Radical Prayer #17: Lord, Seat Me With Princes

Radical Prayer 17: Lord, Seat Me with Princes | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comDid you know that it is God’s purpose and desire to seat you with princes? It may sound selfish or materialistic, but it’s not. The Bible says that the Lord seats you with princes–that seating you with princes is His plan for your life; His habit; and even His pattern. If you would like the Lord to sit you down with royalty, read on and pray this radical prayer from Psalms!

I was reading my Bible the other day and I was shocked when I found this verse. It’s Psalm 113:7-8, and it says:

“He raises the poor out of the dust, and lifts the needy out of the ash heap, that He may seat him with princes—with the princes of His people” (Psalm 113:7-8)

Notice a few radical truths out of this passage:

First, these verses describe what God DOES–His habit; who He is and what His patterns are.

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    That’s important because it should build your faith. If you see a verse in the Bible where someone is asking God to do something, that’s one thing. If it’s a good prayer, you might want to pray it too. God is the Giver of good and perfect gifts, and He’s no Respecter of persons. If He gives one gift to one person, He’ll give it to you too.

    But this passage is different.

    This passage doesn’t merely record somebody else’s prayer to God. This passage doesn’t record somebody’s selfish desire to be first in the Kingdom of God, like the disciples argued about one day while they were walking with Jesus.

    No; this passage records Holy Spirit telling us who God IS. He is breathing through the heart, mind, and pen of the author, and He’s telling us who He IS.

    God raises you out of the dust. It’s who He is.

    There’s power in knowing who God is. When you learn who God is, you’ll have faith–because God cannot deny Himself. Second Timothy 2:13 says:

    If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself.”

    God is always who He is. If He’s one thing, He’s always that thing, without exceptions. For example:

    • He is always merciful. He cannot be otherwise. 
    • He is always just. He cannot be otherwise. 
    • He is always good. He cannot be otherwise. 
    • He is always holy. He cannot be otherwise.
    • He is always faithful. He cannot be otherwise. 
    • He is always generous. He cannot be otherwise. 
    • He is always pure. He cannot be otherwise. 
    • He is always wise. He cannot be otherwise.

    We could go on and on, talking forever about who God is. We don’t even have the human ability to know everything there is to know about God–but we could still talk forever about His attributes that we do know. He is just that amazing.

    And you know what? Whenever He does something, He’s only acting out of who He is. So He does the same things all the time, because He IS the same all the time.

    That’s why it’s important when you read about one of God’s habits or patterns in the Bible: because once you see Him do a thing once, you’ll see Him do that same thing over and over again if you’ll pay attention. He is just acting out of Himself–out of who He is; and who He is never changes. 

    So when Scripture tells us what God habitually does, pay attention! He wants to do that thing for YOU.

    And what does Psalm 113:7-8 say God habitually does? Let’s look at this passage again:

    “He raises the poor out of the dust, and lifts the needy out of the ash heap, that He may seat him with princes—with the princes of His people” (Psalm 113:7-8)

    Did you get that? God raises the poor out of the dust. He lifts the needy out of the ash heap. And He does these things so that He may seat them with the princes of His people.

    Whoaaaaa. That is amazing

    Check out why:

    If you’re poor and needy, God wants to bring you out of poverty and need.

    It’s who He is. You could name Him that: He is God Who Raises the Poor Out of the Dust. God Who Lifts the Needy Out of the Ash Heap. 

    God Who Sits You With Princes.

    It’s who He is.

    So are you poor and needy today?

    If so, God wants to raise you up. Permanently. He doesn’t want to just lift you up, wipe your tears, then plop you back down right where you were. No, He sees the deadness of your situation and He wants to raise you–to bring resurrection power into your situation; to lift you and change your environment and bring you into newness of life.

    He also wants to lift you out of the ash heap.

    To be perfectly honest, I looked up the word “ash heap” and it doesn’t necessarily mean “ash heap.” 🙂 It can also mean, um, dung heap. Filth heap. You get what I mean?

    Point being, if you are in a heap of filth right now–meaning, somebody came by and left their stuff and you’re in it–He wants to lift you out of that too. Even if the filth heap/ash heap/dung heap is YOUR OWN filth.

    Yup, He’s just that good.

    So why does Papa God want to lift you up out of the filth heap? Why does He want to raise you out of the dust? Because:

    God wants to seat you with princes right now.

    He sees where you are, but He knows where you’re going. He knows where He’d like to take you if you’ll just let Him:

    • He knows what He has in mind for you, and it’s a gorgeous palace.
    • The place HE has in mind for you is royal and beautiful and influential and full of FAVOR.
    • He has a clean place for you …
    • A place where His servants wait on you and take care of you …
    • A place where all your needs are provided …
    • A place in which you will enjoy the princes’ companionship; and
    • A place where the light of the King’s favor will shine on your face.

    If you’re drowning in filth right now, your Papa God wants to seat you with princes.

    He desires to lift you up. To raise you up. To change everything for you, starting with scrubbing you down, cleaning you up, rescuing you, and putting you in an entirely new place.

    He loves you, you see. And His kids are all kings and priests to Him … so He wants your life to demonstrate the royalty that you are.

    Will you let Him do this for you?

    If you will let the Lord lift you up and seat you with princes, pray this with me:

    “Father God, in Jesus’ name, I confess that I am in this ash heap. I’m in this dung heap; a pile of filth. Whether I made it myself or someone else made it, I have chosen to sit in it–and I’m sorry. 

    Lord, I recognize that You have more for me than this. You desire to raise me up into a wide place. You desire to lift me out of this pile of filth and into the place where royalty dwells. I have not allowed You to do this before, Lord, but I am allowing it now.

    Father God, please forgive me for living beneath my privilege.

    In the name of Jesus, I renounce my agreement with the filth, lies, poverty, and ashes that I have embraced. I repent of all of it, Lord, and I receive Your truth right now. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit. I give my life to Jesus first and foremost, to walk in the Spirit from now on. 

    Father, I receive Your truth:

    • That I am more than a conqueror through You who give me strength;
    • That I am a chosen generation, a royal priest, Your own precious possession;
    • That I am Your beloved child; 
    • That greater are You who live in me than he who lives in the world;
    • That I can do ALL, ALL, ALL, ALL, ALLLLL things through Christ who strengthens me;
    • That You shall provide all my needs according to Your riches in glory;
    • That I am filled with wisdom from above by Your Holy Spirit;
    • That I always know what You want me to do and when You want me to do it;
    • That You have good plans for me, and I shall walk in them always; 
    • That I am the healed of the Lord, for You sent Your Word, Jesus, and healed all the disease that was in my body;
    • That I walk the path of Christ, do the deeds of Christ, think the thoughts of Christ, and say the words of Christ;
    • That I am hot on fire for You, and I love You with all my heart, soul, mind, body, and strength; 
    • That I have the mind of Christ; 
    • That I am the righteousness of God in Christ;
    • That I hear Your voice behind me, saying, “This is the way; walk in it;” and I always obey and never turn to the right or to the left;
    • That I am filled with Your power; and
    • That I abide in Jesus; His words abide in me; and I keep Your commandments. 

    Father, I choose from this moment to seek You and You only. So do what You do, Lord, for Your Word says that “if” I obey You, then I can be blessed. 

    So Father God, in Jesus’ name, raise me up and seat me with princes.

    I choose to get up and leave this dunghill now, by Your Spirit; for it’s not by might, nor by power, but by Your Spirit that I can do all things. I thank You that You are leading me out right now. You are leading me over, and not under. I shall no longer be victimized or conquered by the enemy or his devices. I shall walk in victory beginning today and every day going forward.

    Thank You, Father, for carrying me out of this ash heap. Wash me in the blood of Jesus, and let me never return to it. I thank You that the enemy I see today, I shall never see again, for I turn my face from the enemy and I choose to seek only You.

    Father, in Jesus’ name, order my steps in Your Word.

    There may be a journey to get to the palace, so order my steps. Teach me. Bring me all the way along the road, and help me to obey You at every point and turn along the way.

    And Father, bring me into the palace You have prepared for me. Seat me with princes.

    Give me all the favor You have for me, Lord.

    Since You desire to seat me with princes, that’s going to require favor. I know it and I thank You for it. Please give me favor on every side, and influence too; but let it all be only for Your glory.

    Don’t give me any favor or influence that I would use wrongly, Lord; but give me LOTS of favor that I do use for You.

    And when you seat me with princes, Lord, teach me how to act.

    Lord, You’re going to have to teach me how royalty behaves. Please help me learn the ways of royalty well, and learn them easily too. Teach me who I am in You, Father, for Your Word says that I AM royal. 

    Thank You, Father. Thank You that when you seat me with princes, I will fit in. I will be prepared, dressed rightly, and I’ll know how to behave around other royalty–for You will lead me there.

    Thank You, Father. Thank You for loving me and for hearing my prayer. I receive it all, and I bless Your name for it. Thank You, Jesus, and thank You, Holy Spirit.

    It’s in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

    Beloved, do you want God to seat you with princes? Did you pray this prayer with me? If so, leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

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    1. I receive it in Jesus sweet Name Amen thank you Papa

      1. Jamie, I am so blessed by the prayers, your message and the scriptures you share. I have connected through your devotional 21 d as ys of breakthrough prayer. Blessings

        1. Kwah gideon says:

          I’m have been blessed richly by the prayer and the exaltation. I believe I’m now out of the heap of ashes and dung. Thank you for your encouraging words. God increase you more. Shalom

        2. I need God to remove me out of the miry clay and seat me with princes now as my life is in a hopeless mess

          1. Thank you Jamie for this prayer. We’ve been faithful in praying and believing God got our breakthrough. We’ve been in a terrible situation where both myself and my husband have not earned in 6 months and our breakthrough is just not coming. I believe that after this prayer we will both be lifted out of this impossible situation we are in as God only can help us. We’ve lost so much hope where our family and friends are concerned as we only have 2 believers who is trying to help but they also having huge challenges. God help each and everyone needing to be uplifted out of these circumstances. Praise God in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen

        3. Thank you for this prayer I receive it in Jesus name Amen

      2. So beautiful and timely . I am so goad to discover who God is through this post. I just as of this morning and the revelation that I am in dung and I felt deserving of death because of it. But Jesus took my place so I can have a place in the Father. I receive this word may it bring healing and wholeness and may i see His goodness take me all the way you the palace to sit with princes because I am His princess.

      3. I receive this precious and powerful word Lord Jesus!!

      4. I receive all of this !! God bless you ‘n
        I have a question
        I’m trying to find where you wrote about how to rest and still get things done
        How and where would I look this up ?
        Thank you Jamie
        Blessings of Royalty to you

      5. I believe & receive Papa God so Thank & Praise You too. Lord I trust in You! Glory Hallelujah My Father, My Father!Amen,amen.

      6. Phillips Loretta says:

        I believe that l have been lifted out of the filthy dung and seated with the princes.
        I am encouraged and set for a shift in Jesus Name,Amen!!!

    2. Will you be coming out with a book of these prayers? That would be an easy and handy reference to have!

    3. Irene Jones says:

      Thank you for that encouraging word

    4. In Jesus mighty name Amen

    5. This prayer was needed by me. It so outlays my situation today. So thank you Jamie. When we sometimes can’t find the right words to pray then the Lord sends them through someone like you. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

    6. Jamie I said that prayer with you and I can feel His presence around me ,Thank you! Heavenly Father Amen

    7. Will and Maria says:

      Halleluia! Thank you Father!

    8. Sheri kenny says:

      Jamie. that message is PERFECT for me today…and GOD IS SO GOOD as our service today was so much of what God spoke to you about to share with us!!! CONFIRMATION!!! I LOVE WHEN GOD DOES THIS!!! THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU, love, Sheri from Michigan

    9. I walked out of my job yesterday , I was being treated so badly .
      I’ve been very depressed today feeling like a failure with know way of paying my bills this month and feeling beaten by the enemy .
      I can do All All things in Christ .
      Thank you so much for this word , I will get out of bed tomorrow knowing I have an amazing future in christ

      1. Hi Linda. I am so sorry that happened. I pray for your provision right now, that our God shall provide all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus!

    10. DONALD SNOW says:

      I am waiting on the LORD, I am unworthy, but I believe all of GOD and all his word, so i’am watching as well as praying, so pray with me that all this will come to be.

    11. Carmen Oakley says:

      Hi Jamie…this prayer was definitely on time for where I am in my walk with Jesus. He is renewing me each day and for this I an grateful. I thank God for your ministry at it is truly a blessing. Stay enciuraged as you are making a difference for tge church as a whole.

      God bless you

    12. Thank you Jamie for being a blessing in my life, From His Presence is really shaping my walk with Christ and my growth shocks me. I appreciate each and every word and I pray to the Lord God Almighty through His Son Jesus Christ to bring to continuously bless you abundantly as you plant continue planting fruitful seeds in our lives.

      God bless you

    13. Henrietta says:

      I receive this word in Yeshua’s Name,

    14. I receive this word in Jesus Most Holy name.

    15. Hallelujah! Lord help me to walk in the privileges of being Your child. Fill me Lord with Your Holy Spirit. All glory and honor to You God Almighty.p

    16. Thank you Lord Jesus for this massage. My spirit is being fed that my LORD is lifting me up higher to seat with princes that He has assigned for me.
      If late, I have been weeping in my spirit because my daughter whom I am staying with is showing some insolent behavior towards me. She is a single parent with 2 kids. I have been supporting her in taking care of her kids not in money wise ( since I am not working ) . The ex husband cheated on her( not once) but he was able to have a lawyer who presented the case to court and the judge couldn’t give my daughter the chance to present her case. At the hearing, my daughter was at the court room but wasn’t called from the reception to defend herself. And so the ex husband wasn’t charged. This has been eating my heart but today message has given me hope that our God is good.
      Jamie, may you be blessed with the work to encourage the hapless to the glory of our LORD.

    17. I’ve been feeling like God wants me to dream BIG but I’ve kinda been feeling guilty about doing so. I believe he has been encouraging me to dream about a BIGGER beautiful home. This prayer is confirmation for me! Thank you, you are truly a blessing!

    18. Coral Malayta says:

      Praise God,
      Jamie, I prayed this prayer with you
      this morning. I receive this message
      in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

      thank you Jamie for the encouraging words. God bless.

    19. Thank u smuch I declare some of the things and today I prayed this prayer in which is on one accord of what I have been declaring now I get more more wisdom and favor thank u so much stay Bless and continue to Bless thank you

    20. Susan Wells says:

      Amen! Thank you Jamie for this prayer I so badly needed right now! God is the only One who can bring beauty from ashes and that’s what He’s doing in my life right now (a life very similar to Job’s) but He always gives me exactly what I need at exactly the right time! Thank you for reminding us that WE ARE ROYALTY !

    21. Thank you Jamie for your encouraging and inspiring words, it has truly has blessed my soul. May God continue to bless you.

    22. I receive this message and stand in agreement in Jesus’ mighty name!

    23. This was a lovely prayer. When I began it I thought it would only be a few lines long and the more that I prayed the more that I felt it was my own prayer. God gave me this first five years ago when I was in transition moving to a new place, and looking for a house. I found the house that I’m in now and on the day that we entered into contract, these verses were my spirit lead devotional vs. I did not know what it meant at the time. Now five years later we are moving again into a home we have built for ourselves. I designed the house completely and I am beyond excited to have this lifelong dream come to fulfillment within the next two months. We move in just after July 4th. I was at the house the other day, it’s near the lake, and I drove down the road and met a neighbor. He was asking me if I had met the other neighbors and I said I had not met anyone else. And then he informed me that our neighbors are what you would call the princes of our people. The son of one of the most wealthy men in the state. And another nearby neighbor is a US senator. So I feel that in that transition God gave me a scripture that has literally come to pass. And I give him praise for it and I look forward to what this favor means for my life in his kingdom!

    24. AMEN!!!

      I am so thankful for this prayer!!! Be blessed Jamie!

    25. linda harrison says:

      Blessed, Praise the Lord

    26. Sally De Kock says:

      I receive this promise in the name of Yeshua. I am trusting you Lord to bring me out of the ash heap and turn my sorrow into joy. I am self employed and haven’t received any income since the start of the pandemic in March. Also I felt like giving up on my marriage but have no where to go. I am so depressed and deeply concerned about the finances for my daughter’s study in America. Please urgently pray for me and with us.

      May God bless you abundantly and lavish His favour on you Jamie and your ministry. Lots of love in Christ Sally in South Africa

      1. I pray for all of you. This word came to me just as I was doubting. God forgive me in Jesus name. Like you Sally I am also thinking of giving up on my marriage and my finance’s are a mess. God today I choose to trust you. You will turn my mourning into dancing in Jesus I pray.
        Candice from South Africa

    27. Glory be to the Lord’s name! My Papa is lifting me higher from any filth and placing me among Princes that He himself has located them for my good. Hallelujah🙌🙌🙌🙏

    28. I prayed it and I’ve received it, in Jesus mighty name! I was touched by it deeply. God bless you abundantly Jamie! Glory be to the Lord!

    29. Lord Jesus I accept this blessing, please help me to get out of your way.

    30. This is such a confirmation to my present situation(the wilderness)but God has promised to deliver me according to Psalms 142:7. I am stoked and ecstatic about my new, fresh journey ahead; from the pit to the palace I shall go IJN! Thanks Jamie, sister in Christ for bringing this word back because I did not read it last time. But God is an on time God and He always has a plan. You’re AMAZING GOD!!! LOVE YA!😊

    31. gail rawlings says:

      i have been in the muck and poverty for so long and been at the bottom of the dung heap

    32. Thank you, Jamie, for this powerful, affirming prayer! God is the same, yesterday, today and forever more and I will stand on His promise to seat me with princes in 2021!!

    33. Thank you Jamie and thank You God. 🙏❤️

    34. Amen. Thanks for sharing dear.

    35. Trudie Double says:

      Amen, Amen. For long enough I have been in that ash heap. I have felt like the forgotten Cinderella. Thank you Jesus. Yes, Holy Spirit please teach me, guide me, lead me, take control. In Jesus name. Thank you that I am seated with princes, because of who you are and whose I am.

    36. Nancy Jay says:

      I receive this today. Oh Lord you know my need when I don’t even know how to put it in words.

    37. I had a dream the other night about going to work, then being unable to find my car to go home. I walked through the parking lot and found some cars that might have been mine but were beat up or half stripped, and my key didn’t fit. Then I woke.

      I think God is telling me my idea of provision, specifically for answered prayer, is far below His. And though I’ve settled for that, He’s going to change it.

      It’s going to be exciting…

    38. Shamiso Abuka says:

      Wow! I love and receive this in the name of Jesus Christ! Thank you Father God… and thank you Jamie

    39. Esvah Chizambe says:

      Powerful 💪💪and life changing! Certainly the kind of prayer to take me to my allotted inheritance! Thank you Presence Seeker!

    40. AUDREY ROLLE says:

      I receive it in Jesus Name. I stand in the gap for my children on this same matter. Thank you Lord.

    41. I receive it ALL in Jesus’ name!! Thank You Father and thank you Jamie for sharing!

    42. Kayondo James says:

      Dear sister in the Lord Jesus Christ our Redeemer and saviour, thank you for accepting God to uses you always to encourage us , particularlly me , God bless you abundantly , i feel blessed and encouraged too .
      To God be the glory in Jesus mighty name Amen.

    43. Thank you for this wonderful prayer. It has lifted me.
      Be blessed


    45. In faith… I agree, believe and receive every word of this prayer into my being and my life with gratitude and love in the Name of Jesus Christ ….. I surrender my ALL to You to mild me to what You created me for Amen 🕊🔥🙏🏼

    46. Gregg Trude says:

      I have had so many setbacks and horrible things in my life the past 3 years. From an accident where a man died to going to prison to breaking up with a woman I truly loved. I was called to day by my boss and might loose my job tomorrow, why?? I read this and thought I have been on that dung heap for 3 years and I need God to pull me away from it. I am asking in Jesus name for God to pull me from that heap and sit me with Princes today. Make a change Lord Please and be faithful even when I am not.

    47. Melinda Davis says:

      I received this encouraging word in the mighty name of Jesus Name, Amen

    48. IRMA NORTJE says:


    49. I’m Soo much blessed by this spirit filled prayers. Thank you Jamie, God’s endless blessings

    50. Dear Jamie,
      This is on time that i am loaded with all those filthys in my life. Lossing a place where o spent most years i am living, unjustifiables court cases, fooled by people whom we trust, and many more. I am asking GOD why He brought me on this situations and your prayers give me more and most answers to my questions and lift me up to become strong and believe more and have faith in our Heavenly Father. Thank you for your prayers and more powers. GOD bless us all.

    51. Diane Dodgson says:

      I receive this in Jesus mighty name. God bless and Amen.

    52. Denise Richey says:

      If I sit with Jesus, my Supreme Royal King, and I do, then yes, He will seat me with princes here on earth. Why? Because He said so, because Jesus does and because I am His daughter and He lives in me! Thank You, Jesus, for seeing me worthy of royalty and making me royal by blood; your blood! Thanks, Jaime, for the reminder of this Word!! Love ya!

    53. I say Amen thankyou Father for seating me with royalty in Jesus name

    54. Veronica Dorsey says:

      Amen 🙏🏾

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