Yes, America, There Is Still Hope For You

Yes, America, There Is Still Hope For You: A letter of hope to these United States even in her darkest hour. By Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comDear United States of America,

I write to you, my country, because I love you. Long have you been in my heart.

Your heritage is unparalleled. Never before on the face of the earth has there been such a country as you. You were ordained by God, planned by God, built by God. Your founding fathers were inspired by God and your founding documents were based upon His Word.

Your history is beautiful.

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    Oh, there are ugly moments too:

    • Moments in which people and people groups were mistreated in horrible ways.
    • Moments in which innocent people gave their lives for a cause greater than themselves.
    • Your sons and daughters have fought and died on your fields, your shores, and those of enemy and ally alike.
    • Much precious and innocent blood has been spilled even without cause.

    Together we mourn the loss and mistreatment of these your children, America.

    But America, because of all these things, some would say that you have no hope.

    No hope for the future. No hope for change. No hope for justice and right, for mercy and truth; no hope for the blood of the innocent to be saved. No hope for a resurrection of the values and liberty that birthed you.

    Those people would be wrong, America.

    They would be wrong because they forget one part of this equation: the biggest part. And that part is the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

    His blood is sufficient to atone for your sins, America. His blood is sufficient to grant you forgiveness for your racism, hatred, abortion, immorality, faithlessness, and betrayals of sacred trust. His blood is sufficient.

    “But I don’t want His blood,” you may say, America.

    And sadly, heartbreakingly, unfortunately, that may be true. But you know what, O country of mine?

    It doesn’t matter if you want His blood or not. Because I want you to have it. I want you to be covered, cleansed, forgiven, and revived. And MY GOD said this:

    “… if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7;14).

    I don’t know if you got that or not, America, so I’m going to repeat it:

    My God said it’s up to me.

    Oh yes. It’s not up to you. It all depends on me:

    • It depends on whether or not I will humble myself.
    • It depends on whether or not I will pray and seek God’s face.
    • It depends on whether or not I will turn from my wicked ways.

    And I’m serving you notice, America, that I have set my face like flint to do just that. I will obey God’s commands, and MY GOD will hear from Heaven, and He will forgive YOUR sin, and He will heal our land.

    And I’m not the only one. A generation of Nazarites is rising up, America. Nazarites who are dedicating their lives to see revival in these United States.

    I’m only one of them. There are more. And we will not be denied.

    We will see our nation turn back to God.

    We will fast. We will pray. We will seek God’s face. And you, America, will turn.

    You will have revival again.

    • You will see the name of Jesus Christ lifted up over this nation.
    • You will see signs, wonders, and miracles in the streets again.
    • You will see mass outbreaks of healings in confirmation of the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    You will see the Spirit of God move in power. Hospitals will empty as the sick people are healed. Stadiums will fill up with people fasting and praying. Men, women, and children everywhere will turn from their lust, adultery, hatred, racism, bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, and idolatry and will enter the Kingdom of God.

    You will see revival, America. I’m serving you notice.

    Because it’s not up to you. It’s up to me, and it’s up to hundreds of thousands of others like me who will do what it takes to see “on earth as it is in Heaven.”

    America, you belong to Jesus Christ. Heaven is His throne and the earth is His footstool, and He will have you for His inheritance. Full, complete, surrendered to Him, and walking in righteousness and justice, which are the foundations of His throne.

    I just thought you’d want to know.

    With much love from one of your native children,

    Daughter of the King;
    Priest to my God;
    Determined to move Heaven and shape history through fasting and prayer.


    1. Rafael-Olivier Somma says:

      I’m Canadian but I think that the USA is a great country. I would like to go to live in the US one day. But there’s also a lot of racism in the USA. I’m of Italian descent but I’ve been insulted numerous times on the internet by Americans and British who called me a Spic or a Wetback which are derogatory terms about Mexicans. I’m not even Mexican, I’m Italian.

      Anyhow, one thing American should stop is the mass immigration (all the West should stop it) of Muslims (or Islamists) in our societies. They don’t belong here because they don’t share our values and they only want to destroy us and impose on us their Medieval ways of life of their false prophet (Matthew 7:15). I don’t want islam and muslims in my country and my society.

      1. Rafael-Olivier, I’m sorry you have been treated like that. There is no excuse for racism, ever. And we do need to be praying for those who worship false gods and follow false religion. GOD is greater.

    2. Marie Lindsay-Redhead says:

      Hi Rafael-Olivier I have only just started reading Jamies blogs and I do enjoy what she shares and blogs about. I am sorry you were insulted and racially abused by those still in darkness. Racism has no place in society neither does hatred of any sort, thats why we need the love of Christ in our hearts to shine and for us to be the salt and light we are. Forgiving and praying for those who persecute us even the Muslim who has not the love of Christ in his/her heart……not every Muslim is a radical and not every American/Brit is a racist. Love is a powerful force ♡

      1. Thank you for reading and sharing, Marie. I agree – there is definitely no room for racism of any kind anywhere, and we definitely need to be praying for all those who do not follow Jesus. God is moving powerfully even in that community to bring many to Christ. We must pray out more laborers into God’s harvest fields!
        Thank you for reading my blog!

    3. I have goosebumps all over, Jamie. Thank you for sharing this with us. Indeed, there are many of us praying for unity in the church and unity across our country.

    4. AMEN!!! Good word Jamie!

    5. Amen! America, there is still hope! Thank you for writing this!

    6. This is just what I needed to hear today. I have lost hope with the USA because of all the chaos in the white house. I just am going to start praying. I am so tired of racism it makes me sick and I want to throw up. I am from the south and this is hard for me to admit I was KKK for many years. To me racism is a form of hatred and total ignorance of another person’s culture. To me God created us all. I went to church after church KKK would meet to do thing but at 14 years old I disagreed to but if I said anything I would get it bad so would my mother. I love people of all races if you truly believe in Jesus you would not be a racist. Susan

      1. God loves all races for sure, Susan, and I agree with you that all forms of racism are evil. May God pour out His Spirit so much that every color line is washed away in the blood of Jesus.

    7. God bless all the good you are doing for others.

    8. Nicci Augustine says:

      I have been crying out for America for over a decade. I thought I was alone. To know that this letter was crafted some years ago makes my heart happy. Jamie , thank you for always being in tune with Holy Spirit. I love Abba Father and I Love Yeshua. I am a Eagle warrior who loves this great Country! 2!years ago 2 Chronicle 7:14 became a daily prayer and Faith over fear! Revival time!

    9. Cindy Love says:

      Jamie, I love your prayer for our country. I love my country & it is heartbreaking how unbelievers are trying to dismantle her because of the evil that dwells in the hearts of man. I have not given up on Abba Father to change the direction of America & send a revival to turn hearts toward His Almighty Son, Jesus Christ! God is in control & wants everyone to give their hearts to Him & does not want 1 to perish. He is faithful to His Word. You are truly a blessing, Jaimie, as well as an encourager. God bless you my sister!

    10. A 3 part prayer for the USA and her people:
      Dear Lord, we pray: “Revive and resuscitate the living word of our U.S. Constitution. 
      We bring it to your altar, God- a living sacrifice in need of your resurrection power! It is the source of the “west-running brook” called the United States of America, a country contrary to all that came before it, that was birthed out of Your wisdom given to our founding fathers by divine inspiration. Oh God, restore to us the discarded values of our country’s firm foundation, and truly make us “…one Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and Justice for all”; and keep America a shining city on a hill that continues to be a glorious beacon of religious freedom, reflecting Your Glory throughout the world- Amen and God Bless America!!

      The Lion of Judah will restore the roar of every born-again believer of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and make our roar stronger than ever before!! Let all of us believers be filled with dunamis power, energy, boldness, courage, and perseverance from on High- we will never give up, never surrender, and never concede to false doctrines. Dress us all in the full armor of God! The Lion of Judah with His Mighty Sword in hand goes before us all; Yahweh Sabaoth and His Heavenly Hosts follow behind; we are flanked by and encouraged by the great cloud of witnesses; we are completely surrounded by a hedge of protection, and fully covered by the blood of the Lamb! Let us wave the ‘Agape-Love-for-all-people’ Banner of Jehovah Nissi in one hand, and uphold the Blessed Constitution of the United States of America in the other!
      We loose the Truth, and we bind every lie and send them back to the pit of hell from whence they came. Let every twisted lie, scheme, deception, curse and hex of the enemy be brought to light, uprooted, nullified, and totally destroyed; let every new seed of evil that the enemy tries to plant fall on rocky ground, and be sterilized so that they can never germinate and grow in the first place!
      We loose a spirit of Unity across this country, and bind all dis-unity, prejudice, rasicm, division and hate, because God’s Agape-Love-for-all-people has been abundantly poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.
      Those that are for the rebirth of the United States of America, the greatest country on the face of the earth, are both greater in number and greater in Holy Spirit Power than those evil forces of any and all kinds that are arrayed against her. Therefore, we proclaim, declare and decree that this battle for the soul of America belongs to the Lord, and the King of Kings will be victorious!! AMEN AND AMEN!

      We also pray for those who have been deceived to believe the lies of the enemy: “Lord, remove the blinders from their eyes- give them eyes to see truth, circumcised ears to hear truth, un-stopped noses to smell the sweet fragrance of God’s anointing, and resurrected hearts of flesh to understand that Jesus is the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life! Let the conviction of the Holy Spirit pursue them, the loving-kindness of God lead them to repentance, and the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ wash them whiter than snow from all their sins and make them citizens of Your heavenly Kingdom, Lord!  We thank you for the blessings of more souls saved; we praise you for the mighty works these newly converted souls will do for Your Kingdom through the Holy Spirit dunamis power you fill them with when they accept You as their own personal Savior; and we worship you because of who you are- the perfect, loving God of the whole universe! In Jesus’s name, Amen!!!

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