The Cost and Crown of Intercession: Stories of Revivals Past, Present, and Future

Listen to stories of revivals past, present, and future in "The Cost And Crown Of Intercession." You'll be inspired by the cost and the reward of intercession! | Jamie Rohrbaugh,

Part 3 of this series–“The Cost And Crown Of Intercession”–is, I believe, the most powerful message I’ve ever taught. Bar none.

In this message, I used real-life stories of revivals past, present, and future to teach this one thing:

Intercession will cost you time, perseverance, and more… but the reward is worth it. The prize you will win for your labor goes far beyond your wildest dreams.

Men and women throughout history have proven this over and over again. Their stories will grip you. Their labor will inspire you. Their results will amaze you. Their dedication to the Lord will fuel your fire and compel you to your knees like never before.

I’m not going to try to write a long description of this message, because you just have to hear it. So head on over to my Gumroad store to download it today. And while you’re at it, if you haven’t gotten part 1 and part 2 of this series, please grab those too!

(On Gumroad: To purchase more than one item at a time, just click on the image of each item you want, and then click the “I want this!” button. Easy peasy.)

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  1. Dear Jammie
    I am really inspired by your teachings, however I have been very obedient with my tithes and offering but I haven’t received the favour of praying in tongues from my father God, what might be my problem, please advice

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