prayers because the witchcraft against us is the rulers of darkness, thrones and dominions. It all the highest demonic principalities. But guess what. I’m a daughter of the Most High. Whose name and dominion are above all in every age and realm Jesus Christ. Hallelujah

    122. Itz Brandyx💍 says:

      I am trusting God to move as never before. God is able. Jesus bring into manifestation all you need to do. I surrender all to you. Jesus you are bigger than the situation. I pray and I have faith that you will bring back my husband to me in his right mind lord I’m leaving everything to you . I believe in you

    123. Thank you for this powerful Prayer I believe that God is the power and the glory of life and through the blood of Jesus Christ They can overcome anything. God And His Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit will bring my husband Johnny home and God And His Son Jesus Christ will make sure that he will bow down at their feet. Thank you so very much for this. I will continue to pray all day and please continue to pray for me and my husband. I’m giving Glory To God And His Son Jesus Christ. Amen 🙏🏾💜

    124. Leslie Chasteen says:

      My husband left May 19, 2024, and told me he is filing for divorce. Recently I found out he’s been interacting with other women. I am crushed. I have been praying for marriage restoration since he left. Today is our 11 year wedding anniversary, June 1, 2024. I broke down this morning knowing he’s walking in the flesh and not in the spirit. I just happened to find this prayer, and every single word is what I needed to pray over my husband. God is faithful, and cannot and will not stop praying until my husband is home. Thank you for this prayer. Be blessed.

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