We’re here to equip you to walk in power, find healing on the inside, and fulfill your destiny … and we’re very pleased to meet you.

We have 7 staff members and a large volunteer team of ministers, but the most frequent people you’ll see around here are pictured above: Jamie, Dan, Gunner, and Erickson.

You can scroll down to read some fun facts about our staff and ministry if you want to. But first, we’d like to ask:

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What makes this ministry different?

  1. This ministry is different because we’re about relationship. We believe discipleship is personal. Therefore, we’re community-driven and relationship-driven, not numbers-driven. We want to disciple you DEEPLY, not merely on a surface level.
  2. We’re extremely transparent. We don’t try to hide behind an ivory tower, pretending we don’t live real lives. We’re real people who sometimes experience real struggles, but we have a REAL Heavenly Father who loves us (just like He loves you!) in REAL life. Furthermore, God sent His REAL Son Jesus to provide real VICTORY over all our problems, including sin, sorrow, grief, poverty, sickness, and more. So we’re very into being REAL around here. 🙂 Being real makes a difference.
  3. We’re present, accountable, and available. We are not celebrities. Our staff members, even Jamie (our Founder and CEO), carry their own luggage and lug our own backpacks. We don’t need people to “wine and dine” us. We’re here to put our hand to the plow and serve you until Jesus comes back, and every member of our team works hard every day to do that.

Now, here are a few of those fun facts we promised you …

Fun facts about Jamie Rohrbaugh, our Founder and CEO:

  • Jamie worked almost 15 years in the Fortune 500 before going into full-time ministry.
  • She gave her life to Jesus at age 21, after God showed her His goodness by giving her a 1981 Corvette. Jamie is still obsessed with Corvettes.
  • She and her husband, Bruce, have a son who’s a miracle baby.
  • Jamie and her family have a 2-year-old Great Pyrenees dog who needs All The Snuggles.
  • Jamie and her family love to travel. They are particularly fond of national parks–with Yellowstone, Arches, and Grand Teton being three of their favorites, in that order.
  • Jamie is into spontaneous fun that builds relationships and teams.
  • Jamie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.
  • She has a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Berea Seminary.
  • Jamie’s top spiritual gifts are faith, giving, miracles, and discernment of spirits.

Fun facts about Dan Brown, our Director of Personal Outreach:

  • Dan has been married to the lovely and very organized Ms. Jan for 41 years. Together, they have one daughter, a son-in-law, and a slew of grandkids.
  • Dan has been in full-time missions or pastoring for over 40 years.
  • Dan loves sports. He actually has a wall in his house that is painted orange-and-white checkerboard, in tribute to the University of Tennessee Volunteers. (GBO!)
  • Dan excels at all things golf, skiing, bowling, and anything that is otherwise sporty.
  • Dan graduated from Golden Gate Seminary near San Francisco.
  • Dan is a gifted pastoral counselor. We put a sofa in his office for a reason.
  • Dan’s top spiritual gifts are teaching, exhortation, faith, and healing.

Fun facts about Gunner Barker, our Social Media Director:

  • Gunner is married to Taylor, his new bride as of October 2023!
  • Gunner is a consummate evangelist. He talks to everyone about Jesus, all the time. We all learn from Gunner!
  • Gunner never meets a stranger. He stops and talks to people while walking across a street. We pray for his safety daily.
  • He is ever-helpful and reliable. If a job needs to be done, Gunner’s going to do it.
  • Gunner is a gifted audio/visual technician, used to running sound in large venues.
  • Ask Gunner about his testimony sometime!
  • Gunner’s top spiritual gifts are faith, miracles, discernment, and exhortation.

Fun facts about Erickson Contreras, Director of Syndication:

  • Erickson is married to the marvelous Mrs. Leah.
  • Erickson is a world-class guitar player who travels all over the world on his off-days to minister in music. He has ministered at events with Eddie James, Daniel Kolenda, and more!
  • He has made it his habit to be thankful in everything. As a result, we all learn from him to improve our attitude of gratitude!
  • Erickson is an extremely prophetic man of prayer and the Word.
  • He loves traveling, playing basketball and pickleball, and fun adventures to anywhere with his lovely wife.
  • His top spiritual gifts are giving, administration, faith, and discernment.

That’s a lot of information, but hey, you’ll find a lot of openness on this blog. We all go through the same types of things; it’s just that not all of us talk about them. We are called to talk about them, and we hope our learnings and even failures can help you.

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