7 Days of Abundance, but Participation Is Not Compulsory

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Hey everybody,

The Lord told me two days ago that He would have several words for us out of the book of Esther. The first one was about how He is dethroning Queen Vashti. Today’s word came as somewhat of a shock to me, but it’s the best kind of surprise.

Here’s the word:

The Lord has brought you into seven days of abundance.

These seven days did not start today. You have already been in them, although He did not tell me exactly when they started. But at some point including today, and for seven days distributed however He will on either side of today, He has been giving you IDEAS for creating wealth.

During these seven days, the Lord has been:

  • Reminding you of dreams that have always been in your heart–dreams that are actually wealth-building dreams, even if you never thought of them like that.
  • Giving you new ideas for things that you suddenly see you need to do–and these are wealth-building ideas as well.
  • Giving you divine impetus and inspiration–a holy flow and drive–to actually carry out these ideas, even if you didn’t realize there was a plan behind it all.

But these seven days of abundance–and the ideas that the Lord is sending to you–are not compulsory.

The Lord was clear to me about that. You do not have to participate. You do not have to drink of His well, and of His goodness. You do not have to carry out the ideas He has given you.

But, if you do not …

… you will waste His answer to the prayers you have been praying for months and even years.

It’s completely up to you. Papa will not force you.

I have personally been seeing this word already happening in my life the last several days, and I didn’t even know it was a move of the Spirit.

Frankly, I did not even want to prophesy about this today. I had already moved on to a different portion of the book of Esther that has been on my heart for years.

But the Lord said “not yet.” He would not let me move past this one thing.

Seven days of abundance.

You can participate in what He’s telling you if you want to. The wealth of the nations is stored up for you, and He is trying to bring it to you.

But it’s completely up to you.

What has the Lord been speaking to you about your dreams and new ideas? Does this word confirm what He’s already telling you? If so, please leave a comment below!


  1. Michael Diaz says:

    Yes, God has placed an invention in my heart. Waiting on his timing. Just waiting on an investor. Praise God!

    1. Good to hear! But stop waiting and act! The time for waiting is over. It’s time for action! If you ask Him what to do, He’ll show you the next step!

      1. Eufaula Morgan says:

        Hi Jamie, wow the timing of this word is interesting in a God-way in that I felt the Lord was leading me to start my own accounting firm. However, I went through a season/time where things were just down right murky; it was really hard to discern what God was doing and wanted to do. So, I did thankfully discern that I needed to get into the secret place with Him to reaffirm my walk and clarify my hearing with HIM. Well, He revealed somethings regarding me that obscured my view of Him and affected my experience of Him as all I could see was weakness. Then as He unraveled me and dug me out of self it was then He began to fill me with Him. I began to hear His voice more clearly and He began to establish His vision for “me” – He wants to bring me into a wealthy place that has a kingdom focus, having an ear attentive to His heart. Goodbye Queen Vashti, God is re-establishing Kingdom priority. Having the attitude when the King calls for me the I will gladly come and answering with “what will please the King that I will do”.

    2. Yes. Thank you for the confirmation. Praising Papa for the confirmation and revelation. I have been praying for the strategy of release for all of the work I have completed in the wilderness. Two nights ago I had a dream. I saw a massive opening in the sky. The Holy Spirit revealed the heavens are open. I am moving forward, proactively.

    3. Charmaine says:

      Yes these e-mails you send me are make sense to me in the spirit. These past years I felt blocked I don’t know how to explain I pray that God teach me to walk in the spirit and with his grace obey him .thank you Jamie u gave me courage. Hopefully understand my English. God bless you all. love you Jesus

  2. Tamie Haley Tyra says:

    Oh Sister, beautiful beloved Sister, this word, from the Father, this amazing word, is not only speaking to me but neon signing me!
    Several weeks ago Daddy told me ” The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous” and I delved into passages to further my understanding. He has been reawakening dreams and providing future clientele for me in both of my businesses. He has shown me the photography studio I am to have and the bakery I am to have, and I have been praying daily for the removal of hindrances of these dreams and the hindrances to sell my house.
    This word in conjunction with the removal of queen Vashti is Holy Angel voices singing all over me. My spirit and soul rejoice. I am in a full spirit of expectancy today and even more so since reading this word from Papa.
    The Lord is worthy of all praise, He is our provider our protector our Jehovah, He is wondrous, Awesome and Good.
    I thank you for heeding His call in your life to be a blessing in mine.
    Prepare the way of the Lord for He is drawing nigh.
    Hallelujah! Glory to the King of Kings!
    Now I must get back to baking and in the spirit is where He does His best work in this kitchen.

      1. Daphenie Benders says:

        Dear Jamie,

        I received the same idea as our Sister Tamie Haley a few days ago about opening my own bakery in a foreign country and I have great faith that God Almighty will lead me in the right path. He will provide the funding (I call it Faith Money!) to make this possible (phillipians 4:13). The word that you received from above is on point!

        Be Blessed!

  3. Yes, yes, yes. I heard a confirmation from another Minister earlier today. The Lord is certainly speaking to me. Pray that He strengthens my body and will to carry out His (wealth building) plan through me.

  4. Sindiswa Ngubeni says:

    Wow Jamie this is so spot on for me. Since lastweek Thursday God has been linking me up with people who have exciting investment opportunities for me. I had asked Him for this because I applied for funds I am trusting will come into my hands so resources I need for doing His work never run out( I work with young people) and that I may also be able to sow into other peoples ministries. I trust this money will come in I have done the work so more of His works be done. Thank you for sharing this word Jamie. It has encouraged me and I will keep praying for this break through

  5. Debra J Caine says:

    Thanks Jesus for helping me on a journey of a financial blessing because we really need it.

  6. Sonja Ayers says:

    Thank you so much for today’s message that was for me only. Now I need a prayer to help me manifest that dream that has been hunting me for about 8 years now. I cry out loud but to no avail. Now I see a door peeping through and I need it to swing wide. I love you and God bless your ministry

  7. This is on point. This speaks directly to me. I am moving and praying along the way.

  8. Linda Cusimano says:

    Jamie, once again His word through you is a very direct and timely confirmation of what He is calling me to do. I was spending time with the Lord, thinking through the next steps of what I knew I needed to do to move forward in the vision that He gave me years ago. “Queen Vashti” has put me in a season of ugly immobility 23 months ago. I was released from that just a month ago. I was closing down my computer to move on to other activities when His Spirit nudged me to take time to read your message for today. AGAIN, MY HEART LEAPT WITH THE WORDS OF CONFIRMATION YOU WERE SHARING!!!!
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your faithfulness!
    I pray His richest blessings pour out on you and your family today.
    Linda C

  9. jackline mulanda says:

    Amen Jamie thanx ihave been praying for breakthrough and ajob ihave faith that all is well.

  10. WOW……that was my confirmation. I’ve been struggling for years to create an online source of income. As a business owner I judged online income streams as fads/trends and cliche. The Lord gave me an idea years ago….I discounted it and then saw a christian celebrity purchase the same idea from another christian online biz owner for millions. I was shocked and immediately disheartened because i knew the Lord had given me the same idea but I discounted it. I have noticed in the last month after years, I finally began to say “okay”, I know this is a legit way to reach the world, beyond my immediate area, with the services God has called me to provide. I began taking small steps this weekend and they were immediately profitable. So I sat here in my home office preparing to do more and noticed ” WOW, I don’t have the same judgemental mindset about this anymore…awesome.” Ten minutes later….your email pops up! So that is all the confirmation I needed. I also had asked God for a release of some funds owed me(from people) but I also said that I know that He has a bank account for me that I have access to so I prayed and asked for a release of those funds.
    Wowsa… keep watching for the rain clouds brethren! I saw one the size of a man’s fist yesterday…now…I see the storm clouds of favor, blessings, and wealth rolling in!! LOL.

  11. Reading this feels like my heavenly Father really is responding my desperate prayers of this half year for restoring my financial situation.
    Years ago I felt God’s love to help a lady out of prostitution and He confirmed several times I had to go on and be patient, as He has been with my life.
    But last year I came into a financial crisis because she couldn’t find a full-time job to live her own life, and from this year’s July she is back into this evil world. She is forced into it by her former partner, but she stayed there because it seems the only way for her to help her poor family abroad, because she is unemployed.
    I know her too long to simply quit supporting. Every 30 euros saves her from another ‘customer’ and doing the things God’s heart hurts.
    I believe this is all a devil’s trap and I proclaim Jesus reigning over our city, including these streets. This has to stop and her life has to be restored as well as my finances.
    I also believe that God planted a desire into my heart, to start helping the poor gypsies in their country (via local churches) to help them to be protected against these horrible ways to stay alive.

  12. Sara DeJournett says:

    Cool. No more procrastinating because of fear. Needed to hear this and the previous word because I was about to give up on everything.
    A while back I painted a picture of a wave and a river coming through a door, and I couldn’t find the word, I believe you prophesied it, but, when I read that after painting the picture I knew Good was confirming certain things to me and so I am going to stop being afraid and go for it because I am
    convinced it is now or never.

  13. Kimberlee Herman says:

    I have been praying for breakthrough for so long. Just in the last 5 days I’ve been keeping track of my dreams. Your word confirms the dreams Father has been giving me! How cool is that?!

  14. This is absolutely incredible!!! ! I just summoned courage today to take a decisive step towards ideas that the LORD has been impressing upon my heart.

    God continually bless you Jamie and shine HIS COUNTENANCE on you and your family. ?


  15. Yes Jamie GOD has been putting in my heart to start a blog for his ministry.He was reminding me of the idea in me this morning .Then I read your blog today it blew my mind. My husband is a soon to be Pastor and God wants to use us in a mighty way.Please Jamie tell me how to start a blog what’s the first step to get this going.thanks

    1. Hi April! I pasted my response to the other comment below, in case others have the same question. I only want to add: SO glad that you are doing this, in particular being pastors! Pastors NEED this tool! I am passionate about seeing pastors reach more people using technology. Go for it, and if you have questions, you’re welcome to ask anytime!


      Buy a domain using the domain registrar of your choice. You can get a good .com domain for $0.99. Then use self-hosted WordPress to build your site. If you want a step-by-step guide, grab my How to Blog for Profit 101 webinar from my Gumroad store. It comes with a getting-started guide and all the tips you’ll need to build a nice website and grow a blog.

      The getting-started guide is self-explanatory. For the webinar video, listen to it once to get an overview of what’s possible; then rewind it and work on just one step at a time.

      I also recommend that you watch my free YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWmqxETvFR0 for some helpful tips.

      Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint! But you can do it – and your reward in Heaven will be great, for you can reach the whole world this way! Blessings to you on your journey!

  16. I usually never comment, nor even read all the emails I subscribe to. However, as I was praying this morning about the things God has spoken in my spirit, and about how to increase my network, He dropped your name into my spirit… Then on my morning break out of all the unread emails, my eyes were drawn to the one containing this link…. So if your obedience was for no one else this morning, it was our Father giving me confirmation to press forward into the dreams He has given me decades ago. Thank You.

    1. Praise God! Thanks for reading today’s email, and I hope to see you back often! So thrilled that Papa used this word to encourage you!
      Have a super day! <3

  17. Hi Jamie,

    I don’t think that God has already given me ideas on wealth creation, whether through dreams or through other means.

    Does your word about 7 days of abundance apply to everyone on your subscribers’list? Thanks a lot!


    1. It applies to everyone who wants to receive it, and will believe God for it! <3 Just pray into it and ask the Father to show you and give you wisdom, if you aren't sure what ideas He's speaking to you about!

      1. Hi Jamie,



  18. Hi Jamie thank you so much for this word today. It really confirms that I have to start writing a book to teach children to read. It was mind blowing and I accept it thank you again.

  19. Wow! God is so awesome. Jamie I have been working on my second book. I have wanted to get together with a group of women and encourage them, have, dinner and prayer getting this together as we speak.

  20. Rebecca L Jones says:

    I went back and read more about Vashti because I had not done a more than a profile of her. I’m glad she’s gone. Waiting to see what is in store, I am hearing from a prayer board that I am on that God is breaking off these strongholds by the end of the year.

  21. Sister Jaimie ,
    I have already started my own business it’s small but I have a dream of it blooming big. Recently the lord has brought people referrals that I didn’t even have to work hard for! Though I still have a job that supplements my family my dream is to put in my 2 weeks in January and dedicate myself full time to my new business . This is my dream the lord has pushed me to carry out !
    Thank you for confirming it.

  22. Hi Jamie,
    The Lord has been putting ideas into my heart. I love cooking and making desserts especially and He placed
    that in my heart – along with creating paintings for interiors. But I wasn’t ever sure it was from Him and with the catering – even how to move forward as I’ve never done this before. Please pray for me that I will have some kind of confirmation.
    Thanks you! Blessing to you Jamie from the Lord!

  23. Marion Johnson says:

    Hi Jamie! This prophetic word is on point with what’s been going on with me for the last 6-7 months! And yes, Yahweh has shown me visions and dreams of business ventures for more than 15 years! So, I accept His Will for my life and so honored that He loves me so much that He allowed us to cross paths via email!

    May YAHWEH always bless you and family Jamie!


  24. Who are you Jamie??? Who are youuuuu!!!???!!! The Holy Spirit definitely dwells in you and is using you to speak to me!! I pledge today that as this ministry has watered me so will I water it abundantly from the proceeds of this God given confirmation.. thank you so much ABBA father.. The past two prophecies have been overwhelming and I give God all the glory in Jesus’s precious and mighty name AMEN

  25. Mary Azumah says:

    Iam blessed to be a part of Gods divine provision at such a time,I applied for financial support from my bankers to augment my business for now and I can see the approval very closed may be tomorrow, I know it is Jehovah that is arranging all on my behalf, the wealth of the gentiles is mine this week.Amen

  26. Mary Azumah says:

    Iam blessed to be a part of Gods divine provision at such a time,I applied for financial support from my bankers to augment my business for now and I can see the approval very closed may be tomorrow, I know it is Jehovah that is arranging all on my behalf, the wealth of the gentiles is mine this week.Amen thank you

  27. Jacqueline says:

    The Spirit said to me a fresh wind is coming a couple of days ago. I believe what you’ve declared is what he is meaning. This post agrees with my spirit. I only pray to clearly discern what the Lord gives me.

  28. Yes this is it ????????❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. WOW. Thank You, Jesus! This connects, enlightens and confirms several occurrences in my life both recent and past few years. Bless you, Jamie for your yielded-ness and obedience to Abba. His outpoured blessing on your son and hubby too. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  30. Linda Hansen says:

    Hi Jamie
    I am new to your community of seekers. And have been blessed by your ministry. I have been seeking the Lord since June when a real estate position I was in suddenly stopped. I was 2 yrs in this new occupation & this was a major blow to lose this position. I love interior design & am praying that somehow I can move into that profession. Your word gives me courage & encourages me to seek, pray & obey the Lord in His leading. Thank you!

  31. This messages is for me. Thank you Jesus.

  32. Charmaine says:

    Hi Jamie yes these e-mails you send me makes sense to me .I felt blocked in these past years I don’t know how to explain. I don’t know what it means?? But you gave me courage to keep walking I don’t know where am I … I always praying to God to teaching me how to walk in the spirit and teach me to listen his voice. Thank u Jamie for helping me God bless u all. love u Jesus

  33. Yes Lord!
    Thank you for a timely relevant Rhema Word. I Am moving forward in the creative ideas you have Imparted in me.
    Yes, I will participate!
    Yes, I will drink of Your well!
    Yes, I will see Your goodness in the land of the living!
    Thank You for Your Divine Impetus, Inspiration, Holy Flow and Drive to carry out these wealth-building ideas in Jesus name. Thsnk You for not allowing this Word to leave Jamie, and bring it to us. You are soooo Amazing Abba, I love You!

  34. Pastor John Tucker says:

    Good Morning Sweet Sister in Jesus!!
    The LORD gave me a Word during an intercessory time in January, 2014:
    “Tsunami Supply” and I actually physically felt the force of it and was overwhelmed by it at that time and have been pondering, meditating and watching in the Spirit for confirmation as well as looking for confirmation in this world thru the movement of monies thru billionaires and governments; being hesitant and guarded to see how this might unfold since that day I received that Word. Thank you for being a voice of agreement and confirmer. Awaiting His supply as He has promised in His WORD and is confirming with signs and wonders before our very eyes? Thanks for being in the Spirit and speaking as He speaks!!
    Pastor John T.

  35. Jennifer M Fredrick says:


  36. Thanks Jamie,

    The word came in right in time. I have several dreams of making wealth through business and also to impact life of people in the community. There’s this project I have wanted to start. It has been so challenging to begin because of finances. Just recently after working on it and now I was getting frustrated because of finances I told God to take it over. That night after praying I went to sleep. In my dream I saw a couple that came embraced me and held my hand. They were on vacation in my country and now they were going back. In the dream I saw them embracing my dream and they walked through with me. We left each other as they were planning for a fundraising for the project. I love God, He is a wonder

  37. This is very much confirmation for me, The LORD actually has given me inventions to create wealth!!! So powerful thank you Abba, for using ypur daughter to encourage me and many others.

  38. Denay Willie says:

    Yes, Amen! Spot on. Denay from Cape Town, South Africa

  39. Tabitha Sekoati says:

    I totally agree that God has something in store for me, business wise.
    I would very much want to have resources to support the work of God, and I believe God is opening doors in answer to my prayer, in Jesus’ name.

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