Prayer #3: Believe (And Remind God) That Promotion Comes From Him Alone

LIVE webinar: How to Speak In Tongues | June 26, 2024

Prayer-3-of-7-Life-Changing-Prayers-For-People-Who-Feel-Forgotten Promotion Comes From God Alone

I’m going to share with you today one Scriptural truth that changed my life forever when I got hold of it.

It’s one of the most liberating, chain-breaking, joy-filled revelations I’ve ever gotten.

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    This revelation set me free from expectations of other people.

    It set me free from despairing that I would ever reach my destiny. It set me free from disappointment. It set me free from worrying that I had missed my opportunity.

    Let’s talk first about the Scriptural truth, and then I’ll share my ugly story below. 😉

    The Scriptural truth God showed me that changed my life is this:

    Promotion comes from God alone.

    Now, I realize that saying “promotion comes from God alone” might sound trite at first. But let’s look at it more closely, because it’s not trite at all. And if you will get this in your spirit today, it’s going to set you free like it did me.

    Check out this passage from Psalm 75:

    Start-quoteFor exaltation comes neither from the east
    Nor from the west nor from the south.
    But God is the Judge:
    He puts down one,
    And exalts another” (Psalm 75:6-7).

    Sometimes we Christians fall into a trap of thinking that other people should be helping us toward our destiny. We think people should see our gifts and open doors for us. We think people should see the call of God on our lives as clearly as we do.

    And if they don’t, we get disappointed. If we’re not careful, that disappointment can turn into unforgiveness. Unforgiveness can turn into bitterness, and then our soul becomes poisoned… and God can’t move us forward in that state.

    It’s a cycle–a very bad cycle. And once you get on this cycle, it can be hard to get off of it.

    But you can get off of this negative cycle. Here’s how:

    [mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”uj69wtx0xmthpofa7ziv” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”” title=”Believe (And Remind God) That Promotion Comes From Him Alone” volume=”70″]


    All it takes is a Scriptural understanding that promotion comes from God alone.

    See, God alone knows the hearts of men and women, boys and girls. He alone knows YOUR heart. And He alone knows the fullness of His plans for you. He knows when, how, what, how much, who, and so on. He knows all the answers to all the questions.

    Additionally, He alone is the Door-Opener. Revelation 3:7 tells us:

    Start-quote‘And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write, ‘These things says He who is holy, He who is true, “He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens”:…”

    God has the keys to all the doors. He alone opens doors that no one can shut. He also shuts doors that no one can open.

    So not only does God know what’s best for you, but He alone opens the doors to His best for you.

    GOD opens doors. Not people. Not your bank account. Not your family connections. Not your business network. Only GOD opens doors for you and shuts other doors.

    This goes along with other Scripture verses about promotion:

    Start-quoteTherefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time…” (1 Peter 5:6).

    “Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up” (James 4:10).

    “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him” (Hebrews 11:6).

    And when the Lord opens our eyes to this truth, then suddenly:

    • You no longer feel like your destiny is impossible because you don’t have the money.
    • You no longer feel hopeless because you aren’t connected to the right people (by family tie, business relationship, or otherwise).
    • You no longer feel forgotten if your leader hasn’t given you the opportunity you desire yet.

    All of a sudden, when you start to understand where promotion comes from, then you’re no longer concerned about your leaders’ actions, your bank balance, or your family relationships. Those things no longer matter… because you see that God alone stands in authority over your destiny.

    I used to struggle with this pretty badly.

    I was hopelessly discouraged for several reasons:

    • It seemed like all our money was flying out the window every month (due to the 2008 American real estate market crash). So I couldn’t invest in my destiny financially.
    • I didn’t know people in authority and I had no family connections, so I knew my destiny wasn’t going to happen through other people.
    • I didn’t have any credentials or letters behind my name, so I knew my destiny wouldn’t happen because of any external qualifications.

    And since I didn’t understand that promotion comes from God, that left … nothing. I had no other options.

    So I began to believe my destiny simply wouldn’t happen. I embraced self-pity, got discouraged, then depressed, and eventually suicidal.

    Blech. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Please don’t go there yourself. It’s not a pretty place to be.

    God eventually set me free from all that by teaching me that man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Deuteronomy 8:3). It was an important lesson.

    But after that, He taught me that He alone is responsible for my promotion. He is responsible for your promotion too.

    And because promotion comes from God alone, He doesn’t need anybody else’s permission, or any favorable circumstances, to promote you.

    God can pull things out of His proverbial hat for you anytime He wants to:

    • He can give you your next opportunity.
    • He can move you into a new level of responsibility or influence.
    • He can open doors for you that no man can shut, and He can shut doors that no man can open.

    He doesn’t need you to have a specific bank account balance. He doesn’t need you to be related to the right people. He doesn’t need a degree behind your name.

    Your promotion is completely up to God. Of course, you do have to obey His Word and be seeking Him first. As we talked about in the first post in this series, He’s not going to promote you if promotion has become your idol.

    But God will open doors for you, and He will. All you have to do is ask.

    He’ll never give you something that you’re not ready for (keeping in mind that “ready” in HIS mind is not the same as “ready” in your mind). He won’t give you anything that would hurt you, or would cause you to self-destruct. But He will give you the right thing at the right time. The right door at the right moment. The right opportunity at the right place with the right people.

    And He doesn’t need anybody else’s permission to do it.

    Will He use people? Yes. God honors the leaders that He Himself has placed over you. But someone who didn’t know your name yesterday can call you tomorrow with the opportunity you’ve been longing for–all because God told him (or her) to do it.

    Your promotion is between you and God alone, and God will bring you into it when you are ready. It doesn’t depend on the right people liking you, or having a certain bank account balance, or having a specific genealogy.

    It’s simply all about God. God alone lifts one up and presses another down.

    Promotion comes from God alone, and if you can get this in your heart today, it will set you free.

    So pray this with me:

    Start-quoteHeavenly Father, I come before You in Jesus’ name. Father, I thank You for loving me and adopting me. You have made me Your child in Christ Jesus, and I’m so grateful.

    But Father, I confess that I have not fully relied on You. I have not looked to You to perfect everything that concerns me. Instead, I have looked to other people for my promotion. I have depended on my outward circumstances to make my destiny happen. And when it hasn’t worked, I have gotten disappointed and bitter.

    Oh Father, please forgive me. Right now, I choose to forgive        (insert names here)          for             (insert specific things, such as “for not promoting me or seeing my gifts.”)              I choose to leave it, let it go, and give up all resentment. I release them now from my expectations, and I ask You to bless them and cover them with the blood of Jesus. 

    And Father, please forgive ME for my bitterness, disappointment, and unforgiveness. I repent right now of these sins. I’m sorry, Lord, Please wash me in the blood of Jesus. Fill me with the Holy Spirit where those things were. 

    And Father, about promotion …

    Lord, Your Word says that promotion comes from You alone. That means that You alone get to decide when and how I am promoted. I believe this, Lord, and I’m not going to look to idols for my promotion anymore. 

    So Father, I thank You that You are the One who will move me into the next part of my destiny when I’m ready. Father, please open doors for me that no one can shut. Shut doors for me that no one can open. The decision depends on You alone, Lord, so I rest in You, knowing that You are good and You will always do what’s best for me.

    Thank You, Father, for perfecting all things that concern me. Thank You for taking care of me. Thank You for growing me and shepherding me. I love You, Lord, and I choose to trust You right now. And as I abide in You, Lord Jesus, I ask You to help me keep my eyes on You and give me rest.

    Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

    Promotion comes from God alone. And when we remind Him of that fact and choose to trust Him in it–humbling ourselves under HIS mighty hand–He will exalt us in due time.

    Does this message encourage your heart? If so, please leave a comment below. I want to hear what you think … and thank you!


    Image courtesy of Sten Dueland on Flickr via Creative Commons license. Image has been cropped and graphics added.


    1. Laurna Tallman says:

      Solid teaching, Jamie. And good to be reminded that God is the Prime Mover in every sense. It’s very hard to wait on the Lord’s timing, however. I think of Simeon and Anna in the temple who had spent their entire, long lives waiting for the coming of the Messiah and I take comfort in their example. I also think one must engage in “spiritual warfare.” The bigger the task God has set you, the greater the opposition will be, as I think someone you quoted a while back said. Christians are under tremendous pressure in every walk of life, from persecutions in the Middle and Far East and Africa to horrors on our own doorstep. Some of that is ordinary human suspicion about change: breaking new ground means most people won’t understand or appreciate what you are determined to accomplish. But I think crushing opposition can be mounted “in the heavenlies” where good and evil forces have access to human minds to manipulate in a battle on this planet where God intends to establish Christ’s Kingdom. One needs all of the armor of God to stand against that evil and, having done all, continue to stand — because the important good work is still to come once the evil forces have been overcome. Since my sense of mission developed six years ago our family has been hit with three lawsuits (all based on an unconstitutional law that civil liberties organizations are calling to be repealed) and another one last week intends to pit my sister and me against the rest of our family, plus friends and neighbors. It is a piece of wicked nonsense on the part of an insurance company trying to get money from other insurance companies through innocent individuals who just happened to be near her house the day of an oil spill. But, like the other cases, this one will cost precious time away from the main mission I’m supposed to be working on. It will be interesting to see how God deals with His enemies this time!

      1. I definitely agree, Laurna. I’m so sorry that your family has been going through such a hard time. I pray our Father would wrap you in His arms and remind you of how cherished you are, and comfort you during this time. 🙂 May you feel the Holy Spirit’s hugs and be more lost in the beauty of Jesus than ever before.
        Psalm 16:11: “You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”
        Thank you for reading, as always!

        1. Laurna Tallman says:

          Thank you for your prayer and for that affirmation in Ps. 16, Jamie. Amazing miracles have followed me “all the days of my life.” As we move, step by step with Jesus, through this insanity, He rebukes the wind and the waves and brings that incredible peace that allows joy. Praying the psalms daily with my prayer partner for 150 days helped me to make “praising in all things” a more ingrained response to the blows as they have come. She is seeing changes in situations we have prayed about for years! So that is a discipline I would recommend. God said He would move mountains for us and, spiritually speaking, that is what is happening.

          Your writing is full of enthusiasm, which is one of the qualities that distinguished the early Church and is one of the hallmarks throughout history of people who recognize God’s Hand in their lives. This is not frothy excitement but a deeply rooted knowledge of God’s power through Jesus to change people and to alter circumstances. Thank you for the determined and dedicated work you do to bring your experience of God’s power in the Holy Spirit to your readers. Our God reigns!

          1. Thank you for that, Laurna. Those words really meant a lot to me. 🙂 And I praise God with you for the answers to prayer you are seeing!

            1. Promotion comes from the Lord , Amen thank you Jesus

            2. Felix Okai says:

              Thank you Jamie. Your article on this subject of promotion came at the right time, I am a Nigerian working in a paramilitary. The last time I got promoted was in 2014, since then I have been writing promotional exams but nothing seems to be working. People that I was their superior in rank have been promoted even above me and some of my friends on the same rank have also gone ahead.
              Most of them however, bribed their way through by using money, something I vowed not to because I trust God. But as human being that I am, sometimes I feel tempted to compromise and also become bittered against all those promoted above me even though they’re not performing better than I am.
              Having read your article, I repented of my resentment and I will keep trusting God for my promotion. I know it’s a temptation from Satan since I have resolved to honour God alone by not using money as others did. I will be writing promotional exams this year, pls join me in prayers. Thank you.

        2. Glory to God! I once was in good attitude regarding not getting promoted at my job and as I kept seeing people get promoted ahead of me and my boss shunning me because I spoke my peace prior to the promotion being signed sealed and delivered. Today after reading this article and relighting the prayer. It was exactly what I needed. Despite how long ago this was written it is still helping people. Thank you so much for putting this out there to let others know. They are not alone. God bless!

      2. Rikky tee says:

        Gd morning ma’am. I’m glad I read this and I believe zHoly spirit directed my hands to Google this page. I have been fighting for proper placement in my office but all is in futile. I have tried asking for help from people but it wasn’t coming forth. I got discouraged looking at the degrees I have and where I was placed….. I lost faith and hope …. believing I can worked it out by myself. Today I decided to speak and declare over my career and I stumble on this page that give me rest. Thanks for allowing God to use you to write this. I’m blessed. I have handed over everything to Him that’s able to promote me and He’ll do it as at when due. Only Him to be praise. Because He speak with His children in divers way. Praise the Lord……

      3. Hi, Jamie,
        Thank you for your decorations; reminding us of the fact that, answers to our issues and circumstances comes from God alone.
        As you know that Christians are under constant pressure and prosecutions. However, we are encouraged by the Word of God, and especially engaging insightful and inspiring write up like yours.
        Thank you so much; l am truly encouraged.
        The Bible says ‘And Jesus looking upon them saith, with men it is impossible but not with God; FOR with God all things are possible ( Mark 10 : 27).
        Besides, breakthroughs demands violent Faith as the violent take it by force. Amen!
        Again, thank you, and may the Lord grant you more insight.

      4. Serena Williams says:

        Thank you Jamie, for this prophetic message. It’s really lifted up my spirits and renewed my trust in God. I pray my faith gets stronger everyday in Jesus Name. Amen.

      5. Sarita Bradley says:

        Hi Jamie

        Thank you so very much for this teaching and prayer. It comes at a time when I am in a deeply broken place, and very rejected by so many. It’s a strong reminder that GOD alone loves me and accepts me above all else, that I must really walk in HIM and trust HIM and allow HIM to do so. The email about Promotion and Healing showed up exactly as these issues occurred in my life this morning. I am shutting the door on a very bad 11 year relationship, leaving behind many people I thought were friends and being looked at as the Evil Queen. I simply decided no one was worth hurting and disrespecting me just to be loved when it was never love at all, and everyone around us knew it but me until this very moment. The last heartbreak, I am moving forward with GOD and GOD alone. Already God has promoted me and I am in a job with an employer that is so God filled and positive that the devil is mad throwing shoes at me, it’s all he got left. I am numb to the hurt and strife he’s doing using people and circumstances. God is turning things in my favor, so I stand upright with The Armour of God, covered by the blood and walking in my authority, never defeated but strong in Christ always. Thank you and God bless!

    2. Just the teaching and prayer i needed today. Thank You and May God Bless and Increase you

    3. Thank you for such an inspirational word. It met me right where I was, I say was, because after reading and reciting the prayer I feel delivered. My promotion will come from God alone, when he feel I’m ready. Thanks again. Be blessed.

      1. That is awesome, TJ. Yes, I had the same experience when God brought me into that revelation. I was sooo discouraged beforehand, and felt so free and relieved and comforted after He taught me this!
        Thanks for reading! I’m glad Papa blessed you. 🙂

      2. Kimberley says:

        Thank you.. I needed this.. I recently was not promoted on my team were everyone else was…I felt hurt and embarrassed.. things were said about me that was not true and it hurt me to the core.. I have been crying for the past few days..until I saw this hawk in front of my door.. now a hawk is a symbol of God trying to talk to you.. the hawk is a messenger..So I typed in his to deal with not being promoted and your article came up.. it spoke to my Soul and I understood what I was doing wrong.. God is my promoter.. not man.. not my skills talent or many degrees..

    4. Vivian Chela says:

      I thank you for this message that have come at a right time, when am going through bad time at my work place. For sure this message was meant for me, I feel blessed.

      Thank you God.

      1. Amen. Thank you so much for sharing and letting me know, Vivian. I’m so glad the Holy Spirit encouraged you. I pray He would continue to bless and strengthen you today!

    5. Thank you for the prayers. Im so blessed to have found them. Just what i am needing for my sons and son in-laws. I feel more at ease with myself. This prayers are just what i needed.Thank you so much !!! Susie

      1. Akanni Michael says:

        Thank God for your wonderful contribution on the promotion that comes from God alone. It’s one that helps me once again that only God should be relied on for promotion that cannot not be tampered. Once again, I realize that nothing can stand in the way of God when HE is ready to lift one up. Family background, social status, connection to authority, academic qualification, are no barriers or an additional advantage.
        May God bless you.

    6. This is just what I was needing, I am a single disabled mother who’s son’s have moved out recently . One is in college and the other over sea’s in the Army. I didn’t get to see my son in the Army this year for Christmas and I was getting all depressed. And I guess I have empty nest. I have different things I have been worrying about that God has control of in my destiny. I am disabled and I feel God isn’t finished with me yet. I am 54. But I am on disability and I don’t make enough to survive anymore. But I know I couldn’t hold a job . But I feel God will provide for me He always has. If it is something I could do at home. But I want to do His work to be able to share the good news to. So pray for me please. I was really down on myself and God is there for me, I am blessed. I should be thankful and not be poor poor me. Thank you for this. I don’t even know how I got this, but God new I needed it!

      1. God bless you tremendously…it really blessed me

    7. I have known that promotion comes from God, but I have never really consider it like this. My husband was sabotaged by someone at HR and we both got disappointed and angry, but we thought that at the right time God will promote us, but when we see that person on the corridors our hearts were not in the right place. After reading this, now I understand why we were feeling like that and I wanna encourage my partner to also forgive him, because he was the one infected a lot, because the promotion that he applied for was in his section of work.

      Thank you very much for opening my eyes, now I’ll be able to open my partner’s eyes as well.

      May God bless you.

      Love Monica

      1. Thank you Jamie for this timely word.

    8. Thank you for a timely word. Thanks for reminding me that our lives are in the hands of God and not man. Sho i feel a sence of relieve. Blessings

    9. Good morning Jamie I was really feeling drained out today and just needed some encouragement so I was surf the net and came across your site. Was really bless and would visit site more often. Fiona south africa

    10. Christine Abrahams says:

      Thank you for reminding us that God is still in control of our lives and tat promotion comes from Him. I am starting a new job and was fearful for the new position but knowing that promotion comes from God makes the difference because with Him we can do all things. God Bless thank you.

      1. He can and WILL do this thing through you, Christine. Congratulations on your new job! I’m happy for you. May you be blessed in it, and may everything you put your hand to prosper. 🙂

    11. mondli mthabela says:

      thank you and may God bless u…im so touchd and iwant this promotion it wil change my life my kids prayng and ill keep on prayng..iknow if God think im ready he will give it to me..Amen

    12. for the past years I was depending and on myself and other people trying to see who can help me to be better in my life but today you have opened my eyes my heart and my understanding I always knew God has called me but I was caught up on the worldy stuff but after giving it all to God I feel so relived with so much hope and today you have also reminded me that my promotion will come from God and most importantly when am ready ? and my next question I asked myself was why worry if I have Faith in him…. I have been rejected in so many areas of my life but I know tomorrow things will be better I have that faith …

      Thank you

    13. Nomzamo Ntakana says:

      For the past years I was also depandind to other people to get promotion I was work hard by the purpose of getting promotion but instead I dissapointed especially when I saw our organogram there was no my position I felt demotivated and descauraged neglected but now I know that promotion comes from him alone I will wait until Lord lift me up thank you for your prayer every day I go to work I feel sad and unhappy thank you very much for this prayer

    14. Thanks. I needed that! God bless you and thank you for sharing.

      1. Thanks for reading, Cherie. May Papa reward you for your labor in His harvest field today. 🙂

    15. I was stagnant for almost 6years and kept expecting people to promote me until I can across your post. Then it all became clear to me. I prayed trusted God and engaged in warfare too.
      And barely a month passed, I received a call, about a promotion interview scheduled for the next week.
      God is faithful and he loves us deeply.. I got the promotion and the pay rise…
      Looking back I had to also went thru a process of letting go of bitterness, resentment and humble myself..

    16. Yes, this all correct and it is very encouraging we must acknowledge God and His power and authority!! Amen and Amen!!!!!!

    17. Needed this so much today <3 my husband has been promised promotion for several years from a few different companies/people and have yet to receive it. He gets let down and broken each time and most often blames God because his mom and I have always told him it's in God's timing and that God has something better for him but it has yet to come. I plan on reading this to him later today when he gets home. He got looked over again yesterday and he truly does deserve it. He's smart and hard working and more knowledgeable than most of the people he works with. Please pray for peace and understanding for him and myself. This time hurt me really bad too:( it seemed like it was finally the time

      1. I empathize, Melissa. Similar things have happened in our family. As I was reading your comment, I was reminded of Daniel 10. Sometimes God sends help and provision, but the enemy delays it. Something to pray about if you haven’t already prayed that specifically–that God would send all the angels He needs to send to destroy any works of the enemy that may have stood in the way of His blessing.

    18. Today is one day I needed to hear this teaching and I Thank the Lord for bringing me to this site…I have applied for years and never got any response, I have been disappointed and discouraged, felt that my talents are not noticed and have been stuck in one place for years while I long to do better and better. .. In my field of work over 6 years I have been nominated and received awards for being best at what I do for 4 consecutive years yet no doors seem to be opening. …. Acted as supervisor for 5 years producing good results, however I left for another area and returned to my basic duties, I have constantly felt that the Lord is not listening to my prayers for promotion. In my new place I am happy and am learning tht there is a lesson behind my being here.I hv days when I tell myself, OK father I get the lesson let’s get to the bigger picture but he is still moulding me to date. I have not given up in the knowledge that he is preparing me for a great future, there are days when I do feel lost bt I pray tht he directs me. I am his child, have done wrong before his eyes and I ask tht by the blood of Jesus he cleanses me.

      My promotion will come from him at the right time and I know he is a faithful God at all times.

      1. Vee, I’m proud of you for hanging in there. But whatever you do, please don’t stop asking! Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full! (The scripture from today’s newest blog post.) Papa cares about what’s important to you, and He will help you.

    19. Wow…this was so moving. I got a really bad rating on my performance report at work last year that I didnt deserve and that left me ineligible to test for my next promotion that I spent a whole year study for. I needed to read this so much. Especially the forgiveness part. Oh my…i nust stood at those blank lines and started crying. I realized for the past year I refused to forgive my rater for giving me a bad rating. It took a lot of praying before I could finally get myself to put his Name in those empty lines, but now it feels like a giant weight has been taken off of my shoulders. Its all in Gods timing. Thank you.

      1. Wow, Laney. That’s profound. Thank you so much for sharing this. Yes, I feel the same way the instant I forgive–light as feather. Thank You, Father, for helping my sister! And bless her with promotion according to Your will, in Jesus’ name!

      2. Engr Buchi says:

        I got a bad rating last year too in a year i worked most since i joined the organization because i had a new supervisor who was learning on the job. I was working from home even when i was on leave . I accepted the rating because i already prayed about it and agreed to accept whatever the outcome is. However , i made some comments that i worked more within the year in review that i expected a better rating . I didnt allow that weigh me down . I moved on . The promotion list came out yesterday . I wasnt promoted but i got 4 step salary increment which is equivalent to double promotion .

    20. Brogan Jones says:

      Wow, what an amazing teaching on promotion comes from God.I have been feeling very low after planting a church in our area. The church started in my house and eventually it grew and now we have a building of our own. I was ordained as the first deconess of this church. As the church grew our founder had to bring pastors to run the church which l was pleased with because l wanted people with experience to run with the vision. After few years l asked to step down from being a board member and a deconess as l felt that all members of the board agreed with the pastors even though he was wrong. It was like a pastor is always right although somethings that l disagreed on happened the way l saw them. Our board was full of people who never said no to the Pastor. What ever he says it goes.It’s over three years since this took place. What has been annoying me is l am not recognised any more as the person who started the church and when they are celebrations at church people are not told how the church started the credit is always given to the pastor who found the church already there. After reading your message l now feel relieved that God himself shall promote me again not men.Thank you for encouraging me Jamie God is still in control of my life.True promotion comes from God and he will exholt me in due course.

      1. Hi, sister Brogan. I am sorry you have been through such a trying time. I pray God would give you His perspective on this situation, comfort you and encourage you, and fill you with the wonderful Holy Spirit of Jesus. There’s nothing better than Him!

    21. Teodora B. Catolos says:

      Thanks for those inspiring Biblical truths on promotion…It is timely for my apllication with our City Government…Please include me in your prayers .

    22. Mr.Bonesho Masala says:

      Thanks to the Almighty Lord and to you Jamie for the word that Promotion comes from God ALONE!Be greatly blessed Jamie.The word has deeply encouraged me seek the Lord because I now need promotion.Two days ago I red my final promotion letter and discovered that seven years have elapsed!!!Actually I felt sorry after remembering how effective I have been at my work place,but all resulting in bad ratings!I whole heartedly filled the blanks in your blog forgiving all I tried to depend on them and repent to God.How did I meet your blog?It was after noting that seven years have passed pro motionlessly that I searched in Google BIBLE VERSES ABOUT PROMOTION IN EMPLOYMENT.That is when I see this very good Word!Again thank you MAMA and let the Great God pours his spirit upon you in abundance.

      1. I praise God that this word and prayer blessed you, brother. May Abba Father promote you as only He can!

      2. Felix Okai says:

        I am blessed by your testimony. Everything written here described me, no subtraction nor addition. God is in control.

    23. I thank God for presenting such an encouragement and truth through you.I am free at last ,I have been bitter about my two bosses but as I truly forgave them I felt a burden uplifted from my shoulders .I put my trust on you only God.Amen.

    24. Nerica Bowie says:

      Thank you for this post. I needed this reminder and prayer today!!!!

    25. Thank you again for posting and sharing your experience so that others that are or have been in your shoes can have faith. I have been in the industry that I work in for 10 years I’ve had co workers move and excel faster than I have. In the natural I had often felt forgotten , discouraged, and defenetly negative. I was finally able to move into a higher position and have remained in this position for 2 years and recently bc of changes in the economy and in my industry there is change coming to the company I work for. Uncertainty has been present though I pray and ask God to affirm me in his word I today stand in solidarity with his scripture that promotions come from him. I trust his plan for my life! I know and feel in my spirit he is about to move in my life like never before and I declare this in the name of Jesus.

      1. Ema, I’m proud of you for standing in faith! You are doing great. Papa God loves you so much and is totally in control. I encourage you to speak His Scriptures out loud over yourself and your situation–Psalm 91 is coming to mind for you. It will strengthen your faith! I’ve been speaking that chapter out this morning also, and it’s amazing how God’s spoken Word puts the enemy to flight. I pray you’d have favor in all things today. Thanks for reading my blog!

    26. Thanks for this teaching Jamie. I was actually searching the internet for job promotion prayers. My fiancee applied for an internal job vacancy and today I will share with him that he needs to be still because promotion comes from God and God alone. Also pray for him that no enemy will stand in the way for his promotion and may God’s will only be done.

    27. Candyce Brown says:

      Amen. This is a message delivered by God. I thank God for it truly encouraged my soul.

      1. Candyce Brown says:

        Candyce Brown: I’ve stumbled upon this again and again it has blessed my soul. 8 months after reading this in January 2017 I was offered a better position and I feel it’s just steps further into my destiney. I am continuing to carry this message and prayer with me looking for additional promotional from the Lord. I believe this in Jesus Name!!!

    28. Veronica Dsouza says:

      I was striving hard from 3 years to get promotion which I was deserving.
      I needed to read this so much. Especially the forgiveness part. Today I will share with him that he needs to be still because promotion comes from God and God alone. Also pray for him that no enemy will stand in the way for his promotion and may God’s will only be done.

    29. Fortune Amadi says:

      Have been worried about my present postion of unemployment, though I have been advised to go into business but I have this feeling that it’s not my field, and I have been believing God for job. But today I thank you for these bibilical truth that promotion comes only from God. As I return to Him believing that He is the rewarder of them that delegently seek I pray my status will change for good. Thanks so much may the good lord bless you.

    30. Wendy Shallow says:

      Reading this was so encouraging and helpful. I thank you and God bless you.

    31. Rumbidzai Mwedzi says:

      Indeed it is God who led me to your blog Jamie, over the past few weeks l have been praying for the anointing of Promotion through the guidance of my Spiritual Father…am now absolutely geared and more than ready for God to move mightily on my behalf to get that promotion in Jesus’name… you have fully equipped me with the right amour that comes from God and thank you for letting me know that my Promotion only comes from my Papa God….

      keep well and forever blessed…

    32. Thulani Tsabedze says:

      Shalom anointed one of God. thank you so much for this profound truth. i am encouraged. I am believing God for a promotion of a lady at church whom God told me He wanted to promote. I believe I heard God. She has been short-listed for promotion for the first time in her working period of 20 years this month, and she is going to an interview with the promoting board this week. This is only a small cloud that the servant of Elijah saw. I believe God for a bigger rain. I am encouranged. Thank you.

      Thulani Tsabedze
      From Swaziland

      1. Hello friend, it’s wonderful that you are willing to stand in the gap in intercession for someone else. Keep it up! Father God rewards those who pray for their friends.

    33. Thank you for this!! I had an interview yesterday for a new job/promotion at my current place of employment and I kept praying to God to help the people who make the decision see that I am a perfect fit for this position. I was doing it all wrong. I know ultimately it’s up to God and if this is the right fit for me then they will automatically see that. Thank you for reminding me of this!!! ❤️

    34. Michelle Lowe says:

      Praise God, I was discouraged, I am in a dead end job. I don’t have the education, required for a lot of the jobs, I am applying for. I am grateful, for this message that God , alone through Christ Jesus, gives the increase and promotion. I am happy that God is in control, I am grateful, Jesus cares. I know he will promote me in time!!!

      1. Gerilyn Tonge says:

        Yes he will. Keep his faith and stay positive..

    35. Gerilyn Tonge says:

      I’m glad I came to your site. I put in for a position at my job which will be a promotion for me. I now put it in God’s hands for he alone can open the door and give me the opportunity. I was down when I heard of the other people that have put in for the position that have superior experience. Now I know if God thinks I’m ready he can give it to me. Pray for me.. Thank you..

    36. Maria Dix says:

      I have to say “Wow”. I was just talking to m husband about how I was feeling just last night about not feeling appreciated at work, and feeling lesser than some because I didn’t have my certification to teach yet. I am a reading interventions teacher or more like a tutor and didn’t feel like they even see what I’m doing. All my the children they placed in my care have grown tremendously, and I had hoped that I would have been given a job offer with a raise because I only make $10/hour.

      I love what I do, but I have a Master’s Degree in something else, but felt like with that, and all the other jobs I applied to within the company, that “surely I would get a job offer!” Well, it hasn’t happened, and I was hurt, and then went through the various stages you mentioned above. I was harboring ill feelings towards the Principal because of something that had happened earlier in the beginning of school year. You hit everything on the nail! I am looking for validation from other people, and maybe I even thought I was bringing it to God, perhaps I wasn’t now that I am looking at it. This opened my eyes, and will have to read it again, just so I can get convicted. Sometimes, you need reminding. Thank you!

    37. Thank you do much for this. I’m ready to apply for a new job, it would be a promotion and I’m needing to remind myself constantly that only God will provide what he has already intended for me. These scriptures and prayers will help keep me grounded and looking towards God and not men to help me with the promotion I desire. I’m not sure if its what God has in store for me and my future.

    38. Wow can’t tell you how much I needed this. I found out today someone who has worked at my company for only a few years and also worked for me was just given a promotion. I have been with this company for 20 years and been passsefvover for several promotions yet I get glowing reviews and all the VP’s tells me they are looking for that next great opportunity for me. As I was sitting in my office feeling like someone just stabbed me in the heart I came across this. I was immediately quickened in my spirit “Promtion comes from God alone” what God has for me it is for me I don’t have to chase it it will find me! Thank you Jesus!

    39. Maria Dimba says:

      Yes very true God opens doors no one will close and closes doors that no one can open. Let His word apply to my life in Jesus name Amen.
      Inspirational words you know because sometimes you can end up hating other people for not promoting you while there was no need for that, since God has a plan for you, a plan to prosper and not harm you. Thanks Jamie

    40. Amy Calhoun says:

      Thank you for the beautiful read. Truly amazing and right on time as always the word of God is. Be blessed!

    41. This meant so much. Thank you,thank you, thank you. Promotion comes from God alone

    42. Thank yo so much for the word of God, He is the only one who can ope doors and he does not want to give us something that will hurt us and we cannot handle. I feel much better now

    43. Promotion is fully from God. I am a testimony of this! thank you for what you have written

    44. Thank you so much for this! I’m based in South Africa and so many parts of this cover my situation at the moment. You are helping me to let go of resentment I have for my fiance who in the past year has put me through so much! I accept that God opens and SHUTS doors because He knows what’s best. Everything is working together for my good, in the name of Jesus! I also recently applied for a promotion which I did not even get an interview for. And just this month, God has opened up another promotion which covers my experience and skills so well. It’s even a bigger promotion than the one I missed out on. The closing date was on Sunday evening, 5 November and I submitted. But when I checked on Monday, the system said I started the application, but did not submit. Luckily I took a screenshot of the “progress tracker” showing that I went through all the steps. HR said they would get back to me but it’s been 2 days now- and nothing. I know that this is the door God will open that nobody can shut! Its timing is also amazing because now I can afford a place of my own for me and my 14month old son -and move out from my fiance so we can healthily co-parent our gorgeous son!

      Praise the LORD for you- and may He bless you abundantly for being a blessing.

    45. Lindelwa Ndlela says:


      thank you for the prayer and encouragement to wait on GOD, he is the only one who knows our destiny, our future and where we going in life.

      last year 2017 Jul our company closed down, i was given a chance to relocate from the city to another. i was promised that my salary will be increased asap but till today it hasn’t for 7 months.

      i kept asking my boss about it, i become bitter each day. and now after this prayer i have decided to wait till God says yes.

      i will persevere i will pray, i will wait in him..

      Father Lord hear all my prayers in Jesus name Amen..

    46. I really needed to see this today! Thank you! Makes total sense to me!

    47. Thanks for publishing this teaching, it is blessing me. I have been asking Good about my qualification for advancement in my professional life, and asked him how I would be good enough when I didn’t see myself as worthy of advancement in the eyes of the people posting the position. I wasn’t fully confident in my skills. And this teaching set it straight for me: promotion comes from God alone! Now all I have to do is get that Truth in my spirit and walk in faith, believing God’s word and I can have hopeful expectation of advancement For the Glory of God. If my advancement serves me alone, or is detrimental to my relationship with God, then It isn’t good enough for a child of God!

      Sometimes things look nice on the outside but inside it’s chaotic or dysfunctional. I don’t want to enter into such a situation unless it’s the will of God that I be there. And I guess that that is what my situation could be summarized as, I didn’t see myself as worthy of my aspirations, but it isn’t based on that, advancement comes from God, and if he advancement me then he’ll justify me AND qualify me for the position he puts me in. Again thanks for posting this teaching it has helped me put a lot of things in proper perspective. 🙂

    48. I never prayed a prayer such as this and glad that I found your site thru a Google search. There was a lot of bitterness and forgiveness in my heart that I thought that I forgave but didn’t truly let go. Well, I was able to see the bigger picture after reading this page and my heart is much lighter now.

      Thank you sister, I am set free. Amen

    49. Thank you for the message. I have complete faith the LORD will lift me up in JESUS name

    50. Not some things I did not know already, but it was the perfect timing for a reminder, based on present circumstances. Thanks for sharing your experience to build others.

    51. Today and this week has been on the theme of Promotion. Through, this write up I have seen my shortcomings. I have idolized my intelligence, performance and credentials. But, right now I see my pure selfishness and dependence on my self. I am sorry. The prayers on the write up was very useful. Some of them I had to repeat more than twice. I am glad to know and understand were promotion comes from. It only comes from my Maker. Thank you so much. Although, this post was made years ago. I find it very useful. Thank you. God Bless You. Jonathan, from Nigeria.

    52. Thank you for sharing, and I pray that God will continue to endow you with deeper revelations in divine provisions made for His saints in the light. God has made you a blessing… keep the walk with Him.




    54. I stumbled on this and I already feel so promoted. Thanks for this.

    55. Thank you so much. I was praying about promotion in my career and found this online. I have been truly blessed reading this. God bless you. Indeed promotion only comes our God and not from what we possess or know.

      1. Emmanuel Ladon says:

        It’s a life changing experience for me and I am so grateful for reading it. Thank you so much.

    56. Robert Parker says:

      Great pray about promotion its taking the words out of my mouth and it’s right on time,,,

    57. Thank you so much ,indeed promotions comes from God .I will wait for my turn.God opens doors no one can close and close doors no man can open.Amen!

    58. This article really blessed and encouraged me. Thank you Jesus for a clear revelation of your will for my life?

    59. Candace Smith says:

      I just want to thank you for your post! I could not even sleep last night because the results of my promotion are coming out in a week or so. I said the prayer and read your blog and now I’m going to rest!

    60. I have looked over several times. I have a supervisor, who is very rude to me. He took my holidays and weekends. I have been on my job for 20 years with no write ups. He shows favoritism and look out on his friends. I feel so disappointed that he was promoted with alot of evil in his heart. He changed my shift from 8am- 4pm to 2pm-10pm, with a person who haven’t been there long. My daughter had to quit her job, because she didn’t have anyone to keep my grandchild in the evening. That caused a hardship on her and myself. I have to pay all the bills with no help from her, because she’s not working.

      I’m going to be patient and wait on my promotion.

    61. This really blessed me and touched because I was looking to people and things for the job promotion, but I didn’t have to look at people or things because i truly know that God has my best in mind and in perfect timing. Thank you God! I receive the giant promotion that you will open doors for me and the promotion will be mine. In Jesus name. Amen

      1. Amen! I am in agreement. He will do it for you!

    62. Andrea Brown says:

      I have worked in a company for over ten years they gave me a gift voucher and certificate which am thankful suddenly promotion came did not know about it suddenly new workers came and got it was disappointed but your words inspire me and let me see things different to wait on God alone thank you all

    63. I just got denied on a promotion that everybody thought I would get; even my colleague who got the promotion. I was crushed. Reading this made me feel better and freed me from all those negative emotions. God Bless.

    64. This message is coming at a very significant moment of my career. I have been denied promotion once and just sat for another promotion examination and awaiting result. Thank you for resetting my mindset and boosting my faith. I am highly confident now that my father will do it this time. Every fear has been destroyed. God bless you.

    65. Thank u for this teaching. Psalms 75:6 was dropped in my spirit on this 3rd day of January 2019 as I was kneeling to pray. God gives everything that pertaineth to life.

    66. Such an incredible reminder. thank you for this Jamie!

    67. Michael Oaeke says:

      Thanks very much for the timely message and prayer. I feel blessed and free from all my negative thoughts and desires.

    68. Hello Ma’am. Thanks for this wonderful piece. I really have been struggling with this issue. I feel relieved and blessed especially after praying. Thanks a million. God bless you and this wonderful ministry Ma’am.

    69. I came across this post at point i was having doubts and afraid of the realization of God’s promises to me in my career, particularly this year. I have been feeling stuck in my career where i feel i am not being promoted because i am not in the right place even though i surpass all minimal expectations in my job role deliverables. I feel lifted by this write up and ask that you join me in prayers for the manifestation of God’s promises to me in my career this year. Pray for me also to always remember when my hope is going down, that God ALONE gives promotion in all circumstances.

    70. Kudakwashe says:

      Wow, thank you so much for liberating me Lord through Jamie’s teachings. It is so refreshing and takes away the burden of having to always be alert and focusing on people instead of focusing on God. I just came across this blog yesterday when I was doing a short prayer compilation and i am convinced that it is God who led me here. Thank you once again Jamie for being used of God.

    71. This message really touched my heart and help to remind me that promotion does come from the Lord. I too have been desirous of being in a management position but have never obtained it ,as of yet. But i am giving it all to Jesus and i am resting in my Father’s arms trusting and knowing that if it be in his will, he will bring it at the right time.


      God bless

    72. Lorraine Vargas says:

      Thank you for this. I left work today feeling exactly how you said, angry, bitter, upset because I was told by my boss that he was going to take care of me and promote me. It’s been 3 years now, and nothing, yet others have been promoted. I prayed the prayer and asked God to forgive me, as I forgave my boss. My promotion will come when and if God feels it is right for me. No one can take that from me. I trust in God that he knows my desires, it is in His hands. Again thank you.

    73. Sherri Peterson says:

      Hi Jamie!
      Thank you spending time in the Word and allowing the Father to Love on You. Bless the Lord for having you to share this very true, and important message of Love.

    74. Thank you so much for this words, it really changed or softened my mind now, i have been bitter on something that happened in my office, after reading this words it made me feel happy and feel good in the words of God.
      Thank You

    75. Maryline lagat says:

      Hi Jamie, I am maryline from Kenya and I need your prayers and advice. Recently my deputy boss retired and I was appointed by the institution to act in the capacity of the deputy.,following this I faced a lot of challenges from my family and friends saying that I was still young and should wait for like five years. I am confused coz I believe promotion comes from the lord

      1. Promotion does come from the Lord. He must have deemed you worthy. Enjoy your promotion and work with a spirit of excellence like Daniel. Read the book of Daniel for more encouragement.

    76. Just what I needed. A reinforcement of everything I knew but fail to embrace. Thanks for helping to rejuvenate my faith.

    77. Maryline Lagat says:

      You have really touched my soul I had bitterness and unforgiving heart for some of my friends but now I have asked God to help me forgive them and to bless them.

    78. Anthony Idu says:

      Many thanks for this biblical truth. John3:27 says a man can receive nothing except it be given to him from heaven. I’ve been praying and depending on God for promotion for over five years. I’m encouraged by your teaching and prayer, and do know that at God’s time, it will come to pass. May almighty God strengthen you more and more in Jesus name.

    79. This blessed me beyond words. Thank you and keep up Go’d good work!

    80. Muriam Cinevert says:

      Thank you for the prayer and word of encouragement.

    81. Olivia Madlock Stork says:

      Sister Jaime,
      Your Testimony is, in part, My Testimony. REGARDING PROMOTION!!! I, Olivia, your BELOVED Sister, have, in the Past, tried promoting myself;
      I prayed that others would see my potential; And yet, like Joseph, I have to spend time in the spiritual prison WITH THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, And Allow His WORD AND TIMING TRANSFORM ME!
      I will Not Allow myself, nor others to exalt me!!!
      Olivia Lynn Madlock Stork

    82. Amen Amen
      Thanku Jamie God bless

    83. Irene Jones says:

      Thank you for being obedient in the Lord. Your prayers and blog bless me

    84. Sonja R Campbell says:

      I know promotion comes from the Lord and not man, but I don’t always understand the navigation of all this. People are connected to God and have seemed attached to this time of transformation. I am getting the timing off at times but trust that God will redirect my steps. I have given up trying to figure it out. I just want to head the way He is leading me. Thank you for the prayer!

    85. Thank you Jamie for your honesty and your realness. Too often I do look to others to lift me up but I’m finally coming to realize through Christ’s love how right you are and that it comes from humbling ourselves before the Lord and seeking His guidance and not following the rules set by others to advance me. While some are helpful, they still aren’t God alone nor do they have the capacity to lead me always in the way He can even if they can help some and sometimes often. I am the worlds worst at relying on others but I’ve found that in my brokenness it is Christ alone who has made me whole even though I (and others) haven’t seen it yet. It’s coming in due time and while it I won’t be completely whole til I get to heaven, I believe in due time He’ll position me to where He wants me to be in order to carry out His plans for me and my family as I become more and more obedient to a His Word. Use me in such a way Lord that is pleasing to You and draws others to You beginning with the basics. Keep me grounded and humble and I will spend the rest of my days Lord following your plan. Amen

    86. Cecilia Ramirez says:

      Thank You Jamie!! May God bless us indeed, enlarge our territories, keep His upon us, keep away all evil & pain, & grant us all our requests as He says in 1Chronicles 4:10! Thank You Father for being our Provider in All things, forgive us, & prosper us Lord! We give you all the Glory! Amen & Amen!

    87. MWANAMGENI says:

      Thank you Jamie, may God bless you, this word came at the right time. I am facing a tough time. Thank you Lord Jesus for sending me this testimony and reminding me promotion comes from God. This prayer came as I was asking God to speak to me and direct my steps. Thank you Father that you will never leaving us or foresaking us. I give all the glory, praise and honor! Amen.

    88. Thank you Jamie for sharing this word. Even when God showed me he’s in charge I was still waiting on man to give me my promotion.
      I will not hold onto man for promotion. Never again.
      Thank you Abba Father for your word today. I acknowledge that promotion comes from you alone. I surrender to you according to your word in Psalm 75:6-7, James 4:10 in Jesus name. I decree open doors upon all those who put their trust in the Lord. Amen

      God bless you Jamie

    89. Thank you for the eye-opener and encouraging words. Your message has added wisdom to the way I view things and helped me forgive and bless those I hold a grudge. Pray for and with me. Am looking up to the Almighty to provide favor so that I can be confirmed for a position as a program manager in which am currently acting.

    90. Thankyou for re-sending this in your emails. Looking at the dates in the comments I see you originally wrote and posted it a couple of years ago but GODs message is timeless! Thankyou

    91. Words of wisdom. Thank you I desperately needed these words. Yes, ALL GLORY to GOD! Blessings to you dear sister in Christ

    92. Bless you Jamie. Powerful message. It is uplifting my faith and spirit that my Abba is with me always. At the right time I will see His glory on me and my family.

    93. This could not of come to me at a more perfect time. Although I have been seeking God fully for years and positioning myself everywhere expecting to hear from God, I’ve been feeling so isolated and abandoned. Your post has helped me so much not to give up.. but to Be Still and Wait, as my desires to seek God never ever leave me. Jamie, I’ve never heard anyone speak deeply into my heart like you, your story describes my story completely.

    94. Jill Hayes says:

      Praise JESUS for the Word He alone gave you about promotion!!!! So very timely and what I needed to hear 🙂 Bless you dear sister. May you be encouraged this day!

    95. Shailaja Abraham. says:

      Thank You Pastor Jamie.

    96. Carol Nwaka says:

      God bless you abundantly. This is the encouragement I really need right now. I trust God for my promotion. Thank you Lord. Thank you pastor Jamie.

    97. Song delphine says:

      Thanks a lot ma’am, this is exactly what I needed, i was placed on a two day programme in my church alongside others who want promotion at their job sides, the programme started today and in a dilemma where to actually start, i decided to Google search and found myself exactly where I needed to be, I’m therefore grateful to realise that my promotion can never come from man but God, and also not at my own time but God’s right time, i can now know how to place my prayer before him and wait solely on the time of his response, may God grant you more insight so as to inspire people like me, i just discovered how much I need you, God bless!!!

    98. Ability Micheal says:

      Everything you post here about rejection and Promotion is what I’ve been passing through, and I find this article very helpful. I pray, my God in his infinite mercy continue to strengthen you, and give you more insights, more revelation. In Jesus Mighty name Amen.

    99. I am not sure when you wrote this but I find it very relevant in my life today. I had two interviews last week and none of them worked out despite having extensive education in both fields. This post reminded me that God is in control and God will eventually promote me. I have to seek what I want from God alone. I have been underemployed for 10 years now, since the economy was bad in 2009. I had hoped to get a simple office job. Yet no doors have opened for me in that area despite experience and education. I also tried working in the mental health field, what I have experience in, and I did not get offered a permanent job and was even told I was crazy when in fact I am not. God seems to have closed the doors to many fields I have tried. I ask God to direct me to the field in which I belong, one where I can take care of my needs as well as those of my parents and family. I have writing abilities and I am hoping I can find success in doing that. Time will tell. Your post reminds me to have faith and to let go of any resentments I have had due to disappointments. I need to remain light. Thank you.

    100. Joel C. Lucas says:

      Thank you, Jamie for sharing this I feel at times that I’m not noticed at work and also in finding love after divorce(7 yrs, no children) I wander am I ugly and undesirable or what because its seems no one notices me and I wander does any woman want a 47 year old divorcee with no children but all I ask is that you, Jamie please pray for me concerning this, have a great weekend and thank you.

    101. Shawna Edmiston says:

      Thank you Jamie I received this! You are always so timely with what you send out and it blesses me so much! I pray that God will richly bless your ministry and provide for all of your needs above and beyond all you can dare ask or think! Thank you for always pointing us to our loving father and glorifying him in all you do.🙏❤

    102. Annanson John says:

      Something came out of me like opening a bottle of Sprite! And felt something unwrapped off me!! And I am surprised, because from 95 ,I have been hit by unprintable disappointments and hurts so much so that I didn’t know it has numbed me! As I read through this prophetic teachings and the prayer, something happened, I saw flashbacks that I thought I had dealt with it in my life, I saw teachers, headmasters, family members, friends, church members and leaders and I saw a moderator of the church I was in, and instead of the hurts and pains, something left me! I feel relief from the rejection, slander, scheming lies against me, and I came to the place where I have resisted and later thought I have understood, PROMOTIONS come from God and God alone and oh PROMOTION must and should come from God and Jesus Christ alone! Even though 2015 I was here, I didn’t capture this and today 2020,March 28//-08-08am ,bam! It hits and chains give way, the blindfold off! Hope ignited and faith consolidates and peace obtained, YES obtained!!! God you can only be God! Thank you God for using your handmaid, Jamie to settle the matter between you and me and the people I thought I have gone past! And now Lord Jesus, increase the power and momentum!! Increase the fire of your Holy Spirit and restore all and the lost years!!! Joel 2:25/Col2:3, Jesus lover of my soul!!!

    103. pheobe Aluoch says:

      Abba father, I thank you for your promises, thank you for reminding me Lord that promotion comes from you alone, my Lord in this season may grant me your devine promotion, favor, in my business, my finances, in my search for a spouse/husband and in my family.. Lord remember me and don’t not pass me by in Jesus name.
      Thank you Jesus and thank you Jamie for this wonderful message.
      Be blessed.

    104. Henrietta says:

      Thank you so much for this message!

    105. FISANI XABA says:

      Thank you so much Jammie for such a powerful prophetic message, I just released in Jesus name all the disappointments, He said into His word we give give Him all our burdens He will give us rest, I pray to my only Trust, Lord Jesus Christ to make me to forget completely all the life disappointments, and give me success in getting a real true life partner coming from His WISDOM. AMEN God bless you Jammie

    106. Thank you ABBA Father and Jamie, There is no need to type a long dialog…I got it! That God has it covered! 💜

    107. Kristi Finch says:

      This message was just what I needed for this season! Thank you so much.

    108. This is wonderful! Thank you for writing this! Sharing.

    109. Thank you. Although my situation is different, this devotion blessed me today. I have the opportunity for a promotion at work. It’s not a huge promotion or achievement, but it does involve more responsibility.

      I’m a cashier and I have only been one for 60 days, but my managers approached me about becoming a head cashier. It’s part-time like my current position and has a little bit of a raise. However, I had been planning to go to a full-time position with a higher raise so that I qualify for the health insurance benefits. I am honored and excited to have been approached, but I’m also really nervous because I’ve only been employed for 60 days and feel like there is so much for me to learn about.

      Today I decided to pray and fast after work so that I can give them a timely answer. I started off with some worship music and was reminded that those who are faithful with little will be faithful with much. In pondering that, I was also reminded of the verses saying not to worry about tomorrow because everything is under God’s control. In my research time to see what the Bible says about promotions at work, I found your blog and was reassured that God offers promotions when He knows we’re ready for them. So I know that I shouldn’t be scared of the extra responsibilities or my perceived lack of experience.

      1. Amen! God rewards those whom He trusts. Congratulations and I hope it works out for the promotion to happen for you!

    110. Thank you for this post. It blessed me so much! I was looking to man, expecting them to see my potential. I wanted them to see what was on the inside of me but only God knows the matters of the heart. After this post I am enlightened to the fact that I have to trust in God and believe that whatever the outcome of interviews are that it is God’s will and that the opportunity was not what God has planned for me at that time. Thank you so much. My prayer is to continue in this attitude and trust that God has my best interest and fate in his hand, no matter the outcome.

      Thank you,

    111. Oh my goodness! Does this ever resonate with me. Thank you for sharing His words with us. In Jesus’ most holy name, Amen!

    112. Hi Jamie –
      Thank you for the super encouraging and prophetic content! You are a blessing!
      I wanted to let you know that it’s really tough to navigate the website due to the ads and pop up ads all over the page (which I know is a source of revenue and revenue is needed)… it’s pretty tough on mobile phones especially… ads cover the entire screen. This may impact others who subscribe to your excellent content as well. Would it be possible to leverage Instagram? It is a free platform, you can interact very easily with readers, post videos, prayers, etc…and with about $20/mo you can promote globally and connect with the under age 35 group especially who are very hungry for God in the Middle East, Asia & globally. God Bless! 😊

    113. Thank you for that wonderful prayer. It really encouraged me.

    114. thank you for this, perfect timing… coincidence! Praise the Lord!!

    115. Crystal hill says:

      Thank you Jamie, for this prophetic message. It’s really lifted up my spirits and renewed my trust in God. I pray my faith gets stronger everyday in Jesus Name. Amen.

    116. Good morning, for such a time as this the spirit led me to this post. Awesome word and thank you. God bless

    117. Angela Williams says:

      Thank you for this encouraging Word! I needed to hear this message. May God bless you with the desires of your heart.

    118. Nicole Pearson says:

      I received major breakthrough this morning after reading this. Thank you so much for posting and allowing God to move through you mightily. I pray that God will continue to bless and increase you all the more. I thank God for you in Jesus name. Amen.

    119. In JESUS name amen 🙏🏾.

    120. Jamelle Major says:

      This teaching and prayer definitely resonates with me. Thank God and thank you for your obedience regarding this Rhema word.

    121. Thank you for sharing the message

    122. I came across this message on 11/1/2022. I needed some Bible verses about letting God alone encourage me. This was just right. I don’t need a promotion personally but I needed to read this. Thanks for the post and your ministry.

    123. John Rowley says:

      I keep this post open on my computer and I’ve been reading it often. Thank you for taking the time to write this. God bless you as you serve the world!

    124. Emmanuel Orsar says:

      I am blessed and touched by these words. I truly understand that God alone holds the key to my success in life. May Your will be done in all I lay my hands upon. May I never deviate from ever trusting in You my Lord. Have Your way in my life. Expose me to more understanding of your words in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

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