How To Do The Work Under the Anointing

5 practical steps to staying in God's flow in everyday tasks. Part 5 of "Rest In God, Reach Your Destiny" by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

In the prior posts in the “Rest In God, Reach Your Destiny” series, we talked about how to reach your destiny by resting in God. (Resting in God just means you let Him manifest His completed work through you.) Today we’re going to talk about how to do the work under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

This is a very practical post, so I’m going to list the steps in a practical order. Here are the steps:

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    1. Pray. Ask God:

    I recommend claiming this promise (reminding Him of His promise) when you ask God to help you hear Him:

    Start-quoteThe Lord God has given Me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. He awakens Me morning by morning, He awakens My ear to hear as the learned” (Isaiah 50:4).

    When you ask God to waken your ears and help you hear Him speak to you, He will!

    2. Listen for spontaneity.

    Often, God will speak and give you instructions when you least expect Him to.

    For example, a few weeks ago, I was having my quiet time when I suddenly felt the Lord telling me to go and type something He was downloading.

    It was a completely spontaneous thought; it came out of nowhere. I thought: “That can’t be God! Surely God would never tell me to stop praying and go write!” But He did, and after arguing with the Lord about it for awhile, I finally obeyed.

    3. Follow the Holy Spirit’s flow.

    In the example above, how did I figure out it was God telling me to go write? Because I lost the feeling of divine flow when I didn’t obey. When God tells you to do something and you don’t, you will lose your flow.

    In my case, I was in the middle of a beautiful prayer time. But after I told myself it couldn’t be God telling me to go write, I suddenly couldn’t concentrate on prayer anymore. I finally got up and went to type, and as soon as I did, the divine flow came right back. Words and ideas just flowed out. I was anointed to write, because God told me to do it.

    When you ask God what task to do first, He will put a spontaneous idea in your mind. Beware: it might not always be the thing you wanted to do first! (He has told me to clean out the garage, scrub the bathroom, or do laundry many a time… and those are NOT things I enjoy doing.) 🙂

    But when God gives you instructions, if you will obey His voice, doing the work will be easy and fun. You will feel a sense of ease that is literally the Holy Spirit doing the work through you.

    However, if you don’t obey God’s instruction, you’ll lose your flow. So if things all of a sudden get hard with whatever you’re working on:

    • STOP.
    • Think back to the last thing you heard that you thought might be God, but that you said no to.
    • Then stop what you’re doing and go back and do that thing you initially said no to.

    Ten to one, you will feel that flow pick up again with the thing you didn’t want to do.

    By the way, it works the opposite way too. If you are doing one thing–and you think you hear Him telling you to do something different, and you do it but you lose your flow–it wasn’t God. Stop, and go back to what you were doing originally. You will probably find that the Holy Spirit is still camping out on the first thing.

    4. Be supernaturally practical.

    Value the creative ideas that come out of nowhere. These are often ideas from God.

    • Even if your ideas are small, or you only have a tiny portion of an idea, write them down. Then act on them as He directs you to.
    • Keep pen and paper with you at all times.
    • If you have a smartphone, I recommend using Evernote to keep track of your spontaneous ideas. (You can access them online that way too.)
    • Learn how to record voice memos on your smartphone, too. Some ideas flow so quickly that you can’t write them fast enough. When that happens, speak them into a voice memo.

    5. Watch for an inspired courage and boldness.

    If you feel a sudden dose of courage or inspiration, follow it. Do the thing you have courage for. God is giving you boldness. Believe Him to anoint your action.

    A funny example of this is one time when God inspired me to make kidney bean quinoa burgers. I don’t generally cook, but I was suddenly inspired to create burgers with no recipe and no idea how to do it. They were yummo, too!

    Reaching your destiny is always going to take divinely-inspired hustle on your part. However, when you do the work under the anointing, it will just flow. Things will happen with an ease that you never imagined.

    Have you ever felt this sensation of doing everyday work with the anointing of the Holy Spirit? If so, what practical tips could you offer to help someone else learn to recognize that flow? Leave a comment below!

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    1. Kim Clark says:

      I loved reading this post that I found through pinterest. I’m a Christian, but I just never felt God talking to me about things like cleaning the garage, doing laundry or cooking burgers. Those are just everyday tasks that I don’t think I’ve ever felt God speaking to me about. I could see it maybe if someone had a personal issue with cleanliness, or preparing meals for their family etc. But not just in ordinary daily routines. Maybe I’m missing out on something from God?

      1. Hi Kim!
        Yes, our Papa LOVES to talk to us about the everyday matters! His name is the Word, so He always has something to say! 🙂 The Holy Spirit who lives inside you will talk to you constantly if you will listen. He is so much fun, has a terrific sense of humor, and is wise beyond imagination (of course!) 🙂
        If you’d like to delve into listening for God’s voice in day-to-day matters, I’d strongly recommend you read Dialogue With God by Mark and Patti Virkler. It contains practical teaching about how to hear God’s voice all the time, and it’s chock-full of entertaining stories so it’s a fun read. You can find it on Amazon here if my link works: 🙂

        (This is my affiliate link.)

        Here are a few other posts that might help:

        21 Days to the Manifest Presence of God (series)
        and particularly Hearing God Speak.
        Please let me know if I can help in any way, and thank you so much for reading my blog!

    2. Jamie, back in July, I was very busy with mom and so reading your blog was not on the top priority list…but now that I am home and life has changed so much in this past year, I am going back and spending time reading your blogs…this series has come to me at the perfect time…I believe God’s time…If I had read this back in July it would not have had the impact that it does now…I am at a cross roads of what and where my life should go or do…so I appreciate this blog, so I can rest and not worry where my journey lies…Thanks for sharing your personal journeys of life!!

      1. That’s really awesome, Renee! Thanks so much for reading and I’m so glad it blessed you. No matter what the decisions we face – Papa’s GOT this!!! It’s going to be ok! Hugs! xoxo.

    3. i really love your posts,very inspirational also on point and i believe God lead to them because i think it can’t be a coincidence that when we were about to start the 21 days holy spirit fast i happen to run into your 21 days to manifest GOD’ s presence posts …….and i am on day 5…..

    4. Jamie, you never cease to help me! You are such a blessing! I’ve struggled so long. I got divorced several years ago. And I’d received a word from the Lord that my marriage wasn’t His idea, but he permitted it. When I left, I was so at peace and free from alot of abuse. Since then, I’ve struggled with work and finances and things of life. I’d cry out to God, and He would say, Trust me, my child. Rest in me. I would try and go off running around again. A year or so ago, I had a heart cath. I was off work for awhile. God said rest, I went from book to book, striving to figure out what I was doing wrong. Now, in October I had knee surgery. And complications. I have psoriatric arthritis. I can hardly walk. Typing this is hard to do. God is saying REST! So, since I couldn’t run around…I researched rest. I found it meant trust. Then I found you!! I don’t know if I can go back to my job. Everything is uncertain. It’s just me. I have no one. But I have my Abba Father and I am trusting Him to hold me tight!! He is working out my destiny. I’m finally resting!! No more striving. Thank you and God bless you! 🙂

    5. Danielle Taylor says:

      All 5 of these posts were exactly what I needed to hear, right Jumping ahead to reach each one was like opening a gift, because God is dealing with me right now on resting & trusting in him to make my destiny happen…not depending on me & my own little strength & might. Thanks again, God Bless!

    6. Oluwafemi Isaac Aina says:

      Thank you woman of God.

    7. Good words. I can sense when I’m out of order by that tightening in my neck. I’ll try to remind myself of these pointers and get pointed in the right direction.

    8. Amen I receive this praise be to God

    9. IRMA NORTJE says:

      Amen thanku You God for your anointing and appointing

    10. Truly inspiring and freeing answer to prayer!!
      Recently I was inspired to paint my dark red bricks on my fireplace to a white and before Christmas . ( I hate to paint and don’t know how ) but I got excited about it , bought the paint . Even had fun taping the wall which I dislike . And was in no hurry or pressure . Did it as he led each day . Inspired to call a friend to get ideas on paint colors of white . My 4 yr old grandson helped me prime before they moved . Then inspired to decorate it . A gift came in the mail of 9 really nice led candles in memory of my husband for our 9 children . And a Magnolia wreath in memory of our 25 year old Son .then God gave me ideas to get lights for it all . Inspired me to outline the bricks with lights with lights on mantle and on wreath . My 15 year old Son decorated it with that and pine needles and pine cones that look real and a beautiful snowy mountain cabin on one corner professionally !!
      Everyone is in awe!!! Suddenly it was done in time for Christmas and my heart had been to brighten up the place to encourage my children and their families for Christmas after the loss we’ve suffered .
      Everyone was uplifted and amazed at the beauty of Jesus .All knew it was Him ant not me .
      Praise God for His Wonderful Works !!
      A few times I had to stop and say God help me , this is overwhelming . He led me to see a video of how to paint bricks with a roller thick and a brush . It flowed again !!
      Beautiful for His Glory!!

    11. Hey Jamie I so agree with you. Love the post very inspirational. I remember when I was a lot younger and less problems. I would hear from God all the time and he would do as you say speak so softly and you’re not sure if it’s him. A lot of times he would wake me up out my sleep and I would be so sleepy and say I will remember it when I wake up only to forget, I think it’s a beautiful suggestion to always have a pen and paper with you or like you said, get your phone speak it in the phone or jot it down in the memo that we have in our phones. I am now back on my journey to get closer with God . Thank you for the post and the encouragement.

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