(Updated March 18, 2023)

Every gift matters. No gift is too large or too small. Here are our current known needs/opportunities for sponsorship.

Our largest need is always to our general operating budget, which pays our staff, taxes, government filing fees, and overhead/software expenses. However, many people like to invest in specific Kingdom projects, so we have provided our current needs list here.

To give, click here and include a note regarding the purpose of your gift. Thank you in advance for your generous partnership!

  • London Ministry Crusade 2023: We are providing 3 full days of mentoring to our UK/European readers, June 1-3, 2023. Lord willing, we will be teaching and equipping in all the spiritual gifts.
    • Currently need $23,000 for travel expenses
    • Ministry team airfare: 18 people (including Jamie and our staff) x $1,440 each
  • Paid-For Parsonages for Pastors Project:
    • Phase 1 of construction (500 feet of gravel road to serve all lots, earthwork, grading and containing creeks and drainage, culverts, running all utilities and trenches, and driveway #1): We have around $50,000 and we need at least $15,000 more to cover the cost and begin construction.
    • Parsonage #1: $380,000 preliminary estimate from breaking ground to turnkey
    • Parsonage #2: $380,000 preliminary estimate from breaking ground to turnkey
    • Parsonage #3: $380,000 preliminary estimate from breaking ground to turnkey
    • Parsonage #4: $450,000 preliminary estimate from breaking ground to turnkey – this one requires quite a bit of earthwork.
    • (Note: Parsonage costs will vary depending on building materials. Material prices change frequently, going both up or down.)
  • Women’s ministry:
    • Deposit for next women’s retreat venue, Sevierville, Tennessee (residential retreat for 45-60 women in one large cabin): $5,000
    • Remaining balance after deposit for women’s retreat venue: $7,000
    • 11 catered meals for 70 people (retreat attendees and staff): approximately $18,000
  • Men’s ministry:
    • Residential men’s retreat venue for 12 men, (mentoring, Bible study, and fellowship) led by Michael Itson: $1,500
    • Food for men’s retreat for 12 men: $1,500
    • Supplies and expenses for men’s retreat: $1,000
  • Airtime and media:
    • 2-day minimum of filming additional episodes for our TV show, Open Range with Jamie Rohrbaugh: $10,000
    • Editing per episode: TBD
  • Office rent: We have one of the best deals on office/studio/ministry space in our entire city, but we always appreciate any help with covering that cost!
  • Office equipment:
    • We need 1 large desk, cost totaling $1,700.
  • Computer equipment:
    • Jamie’s laptop (her most essential tool) needs to be replaced. Replacement cost: $2,000.

Click here to donate to any of these projects! Simply include a note with your gift, stating what your gift is for. Thank you!

Thank you SO MUCH in advance for your gracious and generous Kingdom investments in these projects with us!