My Surprise is Out: “Keys of David” Solo Piano Album, and a Big Testimony

Keys of David by Jamie Rohrbaugh

Well, I’ve been telling you guys here on the blog and on Facebook and Twitter about a free gift I would be giving to email subscribers today. That free gift has to do with a huge announcement I can make today, and here’s my huge announcement:

I’m recording a solo piano album!

The album is called “Keys of David.” It’s piano music for contemplative prayer and for soaking in God’s Presence.

I’m not completely finished recording the album, but I can tell you that God has been downloading His glory into these songs. I feel the rumble of His Presence every time I listen to these tracks.

I’ll be finishing up the recording this month, and should be able to release the album for purchase online in April.

And before I end this announcement, can I give the Lord a shout-out here?

My big testimony about music:

I didn’t get saved until I was 21. Before I got saved, I was heavily involved in the jazz/swing/blues club scene, both as a musician and as a “clubber.” Although I LOVE that kind of music, I was living an unholy life because of it. When I got saved, I left jazz, swing, and the blues, because:

  1. My heart wasn’t blue anymore; and
  2. I didn’t know how to hang out with the people involved in that scene without compromising and falling back into sin.

I never looked back, and I never dreamed God would resurrect all my training in that kind of music.

But my God has redeemed the music I loved for His glory.

I never thought it could happen, but look what God did:

  • He used my fond memories of playing in my jazz band to pull me into my church’s orchestra, where He has used me to bless and encourage others.
  • He has turned me into an unlikely worship leader, which never could have happened unless I had gone through so much jazz training. You have to be able to read chords and voicings in order to lead worship on keys!
  • A few months ago, I led worship at a rockin’ healing service at our local homeless kitchen. We played 12-bar blues in C for a really long time, called out words of knowledge about healing in between choruses, prayed for the sick, and PEOPLE GOT HEALED! At least one person even got healed from a neck injury WITHOUT EVER GOING FORWARD FOR PRAYER –just because of the Presence of God in that atmosphere of joy! God used 12-bar blues to do that! (Which we could never could have done without my previous love affair with the blues!)
  • He’s taken my love for music and turned it into a love for true, heartfelt worship, using that music to host His Presence.

My God is a Redeemer. He’s a Restorer. He has redeemed my life, and goes on redeeming things I never could have imagined He would use for His glory.

Go, Jesus!

With all that being said, I am releasing two free preview tracks today. They will be emailed to all my email subscribers later today. This is the only time they will be made available for free. If you’re not an email subscriber yet, please sign up below! I’ll never give your email address to anyone, and you can unsubscribe anytime. (Although I do believe these email updates will be such a blessing to you that you’ll want to keep them around.) 😉

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