Encouraging Word: You Don’t Think You Deserve Enough

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You Don't Think You Deserve Enough | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com

Have you been struggling with financial lack, beloved? If so, I have an encouraging word for you today.

The Lord just woke me up with this word. Here is what He told me to tell you:

“You’ve been struggling with financial lack because your mindset isn’t healed yet. You don’t think you deserve enough.

Don’t worry, though; I am teaching you. My name is Teacher, and I can renew your mind if you cooperate with me.

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    Precious son, beloved daughter, it is my will for you to govern on the earth. This must happen in order for the Kingdom of Heaven to be manifest in every sphere of society. And in order for you to govern, I need you to submit to My wealth.

    I need you to submit to My wealth.

    Yes, darling child: My wealth is a work of grace, just like forgiveness of sins is a work of grace. Receive it, knowing you don’t deserve it. Deserving anything was never a part of the equation. Deserving anything has never been a part of the equation.

    So submit to my work of grace. Ask, and you shall receive. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and the door shall be opened unto you. For EVERYONE who asks receives, and EVERY CHILD who seeks finds, and every door that is knocked upon shall be opened for my children of grace and love (Matthew 7:7-8).


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    So where do you want to go? What do you want to do?

    The buffet of My grace and love is open to you. Put a demand on My grace. It is this grace that opens My Kingdom of plenty to you.

    Take your worthiness out of the equation, precious child. Allow Me to manifest My own government through you. Let Me use you as a vessel for My plenty, to release My goodness and My praise upon the earth.

    You are My chosen vessel. In Me, and in Me alone, you live and move and have your being. Allow Me to manifest the fullness of who I am through you … and Who I Am is Plenty. Who I Am is Abundant. Who I Am is Sovereign.

    It matters not what you deserve. All that matters is that you are in Me, and I Am in you.”

    Does this word resonate with you? Have you been limiting God and thinking that you don’t deserve plenty? If so, let’s renew our minds today, shall we?

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    1. The last few days, I swear, you are writing from the Lotd directly to me. THANK YOU for the beautiful ministry of this blog. This word is so perfectly timed, is the answer to the specific thing I’m praying about right now, and is a comfort. Thank you for being a vessel of the Father’s love in a season where I’ve been straining to hear Him better.

      1. YESSSSSS!!! I feel the EXACT same way!

    2. God Bless you! I actually know and believe the Holy Spirit is speaking through you for real.,! Because this is my focus today, this morning and struggling with, in tears to God on how. But I have faith cos He has continue to provide all our needs according to His riches in Christ through Grace. Thank you ?

    3. Fiona Reid says:

      Thank you Jamie, things seem to be moving very fast as far as getting answered through gods prophets, it is exciting . I found an artical written by Bob Jones defining what my giftings have been all my life,I always felt miss understood but had come to except them. He wrote an artical on What is a SEER I had never seen this defined before anywhere

      When I read your article on the “Hidden One” Oh it all makes sence I feel like I Then have been hidden most of my life trying to figure out why. Then I go into your web and see the word about financial lack and have been asking for so long , for assistance knowing he has all provision for me and not understanding why I had not received You where right I did not feel like I had done anything to deserve it , but have always known it is part of my destiny. A paster asked me about 6 months ago what was i doing and my answer was I am hidding not really knowing why I said it , he looked at me strangly and just walked away , but I have come so acustomed to this kind of reation . A local prophet whom I have been going to see for about 3 Years has kept me on the right path and had said that god had held me back for a reason ,but still I have just had to wait. I realize there is perfect timing for all things. Thank you again
      God Bless you
      Fiona in Waiting NZ

    4. Pauline Borgan says:

      Thank you Jamie. May the Lord pour His grace upon my husband and I. We seek Him. Fill us oh Lord I pray. All glory to You Lord, Abba Father?

    5. Neville Reid says:

      I thank YAHWEH for you truly my Heavenly Father who alone knows my heart is speaking to me through you. Amen and Amen. YAHWEH bless you in the Name of JESUS.Amen

      1. Neville Reid says:

        Thank YAHWEH for you continue to be a voice for him great is your reward in heaven. Amen and Amen

    6. Patricia Torres says:

      Thank you for these words of faith…I battle daily with all sorts of obstacles. I am always trying to bring my family closer to God and that alone is a struggle, however my biggest struggle is finances..we have to find a home..now..

    7. Rebecca L Jones says:

      Ah, a financial mindset. I believe you may have something there.

    8. Linda Wade says:

      Yes, the GRACE…we don’t deserve it, but I’m learning to receive it?. I’m learning more and more about your AMAZING GRACE, Father.

      Thank you Jamie for your faithfulness and your obedience. ???

    9. Dominguez says:

      Thanks, your a precious vessel of God.
      I receive your words of encouragement regarding…”Hidden Ones”…
      Whoooaaa!!!! – The best is yet to come:)

    10. Jena Watson says:

      If your messages aren’t for anyone else they are for ME. Keep going! Don’t stop! Everything Father is giving you is specifically a personal message for me. These are words I’ve been been waiting a LIFETIME to hear. I’ve not been in touch with you personally as I would’ve liked because of physical issues(I had a 4 organ transplant and am getting back on my feet. 2 years with no intestines. But God has made me for such a time as this!), but the future is looking bright! So keep doing what you’re doing because it seems that Father is using you as an audible voice for me and others like me!

    11. Millie Williams says:

      Dear Jamie,
      I thank you for this word today. May God peace and love follow you everywhere you go.
      I thank you again Love Millie

    12. The Lord touches me Everytime I cry because He’s speaking to me ! I receive your grace Abba Father Thank you Lord I love you ???????
      Thank you Jaime, may the Lord bless you

    13. Patrick Murray says:

      Thank’s Jamie, for a such a wonderful message in the Spirit of Grace, wisdom, and revelation that comes from the Father so that we may know Him better, and the eyes of our heart may be enlightened in order that we may know the hope/purpose he has called us. Like so many, I have been hidden, broken, battered. at an early age, 3or4 been told “Children should be seen and not heard” I retreated and buried the pain until now 65. But Abba Father had me in the palm of His hands, molding, and making me and hiding me in his quiver. Such Amazing Grace

    14. HI Jamie, what does ‘place a demand on his grace’ mean?

    15. Amen . Jamie God bless you.

    16. Isn’t it funny how we seemingly struggle to prove our worth and our own worthiness, always seeking attention, when worthiness was never part of the equation? Thank you, Lord Jesus for your Grace and for allowing me to be your Vessel. Thank you for receiving me and allowing me to receive your Grace in all ways. Through your Grace I am Worthy and I am enough!

    17. Thank’s Jamie, for this wonderful financial message. This for me has become the food of thought for my finances. I have been struggling now for a few months, but I think I have today found an answer to my financial problems. What one needs to do is to ask and it shall be given as the word says…I thank You for God to reveal this through You. The only perfect gift is the one that comes from our Father above . May God continue to bless you and give you strength and wisdom always.

    18. Hi Jamie this was for me I have to change my mindset thank you again keep up the good work and may you be rewarded, stay blessed

    19. The Lord made you resend this just for me..a new topic was preached in church ‘taking away the reproach’ and I cried out to God to take away the reproach of poverty amongst other things only to get home and this was in my mail..thank you Jesus for answering me and sending confirmation..may u be watered jamie as u water others.Amen

    20. I surrender all to God.

    21. Lovely Word. Thank you Jamie, and thank you Lord.

    22. Thanks for the candid, straightforward language. This arena is too ripe for “misconstruing”.
      I am sure many of us came from one or more parents or environments that modeled or taught “if you can just manage to suffer and endure through this realm, and don’t have needs and don’t ask for anything, you’ll be rewarded in the heavenly realm”. (Two parents with cancer, one right after the other, one abusive and narcissistic but claiming to be, cough, “Godly”)
      Oh, and prove yourself, pray the right way, blah-blah. I’d prob be dead in a ditch without God’s mercy of my other parent.
      So….. Nope. What you said.
      But ohhhhh, are the devil and his minions after me! In actual circumstances. I literally think, “Seriously? I know devil hates us all, but am I really enough of a threat to put these armies against me?!?”. Apparently…..
      Come on, resurrection power!
      Luke 11:8.

    23. linda harrison says:

      Amen, thanks be to God

    24. Sandra Carreon says:

      Thank you Jesus this word is for me I was thinking thoughts that I was not worthy to receive what God has for me but I receive all you need me to receive. Thank you Father

    25. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Help me Lord to surrender all to you and change my mindset of knowing and serving you.Amen

    26. Thank you again for an excellent word, Jamie!
      Lord, set us free from all spirits and mindsets of poverty! Renew in us the mind of Christ; we will think like He thinks, and receive grace, abundance, and wisdom to use our finances God’s way- in Jesus’s Name. Amen!!

      .*💗TAKE CARE💗*.

    28. My God this was perfect and of the divine – I hear the voice of God and the Holy Spirit through this – thank you Father God, Lord Jesus Christ, thank you Sister Jamie.

    29. Amazing I do have the rong mindset sometimes, forgive me Lord for doubting you, I receive this word in Jesus name

    30. Joseph Gandywest says:

      Amen. I receive. In Jesus name

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