Prayer #2: Ask God To Perform the Duties of a Father For You

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Prayer #2 of 7 Life-Changing Prayers For People Who Feel Forgotten: Ask God To Perform the Duties of a Father For You by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Did you know that you have certain legal rights as God’s child?

It’s true, and this truth will change your life if you will grab onto it today. Let me explain your legal rights first (this will fire you up); and then I’ll share my personal story at the end of this post.

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    Here’s what I mean by “legal rights as God’s child”:

    Children, by default, are legally entitled to certain things. Every child has these rights simply because of who they are. It’s not because the child is or isn’t smart, well-behaved, pretty, handsome, or gifted. Every child has rights simply because he or she belongs to his parents.

    And you have certain legal rights with God–certain things you can expect Him to do for you–simply because YOU are His child.

    What are your legal rights as God’s child?

    Well, even though I’m not going to go into all of your rights as God’s child today (because that’s what part of my book is about–watch a 2-minute video of me talking about my book here), I will tell you this key point:

    You have a legal right for God to grow, develop, and promote you into your destiny–just because He is your Father.

    Here’s a human example of your legal right to be promoted by your Father:

    When you were a baby, you ate baby food. However, when your parents saw that you were old enough to handle it, they started feeding you adult food.

    Your parents probably started weaning you off baby food with tiny bites of simple adult foods. But as your ability to chew and digest adult food grew, they continued to feed you more of what you could handle. Eventually, you were weaned off baby food altogether.

    When your parents transitioned you from baby food to adult food, they were PROMOTING you from one thing into another. They looked at your growth and ability, and they put you into the next higher level when you were ready.

    If they hadn’t–if you had shown up in middle school or high school still eating baby food–the authorities would have stepped in. In the American legal system, this is what would have happened:

    • The authorities would have said your parents were abusing and neglecting you.
    • Your parents would have been deemed unfit.
    • You would have been removed from your family and placed in a different home, where someone could have cared for you properly.

    Why? Because your parents have a legal responsibility to promote you.

    And whether you realize it or not, your parents promoted you a lot when you were a child:

    • They had to buy you bigger clothes as you grew.
    • They toilet-trained you.
    • They taught you how to bathe yourself.
    • They moved you from riding a tricycle to riding a bicycle, as you grew and could handle it.

    Your parents promoted you as you became ready for promotion. You had a legal right to those promotions, simply because you were their child.

    So here’s the deal: You are GOD’S child if you have made Jesus Christ the Boss of your life.

    Psalm 27:10 tells us:

    Start-quoteAlthough my father and my mother have forsaken me, yet the Lord will take me up [adopt me as His child]” (Psalm 27:10 AMP).

    If you feel forgotten, the Lord will take you up. He has already adopted you as His child, if you have made Jesus Christ the Boss of your life:

    Start-quoteBehold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!” (1 John 3:1a).

    And as God’s child, you have a legal right for God to promote you too.

    • You have the right for Him to teach you new things.
    • You have the right for Him to move you into the next opportunity, as you become ready for something bigger.
    • You have the right for Him to give you a bigger mantle of authority as your character and ability to handle it grows.
    • You have the right for Him to  promote you into your destiny.

    So when I felt forgotten, I asked God to perform the duties of a Father for me.

    When I first started praying this–asking God to perform the duties of a Father for me–I felt like I hadn’t seen any progress in my life for quite awhile. That’s why I was so frustrated.

    But I asked God to promote me. I prayed like this:

    • “Father, I come before You in Jesus’ name. Your Word says that I can come boldly before the throne of grace, that I may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need (Hebrews 4:16).
    • “Father, You know me. You’re the only One who truly knows me, inside and out. You know what You’ve called me to do. You know the gifts and calling You’ve put inside me.
    • “You know what I’m ready for and what I’m not ready for. You know what the next thing is You want me to do.
    • “Father, I’ve been faithful to serve and do everything I can according to Your Word. But I need Your help. Only You can bring me into Your call on my life.
    • “So Father, because it’s Your job to promote me as Your child, I ask that You would perform the duties of a Father for me.
    • “Move me into the next thing You have for me. Open doors You want to open, and keep them open. Close doors that You want to close, and keep them closed.
    • “Father, lead me and guide me into the next part of my destiny and call in Christ. Keep me humble, and draw me ever closer to You. Let me seek You first, and seek Your Kingdom, and I know all these things will be added to me. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

    And shortly after I prayed that, as I’ve mentioned before, God started doing new things in my life:

    He started expanding my writing career by having a number of articles that I’ve written published. He brought me new people to mentor (and mentoring is a huge part of God’s call on my life).

    And most dramatically of all, He started expanding my responsibilities in leadership in the ministries I’m involved with in my local church. My pastors gave me new assignments that are very powerful and very public. Those assignments are things directly connected with my passion for revival and prayer, and I am ever-so-grateful. (Truly, beyond-words grateful.)

    But you know what? Those promotions didn’t come from men.

    They came through men, but it is GOD who performed the duties of a Father for me and moved me into the next bigger thing He had for me and my life. Did He use men to do it? Yes; He always will honor the authority He’s placed over you. But God still did it Himself. GOD opened doors for me.

    So if you feel forgotten, ask God to perform the duties of a Father for you too.

    • Remind Him of His promise that, when your father and your mother forsake you (or even reach the end of what they can do for you), HE–the Lord–will take you up.
    • Humbly present your case to the Lord. Talk with Him about where you’ve come from and where you want to go.
    • Remind Him of the promises He has given you that apply to your destiny.
    • Ask God to perform the duties of a Father for you, and promote you into the next thing He has for you.

    And God will answer. He won’t give you your end result all at once; God will never move you into opportunity for which you’re not ready, because it could hurt you. And He is not an unfit Parent; He will always Father you perfectly.

    But He WILL move you into the next thing for which you ARE ready.

    God is the perfect Parent–the perfect Father. He is the perfect Provider, the perfect Lover of your soul, the perfect Listener, the perfect Promoter.

    And if you ask Him to perform the duties of a Father for you, He will.

    God will move you into your next level of promotion when you ask Him to perform the duties of a Father for you.

    Your Father God sees you perfectly. He knows you intimately. He knows what He has called you to do, and He knows how He desires for you to get there.

    That means He knows what the next door is that He wants you to walk through. He knows what the next, bigger level of responsibility is that He has for you. He knows who He wants you to reach, and when He wants you to reach them. He knows how to move you into new levels of service, humility, and authority.

    And if you’ll ask Him to perform the duties of a Father for you and promote you, He’ll move you forward into the next thing He has for your life.

    Does this message speak to you? If so, please leave a comment below. I want to hear what you think!

    Image courtesy of Sten Dueland on Flickr via Creative Commons license. Image has been cropped and graphics added.


    1. Cheryl Smith says:

      Does this message speak to me? Does it ever! You have no idea how applicable your words and these posts and prayers are to my and my family’s situation right now. It is like you truly are speaking straight to us!! I am going to share your words with my husband and son, Lord willing, and I know they will also be amazed at how relevant this is. We stand in such a place of uncertainty, but I know God is in control. The prayers you prayed are very similar to the very ones we currently pray, so this all resonates very much.

      1. That is awesome. I’m absolutely thrilled to hear that, Cheryl, and your comment was very encouraging yesterday in the middle of a tough day at work! Thanks for sharing! I pray you and your family will continue to be blessed by the rest of these 7 prayers. 🙂

      2. Emmanuel Ladon says:

        Thank you once again for yet another life changing words of how God would use me to father me. It’s awesome

      3. Sam Wadham says:

        Again totally amazed. I’ve been stalled for a long time in lots of areas but I’ve just prayed this with new hope. I just thought I had to keep waiting forever ! Thank you Jamie. Bless you !

    2. Tami Page says:

      Wow! Perfect word for me right now thanks so much! I am not close to my parents and even a little estranged. Sometimes feel like an orphan or a misfit, but not when God is my Father! Thanks for the wonderful new perspective!

    3. I love your blog and your posts. I feel like I needed them in my life for sure. I’m stuck at a job I hate and I feel there’s no way out. It’s slowly killing me. I have no fear of quitting and I would but everyone around me has kept me here. I earnestly prayed the prayers from the 1st post and the day after that was a nightmare. I feel like God didn’t answer me and Satan was messing with me to try and discourage my praying. Of course I wont stop. But what would you do?

      1. Hi Lara. I’m so sorry you’re going through that. I can only tell you what I did, for I was in your shoes once. I was in a job that truly was killing me. I was depressed and would cry all the way to work, all the way home, and sit on the sofa and stare at nothing for hours because I hated my job so much. I finally got to the point where I realized that depression and panic and fear and hating my job were not God’s best for me. That if there was no fruit of the Spirit in my job–love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, self-control, etc, then the Holy Spirit wasn’t there because HE would be bearing the fruit if He was breathing on that thing.
        So I applied for another job and got it. Same company, actually a lower-ranking job, but it was much better suited for me. And the day I moved from my old cubicle into my new one, I couldn’t even wait for the movers to come. I sat my stuff in my chair and pushed it across the building. And someone saw me and said, “I’ve never seen you look so happy.” And I said, “I’ve never been so happy!”
        Fast forward over 7 years, and I’m still happy. That job wasn’t God’s best for me, and I was free from the depression and misery as soon as I stopped trying to hang in there with something God never called me to stick with–as evidenced by His fruit (or lack thereof) in that job.
        When God breathes on something, it produces fruit. There will be a divine flow and anointing. No fruit, no flow, no anointing = God’s not in it.
        Does that help at all? I will pray for you too.

        1. Thank you for your words and insight, it did help a lot. I have gotten even more signs that God definitely wants me to move on with my life, just in the last couple days of work, every day there is something that I know is God telling me, “youre not meant for here”. There has been more dark activity in my life as well that is even following my fiance to his job. I know God doesn’t work directly but through people most often and I was definitely meant to meet/ talk to some that have changed my outlook and perspective – you being one of them. Thank you for thr thoughts and prayers, Jamie. I will keep uo with the earnest praying and reading of your posts. Thank you again~


          1. That’s awesome, Lara. I pray that God will open new doors of FREEDOM for you as you step out in faith!!

    4. Rafael-Olivier Somma says:

      When will your book be released Jamie?

      1. I don’t know yet, Rafael-Olivier. I’m working hard on it though. 🙂 It’s been “finished” before and then I am adding more and more to it. Any prayers would be appreciated. 😉
        Hope you’re doing well today! Have a wonderful day!


      I really needed to hear this. Thanks for sharing, God bless

    6. Vidyia Maharaj says:

      Hi, I was contemplating suicide and I ask God to show me somethin or some words to stop me from this frustrating feeling. I went on my laptop and type in “Lord I am fed up and frustrated please guide me and give me a word…..then I came upon this “Seven Life Changing Prayers” I was guided to Prayer #4 instantly. then I decided to go through all…. I am now sitting and realizing that I was not praying but just saying words from psalms and the Bible. I thank you for opening my eyes. thank you thank thank you! Be Blessed always. Vidyia.

    7. Priscilla says:

      Hi Jamie, thanks for the prayers and enlightenment on my rights from my Father, am on it now asking God to promote me in my next level of my destiny. Be blessed

    8. you are a blessing thankyou for such a powerful word of God once again,I am loving all your post so powerful

    9. IRMA NORTJE says:

      AMEN. Thank you Father God for my and my family’s promotion in all areas of our lives according to Your will and plan for our lives, Thank you Ps Jamie, Be blessed always.

    10. Paul Israel says:

      Hi pastor. It’s true that I’m feeling forgotten by my heavenly father. I prayed for many years and expecting my breakthroughs but nothing happened. After this prayer of God to perform the duty of the father to me his son, I’m feeling now comforted. Thank you.

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