Azusa Now Impartation #1: Heart of Honor & the Spirit of Elijah

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Azusa-Now-Impartation-1-Heart-of-Honor-and-the-Spirit-of-ElijahAs you know, I had the privilege of attending Azusa Now in Los Angeles, California on April 9 of this year.

At this event, over 100,000 people gathered in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to fast and pray for revival in America, for racial reconciliation, and for a great sending-forth of missionaries and the birthing of an evangelism movement that will change the world. We were asking God to do more, and better, and bigger NOW than He even did at Azusa Street in 1906.

It was amazing. There were signs and wonders, salvations and healings and prophetic words. People got up out of wheelchairs, healed. JESUS was lifted up the entire time. The Body of Christ stood in unity. The Holy Spirit was sooooooo manifest all day.

For the next few blog posts, I want to pray for you to have the impartations that the Holy Spirit was pouring out at Azusa Now. The first one is HONOR and the Spirit of Elijah.

At Azusa Now, oceans of honor were flowing. Oceans. The spiritual sons and daughters were honoring the fathers and mothers. The young were honoring the old. For example:

  • Dick Simmons, who was the intercessor who prayed David Wilkerson (founder of Teen Challenge) out into the harvest field of New York’s inner city, was there. To even see that man was an honor. Heaven knows his name.
  • Paul Cain, who is in his upper 80s and was one of the original healing revivalists from the 1940s and 1950s, was there. It was one of his original prophecies that started this movement.
  • Arthur Blessitt, who carried the cross around the world and preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ, was there. He’s 75 years old and was still carrying that cross.

To think about even being in the same airspace as these generals of faith brings me to tears.

There was also tremendous honor among the races, nationalities, and ethnic groups.

For example:

  • A large group of Korean ministers traveled all the way from South Korea to pray. They came to release the Korean anointing for fasting and prayer that God poured out during the Great Pyongyang Revival of 1907 … and they came to stand with America in her darkest hour, to return the favor from when America stood by Korea in her darkest hour.
  • There was great repentance and forgiveness between African-American people and white people, for the great injustices done to the African-American people in America.
  • The First Nations people were honored because this land of America is their inheritance. Native American musicians, intercessors, tribal chiefs, and others prayed for Holy Spirit to take over this land. Why? It’s about authority. It’s their rightful place to do so; this land was given to them.
  • There was honor and reconciliation between the Protestants and the Spirit-filled Catholics from the Charismatic Renewal. Both groups repented to one another for how they treated one another.

Honor simply means to give someone or something worth; to ascribe value to them. To see them the way God sees them and bless what He is doing in their lives, not dwelling on what He is not doing. First Peter 2:17 tells us we should honor all men.

And when people poured out honor to the other parts of the Body at Azusa Now, GOD poured out the Spirit of Elijah.

What’s the Spirit of Elijah?

Malachi 4:5-6 says:

Start-quoteBehold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.”

And in Luke 1:17, the angel Gabriel foretold John the Baptist’s life and described the Spirit of Elijah this way:

Start-quoteHe will also go before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah, ‘to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children,’ and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.”

The Spirit of Elijah turns the hearts of the fathers to the children, the hearts of the children to the fathers, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just. The Spirit of Elijah is an absolute requirement to see revival and to prevent a curse from settling on you.

The Spirit of Elijah–which is the Holy Spirit manifesting Himself in your life the same way He did in the prophet Elijah’s life–gives you a love for your spiritual and biological fathers and mothers. He gives you a love for your spiritual and biological sons and daughters. He not only helps you love them, but He turns your heart toward them so you can be in proper alignment.

The Spirit of Elijah turns your heart from disobedience to God’s holy wisdom. He turns your heart to seek God.

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So I want to pray for you to be filled with the Spirit of Elijah right now.

I recorded a short prayer for YouTube and/or Facebook video, whichever your preferred platform is. And in the name of Jesus, I release a heart of honor and the Spirit of Elijah into you as you watch.

Here’s the YouTube video:

I want to challenge you to be purposeful about honoring your fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, and focusing on God’s wisdom and obedience to Him. Ask God often for more of the Spirit of Elijah, and to turn your heart to seek Him. This is one of the first steps toward personal and corporate revival.

Is God speaking to you about honoring your fathers and mothers? Do you desire the Spirit of Elijah? If so, please leave a comment below. I want to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Oh my goodness what can I say. I had been feeling as if I had entered a new season in my life ( though I didn’t even know to call it “season” until the Lord directed me to your series about entering new seasons). I just know I felt like I was a seed planted and I was beginning to sprout( this is how I described it to my husband). So when I found your posts ( my “computer” directed me to your series “how to get heavenly design for your new season” instead of your home page as it should have done). Since I believe that I was in a new season I started praying the things you said to pray and I started asking God for prayer directives (which I felt he gave me 3). But I was also lead to the book of Luke and as I read chapter 1 verse 17 stood out to me and I asked the Lord what was the meaning of that part of the verse that says to turn the hearts of fathers to children. Well I come to your website today and God amazes me once again by answering what I didn’t understand. and one of my prayer directives I felt the Lord tell me was to pray for my children. All this is so new to me so I still question if that still small voice is that of God’s or mine, especially since I have heard the Lord speak where I know that I Know that it was him and not me.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that the Lord used you to answer my question about that verse but also to confirm that I had heard him correctly.thank you

  2. Annanson John says:

    Thank you Prophetess Jamie.

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