Day 21: He Only Does Wondrous Things

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Welcome back to 21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer! Today, we are asking God to do wondrous things in our lives!

Are you ready?

A couple of reminders:

This is a very simple series; I am not expounding on each Scripture very much, except through a bullet-point list to share some prayer pointers. I also am not writing out sample prayers, as I believe the Lord wants you to exercise your prayer muscles and make these Scriptures your own vocabulary for prayer.

But, even though it’s a simple series, I believe it’s a POWERFUL one … and I want to hear your testimonies as the Lord answers your prayers, okay?

See the 21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer series table of contents here.

And now, for Day 21 of 21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer:

Our Scripture for Day 21 is Psalm 72:18-19, which says:

Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who only does wondrous things! And blessed be His glorious name forever! And let the whole earth be filled with His glory. Amen and Amen. (Psalm 72:18-19).

Take today to praise and thank Father God for everything He has done and everything He is going to do.

Pray along these points:

  • Tell Father God that you stand in awe of Him.
  • Thank Him for the amazing things He has done for you in your life.
  • Bless His name out loud. Tell Him, “Father, I bless you. Blessed be Your name! I bless You, Lord God Almighty!”
  • Point out to Him that He ONLY does WONDROUS things. “Wondrous” is all He has in His hand.
  • Ask Him to do amazing, wondrous things for you TODAY.
  • Thank Him for the amazing, wondrous things He has done for you in the last 21 days AND in your life so far.
  • Thank Him for the wondrous plans He has for you.
  • Ask Him to glorify His own name in you.
  • Ask Him to have all the glory in your life.
  • Ask Him to use you to make His name famous across the whole earth.
  • Ask Him to let the earth be filled with His glory.
  • Ask Him to give you His eternal perspective, and show you how you can be a part of His plan to glorify Jesus across the whole earth.
  • Thank Him allowing you to be part of what He is doing.

That’s our breakthrough prayer for day 21!

Remember to use the verse itself as your vocabulary for prayer. Doing so will not only help you pray the most effective prayers it’s possible to pray, but it will also help you hide God’s Word in your heart, that you might not sin against Him (Psalm 119:11).

Did you pray this Scripture with me today? Or, do you have a testimony to share about how God has answered this prayer? If so, please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear what the Lord is saying to you!


  1. It’s been Wondrous Jamie. Glory to His Wondrous Name. May Father God do extraordinary things for you and yours. Blessings. ???????

  2. Jamie, your are the daughter of the most high. I have for these 21 days of breakthrough prayers with prayers and fasting. I had told faith my god will open doors for me and he has done so.

    We serve an awesome God. He never leaves or forsakes us.

    I was surrounded with a lot of negative responses.

    I have been retrenched and for the last six months and been a widow was difficult with no other support. I have been unemployed and applied for various positions and was not successful. With your 21 days of Breakthrough prayers. I have been called in for an interview and today on the 21st day Breakthrough Prayers, I received confirmation of employment, which I will start work on the 07 January 2019.

    I am from South Africa, specifically from Durban, KwaZulu Natal.

    Thank you Lord for opening the door of employment for me.

    God bless you, child of the most high God.

  3. His glory to fill the earth – that is what I long for and pray for! What a privilege is to take part in that! ?

  4. Thanking God for deliver me from worries, now found peace within me.
    God bless you,IJN

  5. Rebecca Ditsele says:

    Hi Jamie , thank you for giving yourself wholeheartedly into the world of God . You have been a vessel richly used by God for twenty one days and it has been awesome . With all these breakthrough prayers I have Spiritually invested so much in my life and I am looking forward to the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and Power .

    May every answer to all these prayers also be your portion in Jesus name .May your family enjoy divine health and rest during this festive season . May your ministry grow and expand to every corner of the universe in the name of Jesus.

  6. Jamie, thank you and bless you for your obedience to what you hear the Father say. During this 21 days, I was reminded that God is also in the small details of my life. He wants to breakthrough there as well as the big things I have going on in my life. I plan to do this series again. The 21 days of crafting my own prayer based on the prayer points has enlarged my faith and truthfully I prayed for some “things” I wouldn’t have known to pray for in my life. God is breaking through !

  7. I am reminding of the song that Matt Redman is singing;10 000 reasons..
    And Romans 10.8 and to pray the Word and worship – always.
    God bless! Thanks to Jesus for the praying prophets..
    ? ? ? ?

  8. Jeanne Barta says:

    Jamie – I can’t tell you how much your posting on Elijah List “9 Prophetic Strategies for 2019” has blessed me. The Lord has called me to be a night time intercessor for many years now. While I still cry out for a deeper intimacy with Him, I know I am on the right track. I am so excited to have the opportunity to follow your blog. The best IS yet to come!

  9. Victoria Rosanwo says:

    Hurray!!! Thank You Father God for the completion of 21 days prayer thank You that my is no longer the same thank You for turning things around for my good thank You Father God for the life of my son i can’t thank You enough Father God for your daughter whom You’re using to transform life’s God blesses you and your family in Jesus mighty name AMEN

  10. Dear Jamie,
    This 21 day breakthrough devotional was powerful! Thank you so very much for doing the work of the Lord so diligently, despite all your responsibilities as a new mom, wife and daughter. May the Lord bless your obedience! Some specific days really stood out for me and I’m taking those promptings to pray for further breakthrough in this new year.
    Many blessings to you and much love ❤️
    Thank you again ?

  11. This is my testimony.. I have a father who will never let me down x3..
    Thank you you Lord, thank you mighty God, my father, my best friend, my helper, my redeemer, my protector, my heart, my everything.. Thank you and thank you so much.. Beyond blessed forever in Jesus name.

  12. Maoneyi Gweje says:

    Jamie, I thank God for your work and your devotion. I completed the 21 days of breakthrough and I can testify that clouds that were hanging over certain areas of my life have shifted. I was blessed by all the scriptures and prayers but the one that spoke the most to a prominent stronghold that was in my life [PAST TENSE now] was NO MORE QUIT.

    May our Most High Father continue to pour His glory onto the Earth through you.

  13. Ezedike izuchukwu Michael says:

    I want to thank God for what he has done in my life through this 21 days of breakthrough. I got a job and am to start on Monday. Thank you Jamie for this opportunity. May God bless and favor you. Amen. I wish to continue praying because I know that what God has in store for me will all come to manifestation in Jesus name Amen. Once again thank you.

  14. I saw the subject of fasting and prayer for land and housing. I have a friend who is in her 60s and never had a place of her own – constantly moving – with limited resources. This was perfect for us. Just finished the 21 day prayer and looking forward to God’s answers.

  15. Lungile Ndlovu says:

    Hi Jamie, thanks for the guideline on a prayer session I have been having enemy attacks at night through strange dreams ,I was tired of dreaming weird stuff and a cloud has been hanging in my life for quiet a while…during the 21days of prayer( I finished today) which I turned it into midnight prayers those weird evil dreams have disappeared, my faith has grown and I strongly believe God will open more doors for me and restore that which has been lost..Amen

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