Read these posts on prayer to build your faith and help you pray for the radical blessings God promises in His Word!

Radical Prayers, Radical Answers: The Anointing of the Sons of Issachar by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Radical Prayer series: 

Radical Prayer #1: God Wants To Honor You

Radical Prayer #2: Jesus Became Poor That You Might Become Rich

Radical Prayer #3: Wild Ideas and Witty Inventions

Radical Prayer #4: The Anointing of the Sons of Issachar

Radical Prayer #5: Ask God For An Angel With A Flaming Sword

Radical Prayer #6: God Wants To Set You On High

Radical Prayer #7: God Himself Will Disciple Your Children

Radical Prayer #8: The Blessing of the Bride

Radical Prayer #9: Divine Rivers in Desolate Heights

Radical Prayer #10: Decreeing Light Into Your Darkness

Radical Prayer #11: All Your Tears Turned Into Joy

Radical Prayer #12: Pray for Land Inheritances

Radical Prayer #13: Lord, Load Me with Benefits!

Radical Prayer #14: Lord, Unite My Heart to Fear Your Name! 

Radical Prayer #15: Lord, Show Me a Sign for Good

Radical Prayer #16: Lord, Open To Me the Gates of Righteousness!

Radical Prayer #17: Lord, Seat Me with Princes!

Radical Prayer #18: The Anointing of the Tribe of Zebulun

Radical Prayer #19: Prayer for the Pen of a Ready Writer

Radical Prayer #20: Prayer for the Secret of the Lord

Radical Prayer #21: Lord, Unleash Your Creative Works on My Behalf!NEWEST! 

Radical Prayers Get Radical Answers

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7 Life-Changing Prayers for People Who Feel Forgotten series:

Dear Christian Who Feels Forgotten, Here’s Step One

7 Life-Changing Prayers For People Who Feel Forgotten: Prayer #1

Prayer #2: Ask God To Perform the Duties of a Father For You

Prayer #3: Believe (And Remind God) That Promotion Comes From Him Alone

Prayer #4: If You Feel Forgotten, Ask God For Favor

Prayer #5: If You Feel Forgotten, Pray For Influence

Prayer #6: Ask the Holy Spirit To Advocate For You

Prayer #7: Ask God To Bring You The Reward Of Your Labor

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