Prayer to Find a New Job

Prayer to Find a New Job | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Are you unemployed, under-employed, or in a toxic work situation? If so, pray this prayer to find a new job and watch God move on your behalf!

Many folks in our community have mentioned their need for jobs over the years.

And if that’s you, know that God wants you to have a good job. A GOOD job. A job that will be a blessing to you, because:

The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it” (Proverbs 10:22).

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    Papa God is so good that He wants you to have a job:

    • that will bless you financially;
    • that you will enjoy doing;
    • where you will have pleasant co-workers;
    • with a nice boss; and
    • where you can be a witness for Him.

    He also wants you to have a job that will be good for your family. A job that will be safe. A job where you will be honored and respected.

    A good job is a blessing from the Lord.

    And if you need a new job, don’t hesitate to pray for one–and pray specifically!

    Yes, you will still have to do the legwork to find your new job. You will have to be diligent to look for the job the Lord has for you. You will have to fill out applications and interview. You will have to work hard at any job you get, go through training, and do everything else that comes with jobs.

    But the Lord can and will bless you with a wonderful job if you will pray and believe Him to do so.

    Are you ready to pray? Use the sample prayer below, and add your specific points to this model prayer as needed.

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    Pray this prayer to find a new job:

    “Heavenly Father, I come before You in Jesus’ name.

    Father God, thank You for hearing my prayer. Thank You that Your Word says “Before you call, I will answer,” and so You have answered me even before I finish this prayer. Thank You for knowing everything that concerns me, and for providing all my needs richly. I know I can depend on You, Father.

    Father, I lift up my job situation to You. Lord, I ask right now in Jesus’ name that You would make a way for me to have a new job, a better job. Show me which steps to take.

    Lord, if I am to change careers, then please show me what career to pursue. If I am to stay in the same career, give me peace about that. Either way, Lord, I ask right now that You would bring me into a job where the people are good to work with; where they are nice to me and others. Provide a job where I am paid well, where my work schedule would bless and not harm my family.

    Father God, I ask in Jesus’ name that You would highlight in my mind where I should apply for new jobs. Give me the motivation and inspiration I need to apply, and shine Your light of favor on me there. As I apply, give me the words to say and help me fill out the application perfectly.

    Father, I ask also that You would give the interviews that You want me to have–with the right interviewers too.  Make it so that, when I walk into the room to apply or interview, the people there would know that I am the one to hire. Be the answer of my tongue, and help me to speak the words during the interview and application process that You want me to speak.

    Father, I ask You to provide a good salary, good retirement benefits, good medical and dental insurance, disability insurance, paid time off, paid vacations, and paid sick leave. Provide for the on-the-job training that I need. I ask also for Christian co-workers in the workplace; and for kind, compassionate, generous, and patient supervisors.

    Father God, give me wisdom, strength and power. Reveal Yourself as the Glory and Lifter of my head. In the Name of Jesus I declare that the old things are past and the new things have come. Bring me out of the old place, and into this new place of abundance. Put me in the right job, and deliver me from the wrong jobs.

    Thank You, Father. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer, and that I have received everything I’m asking You for. I give You all the glory.

    In Jesus’ name, amen.”

    Beloved, here are 5 Bible promises you can claim for a new job while you’re praying:

    • “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him” (James 1:5). Pray this when you ask the Lord to show you where to apply for a new job, and for wisdom during your interview.
    • “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. Or what man is there among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent? If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!” (Matthew 7:7-11).

    Pray this and remind God that you are asking, seeking, and knocking–so He has to bring you your request!

    • “The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it” (Proverbs 10:22). Pray this when asking the Lord for a good wage, good working hours, and everything else good in yoru new job!
    • “The king loved Esther more than all the other women, and she obtained grace and favor in his sight more than all the virgins; so he set the royal crown upon her head and made her queen instead of Vashti” (Esther 2:17). Remind the Lord that He is no respecter of persons; what He did for Esther, He will do for you! Ask Him to shine His spotlight of favor on you during the job search process. Ask Him to give you more favor than everyone around you; that the people who are to hire you would know you are the candidate they seek the first time they see you; and that the Lord would help you stand head and shoulders above the rest.
    • “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in My name, I will do it” (John 14:12-14). Remind the Lord of this Scripture and ask Him to bring you into a greater job with greater works than you’ve ever had. Ask Him to glorify His own name in His answers to your situation. Tell Him what you desire and ask Him to do it; remind Him that He said He will.

    If you just prayed this prayer and these Scriptures, please leave a comment below so others in this community can agree with you! Also, please let us know when Papa brings you into the new job you have prayed for!


    1. Rebecca L Jones says:

      I have prayed for me to be what He wants me to be. I was hoping to work from home for a while, I don’t know if that is best though. I have my children’s books, met a lady who is an agent for well known ministers, she doesn’t do that though, and getting an illustrator is expensive. I know He opens and closes doors and I’ll know when to walk through. Praising Him for healing and grace to be able to do the right thing at the right time.

      1. Amen.. Thank God, and thank you upon whose heart this prayer was written.

        Heavenly Father,

        May you richly bless the instrument used for this powerful prayer, may they allow you to continue speaking into their heart, and may they always permit you to order your steps. Cover them from every evil, and all theirs. We give Thanks.

        In Jesus’ precious name,


        1. Lisa Moore says:

          Praying in faith that God will grant my request today.

          1. P. Nwokedi says:

            The words/prayers Good gives you are pretty much ALWAYS timely for me! I thank God for you and God to use you. I am currently waiting/fasting/praying for the outcome of one job in particular but I’ve put out resumes and applied for SEVERAL positions. I believe this is the right placement for me. I’m just waiting for the Lord to confirm it. It is a teaching position and school is starting soon, so I’m believing God to deliver me from the former position and bless me with this new position. Thank you for this prayer. It articulates the sentiments of my heart! I will report back after I get the job. ☺️ Thank you! God bless!

            1. Amen I do have interviews this week and 2 on hold, I feel like I know the ones that are on hold are good , just waiting to hear that confirmation from God, I will go with my spirit though on this and rest in peace knowing God will lead me into the right position 🙏 thank you Jesus

          2. Nomvelo Shoko says:

            Thank you Jamie, I haven’t been working since 2019 and I am specifically fasting and praying for a job opportunity this week. I prayed this prayer and am believing God for a a breakthrough.

            1. Sukoluhle. says:

              Amen, I receive my well paying job which will come with many other benefits and also good coworkers and a safe work environment. I believe this year God will give me a Job in the name of Jesus !!

          3. Naomi Shoko says:

            Thank you Jaimie for this prayer, I am believing God for a new job. I last worked in 2019 where I was retrenched. I haven’t worked since then.

        2. I need His help to find a job. Have been unemployed for 3 weeks so far. I have no unemployment benefits and bills to pay. I need a job ASAP.
          Can anyone please pray for the Lord to make this happen?

          Thank you

      2. Karen McCants says:

        Prayed and believing God for that perfect Geologist job. My contract ended Jan 2017 and I’ve been looking since but nothing. Willing to relocate world wide and God knows this. Thanks for agreeing with my wife and me for this perfect job. Thanks Father God amen

      3. Thank you Lord, Abba Father, Please be there upon us and all those who seek employment. Help their Families and support them with good health, skill, knowledge, ability and proven knowledge to work honestly with hardwork, always loving you and praising you.

      4. Stacy DeLigne says:

        Praying in Faith that God is hearing our prayers and suplications for me and my Son KH.. And all those that are in need. IJNIP Amen

      5. anisa ali says:

        I just prayed this prayer and I was just crying before God to help me. Please agree with me for a better job to happen this year. I pray that everyone including myself gains favor in the sight of the Lord that He gives us better than we expect and prayed for. I agree with each one of you in prayer that a great job is coming your way.


        2. Anisa Ali,
          I stand in agreement with you for a better job soon. Please do the same for me. I pray that the Lord Our God will give us favor above the rest of the candidates and the that the interviewer will see His light upon us and will know that we are the appointed one for the job. I pray that He will give us the right words to speak and the right questions to ask during the interview. The blessing of the Lord makes us rich, and He adds no sorrow to it. He will give us the rain in due season. I pray that the door He opens, no man can shut even if he wants to because it is the Lord turning his heart as He will. I thank God for your new job right now in Jesus Mighty Precious Name!!!

          Bless you my sister in Christ. Our new jobs are coming soon.


      6. Thakgalang Letsoalo says:

        In Jesus name we have prayed. Jamie i pray that the Lord continues to increase your anointing as you continue to bless us. May you and your family continue to walk in his presence as he grants you with all your hearts desires

      7. Father God, In the name of Jesus, I pray that each and every person who prays this prayer, with faith will be blessed with the right job. You are great and you are mighty. I decree and I declare that you shall supply all of my needs. I have faith and believe that it is already done!

        1. In Jesus name Amen, I pray that Our LORD GOD almighty richly bless everyone who reads this may the flood gates of blessings be poured out into each and everyone who prays this.

      8. This favor i ask in your mighty name jesus

      9. sylvia Blanchard says:

        Thank You Lord, for this prayer delivered from your servant Jamie, you heard my heart on today as I said: Lord I don’t know what to do or how to even pray for a job, for truly you allowed the door to close on my last one! So Thank You Lord and Thank You Jamie for your obedience to post this pray for such a time as this for me! God Bless You!!!

        1. I received this prayer in an email on November 2, 2019. I was looking for a new job and already had an interview lined up on the 4th. When I saw the subject matter of this prayer I thought, yes, of course I’ll pray this… it could only help. As I read the words out loud, it brought me to tears. I thanked the Lord for the interview up ahead and prayed for His will to be done. I hadn’t interviewed for a job in 12 years!! The interview went amazing and I was offered and accepted the job. It completely embodies the requests in this prayer, including a schedule that is beneficial for my family… especially in this time of Covid.. only the Lord could have known what was going to be ahead. A couple of months after I took the job I found out from my co- workers that they knew I was the one the moment I walked in the door. Additionally, I found out that the job had been open for 6 months before they hired me. Y’all. The Lord worked on this ahead of time and held the position just for me. What He says is ours cannot be taken away. I am overcome at reading this prayer again and seeing God’s faithfulness. I speak the Lord’s sovereignty and providence over each of you, as well ♡

          1. Thank you Father God for all your graces. I claim a Good job in Jesus mighty name. Amen

      10. Yneka Hathorn says:

        My name is Yneka I love my current job and career. I have been struggling coping with new people and changes affecting the employees and clients. I am seeking God for guidance. Im also seeking God for a building to start my own substance abuse program which is His mission. I will be patient and continue praying during this tribulation.

      11. Lord God almighty you know my hearts desires you know my strengths and weaknesses help me Father GOD rescue me from this situation I am in it’s in your blessed holy name I pray in JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY name amen father GOD bless all those Christian brothers and sisters in Christ JESUS name amen bless them richly. In Jesus Christ name amen.

      12. Amen just did the praying and read the Scriptires praying our Lord opens a door soon. I am in a temporary season in puerto rico I pray the Lord brings me back home to orlando soon.

      13. Today 8/15/2019 i completed a joshua 1:8-9 challenge of reading this scripture in the morning and before I go to bed. And the lord blessed me with this encouraging prayer today. In faith I prayed that the Lord in JESUS NAME by tomorrow will get me the job in my city government in this way I can put my 2 week notice. I truely believe in my heart that if thenLord is going to to position me in a position to rebuild my city in the temporary time he declare that he has me here i. Puerto Rico no principality from hell will stop that. I trust in the Lords will and I am thanking him in advance for the great financial, blessing he has for my life and my families life thanks for sharing your walk with God is so empowering.

      14. DeeDee Robinson says:

        I prayed this prayer.

      15. I pray for you to find your calling. Also, try fivver for an illustrator. They have some great artists on that sight.

      16. Amen Jamie! Just what I need. No more unemployment, no more. Its ruining us and our families. Lord Jesus let your will be done today. Amen!!! Let money flow into our lives, so we can pay our rent, car. Bills and buy food today!!! Blood of Jesus!

      17. Latishia Rawls says:

        Thank You Jesus for hearing and answer my prayer for a high paying job of my desire and everyone who pray for a job! For I believe I receive my new high paying job and believe for others by faith in Jesus Christ! I also been praying to become an Entrepreneur owning my own business where I am willing to build the kingdom of God and risk creating something for the good of others where I manifest greatness abundance and wealth and also give back as well! Thank you Jamie Rohrbaugh for that blessing prayer! blessings blessings to you! Blessings Blessings to us all! Glory to God! Hallelujah

      18. This is unbelievable!!! I was on the phone asking for prayer for a job to come through that I had an interview for. I was telling my prayer partner that I could lose everything if the job did not come through as quickly as next week! When I hung up the call this email was the first thing I saw!!! My heart was so full I just began to praise God as he knows that I am desperate for a breakthrough!!!! Father in heaven, please have mercy on me and open the door of employment that I need! And if its not a door give me a financial breakthrough! I have so many responsibilities! God have mercy on me!

      19. Thank you so much, this was so timely 🙏🏽

    2. Praise the Lord. I’ve been filling out applications for a while with very little results. This is so inspirational! Thank you Jamie and God bless you in Jesus name!!

      1. Thank you for your continued prayers I pray that you have found a good job surrounded by good people, good pay, good bosses and benefits. I am looking for a better job I am in a toxic work environment it’s a shame because the nurse is a Christian but treated me poorly I decided to resign my boss reassigned me into another position however now I’m working with the other ladies best friend I feel the animosity it’s horrible. IN JESUS NAME I Pray to be rescued from this toxic environment.

    3. Flora Ogunlusi says:

      The prayers are spot-on…thank you Jamie…God bless you. I will return to testify in Jesus name..

    4. God bless you Jamie! This pray is according to the desire of my heart. I pray for the Will of God regarding my job. For peace and fulfilment to God’s Glory.!

    5. I have been applying for jobs where I can work from home. I am believing God that I can either edit or teach online. I am going to trust His plan for my life and for my family. I know that this was a divine post because of what I am going through this season.

    6. Thank you for this prayer i just prayed it. I have an interview today and this “Pin” just showed up on my suggested pins. It had to be the Lord’s doing. Praying for God to shine his light upon the whole process. Thank uou Jamie

      1. Rutha Louis says:

        I’m trusting God for a job, and I’m also praying for direction

    7. This is the prayers I need most.. And God being who He is will definitely bless me with the best Jobs.. Presently I was treated unjustly in my former job and was dismissed for doing my job, following the companies procedures.. But I strongly have faith in God, cause I know that He is the God that fights for those who have been treated unjustly.. He will surely bless me with the best jobs, and when I look back, all I can say will be thank you Jesus Christ for everything you have done for me. My faith will never get weak… For I trust in His time to do it.

    8. Julie Filter says:

      We are in the midst of a transition out of the military and are finishing up schooling for my husband’s completely new career path. This means applications and interviews will be in our near future. Praying for open doors, clarity for where the best place is for us, a workplace full of Yahweh loving mature workers, an environment with healthy, mature, and faithful men for my husband (as he desperately longs for some good friends), bountiful pay to provide for our needs and allow us to bless others well, excellent healthcare options to provide for our Type 1 diabetic daughter’s medicines and special need sons’ therapies, and clarity for each of our seven children’s educational direction. I am confident that our Abba will provide as we do our part. He will do His. ❤️

    9. May Yahweh’s name be praised. After
      saying this prayer this morning, I got an invite for an interview on Friday.. I ask everyone one to join me in prayers for God’s favor and divine intervention and His divine connection. Above all, let His will be done. If the Job is for me, no one will be more qualified than me, but if it’s not His plan for me to have it, I will also accept His plan for me.

      1. cynthia ward -guidry says:


    10. I’m trusting God to show up and show out on my behalf in regards to my employment situation… thank you for this prayer post, right on time!

    11. I have been looking for a job for a while and I need a part time job at the right timing! Please pray for my disabled son (I am praying this prayer for him, too) that he will find a part time job in his new location with the right people who will be kind to him. Thank you for your prayers!

      1. Our God who sees all and makes all things beautiful will grant your payers and he will give you the blessings that maketh rich without adding any sorrows. Amen.

        1. Ruth Thipe says:

          Morning. I am actually believing God for a job @ a multinational company. After my husband abandoned me in December after,falling I had to stop working.This year has not been easy at all, but I thank God for his faithfulness. Please stand in prayer with me. My interview is this week Friday @9:30am South African time. I am so grateful for this ministry and by faith hope I will soon be able to become a kingdom investor once again.
          Thank Jamie & community. Please pray for me to get this job

    12. Thank you for this prayer…I really needed this right now. God bless you in Jesus name…!

    13. I prayed this prayer. I have a good job however there are toxic coworkers who act like girls in middle school. They show disrespect and gossip. Plus there is a person holding me back from promoting. I pray for a better job in salary, meaningful duties and opportunity for advancement.
      Thank you Jamie for on time word and prayer!

    14. I just prayed this prayer and trust God for an urgent placement to a permanent job. I had been unemployed since March 2015 and life is really tuff for me now. I need this job ASAP.

    15. This prayer has come at a time when I have been searching for a job. I have gone on job interviews, sent resumes and even gone to job fairs and to no avail nothing has come about. It has become frustrating looking for a job but I must keep my faith strong and wait for the Lord to say this is the one. This prayer will be read everyday until I find a job. Good is trul y a good God.

    16. I am praying this prayer for my husband, his job was made redundant.We are trusting God for a new and better job and wisdom throughout this time.
      Our loving Father has never let us down, He is a keeper of His promises.

    17. I know by Divine Grace and authority I have secured the job/contract that will be a blessing to me my family and society. And so it is in Jesus name. AMEN
      Indeed I’m eternally grateful Lord!

    18. Rumbidzai Mwedzi says:

      Amen and l receive and claim my new job in Jesus’s name.

      thank you so much Jamie for this powerful prayer.

    19. I have to underground an interview tomorrow on how I intend to help my church in finding ways and means to bring the young people to discern and respond to the appelle of God’s to servé His Church. Please help me God to put thé appropriate words in my mouth. Thanking you my God in Jesus’s n’améliore.

    20. Vuyani Rosemary says:

      This prayer came at the right time as I am facing so many persecution and rejection in my present job. All the words in this prayer its like Jamie knew my heart and pour it out loud. Thank you and I believe it is done in Jesus name. I will testify in Jesus name, Amen.

    21. Amen! Thank you for such a wonderfully uplifting and inspiring prayer. I have faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that He will redeem my career path, and place me into the position He sees fit. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

    22. Trusting God for a job that he would have me do. In his perfect timing, his will, not my will. Thank you Father, in Jesus Christ’s holy name. Amen. Thank you Jamie for the post. This truly came at the right time for me.

    23. I am so unhappy in my current job, and I don’t know what to do. I can’t turn my mind off. I worry constantly. This prayer is exactly what I need. God will help me through this. Thank you for this beautiful prayer!

    24. My boss had a meltdown today in front of so many people. I and a colleague were targeted and That’s when I realized I needed a new job.
      This prayer was God-sent. I declare that He will save me from this insane workplace.

      1. I’m a contract employee my assignment ends next week I’m praying to God to bless me with a stable job so that I can pay my bills and buy the needed. Nesceitty.

    25. I have prayed this prayer for myself and am praying for all who commented and I come into agreement with you regarding your situations. I pray supernatural promotion for us all. Not just “a job” but the best job we’ve ever had and didn’t know possible for us to get!
      Amen-it is done.

    26. very powerful prayer it really did taught me I’ve been jobless for over 2year still looking for the right job and i believe and i have faith in Father God Jesus that he will open new door for me thank you Jesus for been in my life and thank you Lord that you have been looking out for me praises to youname Lord and i know that prayer will help me and i will get that job that you have prepared for me in Jesus name Amen

    27. Stephanie says:

      Jamie, thank you! I was praying about this just one hour ago. I open my email and this is in my inbox. Certainly not a coincidence. In my prayer, I told God that I could not hear Him during this dark season in my life. I asked that He would stop the panic attacks that I have on Sunday nights before having to go in to work on Monday mornings. This prayer came right on time. I am now believing for my NEW job in Jesus’ name. Amen!

    28. Thank you Jamie. You are such a great blessing to all of us! I pray that our Good Father will continue to bless all you touch and do!

    29. Amen. I’m grateful for directing my steps to your website. And praying this prayer is so much a delight in my heart. Thank you.

    30. I was released from prison a few months ago, God has set me on my feet again after battling with addiction for 20 years. I ask everyone to lift me up – I’m trying to figure out what to do with the wreckage I have caused in my life. I have a good job now that I am grateful for – but the Lord has more for I know. I don’t really know what to do with my life now. In the name of Jesus I declare that a door will open – Thank you for your prayers

    31. Robin Rush says:

      The Lord is certainly good and speaks before I even call. I had just applied online for a job that I really didn’t want but I am qualified to do. After going through a horrific year long drought of my home going through foreclosure and not receiving social security disability, the Lord redirected me to revive my sewing business/ministry, eventually hiring employees. I dare not tell anyone, especially my siblings and my mom because they see it as foolishness. They do not think it is possible to be creative and make a living from it. I have spent most of adult life working to pay bills and being unhappy about what I doing. I just prayed this prayer and it hit home for me in so many ways. I am qualified to be a therapist and I enjoy it but I want to do it on God’s terms as ministry. God has called me to minister to women and children and restore them to their rightful place before the Father. My career objective on my resume states ‘ Provide human services which promote health, education, and well-being’ . In the secular, it stops there. In ministry, it would end with these two words ‘in Christ’. Those of you reading this, please remember me in prayer that this ministry would come to full fruition and soon.

    32. Thank you for this prayer. I am expecting so I am grateful for this prayer. Now we all wait with joyous expectation. Believing God to move. Peace to all of us in this process. Much love to all.

    33. Joel R Winkelman says:

      Wow! Sitting here filling out on-line applications & responding to e-mails & what pops up but a prayer that is spot-on!
      I was recently blessed with getting my full time hours back at work & a new apartment plus the ability to not pay a deposit for electricity while paying off a debt owed to them – ALL IN ONE DAY!
      Unfortunately, after just 3 weeks of FT employment, it was taken from me. Now I’m in a nice new home without the known ability to pay for it. So far I’m able to keep making payments and keep my electricity on, but am seeking help on rent. Also have all my worldly belongings including some valuable antique family heirlooms in storage that I may lose if I can’t pay that debt.
      I need that new job The Lord has for me ASAP! But through it all my faith has not waivered! ☺
      Thank you for all you do Jamie!

    34. Father, for all the people here who prayed thus prayer, may You be the Miracle Worker, the Way Maker, the Giver of every good and perfect gift! Lord, shine your goodness on every person believing for a new job. In Jesus name, Amen. To You, all glory, praise and honor!

      1. Angie Vargas says:

        Father, please answer all of our prayers for the jobs that are in your divine plan for us. We thank you, praise you, and glorify you. Amen.

    35. Liz Daimol says:

      This prayer was God sent. I read the prayer an hour before my job interview. The interview went really well

      Thank you very much. I will reply with my testimonyof the outcome of my interview

      God bless

    36. Katrina Hall says:

      I’m praying to return to my previous job, because I was unjustly terminated for my personal life. I need my medical insurance in a desperate way thank you.

      1. Hi Katrina Hall… What if it’s not God’s plan for you to return back there? Do you know if that’s God’s way of taking you out of that employment because he has a better plan and place for you. Just believe that God’s plan and purpose for us should be greater than any. I was also unjustly dismissed from work, but I believe that it’s God’s plan for me because what lies ahead is greater than what I did loose. I handed it over to Hi
        m who is the greatest advocate, and asked Him to turn that dismissal letter to the best employment letter, as a permanent and full staff. I know that He will do it sooner than expected because I strongly believe in Him and in His words. Remain prayerful and positive. Do have a blessed day.

    37. Debra St Louis says:

      I am praying this job for my daughter in law.. I am retired but do little task online will pray God for increase in the task also.

      Thanks for the prayers and all of them are awesome that you send and i do pray them seen changes in the one called reverse situation on my sons case in jail but God is still working on it. Praise God

    38. I believe God is bringing new opportunities in Jesus name, Amen!

    39. Genese Jones says:

      I unexpectedly saw this prayer and knew it was for me. Iprayed it and asked God to give me favor to return to a teaching job that I had but was released from. I have an appt. in 2days to talk to the principal. Agree with me that God’s will be done! If He wants me there great but if He has something else for me that He let me know immediately! I want His will to be done not mine!

    40. jackline mulanda says:

      Thank you Jamie ihave prayed for the job and attended interviews waiting to be called.Am praying to be successful help me with your prayers

    41. Daphenie Benders says:

      Thank you Father for answering my prayer for a new job, I decree and declare it!

    42. This is such a powerful prayer. I pray that God will grant everyone who has prayed this prayer, His perfect will for their lives. Father please open doors of opportunity for those needing it right now in Jesus’ name.

    43. Pritish.Chandran says:

      The prayer is very encouraging. I am trusting my father in heaven , as he will never leave me nor forsake me. He said that he will never keep unemployed. As I have already resigned from my job and my last day is on January 30th 2018 . This job has been a nightmare and was unable to handle the stress and frustration at the work place. I have come towards his throne of grace for forgiveness and place me in a right job for his glory . Please pray for me.

      Your brother in Christ

      Pritish. Chandran

    44. Saint John says:

      I just prayed the prayer!

    45. I just prayed this prayer. I am believing for a miracle Job today. Been praying for last 9 months for a new Job. Thank you God for releasing it, in Jesus name! Amen

    46. I have worked almost 19 years in a very difficult situation, which in the past six years has grown increasingly worse. The last three years have been especially hellish and I have left in tears many times, always dreading going back. It is extremely toxic and noxious, and full of unjust, immoral, unethical, petty, vicious, narcissistic, selfish, greedy, entitled, viperous behavior to such a degree I can’t even begin to explain. My heart goes out to all in need of a job and/or in terrible situations. I once again left work in tears yesterday after unjust lies, attacks, and accusations. The stress and strain has been tremendous and has affected my health greatly. Thank you Jamie for this prayer, and I pray that we all hear from the Lord quickly and clearly, and follow His perfect direction.

    47. Amanda Spanheimer says:

      Thank you so much for this prayer! I prayed this for my husband. He is very smart and creative. He has beautiful work ethic but he feels stuck at his current job. he’s been there 14 years but his heart is else where.

    48. I prayed this prayer for myself, my son and my step son ?

    49. Jeff Brehmer says:

      Thank you for this prayer. I am 52, lost my job in March and am up to my eyeballs in alligators. This prayer is encouraging for me.

    50. Amen!
      Jamie, your website has been a true blessing to me, my loved ones, and anyone else who crosses my path in need of God’s word, and support and encouragement from like believers.

    51. Rebel Johnson says:

      Thank you for this prayer, I just lost my job of 17 years. I am 56 and I am scared that I won’t be able to find anything. I know it was God’s way of getting me out of there because the stress was about to kill me!!

    52. I was let go of my Job on May 15, that I like very much. I wrongly accused by an employee and management believe him. I have been praying that I am rehired back there because I like what I was doing and the people.

    53. Amen!!! IN Jesus name I pray ???

    54. Thanking God for all that He is yet to provide to me!

    55. Hi Jamie,

      Your blog post and prayer for a job situation was just the right one that I needed to encourage me to continue to keep praying to get the right job keeping in mind the work timings to take care of my child at home. I will say this prayer daily and trust in God’s plan for me.


    56. I prayed this prayer and added job/vehicle/ and a new home. My daughter and I live with my parents still and the environment is not a Christian one. It has been difficult. Everything I have is because God literally brought it to me, gravitated it to me supernaturally. Even when my family is unwilling to help us (we’ve lived in shelters before) God has provided for us in ways that only He could bless us. And even when we used to share with our family of our blessings (we don’t share anymore) they get very mad at us, they call me lazy, they shake their head at me and look down at me and tell me I’m not being a good mother if I keep relying on God to help with everything. And even after all their lectures, when God has blessed my daughter and I with whatever He decides, my family slaps their name to my blessings as though THEYRE the ones who blessed me and without THEM my daughter and I would be hopeless and lost. That’s how we’re represented in our family. We’re considered the weird ones, the outcasts, ‘cause I refuse to let me or my daughter follow the principles of the world. But they don’t see me blessed or finding favor with God, because we don’t have our own home or a car (which broke down after 2 revivals this year. And we JUST got the car in February with my daughter’s survivor benefits from her dad passing last year), and I only make a few dollars over 500 at my job as a teacher aid. Even other teacher aids with no experience or education have asked why I make less than them when they make over $200 more than what I make. I didn’t have an answer for them.

    57. A reminder of when facing the impossible GOD continues to rescue us. I was in a horrible job with micromanagers but once when I thought I couldn’t take it he rescued me into another job. At first I thought I could do the job no problem I was in mostly in orientation. Then I shadowed many people on their roles and saw how wonderful it was, now I’m into the actual training and it is not what I expected. My trainer can be rude and straightforward no compassion while I’m training. We have to meet twice a day with updates from our manager sometimes the director will step in and find out status of referrals in a unfriendly way. This is not what I expected I felt that i went from the pan into the fire. Now I’m driving in traffic for an hour each way so when I get to work I’m already stressed out. I’ve been praying and asking GOD to open up another door for me I desperately want out. Please join me in prayer, I wholeheartedly seek JESUS to intervene for me. Please father GOD rescue me from this situation. In JESUS name I pray amen. Thank you for your prayers. May GOD almighty richly bless you!

    58. Sharhonda Roberts says:

      I’ve been praying that God will bless me with a supporting role on a well known Union (Sag/Aftra) tv show. I look forward sharing my testimony when that breakthrough comes my way! Thank you for sharing and for your prayers!

    59. Fleurdelize says:

      Thank you, Jamie, that prayer was spot on. I graduated 6 months ago and despite applying for numerous jobs I haven’t gotten a job yet. Please join me in praying for a NOW job in my field of study, with a good salary, great bosses that mentor me, good co-workers and healthy work environment, and good working hours and all the other benefits. We serve a good father

    60. I said this prayer and about a 3rd way through I felt this energy. This powerful energy as if the Holy Spirit was present. I humbly, ask that fellow Christians agree with me and others because as the Bible states when two or more gather so is God with them. Thank you.

    61. I too need prayers for a job l can do without physically wearing me out. I am a widow, was harassed at my last job so moved back to my hometown with family. Also believing for a nice apt. A space of my own where I can spend more time with the Lord. Love my family but there is constant busyness and little privacy.

    62. I prayed now with faith and belief, I quit my 20 yrs job. Now is my self testing time, with Lords help light and guide will take new job.

    63. Rosie Clark says:

      My husband’s work relocated us I was in the perfect job but now I’m struggling to find permanent work we’ve moved 2 times from living stable working in my job for years, I finally found a subbing job as a school nurse I really like it it’s what I’m best at but it’s not permanent I just work when the permanent nurses need time off, we’ve struggled financially that I had to tap into my retirement to make ends meet. I now have zero for retirement but I’m trusting in the LORD Almighy to get us out of this situation we are in esopecially my husband now travels over half the time finding myself alone with my 2 older children one who has a disease called scleroderma again I’m trusting the LORD Almighty for healing and desperately calling out for him to answer my prayers…. trust in the LORD he will come through for us when you least expect it!

    64. Joy Enriquez says:

      Thank you for praying with me. God bless us all.

    65. Dear God, thank you for this prayer. Please give me a great job as a communications/marketing specialist. Great company, great pay, great boss great location and co workers Favor me, go with me into my new journey as a mother! May I come back to testify of your great works. Amen

    66. Thank you so much for this prayer. My company wants to make my department redundant so I am looking for a new role at the moment. Still going through the redundancy process at the moment. My prayer is that I want the redundancy package to be at least triple of what they are offering and before the notice period is over, I have a wonderful new job at a wonderful company at a wonderful location where I don’t have to pay for additional transportation; paying over and beyond what I ever would have asked or imagined. A company where I am celebrated and not merely tolerated, with compassionate co workers and team leads, training, and other wonderful benefits and packages.

    67. Sim Seng Huat says:

      Pray that God will have the best job for me according to His will to use me to impact the marketplace, Amen.

    68. Lorraine Murray-Richardson says:

      Thank you. For this prayer
      I believe every word
      Believing to move out of the old into the new by May 1,2019 t

    69. Praise Jesus!

      Timely and indeed a powerful prayer! I believe it is done!

      God bless!

    70. Lillian Dsane says:

      Hi Jamie,
      The Lord bless you. May God continue to give Divine and Supernatural Wisdom to write timely prayers. May your oil of prayer never dry. May you continue to write prayers which will in the Long run bless and help us grow spiritually. May you live to fulfill divine purpose.
      Im really blessed with this prayer. It was just on time. I am working but in a toxic environment. All I needed was change jobs but I didnt know how to present my case to God, because I felt I will be ungrateful to God. But with this prayer I know I can pray confidently.

      God bless you and your ministry.

    71. Thank you for this prayer. Please stand in agreement with me for the LORD to move mightily in my career. I have been unemployed for 5 years now and I am well qualified but it just seems not to work out. But I believe my appointed time has come. God has even more than I could ever imagine in store. So please pray with me. Thanks in advance for your prayers. I stand in agreement with you too. May the LORD bless you with every good gift, Increase and a joyful life. In Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name. Amen.

    72. Glory! This prayer came right on time. I’ve been seeking the Lord regarding employment for quite some time. I believe that I shall receive and I claim these promises by faith! It is so, Amen!

    73. The Lord is my Glory and the Lifter of up my head. I have prayed this prayer and I sincerely BELIEVE THAT GOD HAS HEARD IT AND IT IS DONE. I wish success to all job-seekers IN THE NAME OF JESUS.
      Be blessed.

    74. I love this prayer! I’m starting school in May to train to be a Medical Assistant. I’m hoping to find work in that field, even while I’m in training. Or even something that will help till I finish my training which will be Dec of this year. It’s a 6 month program. Sometime in Oct they will put me in the field to finish school, whether it’s in a doctors office or in a hospital. Employment could come from that which would be great.

    75. Glory, glory. May the Lord’s name be praised. All my children be blessed by this prayer. Better jobs, promotions, better incentives and my Lord is also blessing with an urgent request that I have asked Him to. Bless you Jamie and your family.

    76. Mehrunissa says:

      Thank you so much for this ,Jamie – so timely and spot on! 💜

    77. Tamara Leiann Chappell says:

      Right on time word and prayer. I’m claiming a new job opportunity for everyone. In Jesus name. God bless you who wrote this prayer and scripture.

    78. Pat Stevenson says:

      So on point and timely, and thank you dearest Jamie. May the Lord’s hand be upon each of us as we cry out to Him for His divine intervention. God bless you super abundantly and provide your every need Jamie, in Jesus mighty name, amen..

    79. Thank you, this pin came at the right time for me. I’m currently working in a toxic environment, diagnosed with depression due to being victimised and mistreated by boss and other colleagues so that I can resign perhaps. I went to an interview on Friday, I’m trusting God to not only open that door but to receive a salary offer that’s commensurate with my experience. I’ve been holding on for so long, please open this door and bless me with the job so I can smile again. Every day is a challenge, I drag myself to work. I’ve lost confidence cause I’m constantly ridiculed and belittled in front of my colleagues. I’ve become a laughing stock. Dear Lord, I cry out to You. Please hear me out and answer my prayer for Your Glory Father. Thank You Father

    80. I graduated 2.5 years ago and never got a job. I tried to apply but there was a part of me that new I wouldn’t get it.
      However God used it for good and I worked with my parents and it was good for me. But now I realise I let fear stop me from taking a leap of faith and strong towards independence.
      So now I am asking that God will give me the job that he has for me and will help me to be courageous in his name for his word commands that of me.
      I have my heart set on this specific position and I pray in Jesus name that it is mine and that no weapon formed against me shall prosper.
      If God has a better position than the one I would like I ask that he reveal it and give me better terms than what I thought was best.
      I pray this in Jesus name knowing that he said that he will give us what is good for us for he is a loving God who like a parent would never harm is with serpents when we ask for fish.
      So Dear God Thank You that you have answered my prayer

    81. Shekema King says:

      I have prayed this prayer and I trust God for the opportunity to work with CVS

    82. I am in full agreement with this prayer and I’m not giving up on seeing something better come out by God’s intervention in my life. I desire to begin my career after a long time off and I pray that I will be a blessing and a gift to the place He has called me to work in this season. I am truly grateful for acceptance letter and everything falling into place even as God is showing me that nothing is impossible with Him and He can take someone like me and give me a financial income that will rebuild the waste places in my life. Thank you for this once again, I know God has answered me through you

    83. AMEN I have prayed this prayer and am believing that Papa God is going to answer my prayer according to he’s perfect will in Jesus mighty name. Thank you so much may God continue using you.

    84. I am praying for a job which pays me justly. Accepting God’s favor.
      In Jesus’ name, Amen

    85. karen Gray says:

      HI JAMIE THIS IS KAREN … I know on GOD told you to tell us this….. I need a new career that pays very well right now,,, I”m on disability right now, so I know GOD made you write what you wrote, Thank You JESUS for you always……..

    86. Kahn Johnson says:

      In the Mighty and Matchless Name of Jesus, I was given a start date of Monday , August 5, 2019, was not told the time to come in, but I will be there at 8:00 am and start, and believe what I was told and prayed for.

      Safe In His Arms,
      Kahn Johnson

      1. Rosie Clark says:

        I pray for you Kahn Johnson that the Lord GOD almighty richly bless you in your new job may he pour out his favor, wisdom and blessings upon you as you start your new job, GOD will be by your side along the way. Always seek his strength and persevere my Friend. In JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY NAME AMEN 🙏🏼

        1. Sampson EZIKEANYI says:

          Amen!!! This paryer for new job with better and excellent package that will make people glorify Gods name in my good works comes to me at the best trying time. I have applied for a new position in our regional Office in Dakar, Senegal at P5 level and I am fully believing God that he has done it!! Joine me appreciate Him in advance, amen!! The hiring manager ignored me before but now, God will make me her preferred candidate for the position, amen!!!

    87. Sharrell McKennie says:

      AMEN. I have prayed this prayer and I am believing God for the manifestation of his answer as it is already done. In the name of Jesus!

    88. I just prayed the prayer and Father God is no respecter of persons to include my age or where He wants me to work or even if He wants me to change jobs. Praise God.

    89. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

      Okay, I agree in prayer for it. Thank you! It is so, and for everyone who asks here, AMEN! Praise our Gracious and Loving Father, in Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

    90. Thanks Jaime for this prayer. I have been without a real job for over 4 years. It hurts. I will pray this daily as I am in desperate need of a real job that pays and have benefits.

    91. I got laid off from a job I was at for 14 1/2 years, 3 weeks ago. Thank you Jamie for this prayer, And thank you Lord for what you are about to do for me, and for all others who will pray this prayer! AMEN!

    92. Praying with great expectations that the Lord will do what He promises…Thank you & amen.

    93. Patricia Taylor says:

      Much need prayer. I’m unemployed since July 31st 2019. I’m feeling after praying that amazing prayer, God will show up and show out.
      Thank God.
      In your loving name-Amen

    94. FATHER GOD I pray for all the prayers here on this site. Hear your servants as we seek you in times of desperation we believe that you would never abandon or forsake us. We pray wholeheartedly that you would give us perseverance and strength as we wait for your holy hand to answer our prayers. Pour out your blessings upon your servants. Thank you ahead of time for what you are about to do in our lives. We praise you and ask of this in your holy blessed name JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY NAME AMEN 🙏🏼

    95. thank you for this prayer,i just prayed it and i believe and received my job in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.Amen

    96. I just prayed this prayer. I’ve been saved for 22 years and working in the corporate world for just as long. During that time in the last 5 years I went on a few short term mission trips. Having recently lost my job, I would like to go into the mission field full time but need the finances, support and clarity from the Lord. I do not want to work in corporate again. Please pray for me. Thanks and Blessings.

    97. Ralph Morales says:

      Hi I’ve just finish the Bible study at you version. I am at this moment looking for new job, I work in a very bad, unfair environment office. Is only the Lord Jesus who can get me to another place. Pls help me with this prayer need. Blessings

      1. I pray that God, will send you the job, that’s meant for you and that GOD, gets you out of that toxic job.


    98. Job interview today and this has helped so much.

    99. Boitumelo says:

      Just prayed the the prayer and I’m believing God for a new God with a Good paying salary.

    100. Thank you, and all who are praying and believing. I love the reminder that the Lord has already gone before and provided all we need. He has the best answer!

    101. Violet and Rechel says:

      Dear Jamie,
      My name is Violet and I am currently seeking employment due to the fact that I am temporally sitting in for some one who is on leave and my friend Apio Rechel Vivian to get better Job
      May God open a door of a good well paying job with a favorable working environment. Let faith, peace ,unity , trust and love surrounds us in that New Job God has Planted for me with the faith and trust l have in Him .

    102. Thank you for the prayer. I have prayed it and I’m believing and trusting God for a turn around in my situations.

    103. Praying to get my own business started or get a good part time job

    104. Ericka Dyann Thomasdingle says:

      I have just prayed the prayer for my new job I can’t wait for God to deliver. I stand in faith that when I knock on the door the door will open in Jesus name.

    105. Jamie, we are struggling an need the job god has for us .

    106. linda harrison says:

      Yes a part time job or get my own business started…thanks & thanks be to God

    107. Nadia Slater says:

      Good night Jamie, I am so blessed by your stewardship, I have been out of a job since February and I have been seeking a new job and I have sent out several applications and I have not heard back from anyone, I have 4 children to feed and to send out to school, nothing has been done for them, I want to thank you for this prayer, I know that God has heard me 🙏❤️.

    108. Amen!!!Will come back here soon to share the testimony!!!

      1. Amen to that. I will do the same.

    109. Hi Jamie thank you for those words . I believe the lord has answered my prayer, this month of September is my month of getting a good job with all good benefits. Amen. Glory to Jesus

    110. Luther MMGB says:

      Hello fellow-Presence seekers. I am looking for a GOOD job. I’m trusting the Lord for a work that will help me grow as a person and help others as well. I have experienced a lot of setbacks in my academics, physical and mental health and do not have a glowing academic transcript. A lot of time has passed and I ask the Lord to restore all the years that the locust has eaten. I’m in South Africa and have a bachelors in Economics and Agricultural Economics. I ask for the face of the Lord to shine on me- I really need the Lord’s favour. My bursary has not even paid for my final year’s fees so I do not even have access to my academic transcript and certificate- it has this been a challenge when I need to apply for graduate positions and other jobs. Please believe with me for miracles. Thank you in advance

    111. Hi, thanks for this prayer , i have not decided to apply or change my career but i do work with a very temperamental guy who does not seem to show respect to his employees hence i thank God for this prayer and will be looking at applying for other jobs soon. Thanks Jamie

    112. Lenora Moore says:

      Thank you for this prayer. I have been seeking an accounting position since I resigned in error from the good job I had where church members were claiming I had a problem and I did not. They wanted to put me in a mental institution, see a psychiatrist, and claim things about me that are not true. They will not even talk to me about why they feel this way. They want to cure me and not talk to me. I pray that the right accounting position will come for me.

    113. Hi Jamie! I prayed this with such an expectation and so amazed…..I have been struggling to find a better job and when I received this email with this prayer I got so excited to know that it is the Lord who wants me to pray over this. No doubt he knows the right time for every single thing that must happen in our lives, and this is for me it. Praise the Lord! God bless you!!

    114. Thank you for this prayer, I’ve just prayed it and is expecting God to grant me that ideal job speedily…He has promised me promotion and so I claim it now in this season. He changeth the times and the seasons, he removeth kings and setteth up kings. Also promotion comes not from the north, south east nor west but from God, He putteth down one and setteth up another👏

    115. Praying for a part time job that’s right for me or the money to get my own business started. God bless

      1. Caroline McGovern says:

        Praying with you Linda.

    116. Trusting God for a job that will set me alight with scope and purpose. A true Kingdom glorifying opportunity.

    117. Jamie, please will you pray for us to have a job we have struggled along time.

    118. Maxine Johnson says:

      Trusting and believing in the Lord for gainful, fulfilling employment and claiming victory in Jesus’ name.

    119. Praying bout a part time job, the person said she would keep me in mind but have not heard from her. Praying for another part time job that the Lord would put me on that person mind that I need the job or pray that the Lord would help me get my own business started……thanks for your prayers…God bless

    120. This message is timely Jamie. I was given end of employment contract notice. My contract ends in September 2021 and I am stressed about the next employment opportunities direction. I am now hopeful for the next direction with your encouraging prayer. God is really using you to strengthen us in all ways.

      God bless you

    121. G. Hobson says:

      Thank you for this prayer and all of your prayers. I am seeking to change states and am looking for a job in my current field of social work with the government. I have already begun applying and will continue to do so as I wait for God to open the door for the right one in Jesus name.

    122. Thank you for this much needed prayer! 🙏🏽❤️🙌🏽I needed this because I definitely want a job I love and pays well. To God be the glory ! Amen. Favor and Yes is my portion. God bless you and your ministry. Amen 🙏🏽

    123. IRMA NORTJE says:

      AMEN, Thank You our Lord, God for me, my husband and daughter, our cousins, nephews, neices in family we receive your guidance in the best future career opportunities to glorify, honor Your Mighty name, to bless.

    124. I prayed your prayer to find a job last night and today I went to a function and landed a job, I was interviewed on the spot and I start next Monday. Thank you for your obedience to God.

    125. I have just read this email…. It came at right time when I needed new job ASAP. I have already done interviews with an NGO which was so challenging but I trust in God after reading this prayer that says in proverbs 10:22 “The blessings of God makes one rich and he adds no sorrow with it”. I am now waiting for my offer letter in Jesus name. I embrace this prayer will open the new doors of good Job for me, In Jesus Name. Amen.

    126. Priscilla says:

      Amen! Thank you Jamie for being a blessing . . For years now I have not had a job and this week i have been praying for God for a Job. I have prayed the prayers and I believe God for a testimony. God bless you Jamie.

    127. I just prayed this prayer for my husband. He had a total knee replacement surgery on his left leg about 6 weeks ago. He IS healing but is still in a lot of pain. The job he has had is a 12-hr shift and the surgeon told him if he returns to it he could undo the good the surgery did. He hasn’t got any income or compensation at all. So please pray that the Lord will provide the perfect job and income, etc. Thank you.

    128. Lord graciously hear us

    129. Yoli Yoli says:

      Thank you Father God for you know my needs. As I was praying to you last night about my current job and needing a new job soon. All glory to you God and thank you Jamie 🙏🏾🙌🏾.

    130. Thank you Jesus because I know that job you have destined for me shall be granted. I believe you have great plans for me.

    131. Maribeth Bieber says:

      I honestly didn’t think I was going to find the end so I could reply. Here it is.
      I am believing Pappa God for a job at home on the computer or The Lord God healing me so I can hear and see good enough to work out in the world. I haven’t worked for years because It was hard to hear and see. Migraines too!
      I haven’t gone to church consistently since Covid. God is healing me though and will be working and going to church again soon.
      For now work at home. When I got out of school for Healthcare Reimbursement which is medical coding and health insurance no one would hire me they said I have no experience. I wonder why, they knew I just got out of school.
      That was a waste of money. I went back while I sill could work for medical assisting and they had me work that morning for the interview. I told the doctor I haven’t done the work in years. I was in high heels not dressed for working. That did not turn out.
      Any way I pray every one gets their hearts desire in Jesus name.
      God bless all of you!

    132. I prayed this prayer today, and am looking forward to my new job, and by God’s will, it will hopefully be with the local zoo or parks. The pay and working hours in these industry are known to be bad, but I trust in God’s miraculous ways that He blesses and keeps His children safe while we pour our passion into our work. I have been unemployed for the 5th month, while my funds are running dry, I trust that Lord has prepared the perfect next job for me in my career and I am already employed!

    133. Thank you, Father, for and for Jamie Rohrbaugh who you have anointed to write the articles.

      I am looking for a new job with excellent: salary, health and dental benefits, vacation time, bonus, holiday pay and close to home with easy transportation and retirement benefits, Christian co-workers, and a kind, compassionate, generous, and patient supervisor. Oh Lord, thank you for hearing me cry regarding a new job. I thank for using this article to confirm that I am on the right path on my job search.

      I love you PaPa

    134. Thank you God, for seeing me through and answering my petition to find a job.
      I cried out to God for Help and he answered me.

    135. This is a blessing and I can’t wait to Testify. Stumbled upon this prayer and it calmed my mind and spirit also banishing the spirit of fear and anxiety. Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer with the world. Remain blessed

    136. Amen and amen. Thank you, Jesus, for the right job you have for me.

    137. Thank you for this awesome prayer. Amen and amen.

    138. Father please help in my time of need for a new job. I am humbly grateful for a job but I am of new of a new better job please. I pray that you would bless me with a new job ASAP. I thank you God and appreciate all that your doing for me. I promise to testify in your name and all glory to you Father God 🙌🏾🙏🏾😭❤️.

    139. Mary Walker says:

      I am believing God for an award, based on an idea God gave my son who has not a held a stable employment for 10 years. An award that will change his old place to a new place of abundance. I believe God will do it. Thank you for these prayer lines to reinforce my faith in God who is faithful. Indeed, God, the lifter of my son’s head. His breakthrough is at hand. Behold I do a new thing, now it shall spring forth. Hallelujah!!!

    140. Exactly the prayer that I needed exactly when I needed it! Thanks for sharing!

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