Prophetic Word: I Give You All Things To Enjoy

The Holy Spirit just interrupted my schedule a few moments ago when I felt Him wanting to reach out to you again today. So, I sat down at my computer and asked Him what He wanted you to know.

This is what He told me to pass on to you:

“Beloved daughter, beloved son, I have given you all things to enjoy.

This means that everything I have blessed you with, you may freely enjoy. I want you to enjoy my blessings. I want you to delight in the wonderful, godly, holy life that Jesus died to give you.

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    So cut yourself some slack. You have been working hard, and hard work is necessary. However, rest is necessary too. And this is a season in which I am pouring out more good and perfect gifts than ever before at any time in history, because your heart is right before me.


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    The windows of Heaven are open. I am keeping my promises, as I always have.

    Many times in the past, you thought I was not keeping my promises–when actually My answer was “not yet.” It wasn’t time for many things then, but now is the time

    So pray. Do the work in prayer that I need you to do to release Me to work and move in your life. Ask Me for the rewards I seek to bring you. You have many rewards stored up in Heaven, precious sons and daughters. Great indeed is your reward. And you can release those rewards to yourself in prayer, for prayer gives me legal access to your life.

    I am so willing, beloved. Like an eager puppy dog with its tongue hanging out, panting with excitement, so is the joy in My heart about the things I desire to do for you. So, ask and you shall receive. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and the door shall be opened to you.

    Don’t be surprised if My favor and blessings come in unexpected packages and from unexpected delivery-people.

    So pray specifically, but pray for the things to which you cannot attach words as well. Ask Me specifically to do those things that you cannot imagine. Ask Me even to put a gift tag on those gifts when I send them to you, so that you will know which prayer each package came from.

    Beloved, you cannot comprehend My generous heart … but try. Try. Meditate on My flow of blessings that is pouring into you right now. As the sun shines brightly down on you; as the air fills your lungs; so are the blessings I am sending from My throne flowing to you right now.

    I love you, dear one. I love you more than you could ask or think.

    Petition Me to know Me and the depths of My love. My gifts are simply an expression of My love to you. They are not the only expression, but they are one expression.

    And right now, My generosity is overflowing, bubbling over, welling up in My heart. I cannot control it, for generosity is who I Am. The same way I cannot restrain Myself from being holy, so I cannot restrain Myself from being generous. It is who I Am. And My heart is to move on the earth and in your life with more generosity than you could ever imagine.

    I love you, precious child. Think on these things. Meditate on who I Am, and the doors you seek shall open to you.”

    Wow. Thank You, Jesus.

    I became overwhelmed even writing down this word as the Lord whispered it to me. Jesus, I love You. Thank You.

    Beloved, if this word speaks to your heart and spirit too, please leave a comment below and as your confession of faith that you receive this word.


    1. Amen! I receive this word. Thank you Jesus for allowing us to ask you and giving us what we need. I believe God is going to surprise me in this season and He is going to answer prayers I been praying for. Thank you for this word ❤

        1. AMEN…….I receive this word. I am already blessed by supernatural miracles that money can’t buy, those “but god” moments where only HE can move , and I trust that the gifts God has released now are far more abundant than I could ever imagine. But only GOD…….AMEN

      1. Amen and Amen. Thank you Jesus for your sweet and precious love for us.

        1. I receive and believe the word of God?

      2. Grace cobb says:

        Rejoicing in This word! Thank You for your obedience and Faithfulness servant ! And Yes recieved and holding Dear to my Heart ❤️ , If our Earthly Fathers know how to give good gifts How Much More Does Our Heavenly Father know how to Give , keep looking He’s pouring out!!???

      3. Annautrey says:

        Thank you Jesus I receive it in your precious name thank you God thank you just nothing is impossible for you . I praise you and give you thanks for this prophetic words and this ministry. Amen

      4. Saundra Box says:

        Thank you so much for your encouragement! You have no idea how much I needed this.

        I woke up in the middle of the night and could not sleep. I opened up my Bible and read Psalm 23.

        The word that resonated in my heart comes from verse two. The word is, “makes.” He makes me lie down. Sometimes He makes us lie down and while we are laying there, we need to trust God and enjoy the rest!

        I have been searching, praying, seeking and listening to God. I have such a desire to minister to women. When I graduated college I just figured the doors would fly open and I would waltz right through.

        Welllll, that did not happen. For almost two years there has been a strong desire to see if we could have a women’s minister on staff at a church. I thought I heard God say go! I was so scared, but both presentations went so well. I just knew I had heard correctly and this is what was to be.

        I received the call and no was the answer. I have been so heart broken. Never in all my life did I believe I heard His calling. Please lift me up high to God! The scripture that always comes to my mind is that He loves me and He will never forsake me! The past two days when I open my Bible there is a verse that is stating that and several times I have received either texts or posts that resonate the same thing!

        I know God is with me and my Redeemer lives! We serve a risen Savior and He is in the world today!!!!!

        God bless you and yours,

        1. I am sorry that you have been disappointed! But, know that where one door closes, another opens. I pray Papa God would show you the thing He IS doing today!!!
          Love and big hugs.

      5. Cheryl Leak says:

        Thank you Jamie! Quite honestly, I don’t even know how I got on your mailing list, but I’m so glad I did. What a precious word today! I receive it, and am expecting my gifts with gift tags. Thank you for your obedience, and I look forward to future messages from you. Happiest New Year and Remain Blessed!

        Cheryl Leak

      6. Luis Quezada says:

        There’s very specific parts and words of this message, that speak directly to my prayers and I. It’s too detailed to be a coincidence! Thank you for your Godly work. Thank you our Lord Jesus Christ, our Heavenly Father God, and our Holy Spirit! In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ our savior we pray, Amen!

    2. Smeni declare that i am solvent and debt free, i dont owe any1 any money because the earth and all thais on it belongs to God whk is my Father, in Jesus’ name Amen.

      1. DAVID TETTEH DAMEH says:

        I am the one the Lord is spoken with. Yesterday I just worship Him and praise God for what He has done for me,while singing multitude of Angels appear to me that my time is this. So am not surprised the Holy Ghost open your eyes to see and hear.thank you Jesus Christ

    3. Rebecca L Jones says:

      It sounds like every good and perfect gift is on the way. Thanks Jamie for a timely word, I pray for people to receive spiritual gifts.

    4. Yes thank you Jamie.. I receive that word glory to you name Jesus..

    5. Frances Juanita Brooks says:

      Yes I receive this Word. Thank You.

    6. Kara Raubenheimer says:

      Amen! I thank you Lord Jesus, and I absolutely receive your gifts!

    7. Marjorie Mudi says:

      Amen.. I receive this word. ??

    8. I receive every good and perfect gift from the throne of grace. Thank you Jesus for your unfailing love.

    9. Laurna Tallman says:

      Beautiful confirmation of a Word from about a week ago. Soon.

    10. Oh Lord, I receive! This message sparks so much excitement & joy — thank you for your generosity dear Lord. And send extra blessings to Jamie as she continues to be so faithful & so obedient to You. Amen.

    11. Amen! God’s perfect timing 😉

    12. Millie Williams says:

      You are truly my Angel. I ask God to give me a word today this morning. Then I out up your email. I know this word is from God our Papa. I receive this word and I believe in this word with all my heart. I am declaring that me and my family will be able to get and stay out of debt and have enough money to purchase a home in full.
      May God bless you continually. I thank you again.
      Mrs. Millie

    13. WENDY MACDONALD says:


    14. christy dixon says:

      Amen I receive this word Hallelujah. thank you Jesus

    15. Shamekah Shaw says:

      Thank you Holy Spirit For bringing this word. I receive it. I have been praying for God to open Heaven and to do radical miracles. Amen

    16. Thanks so much. God bless you with your encouraging words. They are really soothing to the heart.

    17. Amen. I anticipate miracle after miracle which I know is a great gift from You. Thank You.

    18. Very timely!
      I receive this!

    19. I receive this Word in Jesus Name and I’m soooo excited for what God is doing! I’m believing Him for the impossible!!

    20. Amen! In the name of Jesus I receive his word of confirmation!

    21. Cynthia Tribbey says:

      Amen! Thank you I needed to hear that!!!

    22. I truly appreciate and adore El Elyon for this word.I am in GREAT NEED of things to take place in my family life.I begin to cry and smile at the same time as I was reading this beautiful word! ! This word from the Lord truly confirms what the Lord has been speaking to my ? heart. Thankyou for being obedient to listen and release this ON TIME word! May the Lord bless u and keep u always…?? I BELIEVE AND RECEIVE JESUS…AND AS THE SONG BY JOHN WALLER SAYS..WHILE IM WAITING I WILL PRAISE U!!!?

    23. This is right on time! I believe and receive it and will continue pressing into God with prayer–specific prayer! I am open and ready to receive pleasant surprise blessings in Jesus’ precious name! Amen!

    24. Thank you! This spoke to my heart! Thank you Jesus for confirming this! I do love you so much! Help me to love you more today!

    25. Roberta Elwell says:

      AND AMEN! This is very timely to me because of situations with friends and family. Many are physically ill and others are going through such a hard time. I accept these wonderful words of joy for those who can not do it. I pray the gifts about to come are for those who need them desperately. Lord, please help me help others around me with your gifts of happiness and joy. Thank you Lord Jesus, amen…..

    26. Ressie Edwards says:

      Yes I receive this word and God wants us to love today.

    27. Lori Penrod says:

      ABSOLUTELY GREAT WORD! receive all god blessings hes pouring out. God is alwaysnon time. Thank you father l love you!! God nlessbless you Jamie

    28. Lord. I open my heart and my hands to receive your word. Thank you for your deep, unconditional love and grace. Wash me white again Father. ❤

    29. Angela Bley says:

      Thank you Jamie for allowing a word for us to flow through you! I can hear the passion and fire in how you are sharing! I decare that I believe and receive! And I’m expecting God’s kindness! For all of us who are His children!

    30. The Holy Spirit spoke right to me!!

    31. Sonja Coertzen says:

      I receive this word for me! Thank you Lord Jesus! Thank you Jamie! God bless you! Amen! ?????✝️?

    32. Carol Tumey says:

      Several weeks ago I came upon your Blog by chance. What I read helped me so I kept coming back. Thank You Jamie for sharing God’s word with me.
      I am an 80 year old woman ( Born again Christian) and I live with my husband who has had Alzheimer’s for the past 7 years. I am his sole caretaker. I also help my single parent daughter by caring for her 9 year old son 40 hours a week.

      Through God’s Holy Grace I survived a serious ” Widow maker” heart attack 17 years ago. Four years ago I survived a Rupture of the Plaque heart attack and three months ago I survived a TIA. I had a large Melanoa ( that was missed by the Dermatologist for 3 years). It has now been removed and so far I am fine. I give all praise and glory and thanks to my Almighty God…He is an Awesome God.

    33. Rachael Naidoo says:

      Wow… Amen Thank you Lord I recieved it in the name of Jesus.. Jamie I really enjoy your messages… God Bless you

    34. I receive His word.Thank you Jesus .Thank you Jamie for passing along His message.

    35. Amen…Thank you Holy Spirit, I receive it all in Jesus Name!

    36. Tiffany O. says:

      Thank You Father for that word and using my sister in Christ as your vessel to bring forth the Word. I receive it in Jesus name and it is truly right on time. Blessings to all who commented & may God continue to show His glory in your life.

    37. Thank you Jesus for your word I receive my blessings today I believe that you God are a God of wonders and believe that everything taken from me shall be restored my promotion my marriage my mansion and to dwell in your presence oh Jehova. Amen

    38. As the Lord speeks ,so be it in the name of Yahweh!

    39. Rumbidzai Mwedzi says:

      Thank you Holy Spirit, this message was absolutely meant for me… l receive the grace of getting my blessings and answered prayer requests from you Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name.

    40. Annamerie says:

      Thank You for Your love bestow on me, make me worthy of Your Love. I receive this word in Jesus Name. Thank You for the tags that is already on my gifts and on my life. Thank you for Your spiritual gifts that is manifesting in ou lifes. Thank you Jamie for your obedience, God bless you. Amen.

    41. Steven Oh says:

      I believe I receive by faith. In Jesus name, Amen.

    42. Robin Rush says:

      I receive his word concerning me. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

    43. This touched my spirit. I’ve been working hard on the estate of a loved one for two years and it has finally reached a point where I can slow down. I jumped right into reviving my blog and have been wearing myself down. After reading this I just felt that God wants me to rest, pray for his guidance and ask for that which I cannot even perceive. Thank you.

    44. Yes I do receive thus word a 1000 fold in Jesus mighty name. Amen and Amen

    45. I overwhelmingly receive this right now.

    46. I am in tears as i read this. I have felt like as i have been faithful in tithing the heavens have actually shut on me. But this has spoke to me. It has touched the deepest part of my heart. I feel so loved now

    47. Twila s cushing says:

      I believe this and receive it in Jesus name!

    48. I am noticing that all the comments are from over 6mo ago. I love you Lord for putting your word in my path today. I receive it and believe, in Jesus name, that my business will flourish and that Gods timing is always better than my own. ❤️

    49. Wow! I am STILL soooo overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord and the confirmation of these words by Holy Spirit!! Safe to say that I have been WRECKED this morning…but soooo good!! Just wanted to thank you for your obedience in delivering these wonderful words of life, Jamie! And confirm with my own personal ,”YES”and “AMEN”!!! Blessings to you and yours always ?❤????

    50. Lisa Brandenburg says:

      The Lord put the words “pour out” on my heart a couple of weeks ago. I pray to some day be able to pour into others what God pours into me. It is confirmation and encouragement to see Him do that so beautifully through you! Wow, let’s grab hold of this word with great expectation! Praise God! Thank you Jamie

      1. Awesome! It’s never too soon to get started with that pouring out, Lisa! Someone, somewhere will always need what you have to offer–even if you’re still going through hard times yourself!

    51. Thank you dear Jamie. Such confirmation. I believe it’s time. I receive the release of the wealth that’s been stored up for me for such a time as this for His kingdom purposes. I’m ready Lord. Let the windows of heaven open now. No more delays. I worship you Beloved Father for your perfect wisdom and timing and lavish generosity. Thank you for trusting me and for Your faithfulness to fulfill Your promises. Please keep me in the center of your perfect will.

      God Bless you richly Jamie in every area of your life. (Eph.3:20)!

    52. AMEN!
      Let it be unto me according to Your Will Lord!

    53. Barbara Stacey says:

      Amen. I receive this word! I couldn’t have read this at a better time. I am feeling very sad and disappointed with my life and this has renewed my hope. I am looking forward to God’s blessings.

    54. Veronica Manzano says:

      Bless the Lord oh My Soul, and that is within in me. Bless His Holy Name!!! Oh I feel this in my soul this was also for me and my family… through many tials and in the middle Trusting my Lord for his timing and accepting His Will in my life and family and what he needed to do….
      Oh My Soul Magnifies the Lord!!!

    55. Thanks for the encouraging words today. As i lay before Our Lord for my prodigal’s salvation and restoration of communications & relationship with her children. Indeed our Daddy in Heaven is generous and faithful always.
      God bless.

    56. Saundra Box says:

      Amen! I have some health concerns that I need healing. And, I need God’s wisdom as far as a career. I am currently an assistant chaplain and I love my job – it fills me with joy and I am hoping it turns into more hours. On the other hand, there is a position at a church that I am very interested in, I just want to do what God knows is best for me.

    57. Thank you so much for being obedient. I receive this completely spirit mind soul. Yesterday a prophetic friend said the same things to me.
      I was on vacation and I was hesitant about going on a tour of this specific city and after praising God for just 30 minutes, the Holy Spirit said to me, go and enjoy what I have created. God has confirmed so much for me through you. May He continue to take you deeper and higher in love for Him and people.

    58. I recieved this word today, as I pray and ask God that I just want Him, and to walk in The Spirit everydAy. I am longing for the anointing. If all the women in the world loves to collect bags and shoes i just want The Holy Spirit, so I can continue collecting my oil waitng for The Bridegroom. After i finished praying i check pinterest for a good qoute and saw your Pin! What a beautiful promises coming from my Father! Blessings!

    59. I recieve this word from the Lord, I have been asking going from worry to rest and back n forth. Believing God will provide and also doubting hell do it for me. Work is necessary but I seen to fall short and not getting what I put in. Lord I know you want me to get it, you want me to really get it… lord have no other options you have to come through for me. I call peace to this storm, I trust you Lord even if it doesn’t make sense ??

    60. Chenequa Cash says:

      I receive this word and I am in total agreement in Jesus name! Jesus flood my heart and life with your love! I want to be a blessing to others as well, financially!!! I want to leave an inheritance and legacy for my children. No more poverty mentality!!!! Abundance!!!!!

    61. Rebecca Ditsele says:

      Lord you are awesome , you are wonderful , you are all that I need in life , Amen . Jamie thank you for your obedience and thank you for listening when God speaks , be richly blessed woman of God .I woke up this morning at 03:00am , I prayed with Isaiah 60 and 62 , asking God for all the blessings recorded in these two chapters ,I asked God for all the replacement mentioned in Isaiah 60 , I also asked Him to never hold His peace until all my breakthroughs are manifested.

      Thank you Jamie for this post , may the good Lord bless and keep you for his vineyard .

    62. Amen. This is an apt word from God spoken in season. It’s a confirmation of the leading deep in my spirit. I receive it all and commit to pray more, asking for specifics as well as things I cannot imagine. I commit to asking to know God more deeply and to openly acknowledge Him when my packages are delivered in Jesus name. I love you Lird because you first loved me so!????

    63. please God let this word be for me in Jesus name help me receive it Lord thank you Lord i praise you Lord Amen

    64. Wow !!! Yes and Amen……..thankyou thankyou thankyou daddy……I love You ….❤ I agree I believe and I receive the fullness of all these Words into my life……Amen

    65. I receive this word from the Lord. God Bless You Woman of God for your obedience. This touched me today. I was on the brink of giving up for the end of the year. I know that how I’m feeling is Not from God at all!! But is distraction for me to miss God and Mis this prophetic word of the Lord. I have Victory inspire of what it looks like. This was a Blessed year for me and I’m going to Praise God anyway. Because of His Goodness to me.

    66. I receive this word in Jesus name amen! God bless you Jamie.

    67. Henrietta says:

      Yes I needed to hear this! I’m feeling left out and I’ve had to wait for many years for something but still see nothing shaping up according to the Lord’s promise. It hurts to have to wait for what others don’t have to wait at all! They are all enjoying what I never had! And for years… I had to wait for years… In feel like giving up. But God promised and I know He keeps His promises so I hold on though it hurts really bad this time.

    68. Oh my God! My heart is melting! I feel His love like never before! God’s timing is impeccable! I receive Your Word and Your Love Father! Thank You for the message and the messenger.

    69. Thank you for your timely Word from the Lord! So encouraging to me. May God bless you richly this coming New Year

    70. Amen and I receive this word as it has come at the moment I needed it the most

    71. Thank you Jamie for this inspiring and uplifting Word from our Father.
      The Lord bless you and honour you for your obedience to the Holy Spirit.

    72. Amen!!! Not only do I receive this timely word. I needed it as I do self checks I realize I need more time in his presence and I need to ASK. Thank you for your sacrifice, obedience and your labor it is not in vain. I truly look forward to your blogs and prayer points. I want to come to Chattanooga Tennessee for the prophetic teaching, I believe the drive will be worth it. I am praying for you and your family as well as the Ministry. I will sow a seed when I am able and purchase products. I Love you and God Bless you ❤️❤️❤️✨?✨

    73. Wow. Thank you you Lord, i can not wait. I am so excited! Thank you Jamie for the word in season from our Father. May you be blessed with joy unspeakable.

    74. C. Thomas says:

      This is a very timely post. It is actually a direct response to my prayers over the past two weeks! Amen!

    75. Amen. I needed this word. Thank you!

    76. Coral Malayta says:

      Wow.Thank you Jamie, mighty woman of God ,for passing on this timely message from our heavenly Father . Thank you Lord God,
      I claim these awesome Blessings in the precious Name of Jesus.
      Jamie, may you and your family be abundantly blessed with a fruitful 2019.

    77. Victoria Rosanwo says:

      Wow oh yes this is a great opportunity from His presence to me all the blessings that He has promised me it now that i am going to receive them all I’m excited and full of joy that my Father God His ready to meet all my needs as i begin to ask in prayer and seek His always and knock while the doors will be open unto me I’m so excited already as if I’ve received everything that am in expectante of thank you Jamie for this wonderful message from Papa God blesses you and your family happy new year in advance

    78. Oh, yes, Lord! You are so good! I am expecting the unexpected.
      Thank you!!!
      Blessings to you, Jamie

    79. Catherine says:

      Amen! I receive this word with a humble and grateful heart, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! God bless you, Jamie, for your work.?

    80. Amen. I believe with all my heart and I already see God pouring out His generosity on me. Bless your mighty name Jesus

    81. Amen and amne. I receive all the generous blessings of the Lord.and all He has indeed given me enjoy. A confirmation of the message I also received!.

    82. Thank you for the word, Received in Jesus Name.

    83. Amen! A word in season! I receive!

    84. Yes Yes Yes this word definitely spoke to me directly. Thank you Lord for everything in Jesus mighty name. Amen and Amen.

    85. 1 January 2019 – AMEN, I woke up to soft rain in South Africa and now still falling since last night, it reminds me of the Holy Spirit, gently being poured out, and the earth (His people) that is so thirsty and eagerly consuming each drop and becoming saturated in order to produce new life!

    86. caroline roshnee naidoo says:

      amen amen amen
      I needed to hear that word [not yet].THATS not Gods denial.he truly cares.i needed that really I needed to be reminded.

    87. Sonja R Campbell says:

      This is a God word. Thank you Lord.

    88. Carla Y Lane says:

      Thank you Holy Spirit for speaking through your Daughter, Jamie. I am crying right now. Thank you for this timely word. I will continue to pray and be bold in asking my Heavenly Father for those gifts he has stored up for me. Our Lord desires to bless his children. God Bless you Jamie and your Ministry staff.

    89. This is such a sweet blessing. Thank Yeshua Jehovah… such a sweet gift. I’m learning and praying to be closer to Him every day now… receiving it and taking a deep breath.

    90. All of GOD’S promises are yes and amen, thank you Lord for this timely word, I recieve it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen!!

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