Fly High with Favor You Don’t Need

LIVE webinar: How to Speak In Tongues | June 26, 2024

Beloved, have you learned to survive without favor? Is the Lord blessing you with His own favor, even if the favor you used to have with certain people is gone?

If so, Papa gave me a prophetic word for you for the rest of February and the month of March:

The Lord is giving you favor you don’t need.

I sense in the Spirit that you have been through hell and back, and in the process of that journey the devil robbed you of some levels of favor. (Not all your favor, but some.)

However, you learned to walk without the favor you lost. You depended on God for favor, not for people. You were not swayed or dismayed. You took it in stride and said, “Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

You have made tremendous progress while you depended only on the Lord for your favor. You have learned and grown. The Lord has split open the proverbial Red Sea for you. He has made a way in the wilderness and a path through the mighty waters. 

Throughout all this, you have accomplished more than you ever dreamed.

Some of those accomplishments have been evidenced by internal growth. You made it through things you thought were too strong for you, and you have grown tremendously as a result. However, some of those accomplishments can also be seen on the outside. You have done some things that have made others gape in awe at your life–and at the work of the Lord.

But now, the Lord says:

“I am giving you favor you no longer need.

I know you have your own favor with Me, and that is truly all you need. But in this season, I am giving you favor you don’t need. I am doing this because I desire to honor you. Let Me remind you of My Word in Psalm 91:15, which says:

‘He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him.’

You have called upon Me, and I have answered you. I have been with you in trouble. I have delivered you, and I have honored you publicly.

But now, I will honor you more.

I am honoring you because I want to, and because you depend on Me.

If you sought the honor of men as your desire, there would be nothing I could do for you. Men’s honor is an idol, and I would have to deal with your heart for seeking the honor that comes from men, rather than the honor that comes from Me.

But you have not sought the honor of men. You have sought Me and My face. And because you are seeking Me, and have been seeking Me, I choose to reward you now.

Be on the lookout for My favor–favor you do not need, but which I choose to give you anyway.

I am clothing you with favor. I am draping you with it; girding you with it; surrounding you with favor as with a shield. I am doing these things because I am the Lord, and nothing is beyond My reach. Nothing is too hard for Me. No blessing is beyond My ability to pour out on you.

Look for favor in four quadrants:

In this season, you will experience My favor in four quadrants of your life. These quadrants are:

1. The spiritual quadrant.

I will always bless your spiritual life first, for it is most important. In this season of favor, you will have deeper encounters with Me and My Spirit than you have ever had. Ask Me for the types of encounters of which you have only dreamed–the dramatic, supernatural things you see in the pages of Scripture–and I will give them to you.

Also, I would like to remind you that the early bird gets the worm. You have been contending and contending early in the mornings with Me, and now the prizes for which you have been contending will burst forth suddenly.

2. The learning quadrant.

You have been learning at one rate, but you are about to learn at an accelerated pace. You will find yourself graduating from some lessons this month and entering others.

I say it again: you will graduate. No longer will you go around and around the mountain of adversity. You have learned your lessons well, and you pass the test.

Because you are passing the test this month, I am giving you governmental authority to lead other people out of the wilderness. Be sure to teach the people well whom I send you. I have confidence in you; you are fully able and equipped to do it. I believe in you!

3. The family quadrant.

You will see victory in your children this month. My wings have been outstretched over them all this time, even when you have not seen it. But this month, you will see your children experience victory and breakthrough.

Prepare the wreath of laurels for their head. Prepare to support and encourage them as they experience victory in a whole new way.

Your role is changing from intercessor with no voice to encourager with great influence. You will find opportunities on every side to encourage your children. Take advantage of every one.

4. The financial quadrant.

This month, you will fly high with your finances. Where you have been seated watching the skies, you will now find yourself flying amidst the clouds. Others will watch and be amazed. You will have a testimony.

This will be your first flight of many in your finances.

Say not, “I hope it lasts.” Instead, say, “Thank You, Father, for the early rain and the latter rain poured out on me together!” Thank Me and trust the wind of My Spirit, for it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit that you can experience these things.

As you fly high with your finances, you will experience an occasional “burr under your saddle.”

Things will happen that look like they will take you down, but these things are only illusions. They are darts sent by the enemy to attack you. Rebuke them in the name of Jesus, and command them to leave you. They are not real–only distractions. They are the enemy offering you the chance to doubt Me. Refuse his unholy offering and laugh at what he says, for he has no authority or power in your life.

Reject the “burrs” the enemy tries to put under your saddle and continue to fly high with Me. Keep your eyes on Me by offering a continual melody of praise and gratitude to Me, for nothing will be able to bring you down.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you of My Word:

“For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:38-39).

Nothing can separate you from Me, and this month you will see that I have been with you all along. Nothing can separate you from My love or from My goodness, and I am the Giver of good and perfect gifts.

Believe Me. Receive from Me.

Draw on Me as your Life, Health, Strength, and Provision. I am all of these things and more, and you will receive as you draw on Me.”

Thank You, Jesus! I receive this word! Do you?

If you receive this word, leave a comment below! And if Holy Spirit spoke something to you above that confirmed what He has already been showing you, please do share!


  1. Thank you Jamie. This speaks to my situation exactly. You have no idea, but thank you! I needed to hear this today. Thank you Jesus for your favor over my life.

    1. Gorataone says:

      Good evening, this prophesy is specifically talking to me, Jamie, I have been going thru hell in my marriage and I have come to have a peace of my mind even though the situation is still on its toes, I started fasting 2 weeks for 7 days that was commissioned at my Church, But I saw God at work on those days of fasting the first day I was healed of long standing waistache, now I trust God that he is answering me, I will keep on thanking Him always. What I can say I no longer cry whatever situation appears but continue praying with me as this marriage issue is now surfacing on the children but I think this prophesy is right for me, Amen

    2. Gloria Freiria says:


    3. Matilde Gramling says:

      Hi Jaime: I attended your Immunity session on Saturday and because of your teachings, I felt as if something broke through to me so that I was brought closer to God. Today’s message spoke to me. Please pray that I can reflect God’s way in all I do. I am so grateful to God that he is using you to bring people like me closer to Him. God Bless You!

    4. Joy Mungo says:

      Oh glory! What a confirmation! When I saw the 4 Quadrants I knew this prophetic word was for me.! The Lord has been giving me a lot of download in this area and I stand in awe of Him through His word!
      Blessings to you and I receive this word for me! Hallelujah!

      1. Thank you so much servant of God. God has used you to to speak direct to my life. Indeed I agree with you in all regarding my life. I am encouraged and God bless you.

    5. Thank you Lord ,I have received your word, and Believing !

      1. Melvin Hardy says:

        Thank you so much this word was for me and very much needed.

    6. Teresa Ollison says:

      Wow. I accept this Prophetic Word. It is a confirmation for me. Praise God. God Bless You!!


    8. Thank you, Jesus, it is done. I receive with all my heart, this speaks exactly to my situation.

    9. God bless you for delivering right now in season word from the Lord. This word blessed my soul and ignited a fire with in me. Some parts of this word the Lord had already given me, but you brought the finishing product. May God give you a double portion blessing of favor for your obedience. Thank you!

  2. Yes I recieve this word from the Lord thank you. thank you. thank you bless you Father

  3. Irene D Jones says:

    Confirmation I have been seeing vision about my future at night in dreams

  4. Tammy E Bird says:

    Thank You Jamie for the word of the Lord this morning. I believe and receive the word the Lord has given you! God Bless You!

    1. Thank you much needed in this time for me

  5. Anya Hoskins says:

    I touch and agree with the your messenger Heavenly Father. May your messenger reap a 100 fold harvest for the seeds she has sown. In Jesus name Amen! Thank you!

  6. Tammy E Bird says:

    Thank You Jamie for the words of knowledge from the Lord today!
    I Believe and Receive. This word speaks directly to me!
    God Bless You and Amen

  7. TAMMY HAMPTON says:

    Jamie, I LOVE YOU!!!! By the Spirit of Christ’s Anointing, the words spoken are TRUTH! I thank God for you! I am expecting seed so that I can SOW into this Beautiful Ministry! May God continue to BLESS and MULTIPLY you and the ministry a 1000 fold!???❤

  8. Hallelujah!!! I do receive these words in Jesus’ name.

  9. Jamie i receive it, I am raising my hands up in the spirit realm and praising my God and all things are possible thru Sweet Jesus thank you Holy Spirit i receive Amen

  10. , I am raising my hands up in the spirit realm and praising my God and all things are possible thru Sweet Jesus thank you Holy Spirit i receive Amen

  11. Henrietta says:

    Thank You, Jesus! I receive this word!
    Thank you Jamie! I am going through the toughest time but I know that the Lord is with me! This word is an answer to something I said to the Lord in the midst of all the travails I’m in… I’m so overwhelmed that He answered almost right away through you!!! Love you so much for being my Lord’s messenger to me in this season!!! God bless you dear Sister!!!

  12. Yes I receive this word from the Father. Thank you Lord Amen

  13. I believe and receive it now in Jesus Christ name!!! Amen !!!! God you are SO GOOD!!!

  14. What a Word! Confirmation indeed of what I have ‘seen’ in my spirit. Be blessed more and more as the Lord uses you mightily to encourage His children.

  15. Segasson Toby says:

    Thanks very encouraging words of God may God continues to inspire you bless you and family.

  16. Gabriel Koomson says:

    God bless you Jamie for availing yourself to be used by Our Father.
    This word is for me.


  17. Diane Hester says:

    Thanks! I needed this so much!

  18. Wow, I just was praying this morning and asking God to give me a voice because for years I had no voice..And then I receive this word in my email.. I receive all of this word in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus.. Amen and Amen! Thank You, Jesus, for this word and thank you, Jamie, for being obedient and sharing this word from God. May God bless you and your ministry abundantly..

  19. Oh this spoke right to me! Thank you Jesus. I receive it. Thank you Jamie for being Gods mouth piece today. ?

  20. Amber Brown says:

    I receive this Word…thank you a lord Jesus Christ!

    1. Hallelujah!
      This is my season, my word
      Thank you Jesus .

  21. The Lord is saying, it is happening now! Thanks Jamie.

  22. This word spoke directly to me as I just came out of worship and praising Him.. I asked The Father to send me people to teach and you answered that in this word .. I asked the Father to change the hearts and minds of two of my children and draw them to Him by His Spirit , this word spoke to that .. I told the Father to touch me with His power and anointing , this word spoke to that … I am in such expectancy of a financial blessing and I have been waiting on the Father for that as well and He also spoke to that …
    I am in tears and greatly humbled that Father God has spoken a
    answer to all I presented in worship and His presence maybe 20 mins ago .. through this word … glory to You , Father God ,
    I love you ?????????

  23. Adeola Odutola says:

    Thank you Jesus, I receive this word.

  24. NGWA MARY ANNE says:

    Thank you Jesus for answered prayer. Thank you Jamie for allowing yourself to be used of God to minister to me today. I almost hit rock bottom in my finances, but I held unto God. My family turned their back on me bc of Christ, but I cannot abandon Him for I know He is the Way, the Truth and The Life. I was about to suffer an eviction later this week. But now, I know that God watches over me and He is my provider. God bless you for your prayers.


  25. Hi Jamie,
    I received this word in Jesus name. I give Glory unto God for using you to give me this special word. You really don’t know how long I have waited on this confirmation. I am sitting here with tears running down my face. For so long I am felt like I was alone and if this was truly from God. Now, there are no more doubts. I give all Glory, Honor & Blessing to my Father in Heaven through is Holy son “Jesus” the Christ. Thank you so much !!!!

    1. Thank Ypu Lord Jesus I receive it . Thank you Jaime. Love you.

  26. Shailaja Abraham says:

    The prophetic word has strengthen my soul . thank you so much. I receive the word in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

  27. Jamie, All of this message applies to things which have been occurring in my life for many years and I have begun to see things turning, but as you say, they come with burrs from which I will not turn aside from My God! The most difficult thing is when you have messages from God and people won’t listen, even though you know that it will help them!
    God be praised and you be blessed by sharing this with me!

  28. I receive this word. Thank you.

  29. Candy Burns says:

    Amen. It speaks to me as well!! Right on time as always !

  30. I receive it Jesus thank you Lord

  31. WOW I have no words right know i am tearing up , i am so thankful jamie for the word i really need it to hear from GOD this morning even the scriptures been confirmation by GOD. I AM BLESSED AND RECEIVE THE WORD IN JESUS NAME !!

  32. Wow! this word resonated with my spirit from beginning to end! I receive this word and thank you Lord

  33. Люба Самолюк says:

    Although we can survive without God’s favour we love it and more than happy to get it! ? I’m very thankful to God for this beautiful promise!???

  34. Cecilia Loza says:

    Thank you Jamie. This word spoke to me.

  35. MWANAMGENI says:

    Glory to the Lord, Hallelujah! This word came to me at the right time. Thank you father God you’re so faithful. Blessed be the name of the Lord. I receive I believe in Jesus name Amen.

  36. Jamie,

    Thank you for this timely word! I receive all of it and look forward to sharing my testimony in all four areas!

  37. Sherika Scott says:

    Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost i recieve it i take its mine nothing can separate us thats so amazing Hes so amazing thank you Lord God keep blessing Jamie her family and this ministry in Jesus name hallelujah amen n amen

  38. Thank you Abba Father,

    I believe and receive this word in the name of Yahshua Hamachiach, I bless your HOLY NAME! Thank you for sharing this prophetic word Jamie!
    April H.

  39. Really heart touching and encouraging prophecy, through many God showing his highness and everything to me , but finally he touched me through saying such a awesome statements which are affecting into emotions thanks jamie God bless you

  40. Helena Luster says:

    Praise God and thank you for this Word that is absolutely positively confirmation.
    Every Word has been spoken to me and at first I felt lile I shouldnt display this favor but My Father says that I should noy be ashamed or hide my accomplishments IN HIM!
    I thank God for How He is using you to reconcile and restore with His Word. You are awesome!
    God bless you !

  41. Laura Berry says:

    Jamie, Thank you I receive this word it speaks directly to my heart and circumstances to a T!!! I have written it out so I can reflect on it through March and praise the promises of God. You are amazing Jamie and I appreciate you and your love for our Father. Many windows of heaven open pouring out blessings unto you.

  42. I receive it in Jesus name. Definitely looking forward to it all. I need it!

  43. Tsholofelo says:

    Thank you Lord, I receive this word. This morning I woke up and felt to send a message of encouragement to my son at boarding school. Thank you Jamie.

  44. Hi Jamie thank you so much for this word to night I receive it decree it and declare it in Jesu’s name it is done amen. Stay blessed and keep up the good work.

  45. Brenda Higgins says:

    Thank you Jamie. I really needed to hear this good news today

  46. Anaclet Ruzindana says:

    Thank you Jamie for sharing this prophetic word. It’s so inspiring and it has touched my heart. I have received it at the time I needed it most. May God bless you.

  47. I receive these words and favor in Jesus’ name. Praise and glory to Him! Amen!

  48. Dionne Adams says:

    I believe and receive this word in jesus name. Thank you Jamie for being so faithful in releasing Gods word.

  49. Thank you so much dear Jamie, for your word of prophesy. Your prophetic word appears to be addressed specifically to me. I am going through stuff that I do not understand. I lost my only son on the 31st day of January 2019. In the last line of my tribute, I wrote thus: “the Lord giveth and taketh, blessed be the name of Lord”. Thank you Jesus for hearing and answering my prayers. I am so comforted. I now I wait for the physical manifestation of the prophetic word. May the good Lord continue to refresh His anointing upon your life and ministry. Remain blessed and strong in the Lord.

  50. Tralonda Berkley says:

    I receive this Word!!! Hallelujah!! ❤️

  51. Oh wow! What a NOW word for me! Thank you so much Jamie. I receive this great WORD, totally and I thank You for truly being a voice of the Lord. Thank You Abba Father, for Your promises. I bless your holy name Lord! Thank You precious Lord Jesus and thank You sweet Holy Spirit.

  52. Coral Malayta says:

    Thank you Jamie for confirmation . This word speaks to me this morning. I have been waiting for confirmation for so long ,thank you Lord God
    I receive this word in the precious Name of your son Jesus.
    May God bless you abundantly Jamie.

  53. Thankyou……..yes and Amen…..I receive this in Jesus Name….??⚘

  54. Roger Gene Kemp says:

    Yes this speaks to me has well. My family has been going thru so must stuff. Are God is so amazing he has been will us an carry us all the way.

  55. Rebecca Jones says:

    Great word and very timely, i know the burr under the saddle and thorn in the flesh, that it is an illusion is wonderful. Don’t let that roar of the enemy deafen youm he has no authority.

  56. I receive this word! Yes and Amen!!

  57. Glory Hallelujah.
    I receive it in Jesus name. God bless you Jamie

  58. I receive it in double portion in Jesus name!!! Without looking up to Abba Father there is nothing good coming .

    Thank you Jamie. God bless you.

  59. TAMMY HAMPTON says:

    Praise God, Jamie! I have been BLESSED once again! I thank GOD for you! I will be meditating on this Word until I get a “financial breakthrough”, in JESUS’ Name!

  60. Yes ,Jamie I receive this word! Amen! Already Done! And may you get a thousand fold back to you Jamie!

  61. Thank you Jesus.I receive this word.
    Thank you Jamie for being Gods worker and delivering a word as God gives it to you.Bless you!

  62. God You are so good Your timing is always perfect, Jamie God abundantly bless you this is for me i receive the Word by faith on Jesus name amen amen.

  63. I stand in faith, I received, agreed and believe in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen.

    I know he is able , to move mountains, my God never fails me , glory be to God.

  64. Amen, amen and Amen.
    I believe and receive every single word in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for moving so mightily and suddenly even right now in the 4 quadrants. By faith I receive especially for my family.. Victory and breakthrough for my children and even grandchildren.

    To God be the glory.

  65. Hello Jamie, I thank you for your prophetic word…Flying High with Favor! Since the 4th of this month I have been seeking the Lord diligently to know Him more, recently joined a church to develop my spiritual walk, praying for a better relationship with my family and with my children, and a better steward financially! So I screamed and cried when I read this because this is exactly what I am praying for in the exact order that it is listed here! I thank God for you and that He responded through you! Bless you and I will soon!

  66. In the name of Jesus this spoke to me in every way! I received this word in the name of Jesus! Amen

  67. Cean Binahl says:

    I am speechless, to God be the Glory

  68. Praise the Lord! Thank you, Father! Bless YOU, Father God!!! Hallelujah!!!

  69. I have been encouraged. This word spoke straight to my heart. Thank you for listening.

  70. Thank you Jamie for another encouraging word. I receive it in Jesus name.
    I have been so blessed by you and your ministry.
    God bless you

  71. Kahn S Johnson says:

    Thank You, Jesus!!!
    Jamie, this is definitely a Rhema Word of God!!! This is sooooo on Point!!!
    I am living what you have stated in this prophetic Word. I am waiting on the finance part to physically manifest; however, it know that the finance part is already in the making. I’m waiting to hear from one of the places that I interviewed in the next 3 days. He has been sending some small, discrete confirmations, but I am waiting for the full confirmation this week. Please keep me in your prayers. The Lord has been using me to influence people in a spiritually, miraculous way!! The Lord has been speaking through me to inform, educate, psychoeducate, lead, guide, comfort, transform, spiritually guide, to help people trust in the Lord and stand on His Word!! The Lord has shown up and shown out!!!!!! I’m amazed!!! This is what the Lord does though!! I am His vessel ready to be used. I thank you, Jamie for the sacrafice you went through to reach God and receive His Word, in the middle of being a wife, mother, prophetic leader, business woman, baby sitter, encourager etc., etc., etc. Each time you make a sacrafice to lean in and Hear the Lord, we are blessed!!! The Lord also blesses you 100 fold for making that sacrafice!!! Keep leaning, trusting, loving, and depending on Him with you whole heart, mind, soul, and body!!!
    Safe In His Arms,
    Kahn Johnson

  72. Daphenie Benders says:

    Right on target Jamie, God Bless you!

    Kind regards,


  73. Dionne Adams says:

    Thank you Jamie for being so faithful in releasing God’s words may God continue to bless and keep you in all his ways. I BELIEVE AND RECEIVE THIS WORD.

  74. Hi Jamie, Praises and Honor to God.
    True to His Promises and His Word. His perfect timing and His will be done. I can’t begin to tell you … ABBA Father is awesome and amazing. Hallelujah!!! Thank You Jesus, my Lord and Savior. This prophetic word is right on time, just for me. Thank you Jamie, truly one of God’s messengers.
    I can’t contain the joy I feel deep in my soul right now. Learning to Seek Him First, trust Him and lean on Him for all my needs. Gratitude is everything. Thank You Jesus. I claim and receive this word in Your Mighty Name and by the Power of the Blood of the Lamb that was shed for me. Amen & Amen
    Gracefully Broken

  75. I believe I receive this Prophesy in the Name of Jesus my Lord and King! This is my birth month, and the Lord is surely delivering, honoring, and showering me with His kindness and goodness of abundant favor in all the four quadrants above. I take these Word in all its fruitfulness. This is my season of victory and harvest by the Power of the Holy Spirit of promise, truth and holiness. The Lord’s former and latter rain has come on me with suddenlies ! Glory be To God! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord Jesus! My favor now come forth! I forgive. Thank You Lord Jesus for Jamie, continue using her favorably and mightily. Amen

  76. This word was for me. I receive in Jesus name. Thank you Father.

  77. Lisa Margaret Lipman says:

    This word is so powerful and speaks to me and in fact I just received a divine encounter from my Father because of this, so bless you muchly and I’m going to bless you with some financial support in return as I feel led by the Lord right now! Amen!

  78. Thanks very much for this, I know our God is faithful, he is not man to change his mind, I believe what he said will come to fulfilment in my life in Jesus name, I will wait patiently on the Lord. Thanks very much much. God bless you

  79. bertha Rowland says:

    Hallelujah. ..I receive
    I will praised my God always.

  80. Perfect Ansah says:

    Hi beloved my name is perfect I have waited on the Lord for so long and the devil kept putting fear and doubt in my heart and mind but I know I shall overcome I don’t know how I came by this but from the beginning of 2019 my only prayer has been lead me to the cross where your love poured out. After reading this i believe The spirit of God lead me here am indeed bleseed thank you ?

  81. I believe and receive this word in Jesus’ name.Cant tell you enough how this word has resonated with me.Blessed be the Lord God Almighty,who is faithful and true to His Word.God bless you Jamie,for allowing God to use and speak through.

  82. Claudette Witkowski says:

    What a awesome God we serve !
    His word is truth and will never come back void ! I believe and receive it with a open heart . It’s confirmation what to what The Lord has already spoken to my heart ♥️……
    Thank you for your faithfulness and loving heart and boldness to release what the Father has given you
    Blessings beyond

  83. I receive this glorious prophetic Words of God, by the Mercy and Power in the Blood of Jesus Christ I begin to enjoy and experience All Round Favour in Jesus Unfailing Name (Amen). Thank You Jesus because it is settled (Amen)

  84. Glory to God and my savuor, Jesus Christ!
    What A Word. I receive this Word into my lide. Thank you Jamie for an obedient heart for the Father. Everything is on the money. I have learned to trust Father through all of my circumstances. Holy Spirit has taught me how to rest in Him and how to wait on Him. Thank you for this encouraging Word. .

  85. Debbie Schulze says:

    The Words from the Lord, was very shocking n good news to me. Because I was at the point of giving up., but He always know n when to give us words of encouragement, that words can not explain. He is always with us wherever we go. He Loves us with a everlasting love, he understands us, but we may not understand at that time,when we are in that,storm. The waves can be strong enough that sometimes we get on that,narrow path that he has placed before us. But He does know all things, n he sees all things. He knows how many hairs we have on ur,heads. He created us in our mom’s womb. Just think the Creator of the Universe, maker of everything, created all humans, n other things. Thats just to cool. Wooow. I love my ABBA Father, my,Daddy. He has guided me where I thought Ixwould ever go.We are our a seed He plants in the ground, n we have to keep water on that seed to see that seed starts to grow. N,we become beautiful Awesome people, here on this earth for our Creator. He has brought us long way, but we are still growing as we learn His way. Lord help us see the way you see things, help us hear the way you hear,us, help us speak the way you want us to speak with love n kind words to others. Thank you Father, I am Blessed more than I deserve.

  86. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    In the name of Jesus I do receive these words and I am hoping with all my heart it will come to pass in my life.Amen

  87. Nwokoye Chinenye says:

    Thank you Jesus….I receive these words in the name of Jesus…Your favour and blessings have located me already….Amen

  88. Theresa Jones says:

    Thank you Jamie, I believe it and I received it in Jesus name.

  89. Wow! T hank you Lord. Praise God! I’m so excited and humbled. I receive your word thru your servant Jamie. Be it unto us according to your word.

  90. Thank you so much Jamie !
    I receive this Word from the Lord in the Name of Jesus! Looking forward to see the WORD manifested in His Holy Name!
    Richest Blessings!

  91. Jamie thank you so much! ….and Thank I thank my Father God for always hearing and answering my Prayers. Your prophetic word resonates with me and my family situation, so much in this moment. I cannot even begin to express how much so. I simply thank you Jesus for your spiritual words of encouragement, and helping me heal over time since my family became broken after nearly 25 years. I have prayed and asked you to remove this pain, that me and my children have suffered over the past 2 years, and remove these demons who came into our lives and attacked and destroyed my family. I have also; asked that you forgive me for my sins, make me better, and manifest to my ex-spouse(whom abandoned us for another woman) the things that he need to see clearly in his life, and fix him as well. I simply thank you Jesus!!! As I know Father God is the most powerful, he has been moving in a mighty powerful way in my life. Thank you Jesus! Jamie i am so glad I found your site years ago, work and prophetic words have truly encouraged me spiritually! Thank you!

  92. Thank you. I accept this proffetic word.

  93. I recieve this word. Confirming a lot that God has been speaking to me for the past 6 months. Thank you so much! You are a blessing!!! May God continue to bless you in all that you do.

  94. Jo Ann Valentine says:

    Thank you Jamie for this timely and Most Powerful Word
    Confirming so much in all I have been contending for.
    You have no idea how this word has blessed me.
    Love and Blessings overflowing in all you do and put your hands to.

  95. Thank you Jamie and Praise God and Thank you Jesus Amen

  96. Thank you Jesus. I receive this prophetic words, this is what I wanted to hear. You are the Lord, and nothing is beyond Your reach. Nothing is too hard for You. Thank you for Your Favor Lord.

  97. I receive this in Jesus name!

  98. Wow! Thankyou for reposting. Yesterday was my 63 birthday and God has been pouring out, speaking to me for two days. Especially today. Wow. Just Wow.. #s 1,2,3 were definately for me today so I’ll receive #4 also! Wow. Weighty.

  99. Toni Umbarger says:

    Thank you again, Jamie for something so relevant for me now. Most of these things I have been praying for for a long while. I have begun to see some answers recently. My husband has been suffering from dementia (caused by the prescription he took for cholesterol) for more than six years. We had to give up our crop farming and rent out our land. That cut down our income considerably, but we still had a large farm loan to pay. God has blessed us financially in that we have been able to make the payments regularly, but it has been a struggle. These years have been a time of searching out and clinging to the Father, sometimes in desperation. My faith has been stretched and pushed to the edge so many times. My relationship with the Lord is much deeper now than I ever thought possible. I have prayed fervently for greater understanding of spiritual things. In praying for my husband to be restored and healed, God has continually assured me that it will happen. Recently, I have begun to see a calming of the chaos in our lives. The peace is refreshing. The past two weeks, my husband has begun to sleep better than he has in many months, at least seven hours a night as opposed to the three to five broken up hours he was getting. His mood is better and other things are becoming easier as well. I’m trying to wait patiently for the healing to be complete. Also, to have the farm loan paid in full would be an extreme blessing. Every bit of this prophecy applies to us! I am so ready for the fulfillment of this prophecy! Thank you again!

  100. thank you jamie! this has been comforting for me. may God bless you more in your ministry!

  101. I receive the Word. Glory be to God.

  102. Yes. I receive this word in the name of Jesus Christ. I have suffered from rejection from the neighbourhood, work place, in transit, home, marriage and family circles for quite some time now. I thank the Almighty for spotting my problems and delivering me through this prophetic word.
    Jamie kindly continue to pray for me as well.
    May God bless you.

  103. I receive the word thank you Woman of God..may His blessings rest heavily upon you I love My father and I just know that this is for me my kids and family and loved ones all will have a piece of my blessings may love of God always be upon me amen and amen

  104. Yes I receive in Jesus name Amen. God
    Thank you Jamie you are a true women of God thank you for all you do really helps! ❤

  105. Janine Nel says:

    Pappa, thank you for this word. You are ever faithful and your promises never fail. I am so ready for all your goodness and blessing and thank you for taking me out of the pit of destruction MY EYES ARE ON YOU ONLY. Thank you papa Thank you. Thank you for this amazing women that you have put on my journey and I ask for so much blessing for her and her wonderful calling you have placed on her. The DEVINE TRINITY, you are everything in my life. PRAISE YOUR NAME ALONE.

  106. Maika Kamikamica says:

    God is faithful and even though I slip, or drawn towards other things , He still with me and never forsake me.
    He is the only true God who gives me power to get wealth and his plans for me to prosper as he delights in the prosperity of his children.
    So happy that He surrounds me with favour and thank you Jamie for the word

  107. Jamie,

    I receive this word in Jesus nsme

  108. I praise God for this Word and thank you for allowing Him to use you to deliver it! All four points have been the exact areas of my life I’ve been seeking God on. Thank You Jesus, I receive!!

  109. This week, my husband and I are packing up for our move to northern coastal Florida. Our house goes up for sale this week too. Would appreciate prayers for God’s favor in all transactions. Thank you!

  110. I receive this word. Thank you Lord

  111. Jamie this is needed now! Thank-you!

  112. Received in Jesus name Amen

  113. Amen, thank you Lord!!

  114. Thank You Lord I believe Your word and I receive it in Jesus Christ Name

  115. Prophet Mary Robinson says:

    Thank you women of God!!! I spoke about Mary the mother of Jesus on Mother’s Day. Mary was highly favored. I thank you again for allowing God to use you.

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