Radical Prayer #1: God Wants to Honor You

Radical Prayer #1: God Wants To Honor You by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com blog

Did you know that God wants to honor you?

It’s radical news, but it’s true! His Word says so. All we have to do is love Him, abide in Him, and ask Him to help and honor us!

Here’s my personal story about how I learned that God wants to honor you:

Psalm 91:14-15 tells us:

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    “Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known My name. He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him.”

    Once upon a time, a number of years ago, this promise suddenly “clicked” for me. I had been familiar with Psalm 91 for years, and could have even quoted most of it to you. But somehow, this thing about honor had never “clicked” in my spirit.

    However, at that time, I had been dealing with some tough stuff emotionally. I was feeling very under-appreciated and under-recognized for a few specific things. I was working and serving, but people were just using me. I felt like I was not being treated fairly, and I didn’t like it. 

    (Yes, I know we aren’t supposed to do things for the appreciation and recognition, and I don’t. I ask the Holy Spirit to search my heart about that all the time, and to keep my motives pure. But sometimes, a little “thank you” goes a long way… you know what I mean?) 😉

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    So there I was, pretty discouraged about a few very specific things.

    I went to the Lord in my quiet time, and He led me to Psalm 91. That day, the words of verse  15 jumped off the page to me. I had NEVER noticed this thing about honor! And honestly, as soon as I read it, I got a little religious and said:

    “How can that be right? Blessing and honor and glory and power belong to God the Father and to Jesus, according to Revelation 5:13.”

    However, the promise is in the Bible, and the Bible is ALWAYS true, and I was definitely ready to finally be honored! (Being the underdog is for the birds, by the way. If you’re a child of God, your life is supposed to be marked with favor. God’s Word says we’re to be the head and not the tail; above only, and not beneath.) Therefore, I had to dig deeper! I asked the Lord to help me understand this promise so I could really lay hold of it in faith.

    Here’s what He showed me:

    • It’s true that all honor belongs to Him.
    • It’s true that I didn’t deserve to share in any part of His honor… before I met Christ.
    • However, when I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I became God’s beloved daughter.
    • At that point, God my Father gave me a whole lot of things I didn’t deserve: forgiveness of sins, eternal life, the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, protection, inheritance, a spiritual family, material provision… the list goes on and on. He gave me those things not because I deserved them, but because I am His child. Because I’m in Christ, what belongs to my Father God belongs to me.

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    Then He showed me this mental picture:

    • I saw a mental picture of a little boy, about five years old.
    • He was wearing his Dad’s sport coat.
    • The sport coat was WAYYYYY too big. His arms got lost in it, and it hung down below his knees.
    • However, despite the fact that it didn’t fit, the boy was running around the house with a huge grin on his face.
    • He was so excited because Dad had honored him by letting him wear His own coat!
    • Nobody would ever say that coat fit him–but it pleased Dad to share it, and it made the boy so happy!

    Then I saw that this is what it is like when God honors us. 🙂

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    As God’s kids, we are like that child wearing his dad’s sport coat.

    In His goodness, our Father God wants to honor us. God’s honor is like that sport coat. His honor belongs to Him and Him alone. However, when we meet the conditions He lays out for us, it pleases our Daddy God to drape His mantle of honor on us. He honors us because He loves us, and because we’re His kids.

    Do I deserve to have Him honor me? No.

    But since He clearly says He wants to honor me, do I want Him to do so? OH, YES.

    So I began praying this promise, asking God to deliver me and honor me.

    I know I meet the conditions laid out in this chapter, which are:

    • abiding in Him;
    • confessing out loud that He is my God, my Refuge and Fortress, and that I will trust Him; and
    • setting my love upon Him.

    The only remaining condition was that I call upon Him. So I started calling! I prayed verse 15 verbatim, and guess what happened?

    Weird, freaky things started happening to me THE SAME DAY.

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    God started honoring me.

    Oh, yes. It’s true. Favor and recognition and “thank-yous” started coming from the most unexpected places. It was good stuff, too. Each time something happened, it was like a huge hug from Papa God.

    It didn’t stop that day, either.

    I’ve continued praying this prayer, and I started writing down each thing God does in response to it. I now have a HUGE list. He has continued to pour out. It’s unreal.

    The good news is that this promise is for you too. 

    God wants to honor you too.

    You are His child, and He wants to drape His mantle of honor all over you. All you have to do is meet His conditions and ask Him.

    Will you press into God and ask Him to honor you today? (And please let me know what happens when you do!)

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    Image courtesy of xjy on Flickr.com


    1. Katie Reynolds says:

      Please tell me what ‘abiding in Him’ looks like. 🙂

      1. Hi Katie!
        That’s a terrific question. The best way I can describe it is this: “Abiding in Jesus” means you are constantly aware of the Lord and His Presence, and constantly thinking about Him. You practice being aware of His Presence and sensing Him. As you get more tuned in to Him, you continually ask Him to help you see what He does and do only that, and hear what He says and say only that. You learn to look at Him all the time, and your life becomes a copy of His. It’s a process, but the time to start is now! If you haven’t already read my series about “21 Days to the Manifest Presence of God,” it would help you develop/hone that awareness of Papa’s Presence with you.

        Does this answer the question?

    2. Thank You for sharing this.I really needed this today.

    3. What a glorious story of discovery of God’s word. One more example of why we must stay in the Word. Each time we read, if we are open to hearing God’s voice, we will discover meanings and examples of how to live our lives. All new discoveries blended with t h e everlasting Word and Love of God. Blees you. I look forward to more from you.

      1. Yes, yes, and yes! Thank you for reading and for your feedback, Teresa. 🙂 Praising God with you.

    4. Thanks Jamie for sharing your experiences with father God. Your blog is what I needed to see, I’m stirred up more in my spirit.

    5. I really appreciate and I am thankful that you had shared verse 15 from Psalm 91.
      I read it often and taken comfort in Psalm 91. I really need His help and Honor in my life. God’s love for us is great; and I am thankful for that!

    6. Hello I wanted to kno what can I do yo get closer and closer to God I’ve been saved for two years and my life is getting better and better but I want more I want to know exactly how to hear When God is talking to me and its not me and my thoughts but I really love God and I want to kno how to pray morr powerful prayers and I need help with praying for others in a crowd I get nervous

    7. Shallo daughter of the most high Elohim, I’m tanking you for such a beautiful encouragement Kingdome word thoughts and writings from the righteous teachings bible, you are truly appreciated very much, when you add your sweet aroma sharing your experiences, thank you, for I too received blessings of encouragement by reading on your beautiful site, thank you and I thank the Father Elohim, and pray for you to continued hearing from the Throne the secrets given to you by the Holy Spirit I know this secrets are given to those who love Him and obey, be blessed in Yeshua s Mighty Name, amen

    8. Please pray for my job. God will never put me to shame in Jesus name. I was working as a Casual for three and a half years and the enterprise agreement which comes to effect said if you have worked continuously over 12 months you can apply for a Fixed term position. I never had annual leave or sick leave during this 3 and a half years. i worked hard, i loved my Finance job, I am so faithful and dedicated . However, The management wanted to stop me and bring one of their own people in to my job. As a casual my contract was ended with 2 week notice. i am without a job now. i am 60years old and Its hard for me to find a job. More than anything I feel my supervisor did not stand up and fight for me, but she used me to get the work done and she joined with the management to bring one of her own nationality in to this job. This is so unfair.
      i know God is going to bless me in front of their eyes and
      i will not put to shame. they all know i trust in god. Please pray for my Job.

    9. Catherine says:

      So I prayed this today and I was driving back from work thinking nothing special had happened. I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few items and totally distracted, was walking out the door with my basket! Strangely the alarms did not sound. I remembered suddenly on the way to my car and hurried back to pay for my groceries. The Lord kept me from a silly mistake that would have brought me dishonor and shame! I thank and praise Him! Looking forward to more answered prayers.

    10. Thank you for this. I needed this exactly today.

    11. Please send me the 21 days to the manifest presence of God. I hope it’s free?

    12. Penelope Ware says:

      Thank you so much for this excellent Word!!!
      You are a huge blessing!!!

    13. Glory be to My Lord and Saviour,I needed this

    14. Can’t wait to see how God honors me… that’s so hard to even type because I usually don’t think of myself in that way that God would do that for me

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