How to rest in God and STILL reach your destiny. Blog series by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comWelcome to “Rest In God, Reach Your Destiny!”

Are you tired of striving? Are you wearing yourself out, trying to be good enough or spiritual enough? Does your dream still elude you, even after you’ve worked hard for it?

If so, maybe you, like me, need to try a different method. God’s Word says you don’t have to do all that work to achieve your dream and do EVERYTHING God has called you to do. True story! And trust me… from personal experience, I’ve learned that it’s a lot more fun NOT to do all that work.

So are you ready to rest in God and STILL reach your destiny?

If so, this series is going to help you! It contains all my sordid stories about my failings, and an encouraging word for you in every post! So don’t miss a thing; click the links below to get started!

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