God’s Creativity (The One Time I Heard His Audible Voice)

God's Creativity: The One Time I Heard His Audible Voice | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com (R)

I have heard the audible voice of God only one time.

It was about 2 AM. I was in bed and had just woken up. I was just lying there quietly, and I heard God speak to me. It was His audible voice; I heard it with my physical ears. He spoke only one word:

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    That was it. Only my name.

    Then, in my spirit, I heard Him call me to get up and go into my office with Him, and do some scrapbooking.

    Odd, huh? Scrapbooking, of all things!

    Back then, scrapbooking was my primary creative outlet. I wasn’t writing at the time, and I don’t think I was involved in music either. However, I did love to scrapbook, and I had several different albums in the works. But I usually worked on them during daylight hours—not at 2 AM. 🙂

    Nevertheless, I obeyed. I figured if God took the trouble to speak to me with an audible voice, I should probably obey!

    The scrapbook pages I made that morning.

    So I went into my office and began to make scrapbook pages. I felt supernaturally inspired, and the pages were coming together nicely.

    Then the Lord into my spirit, as clear as a bell, something that rocked my world (and has been rocking it ever since).

    He said:

    “I still love to create.”

    When I heard that, I was FLOORED.

    I know God is the Creator, but I had always thought of Him creating at the creation of the world. I had never thought that He might not have stopped creating—or never wanted to stop creating.

    Then I realized that, since He has given dominion of the earth over to men, He needs us to cooperate with Him in order to create on the earth.

    And suddenly I saw the beauty and longing of Papa’s heart in this area:

    God Himself woke me up and spoke to me with His audible voice because the cry of His heart was to create, and He needed someone to flow through in order to do it.


    I was in tears. (I’m even tearing up as I write this.)

    How often do we think of our Father as being a creative Being, whose heart still longs to express Himself through the creative, artistic works?

    And an even more pressing question:

    • Do we allow the Holy Spirit to flow through us creatively?
    • Do we let Him create songs, paintings, scrapbook pages, home designs, landscape designs, flower arrangements, recipes, books, and blog posts through us?
    • Do we allow ourselves to be His outlet, His hands and feet on the earth?

    Father God still loves to create.

    He IS the Creator. It’s His nature; it’s who He is. He cannot be anything less than He is; He cannot be any different.

    I never thought of it before that day. But, after you ponder on this awhile, you can see that He fashioned the world by His spoken word. He formed Adam and Eve with His own hands out of clay. The entire created world and all the people in it were one big art project.

    Papa God still loves to create. The Holy Spirit, who dwells in you if you have made Christ the Lord of your life, loves to create… and since He lives inside you, that means He wants to create THROUGH you.

    So will you ask God to create through you today?

    God still loves to create. Read more on FromHisPresence.com(R)!
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    Next time you have to do anything creative—singing, cooking, writing, painting, scrapbooking, decorating—will you ask the Holy Spirit to create through you?

    I remember the first time I asked God to write through me. I was writing an essay for an English class in college. I might not even have been saved yet; I’m not sure. But as soon as I asked the Lord to write through me, I began to feel Him doing so. There was such a “flow” that I literally heard the words in my spirit, and just wrote down what I heard. I sensed the inspiration and presence of the Lord so strongly.

    That essay ended up being published in an anthology of work put out by a nationwide honor society every year. It was the first time I had anything published—and I believe it was only because the Lord wrote it through me.

    Since that time, every time I have gone to do anything creative, I have asked the Lord to do the creative work through me.

    He has always answered, and I’ve always been grateful. However, I always just thought He was doing it to help me out.

    I never realized, until He spoke to me audibly that night, that He was doing it because His heart still yearns to create.

    God still loves to create. It’s who He is. Will you let Him create through you?

    Have you ever felt God’s presence and His divine flow when you were doing something creative? If so, how did that impact your work? Please leave your comments below.

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    1. Marian Hilton says:

      Jamie–thankyou for allowing The Holy Spirit to speak through you!
      I have had this huge creative flow in the past year and have been knitting dolls, animals, Christmas ornaments and even a nativity scene. I cannot believe how much I enjoy this creative activity but I have felt that the lord has given it to me to enjoy to bless my grandchildren with gifts and also to leave my family an heirloom when I’m gone. I’ve been wondering why I love it so much and the thought has often come to me that my Father God loves to create and I am made in his image . Therefore I have inherited a desire to also enjoy creating a thing of beauty! Your experience and telling of it has served to confirm what the Spirit has been telling me. Thankyou and may the lord continue to bless you!

      1. Marian, that is awesome! How sweet is it for Papa to have already shown you – you’re a chip off the old Block! (The Block being Papa, of course!) I’m thrilled to hear your story, and what wonderful keepsakes you’re leaving for future generations. Thanks for sharing!

    2. carolinenharries says:

      wow. this is incredible. thanks for sharing!

    3. Jamie, I have to laugh. I commented a couple of days ago that the Lord has been telling me to write. In fact, every day since the fast began, He has been speaking about it many different ways. Then yesterday, our pastor said that whatever the Lord has told us to do, do it, and do it quickly! Then today I read this. The only time I have ever felt that flow that you mentioned was when I was writing to friends or posting on Facebook to encourage them in the Lord. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post.

        1. I’m not sure yet. When I asked Him, all I heard was, “Write about Me.” I’ve written a couple of notes on FB that I felt He was leading. I’ve come across a lot of things over the last couple of weeks regarding blogging, so maybe. I’m being reminded that He made my mouth, just as He made Moses’, and that in my weakness He is strong. Your words have really encouraged me, thank you.

    4. Rachel Louise Davis says:

      This is absolutely AMAZING! I’m thankful I was led to this website. I have been struggling to blog and complete a book. Now I take great joy in knowing that GOD WANTS TO DO IT! This is SOOO inspirational. God blessing to you.

    5. Judy Robinson says:

      Often times when I am creating I feel God’s touch. I feel renewed. My most recent creation has been a journey. God is providing everything step by step. I feel him watching over me and when I am trying to figure something out, he let’s me think on it and often I will get whispers on what to do. Sometimes He makes me feel like it is my idea…lol…but it is his …all HIS…he is giving me the honor of using my hands. Thank you Jamie….this solidified what my Spirit knew. It is good.

    6. Rebecca L Jones says:

      I happened on this post because of reading another one. I know it’s true, I just have to create and I know why, and I guess that’s why some people don’t get it or the Lord.

      1. Yup! He’s an amazing Creator! And it’s so much fun to allow Him to flow through us.

    7. Christine Marimba says:

      Thanks for this post Jamie. I’ve been my happiest when I’ve been creative. Be that drawing, painting, dancing, singing, cooking. I didn’t understand why it made me so happy and why it flowed so well – it was because God was acting through me!

    8. Another good one Jaime

    9. Years ago when I would create soul portraits, this is before I walked in the Way of the Lord, I would use symbolism that would come to me to define more of what I was perceiving about the person I was painting. Often these things that I included would speak volumes to the owner of the work when finished. I realize now that it was a prophetic gift. But I was unaware of that at the time.

      The one thing that often puzzled me was that as I painted I would grow extremely hot, especially my head and back, literally sweating…..to the point that I would put on a bathing suit at times to continue to work.

      I know believe that was the Holy Spirit Fire that was stirring in the gift. After I came to the Lord I identified the heat as it would come with prayer or worship. That was years later.

    10. Years ago when I would create soul portraits, this is before I walked in the Way of the Lord, I would use symbolism that would come to me to define more of what I was perceiving about the person I was painting. Often these things that I included would speak volumes to the owner of the work when finished. I realize now that it was a prophetic gift. But I was unaware of that at the time.

      The one thing that often puzzled me was that as I painted I would grow extremely hot, especially my head and back, literally sweating…..to the point that I would put on a bathing suit at times to continue to work.

      I know believe that was the Holy Spirit Fire that was stirring in the gift. After I came to the Lord I identified the heat as it would come with prayer or worship. That was years later.

    11. Christeen Silva says:

      Hi Jamie, I can relate to this through out my life. I have always been different to people around me who were taught the same thing. Somehow the outcome of my learning was different. When I was a kid I figured this but you don’t know much to make sense out of it. Also u don’t want to come across as boastful so you keep it to yourself. But god has given me creative abilities not just in one area but so many. I can’t trace them genetically to my parents. Or to the knowledge I have gathered with others in academics. God has given me so much gifts that can only come from him. Its amazing how you can’t race it back to any resource but god has done his work even when we were asleep. He has carefully crafted every step so that he prepares us to do marvelous things. He is such a perfect creator. Not because I am perfect. But through all my imperfections, flaws, and much negativity, he has added things and made things beautiful in its own time. Just as he has promised. I’m socially a girl from a small town in Sri Lanka who is too young to be having certain skills to create. Its so emotional to know how god has worked out every little detail. So much of grace. Nothing that we do but all by his grace. I don’t mean by this that we shouldn’t work hard. Ofcourse we must. Its a gift. But sometime what he has created through us can’t be related to anything we have done. Its just purely and simply by grace.

      Just thought I should share my comment 🙂 May god bless u with his abundant grace that surpasses every short moment of our life.

    12. I want to reminisce on my audible experience too…
      I feel as though I’ve been hit by a Mac truck… only because I’m trying to hold on to dead things (gluttony)..and discerning the battle (which has already been won.) “the world hated me first but we have overcome the world” thank you for our blessings but we don’t want those things to define us… only You! wow there is power in confession. “We OVERCOME by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony.”
      I know I’m training for reigning and he trusts me… I want to trust me 🙂 ( I see him putting my face to his and say “ I trust you and what I SAY IS WORD!” I love His multidimensional character love love love that about God! Satan has tried to steal it w good disguised as God but God IS SUPREME… we can’t out give Him… in forgiveness loving kindness truthfulness…
      So the one time I heard God audibly speak was at 19 years old (47 now)… I was praying whether to stay or drop a certain class (really didn’t want to feel like a failure) the class was way expensive with all the gear I needed (scuba). As I prayed I was expecting to hear something, a yes or a no… he said, “no matter what you choose I will always love you”. That’s it…. then HIS AUDIBLE VOICE LEFT. Isn’t that our hearts cry 🙂 stay. Funny cuz that’s His hearts cry to us as well. So now I know he loves us each and every one. We’ve got beautiful wildflowers growing here in TX and as I admire each one and it’s unique beauty (even the weeds have flowers) He said, the way your in awe over these different flowers is the what I feel about everyone who comes on your land. Well I’ve got lots of work to morph into His character cuz I get defensive quite often after I think too long. My humanism kicks in :). He wants me to hear and speak truth.
      Lately I’ve been so impressed w His timelessness…the one thing I really struggled w is feeling the Fathers constant love… the world and it’s ways are tempting. Praise God cuz I felt a fullness of His love while training for a cleansing streams type class at church one time and my leader seemed confused… like this shld be normal but for me it hasn’t been the norm….and I suspect many of our generation struggle to take back what was stolen… our identity. No victim here but A Victor!! I missed that church body but know God is faithful… to the very end…and look fwd to complete healing which I know He died so I could experience even if it was only for me. Though I def. know we’re called to be soldiers and leave NOONE behind :))) so grateful for this place to share and grow. He is so good EVEN in the storm of life! And I am blessed of the Lord because I am covered by His blood and my family is as well…. and to go back to my elementary prayers as a child the whole world is! And that’s biblical psalms 24 The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof ? there are those who know Him and those who don’t know Him yet cuz ONE DAY every knee will bow and Every tongue will confess that you are God! And you alone are the judge. My prayer: until your return keep my eyes on you and my lips from speaking my vile… guard the hearts of your servants and increase our faith.. You give to each of us a measure of faith… and the faithfulness and prayers of others have propelled us forward for such a time as this! Now to put my hands to the plow in gratitude and praise! Have a God day

    13. I love this! I enjoy designing, sculpting, sewing, drawing, painting, crochet, weaving, writing poetry, short stories, and many other forms of creative work; I’ve felt intense joy while creating and have even felt something akin to a high like a runners high while creating. I’ve even lost all sense of time and space and have “woken up” from this and have discovered completed work that was beyond what I thought I was capable of doing with my own hands. I certainly want that feeling to happen as often as possible! I will most definitely start praying for God to use my hands to create! I can’t wait to see what He will make!

    14. joseph d schiavone says:

      Jamie, awesome word ! Actually I experienced this many years ago. I used to oil paint. And I have always loved gardening and thought of it as an art. One day I was creating a garden, I felt the Lord speaking to me. Telling me, the sons and daughters take after their Father. Just as many time we take on the attributes, gifts, talents etc of our earthly parents, we also take on our Father in heavens attributes. Scripture tells us we seek to be Christ like. And the Lord told us we are made in His image ! But you Jamie put this all into words perfectly. Blessings Sister

    15. Christian Chintan says:

      Superb amazing testimony of Holy spirit It really touched my heart!!!

    16. Sheila Mcleod says:

      What an amazing Father! i was awakened this morning w/ the assignment to create a live reel on the topic of suicide. Didn’t know how, but after trying 3 x’s i finally was reminded to ask the Lord to help me to complete my assignment; and that He did. Not only was I able to, He also added music. I’m looking forward to what’s next. Lord, I give you free course and free reign to create thru me!

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