Radical Prayer #2: Jesus Became Poor That You Might Become Rich

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Jesus Became Poor So You Might Become Rich | Radical sample prayer by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com

I’ve been praying radical prayers for awhile now, and I’m seeing God answer in radical ways. The radical prayer I want to talk about with you today is about how Jesus became poor that you might become rich.

Some of the religious people, who prefer to be poor, might have gotten upset when they read that first sentence.

If you just got upset by that sentence, I challenge you to read the rest of this post, study into it, and pray about it. You’re not having that much fun being poor anyway, so you might as well try something new.

Second Corinthians 8:9 contains this gem:

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    For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich.”

    Let’s talk about what this means.

    Does this verse talk about spiritual riches? No, it’s talking about material wealth: MONEY.

    If you read the entire chapter, Paul is telling the believers in Corinth to gather an offering of money. The entire passage is about money and material provision.


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    Although it’s certainly true that Christ died to give us spiritual riches, like forgiveness of sins, eternal life, wisdom, and communion with God, that’s not what this chapter is talking about.

    But it seems too far-fetched, you say.

    We have to understand that everything about Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection bought something back for us that had been stolen by sin.

    Jesus Christ lived, died, and rose again to bring us back to God’s original intent for our lives. For example:

    • He hung on a tree to remove all curses from us, because the Bible says that cursed is the man who hangs on a tree.
    • He took all the sin of mankind on Himself at the cross so that we could be forgiven.
    • His body was torn apart by a Roman whip to pay the price for our healing, so our bodies could be put back together and made whole.
    • He was a Man of Sorrows, taking our sorrows upon Himself, so that we could have comfort by the Holy Spirit, our Comforter.

    In the same way, Jesus Christ became poor that we might become rich.

    Luke 9:58 tells us:


    And Jesus said to him, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.”

    That doesn’t mean Jesus was always poor.

    I don’t believe He was always poor. As the eldest Son of Joseph and Mary, He likely could have worked in and/or inherited the family’s carpentry business, and I believe that Jesus was great at whatever He put His hand to. He easily could have been a wealthy craftsman before He left home to get baptized by John in the Jordan River. We don’t know.

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    What we do know is that Jesus became poor during His ministry.

    Luke 8:3 tells us that many women provided for Him out of their substance. So I’m sure He wasn’t starving, but the money and provision were not His own. Second Corinthians 8:9 specifically tells us that Jesus Himself was poor.

    So what does this have to do with you? 

    Well, if everything about Jesus’ life was meant to purchase something for you–to bring you back to God’s original intent for your life–then Jesus’ poverty was meant to purchase something for you too.

    And Second Corinthians 8:9 tells us that Jesus’ poverty was meant to purchase wealth for you.

    That means you don’t have to be poor.

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    I began to grasp this just recently. (I say “began” for a reason; I am still working on wrapping my brain and spirit around this one!) When I started to claim this promise, I began praying for God to bring my husband and I the wealth that Jesus purchased for us with His poverty.

    I prayed this very seriously, and with my mind on Christ. I didn’t pray it just so I could go buy a BMW, a Rolex, and flaunt my new wealth.

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    But I did pray it because I want Jesus to see the fruit of the travail of His soul (Isaiah 53:11).

    I don’t want anything Jesus did for me to be in vain. I don’t want to get to Heaven and hear Jesus say, “I purchased so much for you! I gave everything I had! But you never cared–you never received it for yourself!”

    Wouldn’t it be awful to hear Him say that? So I want Jesus to look at me and say, “It wasn’t in vain! Everything I did for Jamie is bearing fruit! Everything I did was so worth it! Look at the results in Jamie!”

    If Jesus is to see the fruit of His poverty in me, then that means I have to receive the wealth/riches/material provision He purchased for me. And so do you.

    Let me say that again:

    If Jesus is going to receive the fruit and reward of His poverty, that means YOU are have to going to let God make you rich …

    … Because everything Jesus suffered purchased something for you. And when He suffered through having no place to lay His head, and having to be provided for by others, He did that for a reason: 

    So YOU wouldn’t have to experience it. So you could be wealthy. So you could have plenty, and live in a perfect state of shalom peace–nothing missing and nothing broken.

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    I’m blessed, and I’ll never say otherwise because the Bible says that if you don’t think you have much, you lose what you have. So I confess I am blessed–and you should confess the same.

    But when it comes to the level of wealth that God promises in the Bible, I have a long way to go. Don’t you?

    But I can tell you that, when I started praying this prayer, God started giving us radical financial blessings.

    I’m receiving those blessings, too. I’m thanking Him for each blessing, and I’m asking Him for more… because poverty is not God’s gift to us. Poverty and lack are not from God.

    Wealth and plenty, on the other hand, ARE from God. And since Jesus paid the price for our poverty by becoming poor Himself, that means Jesus became poor that you and I might become rich.

    So we need to pray for wealth and riches. 

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    Of course, we should never try to gain them in an unholy way. But we SHOULD pray for them, then go out and work the plan that the Lord gives us while we’re in His prayer closet. Getting out of poverty always requires action … but we start with prayer.

    Are you ready to pray a wild, radical prayer for financial blessing?

    Then pray this with me:

    “Dear Heavenly Father, 

    I come to You in Jesus’ name.

    Father, I don’t know how to pray as I ought, or how to offer it worthily as I ought. But, Your Word says that Your Holy Spirit makes intercession for me with moanings and groanings which cannot be uttered–and that You who search the hearts know what Holy Spirit is saying. So Father God, I ask that Your Holy Spirit would pray through me and for me right now.

    Father God, I believe that Jesus became poor so that I might be rich.

    I believe it with all my heart. I know that You are a good, good Father. You’re just as good to Your Son Jesus as You are to me, and You would never have told Jesus to endure poverty without a purpose.

    I know that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, and that poverty is a work of the devil; so I therefore know that Jesus’ poverty destroyed the poverty and all poverty-producing work of the devil in my life. Thank You, Father God, and thank You, Lord Jesus, for doing this for me.

    So Father God, I plead the poverty of Jesus right now. I lift up the poverty of Jesus to you.

    Father, Your Son Jesus endured poverty, homelessness, and so much more for me. And I know You had Him do that to win the victory and blessing back for me; to purchase me back from sin and from all after-effects of sin. Thank You, Lord. 

    So Father, because Jesus purchased me OUT of poverty, that means He purchased me INTO wealth.

    Your Word says that Jesus became poor that I might become rich. Your Word says over and over, from Genesis through Revelation, that I am to be blessed; that being financially prosperous and outrageously blessed is a byproduct or blessing of being in right relationship with You through Christ Jesus.

    So Lord, because Jesus shed His blood for me, and because He took the curse of poverty on my behalf, I ask right now that You would make me outrageously, fabulously rich.

    I’ll say it again:

    Lord, make me outrageously, fabulously rich and wealthy.


    • I speak to every bit of wealth and financial riches that You desire to give me, Father God, and I command it to come in from the north, south, east, and west.
    • I speak to every investment You desire me to have, and I command them to come in from the north, south, east, and west.
    • I speak to every harvest and return that You have for me on my investments–both tangible investments and spiritual investments–and I command them to come in and produce a thousandfold financial blessing, as well as every other kind of blessing, in my life.

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    Lord, send the camels that You promised in Isaiah 60–those camels loaded with silver, gold, and every precious thing.

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    Additionally, Lord:

    • Send me the kings who are to be my foster fathers, and the queens who are to be my nursing mothers.
    • I ask You in Jesus’ name to provide unexpected money for me at every turn.
    • I ask for every good and perfect gift that comes down from You, the Father of lights, in whom there is no shadow of turning.
    • I ask that every debt, including my mortgage, would be paid in full.
    • I ask that Your financial blessings would chase me down in the street.
    • I ask that money would come to me day and night, night and day, according to Your Word in Isaiah 60, which cannot fail.
    • I ask that You would provide me with the vehicles I need, the funding I need for my business, the right jobs and contacts, the right clients, and that You would prosper me at every turn.

    Lord, I ask that You would personally deliver to me radical, sustainable, unusual wealth.

    I ask that You would wake up every seed I have ever sown that is good, and let it produce a thousandfold harvest. If I sowed it into poor soil without knowing it, Lord, then I ask You to supernaturally transfer my seed into good soil right now and let it produce fruit.

    I ask also that every smallest bit of money I have would become larger. I ask that every large bit of money that I have would become outrageously huge. And I ask that You would do it all for Your glory.

    Father, let me remember that it is YOU who give me power to get wealth, and that so You confirm Your covenant, which You swore to my fathers.

    Make me oh-so-deeply-aware of the fact that everything in Heaven and earth is YOURS, and that I am only a steward. I am only taking care of what belongs to You, Father, so please help me to do a good job.

    Renew in me the heart of a good steward, and help me to live generously and take care of what is Yours as YOU desire me to do–and only do with Your wealth what You would have me do. Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my thoughts. See if there be any wicked way in me; and if there is, GET IT OUT! And lead me in Your way everlasting. 


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    Father, I choose to submit to Your wealth.

    Lord Jesus, thank You for becoming poor for me, so that I might become rich. Thank You, Father God, for loving me that much that You adopted me and made me Your child and representative on the earth. I choose to submit myself to You, and I thank You for blessing me outrageously from this day forward. 

    It’s in Jesus’ name and for Jesus’ sake I pray. Amen.”

    How about you? Do you want everything Jesus purchased for you? If so, will you start praying for Papa God to bring you the wealth and material provision that Jesus became poor to give you?

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    Image courtesy of Adriano Makato Suzuki on Flickr via Creative Commons license.


    1. Martha Hultgren says:

      Thank you for sharing this. My husband and I have been walking out this teaching for many years as we have come to know God as our provider. Some back away from teaching this truth because of the abuses and extremes that have discredited the “prosperity gospel.” My observation is that the purpose of prosperity is to build the kingdom of God. It is very sad to me to see ministries that have a calling that they are unable to fulfill because of lack of finances, and that often those same ministries are the most vocal is condemning prosperity, without looking at what the Word teaches about it. I will concur that it is good to be “abundantly supplied unto every good work,” as the Word promises givers. I think people can get off track when they let the provision be the goal, rather than a means to support the gospel and be able to give as God directs. But that doesn’t negate the truth that part of Jesus’ redemptive work was financial provision.

        1. So true Martha! Thank you Jamie for being brave enough and bold enough to share the truth! Praise the Lord for truth! 🙂 This is real people. I am experiencing this too and it is ALL for HIS glory that we believe and receive from HIM!

            1. Amen 🙏 l needed this prayer in my life

      1. Jamie I am encouraged by this by this powerful prayer you write thank you so much. Father God of heaven and Earth I thank you so much for your blessing in my life and my children life continue blessing my sister Jamie.

      2. WEGOSASA STELLA says:


    2. Christine says:

      awesome , yes i Pray for wealth to Flow in abundantly , so i can always give bountyful into Gods Kingdom . Thats on my Heart . Jesus is my Lord & my Savior forever, As i get to Heaven i want to hear him say well Dome faithful Servant & & Even it hasnt bein in vain .

      1. Amen, Christine. I pray God would supply all your needs and bless you with every desire of your heart as you seek Him first! He is so wonderful like that. 🙂
        Thank you for reading my blog and for sharing! Have a great day!

    3. David Trevino says:

      Is it possible to get an outline of a prayer to help me out. I prayed but for some reason it doesn’t feel like I did it correctly

      1. Hi David. Thanks for reading! I can work on that, but it will take me some time. In the meantime, just pray from your heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray, and to intercede for you (Romans 8:26-27), and He will. 🙂 He’s even more interested in helping you pray than you are in being helped! He’s wild about you and just wants to connect with you. 🙂 And prayer and the Word are His primary ways of doing that.
        Thank you for reading my blog!

    4. Black Jewel says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Thanks for the radical prayers. Can I have a few verses for the sick? My dad is diabetic and has an enlarged heart. It pains me to see him suffer. I haven’t given up on him and i believe God will heal him. I get lost when praying as much as am stressing on his total healing.
      Black Jewel

    5. sonia perez says:

      Hello everyone:

      I need to know how do I pray to god to bring me the wealth and material provision that Jesus became poor to give me.


    6. Endar Malkovich says:

      I believe people don’t think anymore. Jesus did not die for sins because your definition of wringing god as being a sin is not the correct definition. God did not kill his son nor did his son take our place as that’s a medieval penal substitution theory. Nor was a man who could transform matter ever poor. Until you understand hebrew these topics will be over your head

      1. And you will burn in hell, Endar, if you continue believing that. Repent of your sins and turn to Christ, whose substitution for you through His death on the cross IS your only chance of salvation.

    7. Thank you so much for this anointed Holy Spirit inspired prayer?? Glory to God

    8. joy kagai says:

      Please send me a prayer sample on Jesus was poor for me to be rich,im not good at reading the bible but one of your prayers saved me out of a situation,i almost hot fired from my job

      1. Hi Joy. When I first dedicated my life to Jesus, all I could read was about 1 or 2 verses of the Bible each day. But I asked Him to increase my capacity for prayer and for His Word, and He did! He will do the same for you if you want Him to. I encourage you to pick up your Bible and start by reading one or two verses every day too. Start in the Gospel of John and read all the way through. It will make all the difference in the world in you and in your life!

        It’s not about feeling good at reading your Bible. You want to read your Bible because the words that Jesus speaks are spirit and life. Reading your Bible helps you hide God’s Word in your heart, so you will know God and love Him, and so you will not sin against Him. And also, hiding His words in your heart helps you know how much He loves you; know what His plans for you are; and know what your life can look like if you give Him control of your life.

    9. Radical wealth was an interesting subject I was looking for how should I pray for radical wealth as you stated in your blog and example.
      Came across your prayers for unjust situation.

    10. Where is the actual Radical Prayer #2 ~ Jesus became poor so we could become rich located? It is not under the tab talking about the prayer like the others are. Thank you!

    11. Jamie thank you so much for this word! I drink your word deep into my heart and soul and I agree with you and with the Holy Spirit and say “I continually long to know the wonders of Jesus more fully and to experience the overflowing power of His resurrection working in me and I run with passion into His Abundance so that I may reach the purpose Jesus Christ has called me to fulfill and wants me to discover! Amen so be it!

    12. Lenora Masters says:

      This is so powerful Jamie. Holy Spirit anointed as always. He definitely wants us walking in this blessing of abundance and like Abraham being a blessing to others, to nations!!
      So many times I’d like to print your teachings. I am old school and so appreciate a hard copy to highlight and copy and file away. Is there a way to print these outrageously wonderful postings of yours?
      Do you prefer that we not print them? If so I honor that.
      Big love,
      Lenora xo

      1. Hi Lenora dear! Yes, you can print them anytime. When you click on a post, at the top of the post there is a row of social sharing buttons. The last one on the right is a gray printer icon. Just click that and it will produce a print-friendly version of the post.
        Thank you so much for reading! I still hope to see you sometime this year in the lovely state of Colorado! 🙂

    13. This prayer really came up for me. I have been praying to God for financial intervention. And it really help.msy God continue to use you vividly in his glory.

    14. Henrietta says:

      Thank you for this prayer Jamie! Yes, I believe and receive all that the Lord has in store for me without any reservations. I praise and thank the Lord for doing this great thing for me. I know and can sense that the shift has already happened!

    15. Belita Randall says:

      HI Jamie,
      Thank you so very much for this powerful prayer. I believe that every person who has read and prayed this will receive financial abundance undreamed of. I also believe that the poor of this world will be assisted as we ask Our Heavenly Father to direct our steps with HIS money!

      May God continue to bless you and all that you do for His Name sake.
      Regards to all from Cape Town, South Africa.

    16. Patricia S Hatcher-Jones says:

      Yes and amen – I’m sowing a Isaiah 53:11 seed an agreement with this word

    17. Jeff Gilchriest says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Would you tell me where you uncovered the “and every precious thing” from Isaiah 60:6 ?
      Lord, send the camels that You promised in Isaiah 60–those camels loaded with silver, gold, and every precious thing.


      1. Hey Jeff, I was just adding my prayer to those words. The camels are merchant caravans–ships of the desert that carry items for trade. So they would have carried all the things that were valuable in that culture: gold, silver, wine, animal skins, food, milk, etc. So, even though our “precious things” in today’s culture look different, we should still pray for the same–that God will send us those merchant caravans (businesspeople whose vehicles/businesses are loaded with valuable goods) to bless us.
        Hope this helps. Thanks for reading!

    18. Hi Jaimie , Thankyou for this prayer ! I read it everyday al oh your prayers I just have had the most anazings things happening in my life since I started ! I was told I was anointed to work with my nations people . I’m so excited to know what that even means and how Gods going to use me . My finances are social assistance right now due to my circumstances of going through emotional healing of trauma and ptsd from narciccist abuse . Please pray God increases my finances I’m tithing even with the money I get going to church and reading and praying his word ! Please pray for my miracle with me ! God Bless you for what your doing 🙂

    19. Christle H says:

      Thank you for The calling on your life to write these posts. I read, Prayed and believed in Faith and I know I will see the Wealth. THe enemy has held my breakthrough in this area but as I read and prayed I will see the release! Glory to God!

    20. Lucretia Wingate says:

      Jamie, thank you for this radical prayer.. It really touched me and I’m going to read this everyday.. Before I start I day.. God bless you..

    21. Patricia A McNeil says:

      Jamie, thanks so much for this radical prayer. I will pray this every day over my finances.

    22. I am so thankful for you Jamie. The prayers you send forth is so powerful and I ask that God continue to use you and bless you in every way. I am going through so much right now evil on my job and financial but the prayers that you share have gotten my through a lot of rough days and I am so grateful for you.

    23. Thank you Jamie for sharing these powerful prayers with us. This is very timely for me and in few months I will come back here to testify what the Lord has done in the area of my finances!!

    24. Kahn Johnson says:

      Thank you, Jamie,
      I just asked this morning, if it’s ok to pray for wealth and then I ran across your blog informing me that not only is it ok to pray for wealth, but more importantly, it’s God’s Word and desire for me to be wealthy!

      Thank You Jesus!!

      Safe in His Arms,

    25. Jamie, thank you so much for your beautiful site and prayers. I’ve been praying my heart out and have started a God Responds list – it’s filling up! Today I received an exact vision and description of my Life’s Purpose, along with the business name. It is so perfectly ‘me’ I can hardly believe it! I have literally waited a lifetime for this and I’m overcome with gratitude. Bless you Jamie! and Thank You Jesus!

    26. Thank you for sharing the prayer and message. So timely. A few weeks ago, have been drawn towards the message about our relationship with money. Many times, it is our own doing to choose not to receive God’s hand when it comes to our finances and opportunities. We prayed for finances and opportunities; yet, we contradict our own prayers all the time when it seems impossible or daunting. We allow negativity to creep in and soon nullified our own prayers. Indeed, God intended all things for good. There are those who only quote that money is evil. Good people uses money for good. And evil people uses money for evil. When money is used for good – brings good tidings and blessings to those who poor and neglected. Money is neither good or bad. Money is unlimited. Infact, money is merely a form to store the value that can only be gained when we render services or help/blessings to others. So, I am so thankful for this sharing.

    27. pheobe Aluoch says:

      Amen and amen.. Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord Almighty God.. I bless your name my father and friend.. May your will be done upon my life in Jesus Mighty name 🙏🙏

    28. I receive the grace to receive the fabulous and unusual wealth that Father God has for me! The wealth that Jesus bought with His blood is being transferred to me right now In Jesus’ name! Amen

    29. Lilian Chudey Pride says:

      Amen. Thank you for this remainder.

    30. linda harrison says:

      Amen, thank you Jamie, I receive all the Lord has for me & my family, thank you dear Lord

    31. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Amen and Amen!❤

    32. Anonymous says:

      Thank you my first time here from the bottom of my heart I appreciate every word you say Thank you Amen 🙏🙏🙏

      1. lee landrum says:

        I have been told that I will receive wealth I hope this helps and to who ever reads this help me to start a organization that gives people a good reason to get off drugs and live a better life I have this vision to build a huge building like one big motel and let’s give them money allowance to leave drugs alone and drug test them every day and the ones that fail we decide punishments for and we open up some of these business that closed down and then we give the ones that pass a money management classes and we start in one single town. and then we give them a loan to start a business and then they go start the same thing in another town and before you know it we would have every state every town doing better and bringing in more business and then I say we get country wide we close down our borders finish the wall stop all airlines and waters except for import and export and tell other countries to do what we have done then our borders would open back up

    33. Chad Hart says:

      “So Father, because Jesus purchased me OUT of poverty, that means He purchased me INTO wealth.” The timing of this word could not be any greater. For many, it will be a REVOLUTIONARY turn in their religious thinking. To me Jesus’s sacrifice is two-fold. To be a witness as to why He came to give us “a more abundant life”. And secondly to fund the provision for our assignment in advancing the Kingdom of God through our heavenly scroll written about us before the foundation of the world. Once again this word comes on the heels of the “40 Day Exceptional Reward” and 6 Specific Rewards word you just gave that the Lord is ging us at this time. TREMENDOUS lead up to Passover. We MUST pray into this with all the passion IT and WE deserve.

    34. IRMA NORTJE says:

      Amen i recieve abundance in Christ. thanku Ps Jamie

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