7-Day Prayer Guide for Parents (Including Yourself!)

7-Day Prayer Guide for Parents | Jamie RohrbaughAre you worried about your parents? Are you sometimes discouraged as you try so hard to parent your children? And are you concerned about your children?

If so, I have a new resource that will help you pray! It’s a 7-day prayer guide for parents–for ALL the parents in your life, including yourself!

This 7-day prayer guide even includes related prayer points for your children–things you can pray AS a parent on their behalf.

My 7-day prayer guide for parents is published over on iBelieve.com this month. They will also be publishing it as a printable resource in May … but if you want to print it now, all you have to do is hit the “print” button at the top of the screen, just under the headline image. 🙂

Hop over to iBelieve.com for a Prayer Guide for Parents, here!

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  1. Susan Jones says:

    Jamie I watched your webinar on prayer and I want you to know how much this encouraged me. You gave wonderful information and I prayed with you to receive the mantle. I am expecting more great teaching from you. Thanks!

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