Radical Prayer #3: Wild Ideas and Witty Inventions

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Pray this radical prayer for wild ideas and witty inventions! Get inside information directly from God. Jeremiah 33:3

Did you know that God wants to give you amazing, wild, million-dollar ideas and witty inventions?

God is a radical God. He loves to answer radical prayers. His Word is full of radical promises you can claim so you can see His radical answers.

We already talked about how wild it is that God wants to honor you, and that Jesus became poor so you could become rich. Today, we’re going to talk about how God wants to give you wild ideas and witty inventions.

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    The backstory:

    I used to pray for God to bring breakthrough in my life by working miracles on my behalf. I wanted to see Him work through big, miraculous displays of power. Deep down, I wanted Him to just, BOOM!, one day change everything. To back up that prayer, I claimed the promise of Jeremiah 33:3, which says:

    “‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’”

    The only problem was that my prayer wasn’t usually getting answered. Then I noticed something one day:

    God doesn’t only say in Jeremiah 33:3 that He will DO great and mighty things. He says He will SHOW YOU great and mighty things.

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    This actually means BOTH that He will DO great and mighty things that were not previously part of your reality; things that you have not previously experienced …

    AND that He will give you inside information you previously didn’t have.

    In other words:

    • “Showing you” something refers to God teaching or revealing something you didn’t KNOW before.
    • The Hebrew word here for “show” means to tell, make known, declare, announce, report, and inform of.
    • So God is talking about telling you new things you didn’t know. He’s talking about conveying knowledge and ideas here. He’s talking about expanding your current reality through both doing things and telling you things.

    The things God wants to show you could pertain to any area of your life:

    • He could give you totally new ideas about your business.
    • He could show you how to better teach your small group at church.
    • He could show you how to manage your home, marriage, friendships, etc.
    • He could tell you about things that are currently not even part of your reality.
    • And He will DO great and mighty things for you that you have not experienced before.

    After all, God is into giving His people the absolute best. This includes million-dollar ideas and witty inventions.

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    Proverbs 8:12 talks about wisdom (which is the Holy Spirit manifesting Himself into everyday situations), and God says:

    “I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.”

    This passage tells us that one of the ways God manifests Himself is by giving His people witty inventions.

    History is full of inventions that God downloaded to men and women through dreams, visions, and just plain wild ideas. For example, here are some things God downloaded in dreams alone:

    • Mendeleyev created the periodic table from a dream.
    • Frederick A. von Kekule solved the structural riddle of the benzene molecule (a closed carbon ring) from a dream in which he saw a snake seizing its own tail.
    • Frederick Banting isolated insulin with help from his dream.
    • Elias Howe finished his lock-stitch sewing machine from a dream.
    • The inventor of the compound bow received the idea for the invention in a dream.
    • Einstein’s theory of relativity was inspired by a dream.
    • The last movement of Handel’s Messiah was given to Handel in a dream.

    I think you get the picture. God is full of good ideas. All good ideas come from God, and He loves to give His people witty inventions. That means He wants to give YOU witty inventions and wild ideas too.

    But here is the biggest key: God wants to surprise us.

    He said the things He will show us are things we do NOT already know. That means it’s not possible for us to anticipate exactly what He wants to show us, because the new things He wants to show us are totally outside our current reality.

    So to claim this promise and pray properly, we have to ask God for the things we don’t know how to ask for. How funny is that? 🙂

    What happened when I started getting it:

    When I started to understand this, I was blown away. I started praying like this:

    “Heavenly Father, Your Word says that if I call on You, You will answer me and show me great and mighty things that I do not know. So I’m calling on You. Please answer me and show me the great and mighty things I don’t know.

    Surprise me, Lord. I have no idea what to ask for, but I ask You to let me see these awesome things You want to show me. Thank You. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

    When I started praying that prayer, awesome things started happening.


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    I started getting inside information about things that matter to me–information to which I ordinarily would not have had access. Also, I started having radical ideas come to me out of nowhere. Things like:

    • Business ideas. 
    • Investment ideas for my family’s personal finances.
    • Ministry ideas. 
    • Discipleship ideas; He started showing me how to love people better, and how to help them through what they’re going through.
    • Teaching ideas; He started giving me awesome illustrations that help people grab hold of His love for them.

    It’s just been wild. So I have continued praying this radical prayer, and God has continued to show me things. It’s uncanny that the answers have all been SHOWing me things, too. God has not been DOING the things for me; He’s been SHOWING me what to do.

    And I suppose, after all, that that must be better. After all, we don’t grow when He does it all for us. We grow when He guides us and we follow.

    So are you in the mood for some wild ideas and witty inventions? Do you want your Heavenly Father to show you great and mighty things that you do not know?

    If so, pray the prayer I prayed. Ask God to answer you and show you the great and mighty things that you do not know. Then hang on tight. According to the Word of God, you are in for a wild ride. 😉

    Have you ever had a wild idea that you knew came from God? If so, please leave a comment below and tell me what happened! 

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    Image courtesy of Saad Faruque on Flickr.


    1. david reynolds says:

      I am a strength and conditioning coach and one day while using sleds to condition my football team I noticed that it was taking a really long time for the team to turn the sleds once they got to the desired yard marker and then brin it back to the starting point. I was getting really mad because it was a conditioning period and it was not moving fast enough for my liking. I prayed later that night and ask the Lord to give me and idea of a better, more functional sled. He did! I am now in the process of working on a deal with a company to manufacture it and sell it. I have also developed another piece of training equipment that is also going to be sold. I am also looking for people who have expierence in building apps because I have ideas for those as well. Anyone interested or knows anyone who builds apps please hit me up!

      1. That is so cool, David! Amazing! Thanks for sharing your story. I hope things go well with the manufacturing process!

      2. Marlene Bond says:

        I have an idea for an app also but don’t know where to go to get this made.

        Help me Lord. show me where to look. I know this App can help many Christians deepen their awareness of connection with God.

      3. How exciting for you! Encourages me! I’ve been seeking God to bring about manifestation of some ideas I have felt like have come from him some in dreams…seems to be in a stahl. Getting direction…Thanks for sharing.. keep Prospering!

      4. Blessing O. says:

        Thank you so much for this.

    2. Willetta Brown says:

      I love your faith in God it really encouraged me to started praying God’s word .

      1. That’s awesome, Willetta, and thanks! I’m so glad to hear it encouraged you. Thank you for reading!

    3. Timothy Yesufu says:

      Greetings and great job.
      Sometimes last year I was intensely s seeking God’s face for an idea that will add value to my generation,and a still voice spoke to my heart in a direction I never envisaged. God gave me a bible feature add-on that will help make navigating through His word easier and quicker.
      But the realities is that I don’t even know how to kick start this project.
      Please I need your advice and guidance.

      1. Hi Timothy, I’m sorry but I don’t know anything about that either. But just pray into it, don’t let go of the vision, and ask God to open doors, ok? HE knows all about it, so as you pray, He will help you.
        Thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful day!

    4. Peg Fields says:

      Hey there!! This is an amazing post. Thank you a bunch !! My witty invention – literally-came to me in a dream in 2005. And I even saw the website in big bold letters. NOONE has ever thought of this. I got up and drew it in a piece of napkin. But the sad thing is , I haven’t done slot at all with it. I had a NDE that left my body building , construction owner business body an invalid and legally blind. It was not my time they sent me back. I did see the beautiful white light. :). But I am asking from my heart that God will give me this second chance to do something wonderful with this WITTY INVENTION.
      I am now after 15 years, doing so much better. I have 20/15 vision now and can work again doing healing work , so I know I will be complete i…. Physically. Otherwise I know I am already.
      Thanks again for your posting this and all the other commenters too.

      1. Hi Peg. That’s an awesome testimony. I pray God would also open doors for you and help you take one step at a time as you follow His guidance! May you be blessed beyond measure!
        Thanks so much for reading, and thank you for sharing! Have a great day!

    5. Nonhlanhla says:

      Yesterday on our local tv they were profiling this young gentleman who is a successful in businesses,he come up with great ideas,things that the world needs,things that ordinary people would not have thought of. I ask myself how do they do it,how do they come with these innovative ideas and today God used you Jamie and your blog to answer the question I asked Him. It’s all in the Word. Now I know…

    6. Jeannette says:

      God led me step by step through the entire process of building/creating a series of board games. I’m a writer. Not a developer… So you know it was a God thing. And the word for it came from the most unlikely place. He can and will make it happen. But we have to believe and be obedient to follow through. This post touched my heart. Thank you!

    7. Since I stumbled on your website, I have been visiting everyday from my small cubicle in Nigeria . God has blessed you with so much insight that it can only be grace . I am so blessed that the holyspirit led me to your site when i needed him most. I started with the radical prayer #4 and in 2 days , my thought system has changed so much that i dont understand…. I guess thats the power of letting go and showing God our helplessness…. God bless you.

      1. Wow, praise God. I’m so thankful He’s touching you through my site. Yes, everything good you see here is because of His grace. I had nothing without Him and then I met Him and He redeemed my life. I pray He would bless you also and raise you up closer to Himself as you seek Him. Thank you for saying hello! It’s nice to meet you!

        1. Hello,

          My name is Aidee. I am an entrepreneur.

          God gave me an idea for a boardgame called INTERSTATE. It’s an educative and entertaining multiplayer game that enhances the learning of Nigerian History, Geography, Current Affairs, etc. The game is enjoyed by people of all ages, but it’s very popular with students.

          I developed the prototype and it’s gotten very positive reviews. It was even praised as the most educative indigenous game ever invented. This is all God’s doing because the idea and the ability to develop it to this level all came from Him.

          My dream is to see INTERSTATE in every school and every home in Nigeria. But unfortunately, I don’t have enough funds to produce INTERSTATE for sale. Try as I have, I can’t seem to get any investment or be able to raise money for production. I recently set up a crowdfunding campaign at: http://www.igg.me/at/aideeology
          but unfortunately, I’ve not gotten any positive response up till now.

          But I believe that God who gave me the idea will definitely provide funds for its production, from His riches in glory in Christ Jesus, because all the glory will be to His name. He can use anybody at anytime, and I will not stop believing, never!

          So thank you for this message, the message and the comments have really encouraged me to keep pushing while still believing.

          God bless you.

    8. as I googled ‘ witty inventions, ‘ I found prov. 8:12 AND your site. Thank you. I’ve just prayed the Jer 33:3 prayer – and now am expecting wild money-making ideas. My dad was an entrepreneur and I know I have inherited that same spirit. I;m so glad I found your site.

      1. Amen! I pray our Heavenly Father would give you great wisdom as you put your hand to the plow! Thanks for reading!

    9. WOW, I so needed this!!!!!!

      Bless you Jamie!!

    10. God Bless you Jamie!!! Jeremiah 33:3! I have just been inspired, to hold unto Gods’ promises and not let go! I truly believe he will make his visions and purpose for my life known to me in Jesus name, Amen!

    11. It’s been an exciting day today…widely surfing the internet for an idea that would add quality to my ongoing PhD program. God just gave me an idea for my research that would not only improve the academic scope of my project, but could also make me an internationally sought-after innovator and also generate greater ideas on biofuel production plant currently being developed in the United States. It all started yesterday when a professor challenged me and said my project was shallow. I didn’t take offense, I swung into prayers. Then…the rest is story! God really gives ideas for witty inventions. Thank you Jamie for teaching us the prayer keys to unlock that realm.

      1. That’s amazing, Samson. Go for it! I pray that you do become an internationally sought-after innovator! How wonderful. GOD can do this in you, through you, and for you.
        Thank you for reading my blog. 🙂 Have a wonderful day.

    12. Thank you for this great word of encouragement. Indeed God gives witty ideas and I can testify because i can relate to your story and for those who shared before me.

      Four years ago while working on my PhD, I got stuck as one of the my papers took a different direction from what was planned. I and my advisors came to a decision to drop this paper and begin a new one. I was so sad because the much time and energy invested.

      I sought God with all my heart, a few days after I got a dream. In a dream a man was talking to me and asked my why I had not considered a specific approach. When I woke up and thought about it, it made complete sense and when I shared the idea with my team they were all thrilled and in agreement that it was perfect.

      We fixed all that needed, we were able to complete and published this paper in no time. Glory to the our God!

      1. Dinah, that’s amazing. Thank you so much for sharing! Glory be to God indeed! I love how He downloads ideas and strategies and so much more! He still loves to create and is just looking for a listening ear–looking for someone who will listen to His ideas, wisdom, and inventions.

    13. Jonathan Lee Martin says:

      Thank you Jamie for your words of encouragement and the gift that Jesus has trusted in you to touch nations. All the honour and Glory unto God.
      Thank you for making me realise that everything created by Jesus finds its purpose in him. God speaks to me in dreams and visions. Revealing that i will find diamonds and oil mixed with gold and in my country, he already showed me the places where and its at two different locations. I will be the first youngest male, with shares in BP oil company, God handed me the certificate with my name on “Jonathan” in the dream. I will start praying more like Daniel did and confess everyday. When Gods vision comes into existence, i would want to be a blessing unto to you Jamie, so that you can touch the younger generation. In the end everything belongs to God.

      1. I pray that Father would bless and prosper you exceedingly, Jonathan, and provide your every need. In Jesus’ name.

    14. samuel massey says:

      Wonderful Article !

      Lord of Invention-Jesus Christ

      Thanks for inspirational Article.

      May Good Lord Jesus Multiply your Gifts, Talents Around the World.
      I will make you a great nation;
      I will bless you
      And make your name great;
      And you shall be a blessing.
      Genesis 12:2


      1. I have dreams and visions, Jesus came me a name for a book. However I dont know how to write a book. Funny RT.

    15. Abiola Temitope says:

      Am so blessed reading this page for the first time in my searching experience, really it is the honour of kings to search out a matter concealed by God, You God put the answer to the questions of my heart in your write up!!! Oh mine, mine!!
      I bless God for His grace and wisdom upon your life. And am grateful to Him for leading me through this page. If this worked for you, i’ve got no doubt it’s going to work for me. May you be more richly bless with divine insight into God’s secrets and revelations. I love you with all my heart. Expect my testimony mail soonest.

    16. Abiola Temitope says:

      I’m so blessed coming across a page like this inn such a time i needed more than a prayer. I have been perturbed in my inner man what biblical invention could be that i desired to have one, in search of one. You are such a blessing to my world. I pray God rain you more revelations of His secret and enlarge your ministry and enpower you to finish the race in Jesus Christ name.Amen. Am sure going to send you a mail as I believe this truth is going to work for me the way it does work for you.

      1. Hi Jamie,

        May God Richly Bless you! You have a topic here that I really, really love because I am a firm believer in God, a firm believer in this fact of ideas and inventions!
        Thank You for the prayer as well, I gives the whole idea of asking God for this made correctly.

    17. Thanks alot for this post. Actually i feel touched by your article. Since i was young, I had always wanted to be an article writer. I prayed to God, and while in college i paid my school fees out of article writing. I would want to expand my idea international and work with everybody, In appreciation to our loving God.

      Be blessed in Jesus name

    18. This is exactly what I’m looking for. God bless you

    19. Thank you for sharing. Its been very liberating for me to understand that God hives ideas and inspiration for entrepreneurship. I will be praying that prayer.

    20. ikechukwu says:

      I am so blessed by this post. God bless you

    21. Michael Diaz says:

      Yes! God is working with me now on an invention and it is becoming a reality. Glory to God!

    22. Ken Wilkins says:

      God spontaneously gave me an invention last year. It has passed the patent search with no prior art & The Lord led me to a business developer who is also an inventor that is a spirit-filled christian!

    23. Well, I’ll be 60 next year and I wonder……’Would GOD do such a thing as this for ME?’ I’m a believer in Christ, but I don’t have dreams or visions like many of the others on this post. Pray for me that GOD would show ‘ME’ great and mighty things that I would’ve never imagined AND give me the Grace and Wisdom to recognize/act when HE does. TODAY will be a starting point ‘marker’ for Me to start asking.
      Side Note: In Nov 2005, a visiting evangelist/prophet told me that GOD wanted to Bless me with my own business, but just having come through a divorce, I didn’t have the faith to believe something good like that could really happen. I distinctly remember he prayed over me for GOD to give me ‘witty & creative’ ideas. I never forgot it and that’s how I have landed on this post. I did a search in the Bible for the verse that speaks to that very thing. Maybe, just maybe…..NOW is the time for Me. ?

    24. Gail Nedd says:

      Great blog. Praying Jeremiah 3:33
      May GOD bless you

    25. This prayer after I said it I started having real neat visions of my future that I have been praying for in my life. God is awesome and I love your prayers please keep them coming God Bless you and praises God

    26. Angel Woods says:

      Good morning!! I just love this! I so believe this with all my heart and been trying to get others to open their minds up to this truth. I am an inventor which is an added gift to being a Singer, songwriter, author, play write, advocate, poet, prayer writer etc. I see visions of cartoon characters for supernatural health,hope,healing,education and awareness. My 1st character “Cilly Cell” 4 Sickle Cell was created 8 years ago while I was homeless but I believed. 7 years later the costume came to life. In the 8 the year doors for the character to go places started opening but she made her 1st appearance in the 7 th year. I now have 10 characters and counting not to mention the ones I created and gave to others. God bless you richly!!

    27. Adenike Grace says:

      I love your website and really enjoy your articles but I must say that the ad… the celeste, get your agel reading ad does not draw souls to God, but to an occultic entity. Your site should not contain such things, but only things that draw people to the like via ng God. A little flaw.

      1. Hi Adenike. I did not put that ad on there; ads generate automatically and feed differently for every person. So, I can’t see the ads other people see. I have tried to block all ads that are related to New Age and other inappropriate topics but sometimes one gets through. When that happens, please click the “report ad” button next to the ad itself and report it as objectionable. I cannot see these when they happen, so I would appreciate your help in this.
        Thank you!

    28. please pray for me thatt God woukd do a mighty thing and reveal an invention or business deal to me very soon for financial blessings.Thanks and God bless

    29. Thank you, I was greatly inspired. Keep it up

    30. Melanie Weaver says:

      I stumbled upon this websight a couple of days ago, signed up for the emails and today I have been praying about my next steps for my business. The Lord planted in me 2013, a small business, and it ended within a year. There is something inside me that will make something and be able to give God all the glory and represent Him well, to also provide for my family and ENJOY it! So today I googled Heavenly Businesses and I was brought back to the same place God sent me to the other day. Not coincidence. Thank you God! And thank you for this article!

    31. Incredible post! This morning in the middle of my work the Lord spoke to me Jer 33:3… for the last several years I have had dreams and visions I the area of investments that have often played out to the tee in some cases. Often I have doubted because it doesn’t make sense until it’s too late and blatantly obvious. Very often I’ve fallen into the trap of being satisfied with just seeing not actually doing anything about it, then getting frustrated. This post was such a confirmation and encouragement. God bless you. Going into radical prayer.

    32. Hi. I love your prayer series. They have been a great blessing. Thank you so much!
      I had a dream of a music app . In the dream my sister suggested that I do it a certain way that was very innovative. I believe that after the Sons of Issachar prayer and the witty inventions ,I will receive even greater visitations from God.

    33. Josette Pierre-Louis says:

      Thank you Jaimie, please pray for me ..I have been doing events floral designs for years , I love it…but I stopped doing it for awhile …this is coming back tome now…I just did something for my pastor…and it was very successful Praise God, since then I have made some business cards and honing my skills ..please pray for me

    34. For pray on are home that god send a. Buyer for cash buyer

    35. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

      AMEN! Thank you, Jamie!

    36. Irene Jones says:

      I have a witty ideal God gave me. I just need prayer for the finances to get it up out there. I’m praying for 5000 dollars to start it. Keep me in prayer please for that amount

    37. I am inspired by this write up.
      This is a beautiful write up and it is great to know God has used it to turn around some/many lives.
      More grace to you Jamie

      Pastor Olutosin Ogunkolade

    38. Mary Chamberlain says:

      The LORD has blessed me with dreams indeed. Ideas that would make a great difference in safety and much more. The problem is the costs to patent, produce,market,and so on. I’m disabled and awaiting a favorable decision from the judge on this. I so need direction and financial breakthroughs on this. In Jesus mighty name. Amen

    39. Ngozi Ilouno says:

      Thank you very much for this blog. It is what I am looking look, very helpful, a blessing.

    40. Jamie ,please pray, this for us need to provide an this pandemic has made this hard to do,Thank-you.


    42. Annanson John says:

      Hallelujah Amen! WOW! It is a hallelujah Amen to me because I have read Jer33:3 in the “DO IT FOR ME” And the epiphany came today the 17th of February 2021 @8:02pm as He will “SHOW ME” and how faithful He has been with “the showing” and I have not paid attention to those, and now while I was reading this prophetic message, I had recall of flashbacks of dreams I have had. Most very grateful Prophetess Jamie!!
      Thank you, really!

    43. Tyisha Noise says:

      Jamie! The Lord gave me three business ideas. One I have been trying to actualize for some years now but my current job is a time suck and has made it difficult to commit the kind of time and attention my ideas need. I also need the Lord to provide funding to get things off the ground. But I am encouraged by this word because it confirms that God wants to do crazy things I know nothing about.
      Please pray with me to find a comparable income that allows me the time and dice to work on my God given projects.
      Thank you for offering God!!

    44. Julie Thiessen says:

      Thank you so much Jamie for sharing this information with everyone! I recently had a word from the Lord about ‘witty inventions’. I searched on the web and found you and this word. I am going to start praying that prayer as well now as I do believe that God can show us His promises that we find in His word! I pray that God continue to bless you and your mission richly and abundantly. Blessings!

    45. Shyree Huggins-Battle says:

      God bless you for your revelation on this scripture. I’m an author and can relate to this very scripture as it was prophesied over my life and I am fulfilling the ideas God has downloaded in my spirit by His power, grace, & instruction. He is the boss in which I report & consult with lol but seriously.

    46. What a site!
      Thank you very much for this in depth teaching. I am so blessed by it.
      On the 02 August, I received this word in my spirit ” I the Lord maketh witty inventions known” so I quickly located it in the scriptures as Prov. 8:12 and realized God is about to do something again in my life. I started looking for where to get good understanding of the message and that’s how I stumbled on this platform I am so blessed by it. God is awesome.
      Some of the steps I took this year are unimaginable to me and couldn’t have been on my own but I saw God himself moved on my behalf to pull me out of an office I was totally devalued and since then I have been surprised at every steps I have taken that has moved me closer to Him. I am blessed. Thank you very much.

    47. Thank you for this mighty word. I love Jeremiah 33:3. I had prayed it, but did not put an extra emphasis on the “show me” part. Thank you.

      God gave me the witty idea to launch a jigsaw puzzle business, Perfect Peace Puzzles. It’s been open for 1 month. I have prayer board meetings with God, who is the owner & I’m the CEO.

      I look forward to more as I continue to seek His face.

    48. Emily Wangui says:

      Thankyou for these radical prayers, they are faith packed because you show it in the Word of God… and that’s how faith comes, by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

      God bless you.

    49. Mike French says:

      I took Jer 33:3 and Pro 8:12 to heart and prayed accordingly. That night God showed me how a small handful of traders made billions during the 2008 housing bubble crash. The method was legal and straight forward and spelled out in Larry Connor’s book “Buy the Fear, Sell the Greed” 7 Behavioral Quant Strategies for Traders. This will become an integral part of my goal of tikkun olam which is Jewish for how Jesus’ prayer is answered “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

    50. Charrisa T. says:

      This is so good! Thank you for sharing! I was research the definition of a phrase and your article was the first thing in my search and I am so glad it was!! God I thank you for the witty ideas and inventions.

    51. Sarah Keesen says:

      I’m an artist and Holy Spirit has given me some new techniques, processes and ideas for materials to use in my paintings. This past week He gave me a new way to create glitter glue, which worked awesome for a big womens event I taught and spoke at. It’s interesting, because I said something similar over the women about God releasing new inventions, creations, and more from Heaven, never seen in the earth before!! Thank you for this confirming word!

    52. Irma Nortje says:

      AMEN THANKU Me and my family receive creative witty inspirations to bless our family and nations by faith grace perseverance in believing God wants the best for us. Thankful

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