Weeping May Endure For A Night, But Joy Comes In The Morning!

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If you've been weeping, here's an encouraging letter for you. By Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comDear reader who’s been crying,

I felt like the Lord wanted me to encourage you today. Because…

He saw you, the other day when you were so upset. Last night when you were crying. When you were hurt; when you were angry. He saw you. And He has not forgotten.

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    He sees the pain in your heart. He sees you right now. And He knows.

    He knows what it’s like. He knows what it’s like to feel despised and rejected. He knows what it means to not have a single friend in the world. He knows what is hurting your heart right now.

    And He cares.


    You see, this thing that is happening to you is not God’s best for you. It’s not His will for you to mourn or grieve or be sad. It’s not His will for you to hurt, physically, emotionally, or mentally. He loves you, and He’s a good Father. He desires only the best for you in all things.

    But we live in a fallen, sinful world. We live with imperfect circumstances and imperfect people all around us, who are also hurting. And sometimes that makes us hurt worse.

    But you know what? There’s hope. God has this thing for justice, and vengeance, and reward, and for sticking up for those who can’t take care of themselves.

    That’s why He cares so much about widows and orphans. Nobody else is taking care of them, and something about their need just lights God up. So He reaches down from Heaven and takes care of them Himself. He takes them under His Own wing and hides, shades, and shelters them. He loves them so much.

    God loves helping broken people so much that He even names Himself after them. He calls Himself “a Father to the fatherless” and “a Defender of widows” (Psalm 68:5).

    And you know what? Something about your need drives God to stick up for you too.


    You may not be an orphan or a widow (although maybe you are). Maybe you’re heartbreakingly lonely. Maybe you’re facing injustice. Maybe you’re hurting through no fault of your own. Maybe you’re burned out, tired, broke, worn out, got nothin’ left. Maybe you’re in a tough marriage, or a tough work situation, or chronically ill, discouraged, or depressed.

    Maybe, like Abraham, you’re waiting for your dream to happen in your life. Maybe God has promised you something and the years have passed, but the dream seems far away.

    Maybe you feel like you can’t go on.

    If that’s you, God sees. And He has a promise for you today. That promise is that joy comes in the morning.

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    The Bible tells us:

    Start-quote…Weeping may endure for a night,
    But joy comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5b).

    You’ve been weeping. You’ve been upset. There have been tears, and pain, and heartbreak. But you know what?

    Your sorrow won’t last forever. God is on the move.

    His Word says that, even if you cry all night long–all the way through your dark night of the soul–the morning is still coming. And with the dawn comes a fresh breath of hope. With the first rays of sunlight, He’s sending a new beginning. He’s rending the Heavens and coming down Himself into your situation, to fight on your behalf.

    He’s answering your prayers. Right now, this very moment, while you’re reading this letter. He’s thinking about you right now. He’s working this situation out for your good, your highest desires, and your best future. Your Papa has not forgotten you.

    I know things look dark, beloved. But, I feel like the Lord wants me to tell you today:

    “Look up!”

    Your weeping has endured for the night, but morning is dawning. Heaven’s rays of early light are beginning to shine into your situation right now. And with the dawn, God is sending you joy.

    It’s His way. He always sends joy to restore and repay you for what you’ve been through. He restores you BETTER than you ever were before.

    So the morning is coming. And joy is on its way. And when He brings joy, He ALWAYS does a terrific job.

    What God is going to do for you is beyond your wildest imagination. When He brings change in your situation, it’s going to astound you.

    And one day you will look back and say, “I wouldn’t trade it for the world… because look what God has done.”

    So in Jesus’ name, I say: let a new hope and courage dawn in your heart right now.

    Let the joy of the Lord come forth in your heart in Jesus’ name. Let the fresh wind of the Holy Spirit blow a refreshing breeze across your body, soul, and spirit right now in Jesus’ name.

    A new day is dawning. A new start is coming. A new joy is arising in your heart right now.

    Because weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

    Let it be done now in Jesus’ name.

    I felt like I needed to write this as a specific word to someone (or some people). I felt like Papa wanted to lift someone’s chin and let them know that it wouldn’t be too much longer until they have their joy back, and they will be better than they were before. If that person is you and God used this message to speak to your heart today, would you let me know? Please leave a comment below. Thanks!


    1. This message is truly for me (and I know for so many others). God’s timing is impeccable and His words leave me breathless every time. Thank you for being the willing vessel through which these words were sent.

      1. Sharon, I’m so glad Papa used this message to bless you. And I’m sorry you’ve been weeping… but I pray a divine turnaround would happen very soon in your situation. May the God of all comfort manifest Himself to you today through His precious Holy Spirit. May He wrap His arms around you and may you feel Him holding you up and sustaining you more than ever before.
        Thank you for reading and sharing… 🙂

        1. I know God is with us all…AMEN!

            1. Jodie Wells says:

              You have allow God master your words!! God is very much alive in the lives of so many of His children. Thank you for tooling this prayer.

            2. Praise God. Thank you for reading, Jodie. I’m so glad our Father encouraged you. 🙂

            3. Gilbert Chigozie says:

              Thank you pastor right now am going through heartbreak but God is healing me through your word and prayers.Am grateful.

            4. Diane rexwinkle says:

              Thank you Jamie! This is what I needed so badly! praise God

          1. Thank you that you encourage the widow. Sometimes it does feel luke you’ve just assumed a Prophetic Promice from the Lord especially when it takes a while to come to pass.

          2. It’s me! I am that person who needed that encouraging word today! Thank you!! And thank you Lord for your word and promises- Yes and Amen!

          3. Yes this is for me as well .
            Praise God!!

        2. God is good all the times. Amen! With him everything is possible even things beyond man’s imagination.


            1. Thanks kindly these words spoke to my ❤️ heart. God Bless🙏🏽

          1. I was encouraged by this. God bless you Jamie

          2. Thank you. Touched me 🙏

        3. Michele B says:

          Thank you, Jamie.
          My season has been challenging.
          As you know, I am a widow. This spoke to me as I am walking through this painful time and turning my eyes to the Lord for hope, help, and defense. I am trusting Him to make way for my children and me. It’s been a challenge. We have had a ton of red tape and paperwork.
          This is a whole new journey for me now. I’m asking Him what is next and for more of His presence in my life.
          Thank you again.

        4. This word was for me this exactly how I feel been going through so much seems like it will never end next year will be 8 years

        5. Pat Perez says:

          I felt this is for me too. God bless you Ms Jamie

        6. Last night I was lying on the couch crying my heart out.
          Everything you shared is what is happening.
          I am broken, tired, exhausted, feel forgotten, rejected. Both orphan and widow.
          I am so in awe right now. Thank you
          Last night I cried my eyes out lying on the couch. Everything you said from the Father is exactly it. I am in awe of God’s love

      2. Thi’s message is so for me. I love how God moves.I’ve been facing many trials and tribulations and have always thought God has forgotten me and never sees my pain and suffering but THANK YOU PAPA for this awesome special word.

        1. Thank you for being God’s instrument. My night has been there these past twenty years. Yet I believe this very morning the joy shall come. May God continue to sustain you with His wisdom.

        2. Thanks I needed this encouragement god going to work it .

        3. Thanks I needed this encouragement God going to work it .

          1. Thanks for the wors of encouragement, it seems like you were sleeping with me last night,after bed prayer I felt downhearted, like every prayer I pray is envain

            1. Stand in faith, Thembi! Faith is the only way; whatever is not of faith is sin! Pick a promise in Scripture and pray it back to God continually and CHOOSE to believe! Remember that faith is a choice, not a feeling! God, give Thembi more grace!
              In Christ,

        4. Thank you Lord! Thank you for letting God speak to you and through you to his people and it was much needed.

        5. Andrea Peden says:

          I needed this, going through very dark times. Please pray for me and God bless you!

      3. I know this was for me I know God is moving and doing in my life I feel Him and He knows all I been through and He sees and joy is coming .Hallelujah!!
        Jamie you are a blessing and I thank God for you .It is evident to see how much you love The Lord and you serve Him.I appreciate your obedience to God ,because it helps so many of us.Thank you for your service and God bless you richly.

      4. Thank you so much! This is my current situation right now! My marriage is under attack we have only been married for 11 months, but I continue to pray because I know that God hasn’t forgotten about me. This is exactly what I needed to hear because I was feeling discouraged and unlovedand felt like giving up on my marriage.

      5. Mimi Williams says:

        Thank you Jamie,
        That is for me, I am going through such a difficult time and I only need the joy of the Lord in my heart. Praying that God will intervene in the divorce my husband wants, if it’s Pappa’s will.

      6. Christina says:

        Hi this message was definitely for me today. I felt overwhelmed with just a feeling I couldn’t describe. I felt like just crying since last night and it came to me again @1:30. I feel like there are so many things I desire and ask of God they overwhelm me but praise God that nothing is too much for Him!

      7. Jamie i will like to thank you for the prayer you said it changed family lifes . I read that prayer i was going through hard probles my life was a mess , i wanted to do something everybody was like dont want to assist me with funds even friends. Afer reading that prayer even at night my things got releaved i was assisted and i started to sleep. People who were owing me paid me. Thanx Jamie that god words. I also want to thank your words to say weeping and morning comes. This really touched my heart Jamie and i thank you so much.

      8. Amen I receive it! It’s been long over due. I need you more than ever Lord!!!

      9. Bernadette Feliciano says:

        Thk u Jesus

      10. thank you for this message this morning. It truly is what I’ve been going through and I’m grateful that God put it on your heart today to pass it on to me and others who are going through struggles. I’m thankful that the joy is coming. I’m thankful that he is going to restore me better than I was before. Thankful to you and Jamie for being obedient to our Fathers call on your life
        God Bless

      11. Girlllllll, I was crying just last night. My social/living conditions/love life has not been the best all year and I’ve been trying to hold on to hope and joy as much as I could, but last night it was over bearing. I was feeling forgotten and looked over. Although it was how I felt, I know God said He’ll never leave me or forsake me, so I just kept reciting that until I fell asleep. And then BOOM! I wake up to this devotional today. So for that, I say thank you for being obedient. God really used you to uplift me.

        1. Thank You ABBA Father…. I know my current pain and anxiety won’t last My God is working right now….. Amen and Amen

          1. Nadine Johnson says:

            This so touch it touch my heart,mind,body,and soul I thank for posting this it has brought so much light unto my darkness.

      12. Like the comments I have read, that letter was for me. Thank you so much, I have felt like giving up, but no more.

      13. stephanie says:

        This really hit home. I’m recently divorced and still dealing with the pain. Thank you for this letter. It’s time for me to move forward and wait for the Lord to smile down on me. I know he can make a curse turn into a blessing. My joy will come in the morning. Thank you and may God bless you.

      14. Thank you! This really spoke to me. Every word. May God continue to bless you miraculously.

      15. My name is Rene, and was recently forced to move from my home to care for my elderly parents. I am a Nurse, and felt with they’re constant health crises, it was time that I care for them. I left my precious pet behind and one of my Nurse friends adopted her. I am heartbroken, and cry every night, all night. I have no money. And no job yet. I worry how my mortgage back home will be paid, and other bills. I’ve been getting migraines almost every day. But today, I decided to pray. The Lord put Psalm 30:5 on my heart, and when I read Papas message, I instantly felt better, and know, a new day has dawned, and my God has NOT forsaken me! Thank you!

      16. Thank you Jesus for confirmation.

      17. Amen. My hands up oh Lord Thank you Lord.

      18. Valerie M Johnson says:

        Thank you for that word it was very encouraging

      19. Wow. This message was definite for me thank you Lord

      20. Great message! It’s definitely for me.

      21. Cleopatra says:

        Will embrace this word with all my being, life is not what it seems for me but have been encouraged , will stick to His promises

      22. Gwindolyn says:

        Awesome encouragement. God is good all the time

        Thank you

      23. Kris Villa says:

        This was definently for me today. Thank you for hearing from the Lord a d sharing it.

      24. I’m standing in the gap ,waiting for my husband to be back to loving and caring man he use to be,my whole life has been upside down,and i know my God will turn it around.

      25. Hina Tripathi says:

        Even though this was posted a few years ago i just want to thank you jaime for this word because over the past year i’ve gone thru a season of grief and loss over the passing of my father and other difficult painful trials since then and i too am waiting on God for promises He’s made to me and so i found some much needed encouragement from this word today- i hang onto jeremiah 29:11 and know that God is bringing me out of the wilderness and into the promised land

      26. I so needed this word today for I have
        been crying a lot these past few days and I even asked God why . I am doing the 21 day fast and have been praying and believing God for a mighty miracle and I have been feeling in my spirit that something is coming but I also feel pressure and an unrelenting attacks on my mind and my belief . This word really helped me.Thank you God for this timely word.

      27. I truly believe this message was sent for me. I have been going through a lot in this past year and I have always managed to keep a smile on my face even though I’m hurting in the inside. God has been so good to me lately and I believe that better is soon on the way. He promised me that things will be different in my new season and I believeit. Just waiting patientlyon his promises.

      28. I feel it was me that got hurt so bad for a couple of weeks n felt like my world was turn upside down. But now with ur strong n very powerful praying for n for who needs help n prayers , I thank U so much n am happy our fat cres n so do U . Thank U so much , Ur friend n brother Mike in Jesus’s eyes , Amen n thank U so much

      29. Me Too Sister, papa comes out with tongues … mine anyway hallelujah

      30. Nozenza Mkhwenyana says:

        This message is for me and I believe that God will wipe all my tears tonight in Jesus name Amen

      31. It is the same for me Thank You Heavenly Father for seeing and knowing me 🥲🙌🙏❤️❤️❤️

      32. Carla Williams says:

        Yes, this message was for me too today! Thank you so much for being a willing vessel!

      33. This message is truly for me. It is right on time. He is an awesome God!

      34. Mpumelelo says:

        So shall it be oh my God, some of us never enjoyed life, we lived a life of struggle throughout, all that we know is a struggle, failure after failure, disappointment after disappointment such that its even difficult to say God must restore something that you dont even know how it tastes. I rather say please Lord begin a new thing in my life, its enough now and I thank you that even through all those dark situations you have been my light and you never lived me and my family in Jesus Mighty name. Amen.

      35. Thank you for these words of encouragement and for being obedient and allowing God to use you. May every word spoken come to pass for me as well as you in the Mighty Name of Jesus I pray. Amen

      36. Guyton Daniels says:

        Thank you for being obedient to God! This has been a really tough year for me and it just seems as though things are getting worse, but finding this devotional has given me hope that I just didn’t have! Thank you again for this soul stirring word from God!

      37. It’s me. I lost my momma 2 weeks ago. And while everything in me knows all is well, my heart is broken. There are moments when I feel like I’m drowning in sorrow, but I know where my help comes from. Thank you for a timely word.

    2. Dear Jamie
      This message is definitely for me. Because of the emotional hurt there was a time when I wanted to give it all up, but good has been encouraging me through Hi Word not to. The last Word of encouragement I received was from the Book of Micah 7: 7 (But I will look to the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation. My God will hear me). Thanks for the encouraging words. May you continue the good work you’re doing through your blog, and may God Almighty continue bless you!

      1. Wow, Sanku, that Scripture is gorgeous. Praising God with you for it. And thank you ever so much for reading and sharing!

        1. Sheree Dempster says:

          Amen God is good

    3. This was totally for me. Everything in it. Even the Look up! What God told me “keep looking up” at the start of a very hard very long journey I didnt know I was in for but that began that night. And He said it again here through you. He saw me then, he saw me last night and He’s up to something big. Thank you for writing what the God who sees laid on your heart for so many of us here. We are not forgotten.

        1. wegosasa stella says:

          Thank you sister

          1. Emily Stoik says:

            Thank you, Lord, for these words…I needed to read them tonight after the day I’ve had but you saw every sigh and tear…😢

            thank you that you have a plan and that Joy comes in the morning 😭🙏🏻💝

            God Bless the author ✍🏼 of this blog…
            I’ll share for anyone else who may be in need of a message of hope and encouragement tonight…

            you are not alone and God promises to work all things together for Good for those who love and trust Him 🙏🏻💞🛡

      1. Gill Delano says:

        That person is me! Thank You Lord. Thank You Jamie. It was about to be midnight when I started reading this. I am expectant of joy in the morning! x

    4. Praise the Holy Lamb of the Living GOD! I cried a very deep cry last night because of the pain in my life. I am so burnt out, tired, broken in spirit that I couldn’t help but release the pain from all of the weights in my soul (from debilitating experiences over the last 14 years of my life). I was strengthened by your post, Woman of God! Thank you!

      1. Harold, I’m praising God with you. I’m sorry you’ve been hurting, but I am so thankful to our Daddy God for encouraging you and comforting you! He is your glory and the lifter of your head–the restorer of your place of authority! Thank You, Father!

    5. Dear Jamie,
      It was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for allowing God to flow thru you.

    6. This was for me. The last few weeks have been sooo bad. Rejection caused disappointment, which turned into hopelessness, hopelessness into discouragement and discouragement into depression. I don’t know how many times I said, “I’m done”, “This is it” or “What’s the point”. So much crying, I didn’t even know I had so many tears in me. Yesterday I wrote my own letter to God, laying it all out there, hoping for a change. Then today I see this, and it’s like His reply.

      Thank you so much. My situation hasn’t suddenly changed, but now I know for sure that God is with me, He sees me, I’m not alone and it will all work out. Thank you, thank you.

      1. Hi Smith. That’s amazing. God is SOOO good like that! I’m grateful He used my blog to speak to you. Yes, He is with you always and He is going to work this out for your good–no matter what things look like right now!
        Thank you for reading and sharing! May our Abba Father continue to comfort and encourage you!

      2. I am in despair. I have failed as a husband and step-father. My family left me and I have leaned on my relationship with God and my church to keep me from going into a dark place of depression, self ridicule and blame, and a feeling of complete failure. My marriage is ending and I know I bear responsibility because I didn’t get us counseling and pray hard enough, change quick enough, and I just made too many communication errors. I will not make excuses for myself or the pain I caused my wife. She is a loving person and was trying to salvage our marriage, but she couldn’t stay because my Stepson didn’t want to love with me anymore. He hated me, my rules, and resented the fact that he couldn’t see his Dad because I felt it wasn’t safe. His Dad was a criminal, drug addict, and bipolar. I tried to protect him and my wife from the destruction he would cause in our lives, but in trying I alienated my stepson. My wife chose to leave and chose her child and family members over our marriage and relationship. But it’s mainly because of the way I handled things and the conflict we had. So I can’t claim to be a widow or orphan victim, I can only pray and hope I can find peace and harmony after all this pain leaves me. I wish I was in heaven and didn’t have to feel this pain anymore. I feel like I am being torn in half and it’s unbearable. Thank you for this post though because it did help me.

        1. I just prayed for you, JM. May the God of all comfort and hope minister to you personally today, in Jesus’ name.

    7. This message was for me as well! Thank you for writing such encouraging and uplifting words! I needed them this morning! I truly believe God is restoring my joy and hope right now! Thank you so much! With Love in Christ

      1. Amen! I’m so glad Papa touched you, Simone! I pray He would lift your head and give you your smile and joy back right now in Jesus’ name! And thank you for reading and sharing!!!

    8. Sarah Miller says:

      I am so blessed to have found you. The other night I was reading the 21 days to Manifest the Presence of God, and I was so overcome by what I was reading I weep for quite awhile. I suffer from many different illness’ and a couple painful auto immune diseases. I feel so alone sometimes, and wonder if all I “do” for the Lord is enough, because physically I can’t do much. But, He knows my heart, and He knows how much I love Him and want to please Him. I just needed so much to know He loves me, and what I can do is enough. Thank you.

      1. Hi Sarah. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, but oh how He loves you. You are the desire of your Father’s heart and the apple of His eye. His heart beats for you. I pray He would touch you with His healing power right now in Jesus’ name.
        Thank you so much for reading…

    9. Leslie Holman says:

      I feel selfish saying it’s for me, but it is. I thought things were getting better when I took a job back in February – my 10 yr old daughter & I have been homeless for a little over a year & staying with someone who wants us out but we have nowhere to go.. I need a fresh start, a new beginning… Jesus knows the whole of what I’ve been through over this lifetime & I am worn out & so weary but the lifter of my head is carrying me still to the destiny where I need to be…. keep praying for me, Sister in Christ. You are truly loved, blessed & anointed. And so am I. I love You Heavenly Papa <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      1. Hi Leslie. I’m so sorry for what you’re going through, but let God be true and every man a liar! He is going to come through for you in a grand way! And I can’t wait to hear about what He does! Thank you for sharing. I will pray for you.

      2. I pray this is all changed now in Jesus nam

    10. Rafael-Olivier Somma says:

      I think the message is for me. I’ve been through hell and I’ve had enough. Things have to change NOW and quick!

      1. Cling to Jesus, Rafael-Olivier. He will see you through your situation! I know He will; it is not possible for Him to fail you. Praise God!

    11. kathleen stevens says:

      I’ve been crying,and I got out of bed and found your post. I hope joy comes in the morning. I need God’s joy for so many problems. Thank you for writing this. I will keep rereading this.

      1. Kathleen, I’m so sorry you’ve been crying. But in the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11). I pray you would draw near to Him today and that He would wash over you and fill you with wave after wave of His cheering, refreshing joy in His presence. He loves you very much, and your times are in His hand (Psalm 31:15). He is going to take care of you through this, and things will work out for you BETTER than ever before (Romans 8:28).
        If you haven’t read it, I felt like this post: No Need To Fear Your New Season (My Story About A Season That Hurt) might encourage you today.
        Blessings and sweet comfort to you today from our God and Father, His precious Holy Spirit, and our beloved Lord Jesus. May you feel His love and strength shining into your soul and spirit today.

        1. Frans Jambeinge Nghikongelwa says:

          This message is truly mine. I have gone through thick and thin, yet God the Father has been a shield to protect me. It seems so far to reach that dream and sometimes i think someone has bewitched me. So, I weepin the night with hope that joy will come in the morning. Pray for me

      2. Mindy Dortly says:

        Thank you so much for this word I really needed it I really do appreciate you

    12. bimbo ajayi says:

      hello.i am blessed by your write up.is a message for the season for us in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.am lifted.God bless u.

      1. Amen. I’m so glad to hear this word encouraged you, Bimbo! Have a wonderful day, and thank you for reading and letting me know! 🙂

    13. Amen yes i needed this encouragement

    14. Andre Arendse says:

      I “found” your website online a couple of weeks ago and love your prayers. I’m married and a father to two beautiful teenage girls and we live in Cape Town, South Africa. The last 7 years have been tough financially with us giving up our home, and now having to rent and my faith took a huge knock. It’s tough for us as men to not have the ability to provide adequately for our families, but God has faithfully provided our needs. What I’m hoping is that God has directed me to this post by telling me he’s about to restore everything we’ve lost over the years and more.

      1. Hey Andre,
        Thank you so much for reading, and I’m so glad the Holy Spirit led you to my blog! I pray that Holy Spirit would overwhelm you with joy in the presence of the Lord today, and that He would indeed restore you even better than you ever were before. If you haven’t heard my YouTube vlogs about supernatural favor that I released last week, please listen to them. Restoration is one thing that favor brings. Like Ruth, in the Bible… God gave her favor and restored her better than she could have ever dreamed of being in the first place! “Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly ABOVE all that we ask or think…” (Ephesians 3:20). And remember that God promises to exalt those who humble themselves under His mighty hand (1 Peter 5:6). May He show Himself to you today as your Glory, the Lifter of your head, and the Restorer of your place of authority!
        Thank you so much for reading and sharing your story. Have a wonderful day!

        1. Thanks i truly appreciate my heart is healed
          Thank You Jesus

      2. Hello this is so me. Thank you for sharing it really encouraged me.

    15. Elizabeth Ann Johnstone says:

      My son and his family, who have been my main comfort and support for years, are about to return to India for at least two years. Recently I’ve lost family and friends one by one, and last night I became overwhelmed by it all. After a night of weeping, God reminded me of the Bible verse “Weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning.” Doing a google search (as I automatically do at such times!) your page came up. Thirty years ago God gave me a beautiful promise – something that is yet to be fulfilled. I believe He is showing me that this step of temporary separation from the familiar is something I need to go through in order to move on to what the future holds. But it is very painful right now. Thank you for ministering to my deepest needs, Jamie.

      1. I’m so sorry you’ve been through such a terrible time, Elizabeth, but I’m so grateful Papa used my blog to bless you. I prayed for you just now. I pray Papa would heal and restore your life in every way, in Jesus’ name.
        Thank you for reading and for sharing!

    16. Stanley V.Wood says:

      What a BLESSING.

      1. Thank you for reading, Stanley. I’m so glad the Holy Spirit encouraged you through this post! May your joy come today in Jesus’ name!

    17. It’s 22:02 in RSA and I was about to sleep. I decided to talk to my father before I did because I am facing the most difficult time in my life. At only 29 I am going to court tomorrow to fight for the custody of my son. My husband left us and returned two weeks later with wild accusations against me. I still pray for him and sometimes I feel like I pray for him more than I pray for myself. I always ask Papa to guide and protect him wherever he is. I feel I read this message just in time. Thank you and I thank God in heaven for you. Stay blessed.

        1. Hi Jamie,

          Thanks for the prayer. I believe it did wonders. I went to court, and although case has been postponed and referred to social workers for intervention, I believe with my whole heart that things will be okay.

    18. Well it’s 2017 and I have been weeping and feeling like I can’t go on. Tonight was the worst, out if the blue this was sent to me! I am blessed because I KNIW this was God!

    19. My fiance died Feb 7 and me and my son had been struggling but your words have inspired me. and actually this morning was the first morning I have awaken without crying. I feel God moving. I am praying to move out of the apt where he passed and I need God`s guidance for that. Thank you.

    20. Definitly feels like it was written for me. I smiled all the way through it and felt a warmth moving through me. Had been celibate for some years and in a moment of weakness gave my body to someone. Discovered am pregnant and when I told him he went all strange and silent on me. Its been hard gathering myself up from this fall. Very sad because I trusted him…but your message has made me much warmer. Thank you Jamie. Be blessed when you leave your home and when you enter it.

    21. Kara Raubenheimer says:

      Hi Jamie,

      This word speaks deeply to the hidden things in my heart which Abba has put there. Just a few days ago (I read this today, and over the weekend, the 14th of May to be exact) I asked Abba to help restore my joy since in my own power I have tried and am failing miserably.

      Thank you anb may you be ever so blessed!

    22. Dear Jamie,
      Thank you for this word. Last night I was literally on my bed weeping because of the long term situation I found myself in. I have no doubt that the word released by our Father through you is for me and relevant to my situation right now. Since waking up this morning, I have come across the words WINDS OF CHANGE three times. Thank you, I am truly encouraged and I receive all the prayers in Jesus name. Amen. God bless you.

    23. Thank you that was definitely for me. I am lonely and praying for a relationship between Brian and I to be restored. I have been playing to be married.
      God bless you for all you do.

    24. Yes this word is definitely for me. So right now I claim it in Jesus mighty name. Thank you Lord. Thank you Jamie. God bless.

    25. That word was really for me. Thank you for that uplifting word. Am praying for restoration of my relationship. God bless you

    26. debbie baker says:

      It seems like the past two I have read are for me. I am going through a very rough patch. I am having an aspiration on my right breast tomorrow and a biopsy too. please pray there is no cancer in there. also my pap has some abnormalities, please pray there is no cancer there either. Also I am asking for prayer in my relationship with my boyfriend. We are both in our 50’s and married before, please pray we will join as husband and wife together very soon. I love him with all of my heart. Please pray the people and things of our past will stay in the past and we will be a wonderful couple together for the rest of our lives. Please pray we will a blessing to all togehter.

    27. Thank you for this post. It has seemed that my night has been sooo long that i would never see the breaking of day. Although I’ve heard and read this scripture many times ; weeping may endure for a night ,but joy comes in the morning, but it seemed as if my morning never would come. I’ve been so angry, depressed, bitter to the point i felt like i just wanted to walk away from everything. I’ve had thoughts of ending my life because I was tired of being rejected and hurt by people (especially in church)i felt as if nothing was working no matter how much i prayed and cried out to God. I felt as if God had abandon, turned his back on me,and wasn’t hearing my cry or prayer to him, but today this scripture and word spoke to me letting me know just to hold on a little bit longer. But i still ask God how long. I know deep down in my heart i love God, but because of all the hurt, rejection, not seeing promises come yet, and feeling let down has me questioning if God really loves me but today’s word lets me know he’s speaking and listening. every cry I’ve every cried to him and he hears ever word I’ve prayed. so thank you again for this post

    28. Lillian Bwowe Nanteza says:

      Thank you Jamie for this wonderful word. It has truly blessed me today!


    29. Rumbidzai Mwedzi says:

      thank you so much for the powerful Word Jamie, God is indeed speaking to me.

      as they say, its always darkest when dawn is about to break.

      l was feeling sluggish today and this message has strengthened and uplifted my spirit. God is indeed faithful.

      stay blessed my sister in Christ

    30. Thank you, hearing those words have cheered me up. I am facing so many obstacles right now and I know help is on the way AMEN!!!

    31. Thank you so much for this encouraging word. It really blessed me. Currently going through a difficult time in my marriage and this word from the Lord has really pushed me forward today. Thank you…

    32. It really spoke to me. I cried myself to sleep all these nights begging him just look at me and things will be alright. But felt so dejected. This word felt like it was God speaking to me telling me tomorrow is my day. Papa is going to solve my debts which is last time tomorrow. I know he just has to look at me and things will be ok. I am so tired and hate myself for the person and somewhere a thief I believe of my own house to protect me and my daughter. But this helped.

    33. Dear Jamie thank you very much for the Rhema word.It speaks right to my heart.Been through a time of uncertainties and wondering if God cares.i am so encouraged tonight.
      The Lord bless u and continue to give you utterance of His Words and leading of Holy Spirit to be His mouthpiece to many lives across nations.Amen

      From your reader in South East Asia.

    34. I’m crying out loud after this reading I’ve been through so much Thank you Jesus for being there for me in my helpless hour I need Thee so much. Thank you

    35. Yes, this posting definitely spoke to my heart and encouraged me that joy is coming. Your words are so encouraging to me, please keep being obedient to the Lord in posting what He gives you for us.

    36. Thank you Jamie for allowing the Lord to use you and for being obedient. I received this post this morning. As I started to read it, it sounded familiar and I knew that it was one I’d read before and commented on before during a time of great sadness, but I hadn’t been crying recently so I didn’t think it was specifically for me, but knew that I would need it for some reason. Well little did I know that my sister, whom I had invited to lead the family prayer call for the first time today, was preparing a message based on “weeping may endure for the night…”. As she was preparing she asked what bible verse it was and I was like, I just read that somewhere. Of course if I had fully read the email I would have seen that.

      Anyway it doesn’t stop there because when I did go back and read everything and my comment from back then, I had now idea that it was over TWO YEARS AGO that you first sent you r message and tha I responded, and just the fact that you sent it out again today on the very day that she selected that to talk about–God is amazing!

      She is recently widowed and so it all meant a lot to her and I think she has her own message that she wants to write up and I will post it to you for her, but wow I am blown away.

      He knew when I got on your mailing list and when I responded in april 2015 that we would need that post to come to us again right NOW. I know that He can step through time and space and do ANYTHING! Thank you again for being a willing vessel!

    37. As I peruse the comments, it appears this word is for many of us right now. Thank you for sharing, Jamie. I needed to hear this word of encouragement!

    38. Nadine Mcdonald says:

      This post was so on point. Every aspect that you spoke about, is in fact where I’m hurting. I can’t even really mention it all. Thanks for the email. Hopefully I will feel better soon.

    39. Tanya L Rodriguez says:

      Yes amen thank you for sharing this I needed to hear from God I asked him to speak to me as I read my verses this morning so thank you again

    40. Priscilla Maleka says:

      Wow; thank you Jamie! You have breathed new hope in me. I was truly about to give up. You are just a God sent…….

    41. Mpho Myeni says:

      Thank you Jamie
      This is uplifting . I know in my spirit this is for me .

    42. Thank you I have been weeping for awhile since my fiance death. I am ready for a new day. I have a son to raise and we are looking to a new day in God.

    43. Thanks for the timely message. I’m sure that I’m not the only one this applied to, but it certainly spoke to and encouraged me. God Bless You!

    44. Terry Hodges says:

      Thank you again for the encouraging word. I these 5 past yrs after layoff I lay in the hope ,purpose, job, ministry God has for me for the breakthrough! Now at 64 only ss and small pension. I tithe, give, believing for clarity of daily thought and DESIRE for the new job, what where. God says he will breakthrough in His promises. New hope, encouragement, anticipation.. My 3 girls after5 yrs believing for total restoration don’t hear much and have reached out to them for healing restoration..The Lord to give me comfort, strength and hope. They live 10 min away, pray for opportunity, forgiveness and EVERY unjust thing cleared up for 9 yrs ago. I forgive all , love them, the Lord to touch them, me and bring restoration.. Thank you for praying for me.

    45. God is an on time God. My heart has been so heavy and I can’t stop the tears and pain- I was even embarrassed at work because I had to keep hiding in an office to get myself together. I read this today when I got home and just gasped. I feel His presence. Thank you for being obedient to Him.

    46. Maryann Rumsey says:

      Thank you for this. It’s so me all that you described. Thank You Abba Father. It’s so very hard I don’t really feel anything anymore but God is faithful. Waiting. Looking up. Blessings

    47. I want to thank you for this. I am really grateful for you articles. For me they are very insight. These article encourage ment to go on when I am strugling with storms in my life. I am healing from mother wounds. Now as a christain I do not feel alone. I sense from your words that God really loves me. Right now he is my father and mother I did not have. God bless you alway.

    48. God spoke to my dear heart through you. I just texted someone the other day and my first line was”Look Up.” Now you emulate those same words to me. God bless you and continue to let God use you.

    49. Hi Jamie

      I wrote you yesterday but I am not sure yet if you have approved and posted my reply. I wrote about the impeccable timing of God’s message through you, and I mentioned that I would be submitting another reply on behalf of my sister who was very touched.

      She said to let you know that she’s a new widow struggling with her new life, and that your words, eloquently entwined with God’s Words, provided inspiration and strength to her sadness and we’re the perfect reminder of God’s Grace!!

    50. Faith montoya says:

      Hello Jamie, all your blogs are timely and on point. God took me 2 years ago weeping may last for a night but joy comes in the morning when I was going through my divorce. God also told me that my marriage would be reconciled. I have been hanging onto that word no matter what and I know the wait is almost over. Thank you for the encouragement! God bless you.

    51. I wish he wipe my tears away

      1. May God bring you comfort today. He loves you. It may not feel like it right now, but He has His hands upon you.

        Psalm 56:8 says:
        You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.

        I know that when you’re hurting, that verse may seem like God is just sitting idly by, collecting tears. But I believe He cherishes them, and He turns them around into something that will be beautiful in your life. I believe that they become the beautiful music and songs that we hear but He may reveal something personal to you that He uses them for.

        Whatever you are going through, please know that God is “the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

    52. This message is for me. i have cried and cried just waiting upon Him to wipe my tears and renew my strength.

    53. Joe Whitelaw says:

      I am always weeping! When I praise I weep, when I worship I weep , when o pray I weep, I hurt ALL the time inside so I weep. But only in God’s presence. So I cry a lot. People probably think I’m weird. What’s wrong with him? Why is he crying so much all the time?

    54. Hi Jamie, that’s a messagefor th brokehearted indeed, thank you gor encouraging the body of Christ

    55. Yes needed this today… Thank you sooooooo much in Jesus name… shalom

    56. Sheila D Mathis says:

      This was for me TODAY! JOY IS HERE!!!

    57. thank you Jamie. I pray that God continue to show himself through you, Amen!

    58. Papa has my back, thank you for your uplifting words…indeed now i wait for the Lord for it is through him that joy will come on the morning..

    59. Joan MacGibbon says:

      Thank you so much for your beautiful words of encouragement. I have been weeping for 3 years because of a family situation. My daughter has alienated my husband and I and taken away our 4 precious grandchildren. Her husban has made it impossible for us to have any contact with our daughter and grandchildren. However, you words of encouragement have lifted my heart and given me hope. God Bless you Jamie and your ministry.

    60. Dear Jamie, when you first posted this it was meant for me. However, i happened across it again today and now Papa’s promise speaks even louder to me.
      Thank you for responding to Papa’s calling in your life. Never, ever doubt that what you are doing is not what you are meant to do and that it does not reach whoever it is supposed to reach.
      May the Father’s blessing and healing lay very heavily on you and your family.
      God bless and keep you all.

    61. This message was for me I prayed that if this message was for me that God would give me a sign and it started pouring rain My husband came home from work and told me that it rain today and it wasn’t supposed to.

    62. what if the weeping is because of your own bad decisions?

      1. Then you can change those decisions, reverse course, go the right way, and still see joy.

        As Louis Giglio points out, God leads you in the paths of righteousness (Psalm 23). He doesn’t lead you in paths of sin. If we want God’s hand in our lives, we have to stay on paths of righteousness where He is.

        Hope this helps.

    63. Thank you so much for the encouragement it really spoke to me… I have had a tough couple of months in my career and my heart was broken but after reading this I felt perfect peace and I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that joy is coming in the morning….

    64. Thank God for this message, Ive been crying..Papa God sees me.

    65. Hi Jamie, I’m Nate from the Philippines, I don’t usually leave comments, but I would just like you to know that you are a breath of fresh air, thank you for letting God use your life, to spread His Word. May you be blessed more so you can give more. I hope you get to read this one. Have a great day ahead.

      1. Thank you for reading, Nate from the Philippines! I pray Papa God would bless you today!

    66. Masechaba says:

      Dear Jamie it’s June 2018 and thisI message…I feel aslike though it waswas written for me . Thank you for your obedience, thank you for allowing Our Papa God our Daddy to use to encourage me tonight. All that you wrote was so on point. And thank Holy Spirit who led me to this very article when I typed.
      Be Blessed Jamie

    67. Yolinda Smith says:

      Hi there. This message was definitely for me. It is 1am here in South Africa. I was sitting and watching a service online, while I was watching I heard the words Holy Communion. I got up and I took the Holy Communion. After praying and giving Jesus thanks for what he has done for us, I heard the word weeping may endure, and that’s all I heard. I went online and the first one that I saw was this site. I logged on and your message was exactly what I needed. I praise God for people like you. Keep on keeping on with your post.

    68. Hello! I feel like these words are for me today even though you wrote them so long ago. I have been hoping for full custody of my daughter for over three years now. I’ve had big hope, expecting God to move at any moment. I’ve seen confirmation from God that it will happen. Yet here I am, still hoping. I’ve grasped at acceptance and delved into His word. I’ve started to come to the conclusion that He has joy for us in the morning…. in heaven. He has justice for us….. in heaven. He answers prayers….. in heaven. He works all things out for our good…. in heaven. BUT, I know these words are from Satan because we serve a good father. He has joy and goodness and justice and action for us in THIS LIFE. I will not stop hoping and I know that someday, God will reveal himself in great ways and to him be all the glory. Someday, my big hope in God will be a beautiful part of my story. Maybe it already is.

    69. Bobie joe Bentley says:

      Hello I am new to this writing out all the things that I’ve suffered over the 13 past years it’s been kind of hard and rough some days I want to get out of bed and some days I don’t I still weeping cry wondering when my Justice is going to come when will The Suffering and pain will be over because every time I see the same persons I remember what the word of God says the pray for those who hurt you there was a time when my heart was hard as a rock and I had to pray to God to pour love back into my heart that came of time when I wanted to take these people lives I cried out to God again and I said
      take this out of my heart because I do not want to take anyone’s life and he did those things I asked but now it’s just the after effects that bothers me so but I go on every day today or doing things that’s needs full to do I will never forget what they have done to me because they hated me for no reason and that

      Inever hated them until they done that evil to me but now the hate is gone and love has replaced it and I’ve moved on to the best of my ability I thank God this very day that I am not in jail with 3 Hots and a cot waiting on a lethal injection and that I’m not in the crazy house with a straight jacket on and a padded room because if had not been for God through his son Jesus I would have been in these places I stayed in prayer and I stayed in the word of God

    70. Dear Jamie,

      Thank you for such an inspirational, word in season to encourage not just me but many others in the Lord. It truely gives us hope and you have a wonderful gift of encouragement from the Lord.

      I have shared this with several others as it says in 2 Corinthians 1, to comfort one another as we ourselves have been comforted…(for who knows the cost of your alabaster box?).

      May God continue to use and prosper you and your family in Jesus name.

      God bless!

    71. Praise the Lord., and Thank you Jesus., our beloved papa., everything in this message was just for me today even though article was written a long time ago a good Freind of mine thought these words were meant for me me and she shared this morning. After many nights of battles I woke up this morning with a verse in my mind Psalm 30:5, and I’m standing firm as God speaking to me with this verse. He have seen my pain and today is my breakthrough. I have been helpless battling for custody of my daughter and son for over 20 months now and have not hold my angels for 4 months now. I’ve had faith, prayers and fasting have been my story. Today I leave everything in God’s hand., and the mighty name of Jesus. A breakthrough is about to be seen. Praise be thy holy name: Amen

    72. I know it was no accident that I found your letter today. Praise God! This letter has blessed my soul, my spirit….. I am so grateful for the encouragement.

      Thank You and may The God that we serve and love bless you and your ministry.

    74. Hestelle Nel says:

      This word is truly for me, thank you so much.

    75. Alexander Atkinson Jr says:

      Hello, I just wanted to way that this word is something that my heart needed to see. I have gone through the dark night of my soul and God has been bringing very real and new healing to my heart.
      Thank you so much for sharing this word. So very much appreciate it.

    76. You are touching so many hearts. I have been desperate, broke, in a tiring job, just got married v quickly after God gave me the date, we even saw an angel confirming His word even tho faced lot of resistance, got pregnant immediately after the wedding (6 weeks) which was first time even trying, we are still living 4 hours apart and my dad doesn’t want to hear anything about him or meet him even though they live so close to me. I was up crying hysterically last night just emotional not knowing how I can do all this or be a good wife or mom. Back at work early and got to do the 4 hour drive later. Kept praying for joy to come again. Thank you ??❤️❤️

    77. I needed to hear this. Thank you so much Jamie. May God continue using you. I am so much encouraged. My dawn has come . I believe and I receive

    78. Linda Davied says:

      Thank you Jamie , I cried most of the night . It’s a very tough time and the pain and loneliness is overwhelming .thank you for your post

    79. All I have to say is my God this perfectly speaks to what I have been experiencing since day 21 of the breakthrough prayer actually the day after. My body was attacked with a rash, I saw a wall in front of me I felt so out of sorts and couldn’t figure out why but God showed me the wall of smoke screens and I cried and cried and He lifted it. Tonight I have to preach at church and when I was asked to bring forth the Word I heard Father tell me that warfare was coming and up unto last week I was able to overcome and fight but this week it almost had me. In the midst of crying I jumped up and said “NO” NO I AM NOT GOING TO DO THIS I WILL NOT GOD HAS NEVER FAILED ME BEFORE AND HE WON’T FAIL ME NOW BUT I THANK GOD FOR YOU JAMIE AND YOUR OBEDIENCE BECAUSE THIS WORD WAS FOR ME

    80. Thank you for this timely word. I am trusting God ans knowing that He has a wonderful plan for me and my family.

    81. Yes, this was for me. I have been praying for my prodigal husband to come home for almost 2 years and I am ready too celebrate his return! Thank you for your obedience to the Lord.

    82. Jamie, I really needed this word. Thank you. So much has been happening in my life over the past 10 years. I’m so exhausted. At times, I’ve felt and I feel as though God has forgotten me. I’ve asked when is it going to be my turn to have joy?

    83. This word was for me i know it and would like to ask Jamie and anyone to pray for me that God help me remember this is for me and not give in to unbelief and not believe that things will get better thank you God bless you all

    84. Jennifer Zieverink says:

      I woke up and went to my emails and saw this. I feel like I am one of those that you wrote to. I have been through heartache, anger, and sadness for several years over a situation. I and my family have been praying for 4 years that He will change the situation and the people who are hurting me and my daughter and my family. I was angry, anxious, and upset last night over the situation going on again, and I even dreamed about it. Then woke up sad feeling. That’s when I read your word from God…thank you.

    85. Jamie, thank you for this. This word was like God was looking right into my eyes and smiling.

    86. Thank you since not working I have become very depressed worried and stressed ? and they system making me destitute, thank you ?? I am Blessed’s

    87. Meeckral Williams says:

      Thank you Jamie for being obedient to GOD by posting this. This word was for me this morning. GOD bless you!

    88. Oh this was for me. I’ve been dealing with a rocky marriage and needing a physical healing. Thank you, Lord!!

    89. Thank You Jamie,
      Every word was for my husband and myself. Thank you Papa for hearing and thank you for sharing confirmation. God Bless !!

    90. Charlotte Hendryx says:

      This was for me! Thank you for being obedient to his word and sharing with me what he put on your heart and mind. I needed to be reminded that he heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds, that he sees and feels my pain. Believing and praying for my breakthrough.

    91. Thank you for this message. It’s right on time! My dear Dad passed in 2014 and my Mom never appreciated my uniqueness – she wanted full control of my life – I was never good enough for her. My Dad protected my kids and I many times from her evil ways/plans. After my Dad passed, my mom promised she would do better towards me and my kids. Our relationship got worse. My siblings turned on us; my brother assaulted my daughter and I. I and my kids moved to a very place and I am now in “no contact” with my internal and external family. My external family never knew what I experienced, I was forbidden to speak of it. My kids and I are free. But many times I wonder why my mom hated my kids and I when she should have loved us. God has been truly good to us and shown His love and kindness many days. Please pray for me to totally release/forgive my mother and siblings to the Lord in Jeus’ Name. Thank you

    92. Jamie, it’s I, thank you.

    93. Jesus, thank you!, This word is for me! God, bless your holy name. Jamie, God bless you.

    94. Thank you so much for this word I really really needed this It really encourage me a whole lot Again Jamie thank you so much God-bless you

    95. Thank you Jaime. I have been crying. I cant seem to find a job. I’m 60 years old and its been difficult. I will start training to be a tutor for elementary school children in January. Though the position is not a job I cannot give up. I know God has something for me. I know God has a wonderful, miraculous surprise for all of us in the new year. Can you post prayers for those of us who are seeking employment?

    96. This message was definitely for me. I have been hurting emotionally since Christmas day. This post lifted my inner man. I am definitely encouraged. I am so grateful that you hear our ABBA and share His messages to us. God Bless You!

    97. Catherine says:

      This was a Word for me and my little boy. Thank you, Jamie, God bless you. Praise the Lord. ?

    98. Gracias por esta preciosa palabra, sé que que la mañana viene y con ella la alegría que trae la respuesta anhelada que viene del cielo ❤❤

    99. Vickie S. says:

      Thank you so much for that word Jamie. I am really down in my Spirit. I feel sad because I have been stuck in one place for years. I have been serving the Lord diligently. The Lord showed me visions of what he has for me but nothing has happened and it has been years. I am feeling forgotten about. I feel like noone cares. I have been believing for my soulmate and nothing. I am not getting any younger. My heart is broken. I do feel that it is time for this to be broken. God has better for me but the enemy keeps stopping it. I need a huge breakthrough.

    100. Thank you for this message of hope. I have been worn out and felt like I was getting depressed and have been hit with loneliness. Also because of a past horrible decision I made that should have ended my marriage, my husband and his sister and our so called minister counselor thinks that my husband deserves better than me. My husband is a drug and alcohol abuser so I went to go numb my own pain the worst way possible against my vows, God, and my own body. However, I quickly cut it all off because I didn’t want to be without Jesus and it hurt me to live like a hypocrite. However, I still get put down by my husband and he goes and tells his sister everything. Please pray for restoration and new beginnings. I have found a great counseling ministry that me and him can go to but he refuses to go. He says he wants to go to a local counseling place but I feel like the intensives that the one in Colorado would help us individually and as a couple. Our marriage of 8 years has been hell. So I just want to find joy.

    101. This message is for me. I just gave birth on Saturday December 15, 2018. I lost a son last year and gave birth to my rainbow baby this year, a son. I spent my whole pregnancy praying, crying and in disbelief that this would be a successful pregnancy. Fast forward and it has been a successful pregnancy and I’m grateful to the Lord for my son, Mateo. However, I am very much depressed. For the past few years I’ve been really down. These feelings have become worse in the last 2 years….
      I was reading some scriptures to my son and praying and crying and once done I received this prayer from you Jamie. I usually hold off reading until night time while in bed but something told me I had to read this now so here I am. The message is clear. It describes me, an orphan, who is estranged from her family who has a son who will not have grandparents, great grandparents or the like. That hurts my soul but I’m hopeful that the Lord will do a good work in me and my son, and myself, will be filled with the abundance of friends and family in Christ. Thank you Jamie. God Bless you and your family..

      1. Congratulations on Mateo’s birth, Suki! And I’m so sorry for your previous loss. May the God of all comfort and hope be with you and strengthen you right now. Love and big hugs to you.

    102. Thank you,
      I felt this post was so right on time. I was hitting last night and feeling broken and hurt. You have encouraged me so much.
      Thank you

    103. Hello…
      Just recieved this today in my email and it spoke to me. It is indeed my message. I have been going through some trials and I have been crying out to God for answers.

    104. Well timed, my dear. Well. Timed.

    105. Thank You dear !
      It was conformation, today I needed again His help and He gave me joy, all pain was gone and I knew that victory is coming.

    106. Hi Jamie,
      I really needed this today. I asked God to send me a word today. I’m so glad he answered. May God continue to bless you and your family.

    107. Rebecca Ditsele says:

      Hi Jamie

      Indeed our God is a good and caring God . This post is really for me and reading it was like ministering the soothing balm of Gilead .I am now relieved and I believe with all my heart that , weeping has gone by with the night and joy will really come in the morning .
      Thank you Jamie , God bless you .

    108. Thank you for your words. I hope that was for me. Too painful to go into details, but so grateful for God’s Word.

    109. Anonymous says:

      I don’t know if anyone sees this but if you do, please pray for me. I’ve been crying most nights until around 2am. I feel so dissatisfied with life, like life failed me and now I’m just drifting through it with no purpose or happiness. I just need a miracle from God. It’s okay if you don’t feel to pray for me because this might seem to forward to some, but if you want to id appreciate it. I feel like I’m on my last rope. Thank you

      1. Christa Swope says:

        i have had many times of sorrow in my life and something that has truly brought change and healing into my life is worshiping the Lord when I am feeling this way. If I’m angry or scared or confused, I worship. Worship takes our hearts off of ourselves and our circumstances and focuses on God an how powerful and big and amazing He is. It takes my eyes off of how I feel like I have no control and puts my trust and heart in the only one who can truly bring change into our lives. I love you my sweet sister and I know God loves you even more. Put on some worship “I am who you say I am” by hillsong would be a great song to listen to tonight. Satan does not get the last say in our lives. We are loved, cherished and we are not forsaken!

      2. I will pray for you and i totally understand how you are feeling i thin. we all have felt it one time or another. Lets all pray for rach other that God will give us the grace and faith to believe and receive this word in Jesus name Amen

        1. Hi Jamie,
          Firstly may the good Lord bless you abundantly for all you do in Jesus name amen
          This post reached out to me. I just had surgery 2 months ago and was improving after the third week of surgery and then suddenly developed excruciating pain and could not walk . This was my second hip surgery – I tripped and dislocated the previous surgery. I just felt hopeless and helpless, afraid God was punishing me for something. I have been bitter about a few things and I confessed them to Him, I have no other God. This word has brought renewed hope to me as I believe He will see my pain, tears, and deliver me. Thank you ever so much. Thank you Jesus

      3. I’ll pray for you also. I pray that you will feel the love of God like never before and that He will let you see Him moving in your situation. I pray that God will renew your hope and strength. I know it’s hard to wait on God, He helps us endure.

        “Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.”
        ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭27:14‬ ‭NLT‬‬

      4. Here’s a link to a Bible plan I just finished. It is really good and it might help. I finished the Accepting Where You’re At // Surrender The Journey Bible reading plan from @YouVersion! Check it out here:http://bible.com/r/363

    110. This is why I love the morning

      it comes,

      as inevitable as joy
      which night cannot endure
      for weeping.

      it comes,

      as necessary as but
      when affliction makes me forgetful.

      I wrote that a number of years ago. The last 20 years have been so hard. Lost all my family and friends when I gave my life to Messiah Yeshua. The isolation got so bad I tried to check myself into a mental hospital. After meeting with someone there I was rejected from being admitted and told to go find a counselor. I’ve been misunderstood, rejected, abandoned and hurt deeply by the church because I’m a Jewish disciple. I have no friends and wonder if I would know how to have a friendship after so long. BUT after 2 decades I’m still holding on to the hem of Messiah. He means everything to me. All this to say, coming across what you wrote is no accident.

    111. HI. This word is so very timely. You are confirming what God spoke to me a few fews ago. My heart was truly comforted to know that God has not forgotten me and He is with me in the midst of my storm

    112. He is the God who sees me, and the lifter of my chin. I feel I can’t endure anymore, some days. I am believing for and welcoming back my joy! Thank you for being in tune to the Holy Spirit!

    113. let the will of god be done .today whilst l was sleeping god showed me people who did bad things to my life using black magic apologising to me and instantly l fell down in dream and started giving praise to Jehovah. I feel something good and powerful is coming. I the power of god to show itself in these last days of the year, 2019 is for more powerful miracles god is great

    114. Jamie, I know this message reflects my current situation. Before I read this message, I was feeling overwhelmed. I thank God for the confidence in His love for me after reading your encouraging message. It is good enough that He Has not forgotten me and that He is working all things for my good. I will wait for my morning by faith. Thank you Jamie!

    115. Praise God for this Word. This is the second time I have read this and I’m crying again as I know it’s a special word for me. I’ve been apart from the one I love for over 6 months. Not because this is what we wanted but because the enemy stepped in through words of degradation, ugliness and threats to my fiance and his family. We were making wedding plans. A jealous family member wanted to control our every move. But, God is greater and will reunite us in His precious name. Thanks for hearing this Word for us.

    116. For the last week and a half I have been getting the whisper “Look up”, to the point where I googled scriptures about it. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw these exact words here. Thank you. A couple of weeks ago for the first time in ages I was really sobbing, and not to God, just utterly bereft and alone, in the midst of troubles with no-one to help or guide me. So Thank you, this is very encouraging.

    117. Amen! Thank you Jamie for your obedience to the whisper of God to our souls. this message so deeply talks to me, The past months I have received heavy disappointments and discouragement in my business but also personal life and these days I just found myself breaking down into tears not knowing what to do anymore or if i perhaps did not understand promise to me.

      once again, thank you and Blessings to you and your family.

    118. Amen! Thank you Lord for answered prayers. I needed to read this message, it came on a day when I was feeling very confused in my love life. I believe in my heart that things are going to work out, even better then I can imagine because God is a healer and restorer. His word does not come back void. Jamie, your message was the confirmation I needed. Thank you.

    119. Praise be to Jesus – thank-you for touching so many lives and easing the broken heart-ed-ness which often comes as the result of human errors or sins. God, our Lord is always waiting and comes at the slightest indication we want Him to.

    120. Barbara Ann Williams says:

      I Praise God for this letter that you wrote under God’s annointing ,I needed to hear that and this letter to me from God is right on time ,I am waiting on the manifestations of what God has already done.God’s got a way of doing things and I like the way He does it.

    121. I thank God for this message. So needed at the right time. Woke up while crying all night, feeling so overwhelmed with disappointment in the Word of God. Feeling like it turned void unto me. But after reading your post, i feel so much encouraged and hopeful again and I believe the Holy Spirit led me to your post. Praise God for you. Be blessed.

    122. Charlotte Colombo says:

      Thank you so much. God bless you today and always.

    123. Thank you so very much for the encouraging words. I truly needed these words of hope that Jesus brings through you. I have felt so broken, so burnt out, sad, in pain and truly lost. But reading this reassured me that my Lord and Savior is working in my favor. So again, thank you and may God bless you, your loved and all your future and present endeavors.

    124. That prayer really gave my strength. I know God is going to bring me happiness very soon.
      Sometimes,i Kinda feel depressed because of my unemployment situation,just like i felt this night and just couldn’t sleep again. Am happy i prayed that prayer with you.
      Thank you.

    125. We need this today we have endured so many things for 2 years an we need god’s help will you pray for us,thank-you.

    126. Thank You Father God, Lord Savior Jesus ,Holy Spirit , Chris and Thank You Jamie

    127. abel ebahenhen says:

      Thank you Jesus. My Spirit man was lifted up after reading..
      Thank you Lord.

    128. Thank you for these great words. This is a word in season for me. I have wept for such a long time and I believe it’s my season of joy now in Jesus Mighty Name

    129. Charlotte says:

      Thank you for reminding me. God bless you!

    130. Henrietta says:

      My LORD, my ABBA! You are my joy! You are my life… I have nothing without You! I am nothing without You! I trust You my heavenly Father with all of my heart! There is no one else I can trust the way I trust You! Have Your way in my life! AMEN!!!

      Thank you Jamie for your faithfulness to the Lord!
      May the Lord bless far more abundantly than you can imagine or think!

    131. Ann-Marie Ramsey says:

      Thank You LORD for speaking to me through your servant and prophet Jamie. I claim these words. The last six years have been a time of mourning and that was preceded by 12.5 years of marriage to an abuser. I felt like I’ve been in rebuilding mode for six years as said-husband left me destitute, cleanser out Bank accounts, evicted me from our marital home on a snowy night in Greenville NC ( not known for much snow!) with no credit cards and no where to go. The last six years have been filled with trials and turmoil and him dragging back to court at every opportunity in regards to our daughter, whom he gained custody of with his brazen lies. Yesterday I arrived home to find no power on and no money to pay the bill. 🙄😬 But I am following hard after His heart the best way I know how.

      Thank you Jamie for this Word from the LORD. I’m looking forward to seeing how He restores the years the locusts have eaten.

      May God bless your obedience!

    132. Dear Sister Jamie,
      You described my life in detail. Wow !! I felt God speaking to me.
      Thank You. God Bless you !

    133. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

      Amen! Double Restoration of Joy, Pleasure and Delight (Eden) in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

    134. Dear Jamie

      Glory to GOD. Whenever I am alone I am crying continuously. Tears just flow like a river. Feels lonely and gloomy. Thanks for talking to me. Yes, I am waiting for GOD’s action. I know he will never fail me.
      GOD Bless


    135. This word is for me and I recieve it with faith in Jesus name. Thanks so much for sharing, I pray for you more Grace. I just need God to show up for me in a big way towards my wedding preparations, my fiance needs a pay raise and I need job. I believe God will do all things and I will come back to testify.

    136. This message is definitely for me Jamie. Yesterday I felt so discouraged and tired I had been praying to God about the persecution in my life. I was crying last night while reading my scriptures. Then this morning I find this inspirational word from you. Thank you God and Jamie for always being there for me. I promise you whenever I am going to through something and I pray to God about it the next day I get a word from about the matter. I definitely believe God led me to your ministry for a guidance. Thank you God for not forgetting about and hearing my when I cry and pray to you. Thank you Jamie for all that you do and your ministry may God continue to bless you.

    137. This right here is for me right now and I’m encouraged that the Lord is on my case, my righteous judge and vindicator! God bless you Jamie and your ministry and your household in Jesus name, Amen

      1. I have seen this when you posted it before and I claimed it then, but even more now. I am looking for dawn to break. My family has been enduring some extremely painful situations for 3 years and I have been praying and praying for the battle to be over and things restored.

    138. Audrey Bayona says:

      Thank you Father God for using Jamie to share an amazing word. It really resonated with me. I feel like I’ve been suffering way too long. In psalm 56(8-9)It reads, You keeps track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book. 9 My enemies will retreat when I call to you for help. This I know: God is on my side! And yes joy is on the way! Amen!

    139. This was meant for me! I’ve cried & cried & cried! Thank you

    140. Linda Stanford says:

      I needed this word today Jamie. I feel like God has not heard my prayers and I am discouraged over it. It seems like at every turn there is a new challenge I’m facing and I’m tired and weary. I am claiming this Joy to come in Jesus Holy name. Thank you for your ministry and your Live for God and God’s children.

    141. Yes, the message spoke to me, and thank you for agreeing to God to use you as his medium.

    142. Margaret Mills says:

      Yes yes yes. I can see from the comments that so many others are in the same situation, but this is so on-target for me and my family. It has been a five-year battle in a family situation involving my mother’s passing at 90 and the estate. I’ve seen behavior with my siblings I never thought possible and ugly things revealed I had no idea were present. God has been faithful through it all, and often your prophetic words have been a lifeline. We’ve received multiple messages through various pastors and prophets the last couple of days that dawn is here. Something is about to change dramatically. Thank you Jamie for your obedience and faithfulness.

    143. This blog so spoke to my heart. This was definitely for me. I’ve been weeping, because promises, that God spoke to my heart almost 3 years ago, still have not manifested. I do know that my morning is coming sooner than I think. Thank you for the awesome word. This truly encouraged my heart. ❤️.

    144. Annanson John says:

      This is a true ray of God to me! I am grateful that today of days, God has unleashed His oil of Grace and Hope through to me, as I have just done an evaluation of my life and I was not in a good mood at all, but when it comes your mails, unless I don’t have data, they don’t wait and so I clumsily open up to read and as I read, I will go back and read again and then continue reading, at a point I nearly did an estimate of what the message might be about, but I snapped myself up and told myself, it is coming from a Prophetess and it is God who has sent it and so John, you better brace yourself and read and so continue reading and reading and the clouds begun to lift and huh, I am free and a sense hope and joy took over and that which I was dreading fizzled out!! Hallelujah!! Prophetess Jamie God bless you dearly.

    145. Thank you Jamie. I needed this. Been telling the Lord these Last few days that I just cannot carry on anymore. My heart has been aching for a very long time and still does. Told Him I am tired don’t feel like carrying on much longer. I long to be happy again. This sorrow has been eating me up.
      So. Yes this word is for me. Praise God its over!

    146. Thank youJaimie, My husband and I have been going from one difficult business challenge to the next for almost 4 years. This last one has caused a lot of financial and marital strife. This past week we received some mixed news that may resolve things but also challenges us financially and time is of the essence. It has caused me so much inner turmoil. Now I see and believe that our AbbaFather is working things out to our good. Please join me in prayer that the next 2 weeks will bring the expected good we so hope, believe and have prayed for. Thank you and mayGod bless you and your ministry abundantly.

    147. Hi Jamie,
      This message was WOW and yes you are speaking to me directly. Every word has flooded my heart and situation and stroked me with hope! The dimension of God being our father was something I was pondering about a few days ago. When I call him father, how much would he love, care and take care of us according to his unconditional, abundant love from heaven. I am a fatherless woman, never had my dad love me or be there for us as family. He was a total stranger in relationship for me. It’s a gap, a joke in my heart that has always choked me . I’m on a very big God assignment in my life and it has taken me to put everything in to stand up for it. Trust me when I say EVERYTHING! I can relate to every word of your devotion. Thank you for being hid messenger , speaking life and verve into my situation. God bless!

    148. Yes this message was for me. I have been praying for a change in my work schedule. Currently I’m working the midnight shift and desire a behind the scenes daytime position. Need prayer 🙏🏿 of agreement.

    149. Dear friend
      God has really used you to bless me with this ecouràging message. My heart cries, yet awesomely blessed! Thank you.

    150. Daddy God bless you❣thank you for sharing Daddy God’s message. Its exactly what I’m going through in silence. Please pray for me, my son. Thank you for being a vessel of God’s love⚘⚘⚘

    151. I have been walking side by side with my daughter whose husband walked out on her Jan. 4 demanding joint custody of their 3 children, leaving her alone on half of her days. She has been devastatingly heartbroken. It has involved the temptation of another woman’s attention. She is turning to God, things are improving, his heart is softening. These words and so many of your words have given so much hope for her marriage to be saved which she wants! Thank you!!

    152. Deborah S says:

      Thank You for this message, through this God comforted me . I know I will have my morning come back soon with Joy.

    153. God Is good all the time, I have been down emotionally since the past 6 weeks but today was the height of it ,I felt like it’s over but after reading this write up I regained my hope back and I know my joy is coming very soon.thank you so much for letting me know He still cares about me.

    154. This message continues to bless my life; it gives me hope and reminds me that God is with me and he cares for me. I am reminded that in his time he will answer my prayers.

    155. Thank you, this message was timely and encouraging for me. May God’s blessings continually fall on you.

    156. This was for me as well. So much is going on in my life at the moment, that I’d rather not elaborate on it, but I also know that God has been with me the entire time. I just can’t wait to be redeemed, elevated, and fully restored, in Jesus name!!! Thank God for you Jamie, for your obedience, and for your ministry. God Bless you all!

    157. Thank you so much. I’ve been going through unexplainable pain and hurt and rejection out of a painful ordeal with a friend. I have let go and continue praying for more grace to forget and move on
      This did it for me….joy indeed comes in the morning. Thank you Daddy God. Thank you.

    158. Hi. Yes this word encouraged. Need some joy, healing and hope.

    159. Thank you Jamie for this wonderful word God brought to me through you…. God bless you.i believe and hope in God to fulfil his his promise in my life in Jesus name.Amen.

    160. God will send someone! I just went to court today for mediation in divorce case. Some of the emotions abs tears and feelings are exactly what I felt today. But thank you for the encouragement and the prayers, it lifted my spirit and weeping nay endure for a night, and God’s plan for me is coming to fruition. It’s almost like this message was just for me! Thank God for you!

    161. Thank you so much for sending this today! It was such an perfectly timed encouragement; that joy WILL come in the morning! 🙌
      I have been walking a super difficult season the last few years and yesterday I was crying almost all day, so thank you so much! ❤️

    162. I believe this is for me. Thank you Jamie.

    163. Hallelujah Amen. This is truly for me. Thank you Jesus for bringing this joy in time of need and thank you Lord for you will perfect all that concerns me. Thanks Jamie for this words of encouragement. God bless you the more Amen.

    164. I need this. Thank you Jaime! Thank You Lord.
      I am approaching the end of a surprise pregnancy and it begun with “bad news” and seems to be ending with “bad news” but the middle has been filled with just His faithfulness. Like He’s been with me through it all even In my ignorance, sin shame and guilt . God is so faithful. I’m trusting God for a miracle to position my baby for a easy and manageable delivery physically and just feel anxious afraid and overwhelmed. But I must choose to hope in Him and know that joy is coming! Joy that He wants me to claim as my own because it is His gift to me through Christ.. Joy that He wants me to dance in before I see the victory. Because it is finished. My 4 year old daughter said “Jesus will fight for you trust Him in your heart.”

      I will trust You. Feelings over faith and I know you will elevate my feelings to be perfected in truth as I look to you, Jesus!

    165. Hello Jamie! This message is very timely. I’m really stressed out for these past few days. I thank Father God in sending people to uplift me. God uses people to encourage me, to continue to abide in Him. I could have burned out because of family concern but I hold on to His promises, weeping may last for a night but joy comes in the morning.

      Firstly, I am sending a love offering but not so much. You are greatly appreciated. Blessings!!

    166. Angela Etuonovbe says:

      Dear Jamie, God actually sent you to give me this encouraging words now. I have been hurting and crying for some days now. I felt abandoned but thank God for His love and care, and for using you. I’m happy once again knowing God has my back covered. Thanks Jamie 😘😘

    167. Thank you I needed to see that at the moment I’m so low on fight and spirit im holding on by a thread

    168. Yes l am having hard time in marriage and at work plan. This is really for me.

    169. Thank you Jamie. This word really spoke to me & is really apt for my current life circumstances right now. I’m praying things change financially, career wise & domestically. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you again & God bless 🙏💖

    170. Kimberly H. says:

      I know you wrote this years ago, but the message is timeless. It came to my email at just the right timing. God is good! Tears filled my eyes as I began to read this. Although my family and I are currently experiencing trials that are so painful, I know joy comes with the morning and I feel hope. I see God is with us. Thank you for allowing our God to use you.

    171. My heart is now at peace. Thanks Jamie dear. God bless you for sharing.

    172. This word is definitely for me. I’m in a numb state right. I lost my son and daughter in less than a year. I’m just not understanding what’s going on. I’m trusting God with all that I can. My heart is broken into so many pieces. I’ve been believing God for so many things and this happens.
      I know this was for me and it has truly encouraged me. Thank you.

    173. Melissa Miller says:

      My husband moved out 8 months ago. Things seem to look up for reconciliation but then they crash right back down. There is another woman involved and drugs. I have been weeping for 8 months. I need my joy back and I need it soon. This message was uplifting but I sometimes I feel forgotten about. Finding you has been a huge blessing to me though. Please pray!

    174. Thank you so much for this word today! I needed this reminder!

    175. Thank-you ,Jamie! this means so much right now! God Bless!

    176. linda harrison says:

      Amen, Thanks Jamie

    177. That word was meant for me.Thank You Jesus.

    178. Amen God bless you and thank you

    179. Anastasia says:

      Thank you, Jamie, it was the right and perfect time to read this message from God and from you. Thank you so much!

    180. Jamie, I needed this today. My husband transferred to Heaven on 9/24/2021 and my son-in-law on 10/24/2021. Our family is weeping through the nights right now but I declare that we will find joy in the morning. Psalm 16:11 says, You will show me the path for life; In your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Thank you for the reminder of God’s love.

    181. Yes! Yes! Yes! That was me today! Thank you for this word ♥️ I receive it in Jesus’ name! Amen ⭐️

    182. linda harrison says:

      Yes, joy please, Thank the Lord, thanks Jamie

    183. Christina Scruggs says:

      Hey Jamie!
      This message was truly sent by the Father to Me. I am waiting on God to bring me out of a situation that affects me mentally, physically and spiritually. It is pertaining to my marriage of 15 years.. I know He sees what is taking place. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you! I pray the Lord meets Every Need for You, Your ministry and Family!
      Prophetess Christina S.

    184. This message was for me. I was just in prayer an hour ago asking the Lord to restore my joy.

    185. Angela Tocher says:

      Thank you so much Jamie, I so needed this word today, thank you and bless you.

    186. Thank you so much I needed this today going through so much

    187. Perfect timing, thank you! The Lord is hugging me right now. 💖💗💖💗

    188. This message is truly for me! Amen

    189. It’s half past midnight and I’m weeping too hard to say everything I need to. I’ve prayed and waited for over 35 years for somethings that, just when I feel my life is finally turning around that the reality of what is hits me from left field. I’m getting tired and old and discouraged, disgusted, overwhelmed, and hopeless from more than I can put down to words. Abba feels like my earthly father at times like this. Silent. No emotion. No hugs. No smile. No words. No love. No hope. Then, this appeared out of nowhere. My tears increase. Someone out there said the only words that pertain to me. Thank you Abba. Help me.

    190. Rachel Lafotanoa says:

      I was literally crying my eyes out yesterday out of ear range of my kids in the bathroom. I’ve had so many trials and things have been so hard financially. But I know that even through these trials God is changing my heart, I would have said in the past that God must be punishing me, but I know that’s a lie from the enemy, I know who I am in Christ now. So I cried it all out, then I started to declare scriptures over myself and finally went into my room got on my knees and worshipped the Lord.
      This morning a sister in Christ came and took me out for morning tea and filled my car tank with gas to the top so I wouldn’t have to worry about whether I have enough petrol to get my son to school each day. Thank you Lord for hearing my heart, thank you that though I’m not where I want to be, praise God I’m not where I used to be. The Lord reminded me that I’m like a plant that is being transferred out of a place where I wasn’t thriving, into a new, better place where I will thrive. Often plants will go through a type of shock when moved. The leaves wilt and it seems even after being watered that nothing is happening on the surface, but underneath the roots are seeking out better nutrients and before long, on the surface, new life will spring forth as tender shoots begin to respond. Right now, I’ve been uprooted and replanted by the Lord into a better, safer environment and there’s not a lot happening on the surface, but underneath I’m learning to trust in a faithful and loving father, whose word is truth. It’s only a matter of time before new shoots start to emerge in my life. Thank you Jesus for this picture, may it be a blessing and encouragement to others also.

    191. Hi Jamie,
      Thank you Lord for you, that you hear correctly & clearly at the right tome!
      I am crying for some days now… for my child, my in-laws had taken her away from me coz they said my husband is a dunked man and is not very supportive to me and her and has no time for both of us.. so they took her away from me SINCE April this year… I am working so I could not be with her every day so they decided to take care of her…. Just now I went out of the office to the ablution block to and cry with prayer of Justice and mercy for my situation…. Thank you Daddy God for Feeling for me and know my deepest broken heart… I love ABA…… I know you will make everthing out for my good….. Thank you Sister Jamie…….. Joy fills my heart with tears once this email pops up in my inbox.. Thanks so much LOVE YOU!

    192. Wow, what a timely and encouraging words this is my Word and I thank God for sending it my way through her Servant Jamie may God bless you.

    193. Thankyou Jamie,
      I read this its wonderful, i was feeling anxious about my financial situation and this immediately calmed me down God is awesome I thank God for leading Jamie to give a word that is so powerful be blessed stay blessed

    194. LaCourdia Jones says:

      I am in so much awe and astonishment!!! God our God is so goooooooooooood!!!!!!!!! There are no word to say or add to. I can’t even write my response because I’m so overwhelmed at this Word!!!!!!! I scream Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Father God thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    195. Yes perfect timing for this word. Feeling very discouraged… El Roi sees me! Thanks for releasing this word from Abba.

    196. I soooo needed this today! I have been so down and frustrated and Ive been keeping it in because I felt selfish for what I was asking God for. Thank you

    197. Hallelujah, thank you for this much needed encouragement, life will be better in the morning, I feel it ! Reading your post really felt as if it was written for me specificqlly, so many of us were directly touched by God, how wonderful!

    198. Dinah mugaisi says:

      Surely let my joy come . Have wept alot in life

    199. Hi Jamie,
      Thank you for this. I’m going the major depression, Fear and anxiety. I’m getting hit from every part of my life. I was trying to understand things and nothing makes sense especially with my memory missing. The doctor is not doing anything about it. Reading this is very comforting.

    200. This is a word for me I have being emotionally abused to the point where anger has taken over, thankyou Jamie forthis powerful word its very much needed

      1. Christina Harley Scruggs says:

        Thank you Jamie for being obedient to the Father voice! My weekend has been just as you descibed it. I have been waiting a long time for an answer to a prayer for Deliverance from an emotional abusive marriage. Not sure which way the father wants me to go with it so I jave been praying for Deliverance for myself and my husband. 17 years of painful situations one after another. Its like as soon as you fogive here it goes again. Is affecting my self-esteem in such a way..The pain gets overwhelming. Please keep me in your prayers

    201. Hi Jamie,

      This message was written for my heart. I have been feeling deep sorrow, knee in financial pain and with everything in between medical bills for my son. I feel like God send you my way to speak to my situation directly as I prayed for Him to be Lord over this situation. I’m refreshed in mind, body and spirit at this timely message from our Father. May it be done to us according to His word.

    202. Thank you! I certainly needed this encouragement. It’s been 40 days since I last saw my son who has gone astray.

    203. Thank you Jaime, I most definitely know that that message was for me. I thank God that He sent his message through you at the right time and the right place, your website. I appreciate all that you do, all your prayers. God Bless you continuously!!!

    204. Thank you Lord my God for this encouraging word. There is on thing that I desire of you Oh LORD! You see me and know me well. Swell my heart with everlasting joy. I don’t care about the world anymore but I just want to see you God move in my life. Fill my mouth with laughter and my tongue with singing. Let people say you have done great thing for me that I may be Glad. In Jesus name. Amen

    205. Hi Jamie,
      Our family is in a difficult complex situation at this time and we have had to live in different places for a long while. It has been 3 month and for the past 2 and a half months I have cried and cried every night over and over again driving home and calling out to God asking him to be with me and telling him I need him. After all this time of sadness, grieving and weariness we have had some good news that we may be able to be together again. This message that God gave you I believe was for me and he is telling me he hears me and hasn’t forgotten me. Thank you so much for being Gods servant and really listening to him as God is using you to help so many people.
      Thank you

    206. Natasha Johnson says:

      Thank you so much for this message. It was truly for me. I hope and pray He continues to use you to be a blessing to other people. I received and claim this in the mighty name of Jesus. God is truly amazing and worthy of All the thanks and praise. Be blessed

    207. AntonellaC says:

      Thank you Jamie, a very timely and encouraging message. Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation. Habakkuk 3:18

    208. Diane Dodgson says:

      Hi Jamie,
      This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. God bless.

    209. IRMA NORTJE says:

      Amen thanku beloveds

    210. Jamie,
      Shalom & Blessings
      Early today I was taking a shower crying out to Abba about my circumstances , situations and what’s going on in my life. I had no clue that He lead you to write this article. This article is on point, it has bless my soul. Keep on doing the will of the Lord being led by the Holy Ghost.
      Shalom & Blessings unto you, your household and your entire ministry! May He bless you with sound wisdom(Proverbs 2:7 & the Spirit of Wisdom, Understanding etc Isaiah 11:2) In Yeshua’s Name!!!!!!!!

    211. Thank you. This is also for me.

    212. Sheryl Stinchcum says:

      I’ve been crying every day for the past two years about something that happened 47-52 years ago. I remembered today that “God is enthroned on the praises of His people.” I started praising Him and it helped. Tonight when I googled “Weeping endures for a night,” I came across your website. Thank you for the encouragement. Blessings!

    213. This encouraging word was also for me! I can sense the confirmation of it in my spirit. Maybe yesterday or the day before it was singing by the leading of the Holy Spirit, “it’s a new day, I stand in the armor of God.” Thank you Jamie for sharing what Papa has to say with us!

    214. This word was 100% for me today. I have been standing on my promise of marriage restoration and something has happened to try to get me to give up on believing God will fulfill that promise. My heart is broken, I am exhausted, wore out and at my end emotionally. Not only am I fighting for my husband to return and the Jezebel be broken off his life, but fighting major medical issues waiting for healing on. So thank you for the encouragement and I receive the Lords words. Ty

    215. Hi Jamie, I would like to thank you for your obedience. We are going through a very difficult time for a long time now and your words are truly an encouragement for us. Thank you for opening your heart to those in need. We appreciate you.

    216. Manisa Sampson says:

      Thank you for being obedient i needed to hear this

    217. Thank you for those encouraging words I have been weeping for 13 yrs. It’s has been hard. But I receive what you wrote in the name of Jesus.

    218. Sharon
      Thank you for this message.
      I have been hurt and accused at a place of worship.It’s still going on with accusations. The enemy or enemies are plotting against me.
      I will continue to re read this message. This up lifted me today. Also, I pray all of my panel bloodwork, mammogram, and bone density is superb.

    219. I believe this word is for me. Good to know that I am not forgotten and My weeping will cease and my joy will commence. Thank you so much for the encouragement and God bless you real good.

    220. To God be the GLORY! I didn’t have to look at the entire page! This past week my heart was literally bleeding. For years I have cried, pleaded and demanded my Father hear my cry, answer my pleas, and bless me EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY, ABOVE AND BEYOND! This past week my Father moved SWIFTLY and MIGHTILY! I can barely type this testimony. The discs in my neck, MY FATHER IS HEALING, is searing with pain, BUT GOD! My Father has reminded me He not only hears me but answers me. The countless seeds I’ve sown into others is yielding a harvest of plentiful, healing, opportunities, recognition, support, honor, vindication, and a THOUSAND-FOLD RECOMPENSE! My Father gave me this word some time ago, and today I want to share it with the Body, “Those that deem the enemy at its mercy, are at the mercy of your Father!” I encourage anyone under siege by the enemy to stand firm on the love of your Father, and DEMAND His word come forth, for our Father is my a liar, and His word is TRUTH! Jamie, I thank you and bless God for you!

    221. This is my word straight right from the heart of my Father God 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. My soul, heart and spirit are renewed and restored by this joyful prophetic word. Glory be to God Almighty 🙌

    222. Thank you Jamie for being God’s channel for this message I needed to hear. For indeed, I was silently weeping in my heart and some on the outside last night (23 January 2023 at around 11:00 p.m.) while I was lying in bed. This was around the time your email landed in my inbox. I receive this as God’s word to me today. I believe Him when He says my Joy is being restored presently!

    223. Blessing M says:

      Thank you for this timely message; I have been speaking to God in my prayers about how I am tired of being tired, exhausted.

      Loosing my dad at the end of November 2022 made things worse; I find myself just moving by grace, and not able to enjoy anything, my kids are missing their dad, and my wife is missing her husband, even though I am there with them.

      Thank you for this encouraging message, and I believe that God is using it to restore hope in Him.

      God richly bless you.

    224. PRAISE GOD for prophetic words. I have cried an ocean of tears. Fall, 2020 new neighbors moved next door and it has been A NIGHTMARE! They are loud, constantly partying, play loud music driving down the street. They are disrespectful. Police and Homeowners Assoc. has been contacted repeatedly. They don’t care, they try to maneuver around the rules. The owner cussed out my husband and told the police that she is a “woman of god”, as she was preparing her backyard for another party. When you don’t feel free in your own home, there is a HUGE problem. I still trust GOD to dry up tears as my morning for JOY is HERE. Please keep my husband and I in your prayers

      1. Corina Kostreba says:

        Dearest sister in the Lord,
        My husband and I went through this same issue. All young people living there while they renovated the home for the homeowner. Nightmare. The late night parties and loud music. Did you know that secular music has been cursed by covens to bring destructions upon those who listen to it?? I didn’t until Holy Spirit revealed it.
        One night, we were so done. We’d prayed, rebuked, decreed and declared, taken authority with scripture but were still suffering from the abuse.
        We said, “Lord, how much longer will this continue? We need your peace.”
        The Holy Spirit said, “blow the shofar.” So, my husband got out our shofar and blew it with all his might. Within 24 hours, they moved out and that home has been peaceful ever since.
        It was sold several times, but always remained peaceful.
        So, get your husband to blow the shofar. If you don’t have one, consider buying one. Consider how much you desire Gods peace in your neighborhood. Take authority over your neighborhood in Yeshua’s mighty name.
        YouTube has shofar videos too.
        Play a video. Shofars are blown for specific reasons. It’s in the Old Covenant.
        You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.
        Here comes your miracle.
        Corina K

      2. Thanks for the encouragement, the truth remains that God speak his or her vessels all the time, to bring hope to that soul that is going through hell, which I am among. I claim my joy in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen

    225. Corina Kostreba says:

      Dearest Jamie,
      Thank you for sharing this exquisite devotional. It spoke deeply to me about Father’s faithfulness and love.
      Yes, this was me to a “T.”
      I wouldn’t have missed the experience for the world.
      Shalom in Messiah Yeshua,

    226. Yes. I don’t have the words but, yes, is all I have. Thank you.

    227. millicent deenah says:

      Thank you Lord, for always being a on time God, this word camed at the right time when i needed it, tears, discouragement, feeling hopeless, but i will hold unto your promise Lord, that weeping endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. God bless you Jamie.

    228. Rolande Andre says:

      Thank you, this message is also for me. God bless you Jamie

    229. This message is for me. Thank you! In Jesus’ Name, I receive it, Amen

    230. Chimfwembe says:

      Thank you so much Jamie for delivering that word through the Holy Spirit, it speaks volumes about my situation and I’m confident my JOY is on the way.🙏🏽🙏🏽

    231. Marci Muraoka says:

      I think everyone is going through some really tough times right now. It’s been really bad for me too. I’m trying to understand it all, I can’t. All I can do is look at Jesus like Jamie told me, and hold onto Him as I cry. This helps so much Jamie. ❤️

    232. Amen praise God for his wonders and grace

    233. Thank you for your inspirational and healing words, Jamie. I have been weeping for my daughter for 10 years now. I know God is going to heal and restore her.

    234. Yes, this is absolutely for me…it seems as if joy will never come, but this particular scripture has popped up to me several times in the last 48 hrs, so I know God is letting me know this storm won’t last forever. Thank you for sharing.

    235. Yes, this is for me. that person is me and God used this message to speak to my heart today. I agree! I believe and receive it by faith. In Jesus Name. Amen!!!

    236. Dear Mighty Woman of God,
      I’m sitting here in bed with my adult daughter, Rachel. She gave birth a month early, 12 days ago, due to serious circumstances. Her precious baby girl, JOY, is NICU. The team there has spoken things over her that are heartbreaking but we are contending for the miraculous. I was just now going through my emails when your’s about Joy coming in the morning popped up on top. I read it and the linked article to my daughter. We are both SO grateful for this word. We are confident that JOY will come home.
      Much love and appreciation,
      Allie, Rachel & Joy

    237. Jeanine Kincheloe says:

      Hi Jamie, I am a new commenter who has been going through a crushing financial trauma, but God promised me a miracle 8-10 years ago. It is now in process but the timing of God yesterday made me question and cry and question and cry. And then say, “But You can’t lie.” This am, the 1st thing I heard was “This miracle is going to make you.” Then he told me to work of making some of the decisions that will happen when the financial miracle (part 2( comes, soon. Thank you for your prayers. It is good teaching and excellent prayers.

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