10 Prayers You Can Pray for Radical Blessing

Are you tired of seeing the mediocre in your life? Do you want to start excelling and seeing God do radical things? If so, then these 10 Scriptural prayers for radical blessing are for you.

This month, I wrote an article for iBelieve.com entitled 10 Prayers You Can Pray for Radical Blessing.

It describes 10 Scripture passages about God’s blessing, and how you can pray for Him to pour each radical blessing into your life.

Interested? Check it out–and please share! Your reading and sharing tells iBelieve.com that you like these articles, and helps me to continue reaching people in their audience with the message of hope!

Click here to read 10 Prayers You Can Pray for Radical Blessing.


Love, Jamie

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  1. Carmelita says:

    Pls pray for me my name is carmelita my girl Leah she she is seven she swear at me she hates me I do all for her it’s like a spell on her she was abuse my parents dad and mom teach her to disrespect me they also abuse me my dad swears at me he treat me like trash my mom make me bad everywhere when she was sick I was there for her she frame me tell people I abuse them they lie so that all hate me even my brothers hate me because of my mom Gloria dad Clive they Christians my husband abuse me he don’t support me nd kids he control me he knows I hve nowhere to go he curse me speak evil against me he is Muslim Masud also I am psychology graduate can’t find work for years no matter how hard I try I face severe depression that chain me i need a place of my own nd a new husband please also a job I face hell wth my parents nd my husband Masud I can feel the demonic oppression in this house nd with my husband pls pray for me

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