Radical Prayers Get Radical Answers

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Are you ready to pray radical prayers so you can see some radical answers? Read this! | By Jamie Rohrbaugh FromHisPresence.com

Do you need God to do something radical in your life?

I know I do. I’ve been holding out for so long in some areas that I feel like I just HAVE to have breakthrough. I need God to do radical things for me. Therefore, I’ve started praying some radical prayers, and I’m learning that radical prayers get radical answers.

Why do radical prayers get radical answers?

God didn’t waste His time when He wrote the Bible. He meant, and still means, every single word of it.

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    All Scripture is God-breathed; it proceeded out of Him and is somehow a manifestation of His Person to us. John 1:1 tells us this:


    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

    God IS His Word. God can be depended on, so that means His Word can be depended upon.

    And THAT, my friend, means that when God says radical things like:

    HE MEANS IT. Jesus Himself said, in Matthew 24:35:


    Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.”

    So I’ve started claiming God’s radical promises. I’ve begun praying them back to Him. I’m only beginning. Yes, I’ve been praying the Word for a long time. But somehow I’ve not been praying radically. I’ve not been believing for the big things. I’ve been content with the crumbs.

    But I’m not content with the crumbs anymore.

    I want everything God has for me. I believe what He says, and I believe it’s for me (2 Timothy 3:16).

    And you know what? I’ve only been at this for a few weeks, but I’m already seeing radical answers. I claimed the promise from Psalm 91:15, and God has been honoring me. It feels weird and strange and undeserved, but God said He wanted to do it, and He is…

    …and I like it. Thank You, Papa.

    I’ve claimed His promise to answer me and show me great and mighty things that I don’t know (Jeremiah 33:3), and boy, has He ever. Things I could never have imagined to pray for have been popping out of the woodwork. Thank You, Father.

    So what have you been waiting for God to do in your life?

    What are you believing God for? What do you need to start praying radical prayers about? Could it be:

    • Your finances?
    • Your job?
    • Opportunity or promotion?
    • Favor with specific people?
    • Honor?
    • Vindication from false accusations?
    • Healing of relationships?
    • Reversal of an unjust situation?

    Whatever you need, our Father has your answer. More importantly, He IS your Answer. He is ready and willing to dump on you. He is sitting ready to answer your radical prayers with radical answers.

    Can you feel something stirring in your spirit? Are you ready to start believing some radical promises and praying radical prayers? If so, leave a comment below! I want to hear from you!

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    Image courtesy of Dainis Matisons on Flickr via Creative Commons license. Image has been cropped and graphics added.


    1. What are these radical answers to prayer you have been getting?

      1. Hi Vicki. My list has been huge. Things like new relationships, new opportunities, favor with publishers, encouraging words from my leaders, breakthrough in the lives of people I mentor, and so on. It’s been wild! I love it though, of course!
        Thanks for reading and asking!

        1. In desperate need of breakthrough in 6 year custody battle. God knows ex goes to court and lies, is deceitful, and claims to be something he is not. Need justice!!!!!! My daughter has n continues to suffer physical n mental abuse!!!! Child comes home with bruises, marks, n not taken care of when I’ll!!!!! I need judge, people to hear and help me!!!!!!!!

          1. Hey Lo, Today God will break down that stronghold in the life of your ex, and that which is rightfully yours will be released unto you. Don’t hate him, instead pray against that spirit holding him bound.

          2. Don’t give up. Quitting is not an option. Keep praying until you believe it and then keep praying till you receive your answer. Pray the Word of God over this situation and pray that God will bless him someplace else and heap fires of coal upon his head. Pray that God will increase your faith daily by letting you see Him working behind the scenes, which He is. My family has been going through something like this for the last six years as well. I am learning and I am leaning on God to fight for us. I am praying that my granddaughter will be back with us soon. I am seeing signs that God is working. We knew from the beginning that the odds were against us but as they do not attend church or have anything to do with God I knew I had to fight. We fought and he got her without doing a thing. But God is still on our side and I can see him working now When He comes through God will be given all the glory. He is teaching me through this and that is why I can say now what I can say because I believe that my granddaughter will be home with her mom soon. I can now believe it. God will make away.

            1. hi Debra need prayers for my grandson I want him home with family he is in a foster home been fighting for him for 15 months any day we will hear the judges ruling I pray he has a change of heart and I get custody my grandson in Jesus name Amen his name is lane I need a radical answered prayer

            2. Joanna Perry says:

              hi Debra need prayers for my grandson I want him home with family he is in a foster home been fighting for him for 15 months any day we will hear the judges ruling I pray he has a change of heart and I get custody my grandson in Jesus name Amen his name is lane I need a radical answered prayer

      2. Patricia Whiteside says:

        I appreciate you Jamie

      3. I need the radical answers in Jesus Name.

        1. Thank You Very Much,You Are BLESSING!

          1. I need a radical answer to my prayers ooo

            1. Me also need radical prayers and want to hear from God!

          2. Adut Philip says:

            Yes I am in need of radical prayers 🙏🏿 in Jesus Name 🙏🏿

      4. Cindy Erakat says:

        I pray the word. But I do want to pray radical prayers! I loved your 21 day devotional and you need to do more of those! Amazing

      5. Carol Cain says:

        I start reading the 21 dsy breakthrough prayer a d today is the last day and i don’t want to stop. Because doing these 21 days of prayer God has shown favor over area of my life and i’ve starting learni g how to not be a part of the thi gs arou d me but be slient a listen.
        Now that I’ve started this daily i want to continue to do more so that i may share this with others that are going to my group for batter men and women.
        God gave me this ministry and i was in fear afraid now I’m more ready to get it off the ground to reach the lost souls od many I’m now asking and prayi g for God to guide me and lead me in the right direction because honestly i don’t know how and where .I ask of you will pray with me as i continue to pray for His guidiance in the direction I’m to start and send me to the places i must go weather in the states or out I’m ready to start.
        Thank You
        So much for the prayes guode on how to pray and what to pray i want more.
        Bleass You and the ministry God has given unto you.
        Be blessed

      6. Hi. I need a radical response from God. In the 16 years my family has been waiting for a ruling to be givenon a court case whereby a mysterious person or persons want to take our family land by force. Last May 2020 it was finally ruled only for the jugde to give it to them. We are now appealing but the system is so corrupt in my country. We need God to just let the appeal go through.

    2. Great! Those kinds of personal details make your testimony really come alive–include as many as you can next time you write!

    3. Tonya Pernell says:

      I just discovered this site and I love it. I have found so many answers, to alot of questions. I want to learn on a daily bases to pray radicle prayets that move God and get results from him. I too am tired of being last. I am tired of settling for crumbs. I want the riches that my God wants me to have.

      1. Amen, Tonya. I pray Papa would dump His OVERFLOW of blessings on you as you learn to stretch your faith!

    4. Thank you Jamie,, I am so happy that I found this pin. I will start praying radically ASAP. I just need to make a list of what I need to pray for so my thoughts are more organized.
      I hope soon I will see changes in my life. ( I need it very bad) in all aspects.

      1. Amen. I pray our radically-good Papa would dump His goodness and blessings all over you as you begin to believe Him with God-sized faith. 🙂 Thank you for reading!

        1. Need a breakthrough!!!!!!
          Over 6 years of child custody battle where lies and deceit has occurred. daughter has been abused physically while legal system
          Fails to act. Need help to protect my daughter and judge see that I have been telling the truth and am very concerned for my child!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!

    5. Dan Amuko says:

      Dear Jamie,

      Trust that you are keeping well,am fine in the lord.

      I came across this blog and its very educative,objective and insightful.Its content is superb and may the good almighty God give you more strength
      and wisdom.

      May his favor,grace and mercy shine upon in abundance.

      May you continue sharing,am so much encouraged. May God bless you,your
      family and the hands of your work.

      Be blessed Always.

      1. Dan, thank you so much for that blessing and encouragement. I’m so glad Papa God blessed you, and I thank you so much for reading! It’s nice to meet you, and I pray you’d continue to be encouraged as you read.

    6. Tracey Marie says:

      I am truly enjoying your site. I would like to ask for some guidance. I have wronged a friend. My best friend. I don’t know what came over me. I have prayed for forgiveness and feel forgiven by God but my friend has not spoken to me in weeks. I pray everyday for her forgiveness, but maybe I am doing it wrong? My friend is a Christian and I am worried about her refusing to forgive me and what that means for her. How can I pray radically about this whole situation?

      1. Hi Tracey. Thank you for reading and for trusting me with such a sensitive question. All I can tell you is what I would do if I were in your shoes–as I have been, a number of times! And if I were in your shoes, I would go to my friend, confess with heartfelt honesty and humility what I did that I know was hurtful, tell them how sorry I am and how wrong I was, and ask forgiveness. And humbly hear whatever feedback they give. That might be hard, but I believe it’s the only way to go–and it’s what the Bible says we should do.
        I pray Papa would give you grace and peace to make things right, and that you would have favor with your friend and complete reconciliation in Jesus’ name.

        1. TraceyMarie says:

          She will not answer any of my calls. I have left voicemail and text messages for her. I did confess, apologize and ask for forgiveness, but I get no response. I don’t know what else to do at this point. I am not sure if I should give her space or keep trying. For all I know she could be blocking my calls. Thank you for your quick response.

        2. Tracey Marie says:

          Thank you for your quick reply. I have tried to call and text my friend, I confessed via voice mail and text message, sincerely apologized and ask forgiveness. I get no acknowledgement or response. For all I know, she may have blocked me from contacting her. I don’t know if I should give her space or keep trying. There is nothing in the world that is worth feeling the way I have for the last 2 weeks.

          1. Go to her in person and tell her right away you want to apologize.

    7. It is not by accident that i bumped into this site. Help me learn how to pray. Thank you and be Blessed.

    8. Hendrica Bayliss says:

      If one of His promises is to heal everybody, why are there faith filled Christians who love the Lord and believe on Him with all their might not healed?

      1. Hi Hendrica. That’s a great question. Unfortunately, no one knows the answer. But that doesn’t mean we stop believing God’s Word. We can’t afford to build a theology around what hasn’t happened. We simply have to go back to God and ask Him for a greater revelation of healing, a greater understanding, a better grasp of His goodness in every way, and of His healing virtue. Jesus healed ALL who were sick and oppressed by the devil (Acts 10:38). And Jesus Christ is the perfect picture of the Father. Healing is Father’s will for all, even if we haven’t all received the manifestation of His promise yet.

    9. I am Grateful for the Radical Prayers. I will be Radical with You . Keep pushing forward.

    10. Amanda Hoyle says:

      My soul has been weary even disconnected but God just assured me in my spirit is a double portion,,,of joy not just for me but it begins here…thanks to all the prayer warriors and my Papa who is longing to pour that joy out and heal. It’s my spirit that lives forever and that’s what I need to be focusing on. No more fear…
      btw I’ll never be good enough that’s the mystery but He works it all out for good…dig dig dig that well, revival is nearer than I realize…walking in it right now.
      Appreciate the post

      1. Amen, Amanda. You hang in there! Papa’s got this. Take time to rest in Him today and do something that refreshes you if you can. All throughout the Gospels, we read continually that Jesus kept withdrawing from people and busy work and ministry and everything to be alone with God and sometimes just alone with His disciples, and get refreshed. 🙂 Grace and peace to you today, and may you be strengthened and encouraged in the inner person!

    11. Kim Isbell says:

      I’m not even sure how I got to your site but it has brought back the faith I’ve lost through life’s trials. I’m asking God to radically change my family to turn back to him wholeheartedly, even down to my Dad & Mom… I know NOTHING is impossible with God!

      1. Wow, Kim, that’s awesome. Yes, pray big prayers! And while you’re praying for your family, don’t forget to pray big prayers for yourself too! Ask Jesus to set you on fire for Him! He can do all that you ask and more! And He WANTS to! And will!

        1. Thank You Very Much, You Are A Blessing!

    12. Kathy Witaschek says:

      Jamie I am needing to receive more answers to prayer except I haven’t been spending time with him because of a divorce I went through and the end of dec of last year I need some miracles finances healing of hearing noise in it and emotions need to get directions on my next assignment I am looking for a job which I haven’t for years to have and healing from loneliness x husband left town and is with a woman he met online living with her this has been hard still in a house that we were living together with and have 2 dogs and don’t want to give them up because will be living in a apt I just want it to all go away it’s like a bad dream that seems it will never change

      1. I’m so sorry you are going through those things, Kathy. But I encourage you to take the time to get alone with God every single day for at least 15 minutes, reading His Word and worshipping and praying–just the two of you alone. Everything you need is promised to you in Matthew 6:33–but only if you meet the condition of seeking God first, and seeking His Kingdom and His righteousness. THEN and only then can He add all these things that you need to you. Provision and healing and comfort all flow out of relationship with Him.
        Be blessed today. Thank you for reading my blog.

        1. Thank you for this great job you are doing here may God bless you. I have been having issues with my relationship for four months now my fiancé said he does not feel love for me again, I really don’t know what to do because it doesn’t feel normal at all I have been praying to God but I need you to teach how to pray against this situation.

    13. Bert Smith says:

      Thank you Jamie for the Prayer for the reversal of the unjust, I saved it on my phone and I pray, declare, and believe for breakthrough, Every day, I am fixing to make an appeal to Heaven against the accuser of the Brotheren with this awesome prayer , Jamie, I can feel the GLORY of God moving on me and my family, friends and finances, He is Manifesting himself to me Hallelujah, and I Bless you , in Jesus Name, Amen.

    14. goodness Mndawe says:

      Hello Jamie
      God is blessing you every day. I have been following your blog for a while now . All along was with a lazy spirit . I would open it up and close it but thus days I will open and go through it.

      I am not a writer but I can feel now that you have gain confidence. You moved from that self petty Christian to be the bold one who really be alive God for big things.

      I am leaving in south africa I don’t have much to give financially but if I had now is the time I would support this ministry .

      God will send more helpers your way. Big ones and they will give big . Enlarge your tent so that when that happens you have more space for it.

      Have a blessed day.

    15. Marshae Scott says:

      Amen! Jamie thank yo so much for your ministry! I am believing God big time! My prayer is to be accepted into my PhD Program for fall 2017 with full financial provision. I had a word of prophecy about this in August 2016. I am not only believing for myself, but for my 2 friends to be accepted into their respective programs with full financial provision.

      In Jesus Name!

      1. I don’t think I came across this site by accident. I need to pray radical prayers because I need radical answers. I’ve been separated ( not of my choosing) from my spouse now for 14 months. I am miserable and desperately want my family reunited. I have been influenced from many family members to give up and file for divorce. Honestly I have considered it myself. I often feel foolish for having faith that God will answer my prayers regarding my marriage. I doubt and feel like it’s hopeless because of how long it’s been. I hear so many opinions, so many voices. I just need to hear HIS VOICE. I am weary but desperately praying and believing for a supernatural breakthrough. I know God can do anything. But will He do This thing for me?

    16. Hey, I need God to heal my relationship and restore us back to him and lead us forward into marriage.

    17. I need God to work in a miraculous way concerning my education.God promise me success concerning my education but don’t know y things seems not be working for me concerning my education. Pls pray for me that God should reverse every irreversible concerning my academics. Thk u.

    18. I need ur prayers to get rid of evil humans in my family recover stolen properties. God intervention in my education and my brothers business, and my mothers health

      1. Hi Val,
        I’m sorry you’re going through a hard time. I encourage you to remember Ephesians 6:12: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Your battle is not against humans, but against sin and against Satan’s evil forces.

        However, James 4:7-10 tells us the solution: “Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Lament and mourn and weep! Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to gloom. 10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.”

        Drawing near to God and humbling ourselves before Him is always the solution! May Father God encourage you in Christ Jesus today.

    19. Faith Olson says:

      just came across your site and felt Blessed and encouraged as soon as i opened the very first Prayers about praying Gods word back to him. Something i knew,but needed reminding of and reassurance to stay the course. I would appreciate your standing in agreement with me for my grandson. (Jordan) who was Molested as a baby and as a small child, shone porn and suffered greatly through childhood with learning , understanding and emotional expression. Acted out against others as he was . Sent to prison 3 & 1/2 years because he was honest and admitted his wrong. Then extended his sentence, now spent 5 years incarcerated, while the courts push for. Civil committment. We , his grandparents , have been denied Visits, please pray Earnestly for a miracle, Complete Healing Salvation, FREEDOM WITHOUT ADDED COMPLEX EMOTIONAL AND PSYCOLOGICAL stress on release. Believing for a full Pardon with a promising future to walk in Humilty and Godly understanding with a powerful testimony that can bless and encourage others. About God’s great and miraculous ability to turn things around and bring restoration, and new Life rich and full . Hope and joy in the lost and hopeless. Thanks for your faithfulness in sharing God’s word and prayers for Jordan. I AM expecting miracles that only God can bring about, because I know how BIG how Wonderful. And how LOViNG, and How FORGIVNG Our GOD IS. . Thanks Again. I would like to support your blog. By snail mail. I don’t do credit or debit.

    20. Bulou Daunibau says:

      I thank the Lord for your blog. You have no idea how blessed I’ve been by it. It has challenged me to go to a whole new level in my walk with the Lord Jesus. This week, I read something that the ‘Kendrick Brothers’ had posted on Facebook and the Lord has used it to challenge my prayer life this week. That is to ‘approach God with bold prayers and to watch God move!’. Than again, I stumbled upon your blog about radical prayers….May the Lord continue to bless you

    21. Patresa H says:

      This post came in my life at the right time. I woke up to a eviction notice and possible court hearing. I’ve been struggling for a while financially, no matter how hard I try to come out of it, I keep falling back into it. I just don’t know what else to do. I pray all the time, I work several jobs. It’s not enough. I have family that depends on me, I can’t do it all. It’s become very stressful. I need a breakthrough and i need prayer worriers touching and agreeing with me. I can’t fight this alone. The prayer was right on time, I’ve walked through my home twice reading it out loud.

    22. Thank you for the word of encouragement. I was almost giving up on praying. I have been going through a tough time, after I lost my job in a very unjust way in 2015. Since then I have been stagnated. I recently learnt that an uncle of mine has been responsible for all the unjust (using witchcraft) in my life.
      I was searching the net for prayers and I bumped into this website. Please help me pray.

    23. Amazing! I just stumbled on your blog today as I was searching the internet for certain prayers. I must say, I have not seen any prayers like these before. They are really radical and I am ready to be part of these radical prayers. I can feel it in my bones that I am on to something that will certainly transform my prayer life and my life for ever. Thank you so very much and may the good Lord continue to bless you and continuously refresh His anointing upon your life and your ministry.

    24. Tierashia Adair says:

      Thank you for the radical prayer series. They are a blessing to me and I am stirred up even the more. I have already been praying some radical prayers for some time now, but it time to go even bigger in the mighty name of Jesus! Be blessed!

    25. Corrine Bounty says:

      Hi Jaime,

      Which scripture would you recommend praying boldly for finances? My husband has been out of work for two years and our prayers have not been answered. I am feeling very sad and frustrated since we were just recently evicted from our rental.

      Thank You,

      1. Hi Corrine, there are so many Scriptures about money and promises about God’s provision. I would do a google search and pray them all! Start with Philippians 4:19 and 2 Corinthians 9:8. 🙂

    26. This inspired me In so many ways. I prayed to God this morning to show me how to strengthen myself and live closer to his word. And you are words where exactly where he took me and I thank you for lifting my spirits and showing me that there is nothing too big for God to handle . Thank you our heavenly father Amen

    27. Felicia Jafta says:

      thank u for this blog! my marriage and finances are under total attack my husband left and money that is owing to me just dont come but i asked Father God for some help and found your blog> I will go and pray your prayers and come back to you I Praise Our Father for obedient children like you

    28. I need prayer my life is folling apart is a single mother of 2 yong kids age 2 and 8 i dont work for past 3 years i feel rejected by everything and everyone im been praying and went to all kind of people for help i no God is my only helper but i just feel he left me he dont hear me course what im facing at the momment is so crule im lost i feel hurt and angry help praying for me please

    29. zoe sharon says:

      Hi … am realy getting glued to this blog… alot you write about has touched most of my life. Kindly pray for me and i believe radical prayers for financial break through… i dont have a bank account to start with… and i believe in sowing… how can i sow a seed in this life touching ministry when i dont even have financies… in short i am a child of God who needs a financial break through seed time and haverst time will never cease … Zoe sharon from lusaka Zambia.

    30. I need Hod to intervene in my Life NOW… For a house and finances… I want to also experience a MIRACLE. I want to know how to put a demand to GOD..

    31. out of mu hurt i googled for bible verses against injustice. A colleague harassed me at work and i tried to defend myself. But cos am not in thier clique of gossiping and undermining people,i was issued a query and punished. I cry to God to expose them and punish them in thier own coin. Thank you for the prayer points

    32. Googday, am getting glued to your blog. Please help me with prayers. Am having crisises in my marriage. And finance, and also praying for speedy breakthrough and God’s grace in my life.

    33. Hi, my name is Daniel i have actually been believing God for one particular opportunity that is coming into my life on the month of May… I need prayers.

    34. My relationship is on fire at the point of my marriage. Now my boyfriend has accused me wrongly for cheating. I need God to vindicate me over this as I am innocent. I am so broken within. I need prayers

    35. The exact same day I started praying these prayers I got a call for an interview for a new job! GLORY TO GOD! Thank you Jesus!!

    36. Yes I am ready to get radical

    37. Rush TUCKER says:

      Hi my name is TUCKER that Rush TUCKER but I like TUCKER I am looking for prayers to pray promise to get a answer I need you to send me the pray for a breakthrough that god will hear .

    38. Thank you Jamie, for these resoreces. To God be the glory.

    39. Fleurdelise says:

      Hello Jamie, thank you for this post. It feels good to know there are other people out there that feel the need for more. I don’t want the crumbs, I want the very best and the whole of it. I want to pray these radical prayers that move things and stretch my faith. oh, I feel excited and ready to start.

    40. Cindy Troyani says:

      Hello, Thank you for this post. I’ve been looking for a job for 4 months now. I’m a recently single mother with a 15yr old daughter and 1yr old son. I’ve prayed so hard and I am scared. God please grant me a job. Please hear my prayers.

    41. Hi pray with me these radical prayers because I really need radical answers.
      I am so indebted in so much that when I receive my pay check nothing is left, I can’t even afford to buy groceries in the house i walk long distances to work because I don’t afford to put gas in my car.All I need is financial breakthrough so that I can have peace of mind, I can’t even sleep at night. my daughter is a university graduate, she is unemployed since she graduated in 2011 this stressing me up so much please please please pray with me this radical prayers I really need a change in my life.

    42. I’m so glad I found this I was looking for prayers to help me my aunt is in a coma and I’m having a hard time with my finances and I’m dating a guy who can’t make up his mind about marriage so I needed this prayer please just help me pray I need hope faith I’m going through it since I God not hearing me but I know he’s here said he would never leave me nor forsake me I believe that

    43. I’m trusting God for a job today. This is radical and I decree that the job is mine and the favour of God rest upon me. Thanks Jamie for putting these up. God bless you richly

    44. hello,i have been suffering from severe anxiety and depersonalisation,am really tired and scared,my faith is really down..please help me in prayer
      I will always want to stay fully dedicated to this Christian faith

    45. I believing God for radical answers!! Finances, Job and relationship. I believe it and I receive it!

    46. Hi Jamie, immediately after reading about radical prayers that get radical results, I dropped everything and got into prayer about an unjust situation. I felt an immense move of God’s spirit. I have no doubt in my spirit that God has already reversed this unjust situation. Hallelujah!!!! Thank you Lord, I bless your Holy name father. God you are awesome. Wow!!!

    47. Paula Biancalana says:

      How Can I get all these prayers to download

      1. Hi Paula, I’m working on getting them all into a book but it isn’t done yet. So you’d have to print each one individually. Sorry about that.

    48. Jamie…it is such a blessing to have found you and your website today! I have always shared with people that I pray “crazy big” prayers because we serve a big God. And what He said, He meant…for me and for everyone who believes in Him. Thank you for not backing away from the promises of God but pressing into them, and sharing how to do that with us. I look forward to reading more here as I stand in His Word and watch my Father manifest His Word and Will in my life and the lives of my loved ones, friends, and people I’m praying for. Springtime is coming! God continue to bless and fortify you

      1. Hi there, friend! Thanks for your note! I’m glad to meet you and thrilled to hear that the Lord has used my blog to bless you!
        Have a great day!

    49. Lovell Brown says:

      I was seeking God while on a 21 day fast. One of the things that I desired of the Lord was to be better at prayer. While praying and seeking, I came across your 21 day break through prayers. I have been so excited about this. I am so excited to pray His word back to Him. I thank the Holy Spirit for directing me to your site. I ask that you would keep me in prayer that I may be able to hide God’s word in my heart… Thank you so much… Lovell

      1. Hello Lovell, great to meet you. I praise God for moving in your life and using us in any way to do it. Please keep praying His Word back to Him! The Scriptures are the most powerful vocabulary you could ever find for prayer.

    50. Thank you, I need a breakthrough, my husband needs to be accountable for his actions and the people, the criminals, strange woman to return the money plus interest, jail time and companies accountability and paying for damages damages and receive sanctions for sexual harassment in workplaces.

    51. God bless you. I am blessed by your prayers. I am studying as a student in a foreign country. I was recently accused of inappropriate behavior without any proof. My accusers have vowed to go further and anonymously and tell my employers and my wife and family about what they accuse me of having done. I received a word from the LORD through a prophet of GOD that peace would come to my situation but things are getting worse and if they do manage to get to my employer and family then i don’t know what else to do. I cant sleep, i cant eat and i cant think. I am living i fear every day. I need GOD intervene and to intervene soon. Please pray for me.

    52. Omah ifeoma says:

      I can feel this words in my spirit and I need a radical change in my life

    53. Princess Knowles says:

      Good Night
      I just came across your website and I am so pleased with what I’ve read so far, however I am requesting your earnest prayer for my 2 adult children. They are fighting and arguing on a daily basis and displaying a magnitude of hate, anger and rage, to the point where they are also disrespecting me. I am in dire need of your prayers please. My son who is older continues to do a whole lot of petty stuff provoking his sister. I am praying for Yahveh’s intervention quickly. Pray my strength in the Lord

    54. Princess Knowles says:


    55. Ansye Rambi says:

      I need to radical answer for: my husband to re-love Jesus, my finances, promotion in my office and my health.
      Thank you Jamie, you are a bless

    56. Natalie B says:

      I am praying radical prayers for and opportunity in the form of big investment (seed capital) for my company and to launch with an amazing team. I am going to need a co-founder good with numbers and strategy who has great integrity and vision and maturity in business matter and a well rounded team so that we can expand and grow.
      To live in a nice place and have resources to take care of myself and my healthcare needs in Jesus Holy Name! I’d love to marry a Godly husband who is courageous and kind!

    57. Cathy Anderson says:

      I feel in my spirit that I must pray radical prayers to overcome what the enemy is trying to do to my physical body, I have several major health issues and more keep coming. Just yesterday an orthopedist proclaimed that I have a deadly disease caused by my 35 years of diabetes. Its called Charcot Arthropathy in my left foot where the bones are softening and will collapse and cause major foot deformity and ulcers so that my feet have to be removed. I have already had 30 years or more with perepheral neuropathy in both my feet and now my whole body which is a painful and debilitating disease. I have Stage 4 kidney failure which is getting worse. All this while my diabetes has actually been getting better I thought for several years based on blood tests the doctor takes. I need to know how to pray radically against these diseases and against the diagnoses from doctors which keep getting worse. I also need to pray radically for all my family to be saved before the Lords return. My dream is to inherit land from the Lord that I and my family can live on and be safe and prosperous until the Lords return. I need my marriage to heal and be at peace. The Lord knows what I need and what I pray for. Thank you for your bold and radical prayers to help me know how to pray.

    58. Am ready to posses my possession

    59. Thank you Jamie. Yes this is the prayer thats going to change my life for the better. Radical prayers for radical answers. I have been accepting small offers not knowing Abba Father want to bless me with blow minding stuffs. Am ready for your Honor my God and Savior

    60. Enoobong J.Bassey says:

      Please I want a man of God that I can chat with and share my experiences about my prayer life with,Cus I have prayed but when I sleep to have a true revelation about what I prayed about , I will be seeing things that I don’t suppose to see after that prayer,please I really need a spiritual attention so as to guide me on how I can see that my prayers is really working out.Thank you for the attention.

    61. Estella Finch says:

      I am ready to start praying and believing for radical in my life. The restoration of things stolen from me and my family for the inheritance that should’ve been left to my brother sister and myself that was stolen from us. For salvation for my family members. The financial breakthrough that I can be a blessing to the kingdom of God. For ideas and inventions, to see God do the miraculous in and through my life huge.

    62. Princess Knowles says:

      Hi Jamie
      Yes I do need RADICAL ANSWERS TO MY RADICAL PRAYERS. I am divorced; this month will make me 2 years so I decided in 2019 to start over and live in the US it didn’t work out simply because all opposition came up against me. However, the pandemic came along and now am right back home and living in the same house because of financial setbacks with the devil I divorced. It is really not easy sis. He is acting like the house belongs to him so I have been claiming FULL OWNERSHIP of the home for me and my 2 adult children however he refuses to move out and move on but just being a thorn in my flesh on a daily basis. I also have been asking Father Yahweh to send me a helper, my Man of God, but I am divorced and my ex is still alive. On top of that he has turned my 2 children against me at the point where they are disrespectful most times. 3. I want to go to live in Atlanta, Georgia but am indecisive about that as well. 4. While I was attempting to reside in the US I lived with some people who called themselves my adoptive family. I purchased a vehicle for $9,500 in my so call adoptive sister’s name because I didn’t have a Social Security Card and she got mad at me and told me to hand over my vehicle or she would call the Police for me so now am back in The Caribbean and she have my vehicle and has not as much as contacted me to give me my money. Also people just show me hateful attitude for no apparent reason at all. So you see sis, I have been encountering some serious oppositions. I am soliciting your earnest prayer please and thank you so, so much for your blog. I know it’s Holy Spirit who caused me to come across these beautiful prayers simply because I have been crying out to Father Yahweh to vindicate me. I’ve prayed the Prayer For Justice and God Himself Will Discipline My Children already and I am in great expectation of great manifestation, vindication and transformation. My earnest prayer is the God will send strength out of Zion and help out of His century for me
      You pray my strength in the Lord

    63. Please help me pray I am always sick, sicknesses not found at the hospital when tests are done, now a problem in my right chest radiating to the neck sometimes now for 2 years.

      1. Hi Maryanne, rebuke the spirit of infirmity off yourself in Jesus’ name!

    64. Yes, am ready to pray all the bullet point listed, trusting God for radical answers.
      Thanks for a wonderful job here

    65. I need radical prayers for radical answers

    66. Rahila Ayuba says:

      Yes, am ready to pray all the bullet point listed, trusting God for radical answers.

    67. I need prayers for my son and his friend for a breakthrough for land to continue with their project. Where they were renting the owner closed water for irrigation after a week they planted their seed, citing water shortages. they invested a lot of money in the seed. they are looking for an alternative place to plant the remining seed. May God come to their rescue soon. May the owner reverse his actions. May God provide good connections with a good place where they will do even more. I pray for a radical answer to the prayer. Call unto me and I will show you great and might things that you know not. May the Lord put a smile back into their faces. I ask this in Jesus name

      1. In the Name of JESUS CHRIST the name above all names may they be reimbursed tenfold for the losses they have incurred Amen!

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