Prophetic Word for 2018: A Sevenfold Resurrection Is Coming!

2018 is going to be a huge year for believers in Christ. The prophetic word for 2018 that the Lord has shown me is that He is bringing His people a sevenfold resurrection! This sevenfold resurrection is for you who feel that you’ve been killed by enemy attack, circumstances, or trauma within the Body of Christ.

Ezekiel 37:4-10 describes what the Lord has in store for you in 2018. It says:

Again He said to me, ‘Prophesy to these bones, and say to them, ‘O dry bones, hear the word of the Lord! Thus says the Lord God to these bones: ‘Surely I will cause breath to enter into you, and you shall live. I will put sinews on you and bring flesh upon you, cover you with skin and put breath in you; and you shall live. Then you shall know that I am the Lord.”’

So I prophesied as I was commanded; and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and suddenly a rattling; and the bones came together, bone to bone. Indeed, as I looked, the sinews and the flesh came upon them, and the skin covered them over; but there was no breath in them.

Also He said to me, ‘Prophesy to the breath, prophesy, son of man, and say to the breath, ‘Thus says the Lord God: ‘Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe on these slain, that they may live.”’ So I prophesied as He commanded me, and breath came into them, and they lived, and stood upon their feet, an exceedingly great army.”

Here are the seven facets of the resurrection that is coming to you in 2018:

1. First, you will receive a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit.

You may have already been filled with the Holy Spirit, but you can never be filled too many times. The early church cried out for fresh filling of the Spirit continually, and they received Him for whom they asked continually. This should be our goal as well!

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    As you enter the new year, and throughout 2018, continually cry out to the Lord for a fresh baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire. Luke 11:13 promises that He will always answer this prayer.

    2. You will be filled with new life.

    Remember that man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Deuteronomy 8:3 says:

    So He humbled you, allowed you to hunger, and fed you with manna which you did not know nor did your fathers know, that He might make you know that man shall not live by bread alone; but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.”

    As you receive fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit, with His fresh baptism of fire, your ability to hear the Lord will be re-energized. The Word you hear and receive will fill you with new life, and you will be comforted.

    3. You will be functional again!

    Many of you feel like parts of your life have been derailed. Over the last two years, in many respects you have only been able to scrape by and have had to neglect many things.

    In 2018, that is going to change. The new life that will fill you from Holy Spirit will empower you to function as a whole person again. The parts of your life will move and work together again.

    Don’t put pressure on yourself to conquer every part of your life at once. Instead, just abide in Jesus, follow His voice, and He will guide you through to victory, one moment at a time. You will notice His holy ease flowing through you to “do the work” again, and it will be easier than it ever was before.

    4. You will have a fresh ability to work in community with the Body of Christ.

    Many of you have felt isolated–whether by your own inability to keep all the plates spinning, or because the enemy has tried to derail you. In 2018, you will again be connected to the Body and able to work in community with fellow believers. New strength will also flow into your life as you regain this vital connection to the Body.

    5. You will experience fresh healing and immunity to the attacks of the enemy.

    As you wait upon the Lord and bask in your renewed intimacy with Jesus and Holy Spirit in 2018, you will find the Lord healing your heart of many deep wounds. In particular, the Lord showed me that He will restore your reputation if it has been damaged by enemy fire. What the enemy meant for evil, God will use for good. You will be blessed with seven times more goodwill than that was stolen from you.

    When He heals you, His healing will lift you further up into the shadow of His wings. As a result of your deeper intimacy with Jesus, you will find yourself immune to many attacks of the enemy in a whole new way. Rejoice in this!

    6. Your faith will be renewed!

    2018 is a time to magnify the Lord–to look at Him bigger. As you magnify Him in your life, abiding in Jesus through all things, your faith will be renewed. You will again mount up with wings as eagles. You shall run, and not be weary; you shall walk, and not faint (Isaiah 40:31).

    7. You will receive a financial renewal if you position yourself to receive it.

    For 2018, He quickened this word in my heart from Psalm 65:11-13:

    You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance. They drop on the pastures of the wilderness, and the little hills rejoice on every side. The pastures are clothed with flocks; the valleys also are covered with grain; they shout for joy, they also sing.”

    Flocks represent wealth, businesses, and business assets. Grain represents provision. In 2017, Father has been calling many people into entrepreneurship. He has been showing people the new, creative business ideas and financial strategies that they need to prosper.

    In 2018, this will intensify. If you follow the paths the Lord has shown you, you will find that those paths drip with abundance.

    However, it’s very important to note that this passage from Psalm 65 does talk about BOTH God’s goodness AND His paths. His goodness is simply poured out on us because He is a good Father, and He loves us. But, following His paths is different. Following His paths–walking into those places that drip with abundance–requires us to actively take steps of obedience.

    A word of warning: If you do not obey whatever God has shown you for your family’s finances, you will not see the abundance the Lord longs to bring you. That abundance is found only along His paths, and you must walk those paths to receive His rewards.

    A sevenfold resurrection is coming, and your faith is activating this word in your life as you read it.

    So I prophesy to you: “Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe on these slain, that they may live!” In 2018, God’s goodness and abundance will drop on the pastures of the wilderness. Things that were once dry and dead in your life will spring to life again. Your faith will be restored and renewed by the fresh baptism of the Spirit and fire.

    You will experience resurrection on every side if you have faith to believe it. And, as you draw closer to God, your previously-empty pastures will be clothed with flocks, and the valleys covered with grain.

    Does this word resonate in your heart and confirm what the Lord has been speaking to you? If so, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what Papa is saying to you!


    1. Hi Jamie thank you so much for this I receive it by faith and say thank you I am humbled by this. Thank you again have an amazing evening.

      1. Hi Jamie
        This word is confirmation of what God has been telling me during my time in prayer with Him. I have been going through so much but I am excited about what He is going to do in every area of my life! Yes! These dry bones will live! Expecting Resurrection! God bless you!

        1. Helen Brown says:

          Thank you bless Jamie for your steadfast obidence to our father an thank you for bringing forth the WORD I receive it In Jese Name.

        2. Karen Williams says:

          I was encouraged for this word. In 2012 the enemy started to attack my life, reputation, finances, business, marriage, family. Our home was robbed and my life was like the walking dead. To this day it continues. Needless to say when I read this it gave me hope that God is going to rectify what the enemy did. Also I have felt in my spirit that God wanted to give us a business again to pay us back for all the loss the enemy caused us. I just feel he really wants to bless us. However as we have gone through this he has Blessed us in many ways as well. What I would like is for this situation to manifest itself so we can understand this. Thank you for your word.

      2. Okorie Donaldson says:

        Truly a confirmation of my own experience and Faith

      3. Thank you for your continual support and prayers! I really appreciate all that you do and you truly are inspiring. I thank God for you!

    2. Your timing is incredible. I needed to read this today. Thank you and God Bless you!

    3. Hi Jamie!
      Thank you so much for sharing this!
      The focus on obedience was a confirmation for me. Thank you Lord!

    4. Oops! I meant to say Thank You Lord, I receive your generosity with praise and thanksgiving! ????

    5. Wow! very timely word. You have expressed above Word as God has spoken. Receive in Jesus name.Amen and Amen.

      1. Thank you for the word.
        Word that has come at the appropriate season. It shall be so. No more dry bones Amen .
        Glory to God.

    6. Diedra King says:

      This is what i needed in my life i have been praying to God that i hear from him and i know i will Thank you so much

    7. Praise God! God gave me Ezekiel 37 this year sometime ago. So happy for the confirmation. Yes, He is putting me back together and giving me new Breath from Holy Spirit. He is so good!!!

    8. Thank you Lord for confirming your word to me.

    9. I receive it by Faith! ! ! Amen

    10. Mary Azumah says:

      I receive this prophecy by faith and I trust God for his confirmation. Thanks Jamie

    11. Simone Perch says:

      Praise Jesus for the way that He uses you to sow into our lives! I’ve been blessed by your Friday and Saturday webinars and this Word today. Grace and peace be multiplied to you, your family and businesses in Jesus’s name.

    12. Glory to the Father! In the name of Jesus Christ I pray and gratefully receive all God’s abundance and prosperity in all ways. Thank you Eternally. Amen

      1. Jimy James Garsain says:

        I thank God for using you to declare this Prophetic Words. I really am declaring it and even claiming it for myself”because it really becomes a “Rhema” in my spirit
        and it sink down within me because of its power. God bless you more…

    13. Joni Pephyrs says:

      This is for me!!! I receive it! I have needed a break through for such a long
      time. Thank you Jamie.

    14. Marlene Bond says:

      Thank you Jamie. This word is spot on and I am beginning to walk in this already. At long last I feel like I am living out my God given destiny within the context of the wider Body of Christ. God answered my prayer by prompting someone from the other side of the world to invite me to join in with their ministry. It is indeed a dream come true. It has been a long preparation for sure and yes all you say about attack and difficulty have all been there, but the faithfulness and God has far outweighed anything the enemy has tried (and still does try) to throw at me. It cannot stick. God’s word is true.

    15. Functionslity and restored reputation, yes!
      Sensing it happening.

    16. Thanks Jamie for this prophesy for the year 2018. It speaks to me and am looking forward to an exciting year with Papa God at the fore front.

    17. Yes! Just like the words you have spoken about the book of Esther is the same with the speaking of the dry bones as been resonating in spirit for months now, even began last year. Also, Being renewed in the freshness of his spirit. Asking for the revelation of being an entrepreneur to be a blessing to the kingdom and to my family. With the help of o was able to wash the feet and be a service to a group of women and encourage them. Woman of God thank you and bless you for all God has allowed you to do for us .

    18. Robin Webb says:

      thank you Jamie so much, you are a true voice from the Lord! I receive this word by faith as much confirmation because He is faithful to confirm His word! I received Song of Songs verses 8:6-7 & then your word about the baptism of fire was confirmation! Just moments before reading your word, I was drawn to look at two different clocks, both showing 11:13, then your word mentioned Luke 11:13, which is how I’ve been praying for my two sons ( ( not knowing about the scripture), & Psalm 65:11-13, a wonderful reminder that I need to increase my tithe to my church, as I have received some new monthly sponsors! By the way, one of them came from someone on your Presence Seekers group on Facebook, while responding to my prayer request, she was praying for me & felt like Holy Spirit prompted her to support me!!! Hallelujah !!! Please don’t ever stop being a true mouthpiece for the Lord ! May you be richly blessed!!! Robin

    19. Thank you so much. This is what I have been waiting to hear. As I was going through all the 7 facets, I felt like God said to you speak these words to Masenuku. I receive the word and God bless you. ?

    20. Last night, I believe it was the lord that spoke to me and said that he will restore my reputation. Boom!!!!!! and here it is the lord sent me a confirmation thru your prophetic post this morning. Hallelujah!!! Thank you jamie.

    21. Right in line with what my life has been.

    22. Liz Daimol says:

      Thank you. I feel his presence and the reminder through your sharing is timely

    23. Thank you for your very encouraging words. I needed this. May God bless you richly.

    24. Ezekiel 37 and 47 both are Words that the Lord has had in My heart for years ! We are in a time when many things God has spoken of will happen, we must be prepared. the River of 47, was those who just wanted a little of God Ankle deep, But God desires that we go out where only He can lead us !

    25. Powerful prophetic words and I Recieve them all as some are confirmation words that I have been praying and that has been prophesied over me. I am decreeing and declaring that they will come to pass even before the year ends. To God be the glory. Thank you Jamie as always for sharing from the heart of the father. Be bless as always. God bless.

    26. Christina Garcia says:

      Jamie, you were talking to me. Thank you so much. This will motivate me to keep fighting and move forward….

    27. Julie Filter says:

      I got about a paragraph into this post before my soul began to weep. These words are a balm to my weary soul after years in the desert as we have trudged through the paths we’ve been shown. We continue to follow the paths, waiting for His abundant outpouring on us. It’s been a long season, but we are eager to see the blessings to come. It is daunting, but our Abba has continued to reveal His hand of provision these past several years, and I look forward to experiencing the miraculous from Him as well. Praying for His abundant pouring out upon us as we obey His leading and do the work as co-laborers in this world with Him. Shalom.

    28. Lovely word Jamie ?
      No. 4 particularly resonated with me, about fully functioning within the Body of Christ again. Have been searching for a good church for a while now, I’ve been showing up & joining in but the dots just haven’t been connecting together. It’s been hard going. I need to listen to Papa more and walk His path! Hopeful now for 2018 ?

    29. Anonymous says:

      How I wish 2018 would come quicker. Praise the Lord.

    30. Erika Edding says:

      Thank you so much. This Word speaks to current state of my spritual walk and job of 23 years. I hadn’t known what to do, but only knew not to give up. Thank you for obediently sharing what I have been to consumed to hear distinctly-confirming the snatches I have received. I am going to read this againa and again. I am not suprised but humbled by how God works and uses His people to build one another up especially when it is an area where the abuse came at the hands of ministry or folks therein. I haven’t loat hope, but have wavered. Thank you for being a part of God’s restoration plan for my life. I feel like I am rambling, but I want tou to know how grateful I am. You have no idea how important this Word is to me right now, but Inpray God’s multiplied blessings upon the anointing on your life, your finances, relationships, and businesses – expected and unexpected. Thank you again, Erika.

    31. Hi Jamie thank you an I receive every word…thank you

    32. Yes Jaime this prophecy reasonates deeply within my spirit. These are things which the Lord has been telling me was coming. He would tell me don’t lose heart, the outpouring of the Spirit will be seven times what was poured out at Pentecost! I feel so dry and dusty and THIRSTY! This is what I have been crying out for, thanking Him for, yes. The Spirit of the Lord told me some years ago that He is about to be the match that will be struck and held to light the fuse of the stick of Dynamite, the Dunamis power which has been lying dormant within so many believers. We are about to be blown up in the Spirit, immediate expansion. Finally, He will do it. I have waited and prayed for so long. Thank You Father, praise to Your Holy Name!

    33. Marie Whyland says:

      Your perfect timing is right on! I have been mentoring someone in my church and this will help me verbalize all I have been telling her. Thank you so much and I will be sharing this with her. God bless you always.

    34. You have given my expectation for 2018 a clearer focus and prophetic direction and now I can articulated my faith. Thank you.

    35. Amen n Amen to that. Praise You Lord Jesus.

    36. I receive it in Jesus Mighty name.

    37. Caethy Tuvalu says:

      Hallelujah! !! I receive this powerful word for me and have faith and belief that all shall come to pass in the mighty name of Jesus! !! AMEN! !

    38. Been believing for the dry bones and a seven-fold reward for my obedience. The struggle has been long and real. Asking God to help me really believe for this breakthrough. Thank you!

    39. It brought tears to my eyes.. I receive it in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus.. Amen..hallelujah!!

    40. caroline naidoo says:

      amen amen yes pls Lord all of the above am ready for 2018

    41. Hey Jamie!

      Praiseeee be unto the name of our LORD! ALLELUIA! ! !
      My heart is ignited by the fire of the HOLY SPIRIT, as a result, holy and over-brimming anticipation of HIS GLORIOUS manifestations.

      How may I appreciate you but to pray that God bless you, family and ministry REAL GOOD!

      Much love in CHRIST, ?


    42. May it be so in Jesus name

    43. Praise be to God. Initially, I couldn’t read your prophesy from Holy Spirit, but I now realize that my heart was too hard at that time. When I read it this morning, I could receive. All praises to God always! Thank you for your obedience to Our Lord God!!! Hallelujah!!!

    44. I receive this word in Jesus name.. Thanks Jamie

    45. jackline mulanda says:

      Thanks Jamie ireally needed this word and it has came at aright time ifeel blessed in Jesus name

    46. Pauline Borgan says:

      Hallelujah, praise the Lord! I receive these prophetic words. Almighty God, El Shaddai.
      Getting ready to gather the harvest!!

    47. Rebecca L Jones says:

      It sounds great to me! I receive what He has to give me. That’s why I have been calling December a Season of Rest.

    48. Me and my family receive the prophecy in Jesus name.

    49. Eufaula Morgan says:

      Praise God I receive this Word of the Lord in Jesus name. In fact the Holy Spirit, just the other day brought this scripture into my heart because I was thinking about all the losses and attacks that hit me over the years that I felt like a part of my creative self was lost. Now it seems that I am more analytical than creative. In my youth I was more into the creative arts: piano, art, design-theater, writing music, foreign language speaking & writing French fluently. I have long felt disconnected from this. The Holy Spirit revealed that He was restoring that part of myself. He is a Wonder in my soul.

    50. Siphokazi says:

      Thank you Jamie for the prophetic word ….as I read it I was in awe of God. This afternoon Ezekiel 37 was the word that was placed in my heart I read it and later I read the prophesy in your blog …I am speechless. Thank you Holy Spirit.
      I receive the prophesy in Jesus Name.

    51. Lilliana Markovic says:

      Oh Wow!!!! what a timely and inspirational Word. Your prophecy described my condition/situation presicely. I am trusting God, running with this prophecy and owning it. Thank you for making me feel understood by my beautiful Father. The greatest hunger of a human heart is to be understood and you’ve certainly done this. You’re amazing in Jesus Jaime, thank you so much.

    52. Hi Jaimie , almost a year ago I found your page after googling ” how to get promoted” I was so unhappy at work and wanted to get out fast. Instead the lord used your blogs to change me through my circumstance which I now have a new perspective ! My joy in the lord has been restored so much that I now enjoy Christmas music which I use to hate lol! This word for 2018 is so perfect and I’m ready for 2018 to see Gods promises become a reality in my life . Thank you for being such a blessing in the life of many ! God bless you

    53. Venkatesh says:

      Amen Jesus Christ the lord of lords and king of kings said eight years ago. I will bless you sevenfold blessings. 2018 the prophecy is to be fullfill. Thankyou Jesus Christ my lord. He is God.

    54. Hi, I am surprised to say that the Lord has been telling me things similar to this. He has been telling me to hope again and to believe that he will revive dead dreams of mine and bring them back to life much like the passage you mentioned. I have felt like I have just been existing and surviving the last few years and am ready to see Gods abundance in my life again! I’m tired of living defeated. Thank you for this word! I believe that God has good things in store for me. Thank you for helping me to hope again.

    55. Thank You Lord Jesus for speaking loud and clear. The last few months was tough and I have been fighting ever since. But I take your Word Lord with open arms and I look forward to your promises and Blessings. I will walk the road with you Lord. Yours forever Father.

    56. I just cried while reading this. Thank you and thank God! I desperately needed to hear this.

    57. I receive this prophesy in Jesus name. Thank you for the many posts that have blessed me greatly. I am going through a challenging time but i trust God flock and grains. God bless you and may 2018 bring even more supernatural blessings to you.

    58. Line by line this prophetic word spoke to me and confirmed things that God has been showing me for months! I am overjoyed by His careful watch over me. I take it all by faith.

      Thank you for being obedient and sharing with us.

      May God continue to bless you over abundantly.

    59. God bless you & yes, your prophetic word for 2018 IS confirmation to what the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me as well. Thank you so much for you ministry & your faithful devotions in Christ. Looking forward in Christ …
      “Shields Up & Swords Raised”

    60. Hi, omar here, yes ive been praying and hearing this. It is indeed confirmatiin to my prayers! I receive it in the name of Jesus. Thank you so much God is awesome all praises and glory to him

    61. Davinia Jones says:

      Humbly, I say with a sincere heart. Thank you for this WORD and, thank you for reaching out to share what our Father is saying…Because, today I needed to hear. God Bless
      Davinia Rachel Jones

    62. Missionary Lomax says:

      This is my first visit to your website, surfing to find out what others have prophesized for the year 2018. The prophesy lined up with everything that the Holy Spirit led me to pray about this morning, January 1, 2018, on the prayer phone line having never read this website. To God be the glory! We can’t keep up with all His goodness to us.

    63. A couple of weeks ago I was feeling very discouraged from continuing to endure a really difficult year (season). This difficulty extends back into 2016 as well, like you said in this word. But in some ways it applies all the way back to 2010. Many things in my life have been derailed and feel dead and it’s made me feel not fully myself. Back to about 2 weeks ago: a pastor, not knowing me or my situation, prayed Ezekiel 37 over me after saying that he saw skeletons. He talked about the 4 winds that would breathe life into me and the dead things in my life. What’s interesting is that 2 days before this I was thinking of a name for the million dollar business I want to start some day. And the name I thought of was The Four Winds, not even remembering the Ezekiel story. I believe this is the year when the Lord opens the door for me to walk down the path towards the dreams and ideas for business He has placed in my heart for His glory and the advancement of His Kingdom.

    64. I have been broken down and molded into a new person and recently I was having doubts of whether I was following his plan for my life and I asked god for confirmation and I felt the need to read Ezekiel 37:4 and Psalm 65:11. Reading your article made me realize He was sending confirmation. Thank you!

    65. Please also pray for my healing, deliverance, and financial blessings.


    66. 2018 is al most over, but I believe God can still move.

    67. Thank you for this prophetic word ! Amazing I receive it and I believe it in Jesus name. Amen and amen.

    68. Irma Nortje says:


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