The Lord Is Dethroning Queen Vashti

Has something been standing in your way the last two years, preventing you from becoming who you are? If so, this word is for you. The Lord spoke to me today that He is dethroning Queen Vashti in your life, to prepare the way for you to govern over your rightful inheritance.

Here’s what He said:

You put up with hell for two years, but the third year (the year of resurrection) has begun.

During the last two years, you dealt with transition and unexpected wrong. Everything you have always believed was questioned, and everything you have believed about yourself was questioned.

You came through it all right, however; and now you know much more clearly who you are.

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Six months ago, the Lord began to throw a party for you.

He began by confirming your promises and re-affirming His covenant. One step at a time, He reassured you about who you are. He put back together your belief system so that you now know, more than ever, the truth of what you believe.

The Lord has been celebrating you all this time. You were not able to understand His feelings over you due to your woundedness; but He was healing you with joy in His heart. He understood what you could not understand, and He brought you through it, knowing perfectly what He was about.

Now, He has given you your joy back–and you know it. For the first time in many days, you sense the joy of the Lord in you, on you, and over your life. Hallelujah!

Now, it is time for you to reign.

The Lord has prepared a beautiful place for you. It’s all decked out and ready. This place has all the provision, all the splendor, and all the joy that the Lord has promised you for so many years.

You have seen it coming, but you have wondered if you really happened–because you have still seen Queen Vashti sitting in a place where she ought not.

Who is Queen Vashti?

Vashti represents the situation, people, or circumstances that have been hindering your destiny. You have heard Vashti speaking to you and saying “I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow” (Revelation 18:7); and, although you have believed the word of the Lord, you have neither seen nor known how YOU could reign with Vashti in your way.

You would never do anything about Vashti yourself, but you have seen the apparent impossibility of seeing your promises fulfilled with Vashti still in charge.

Vashti has not only been disrespectful to King Jesus, but she has also kept you from becoming who you are.

With Vashti on the throne, you have not been able to fully become who you are.

You have not been able to speak your own language. You have not been able to master your own house, and the world has not seen you all this time. You feel like you have been hidden behind Vashti’s shadow.

But the Lord says to you today: “It pleases Me to remove every hindrance that has seen fit to block My plans for you.”

The Lord sees what others do not see. He sees you in the shadows. No one else knows you, but He does. He has preserved you for such a time as this.

You are about to look around you in wonder, for the Lord is dethroning Queen Vashti and removing her from your life entirely.

You will now be able to honor King Jesus publicly.

You will bear a witness for who He is. He will use you to tell everyone about what He has done for you. You will rule and reign in the places the Lord put in your spirit many years ago …

… but that you then forgot or questioned …

… those places about which He began reminding and re-confirming to you, six months ago.

Those places of government are becoming yours right now, for the wicked reign of Queen Vashti is toppling. She will topple in one day, and you will remember her no more.

Is Holy Spirit bearing witness of this word in your heart? If so, please leave a comment below and share what the Lord is affirming to you!

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  1. This message is for me. Thank you Jesus

    1. Diane Dodgson says:

      Wow God is so amazing He knew exactly what I needed and I certainly needed this. God’s Holy Spirit spoke to me some weeks ago and my heart filled to overflowing with joy to the point I thought I’d burst. This word spoke deep into my heart and confirmed to me what I was shown and what I would be doing! So amazing. Thank you!

      1. My, my, my! An on time Word! Thank God for His Gift in His Servant!

      2. Oneita Turner says:

        Thank u Jesus I receive it n claim it Thank u Lord Amen this word is a confirmation ??????

        1. Yes Jesus Christ is good and the father, God bless all of you!!
          A – men!!

        2. Thanks to you Lord God I’m Grateful for your word.

      3. Millicent says:

        The lord truly confirms his word through his messenger. God just used you to speak a word in this season. Thank you. Glory to God!


    3. Adrenamae says:

      This message is for me. This is directed to my current situation. GOD is all knowing. Praise be unto his name.

      1. God is good u follow his word and he will reward you in heart mind and soul
        I thank Jesus for everything.
        A – men
        Piece for all people in the world

    4. Nadine Mcdonald says:

      Thank you ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Hallelujah ? this surely has hit home. I believe God is coming through for me right now and that Vhasti is going to be destroyed out of my life forever. Praise God Almighty. I can’t wait to give God a praise PUBLICLY. God bless you and this ministry and your family.

      Blessings ?

      1. Yes Jesus Christ is good and the father, God bless all of you!!
        A – men!!
        Yes vhasti will be destroyed sooner than later.
        Piece for the world.
        Thanks God for God!!

    5. A well spoken story of my entire life.

    6. Joan Taylor says:

      Thank you for this amazing confirmation and revelation. I read your prophetic message twice over the past two days, and I still in awe of this revelation. Words cannot express adequately all that I have to say…I have been hidden in plain sight for many years. The past two years have been murderous, but Jesus. I persevered and been productive through cycles of violence, each round took me higher, giving me greater wisdom, and anointing. Six months ago the Lord led me to take an Esther risk, the temporary outcome was devastating. Now I know why, Queen Vashti was in the way. Most recently, joy has returned. The Word I received last year, Now is the Time for the Manifestation is happening wight now. The Heavens are open, it’s harvest time, the rain has come.

    7. Debbie Skaaden says:

      Jamie I feel this word is for me. It some thinking and kinda like putting a puzzle together. Thinking about each situation and putting it together with the prophecy. The only part I’m not sure about is the last part about government. Again thank you and bless you Jamie for all you are doing for God and for us. Father please bless Jamie and her beautiful family with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. Amen!

    8. Prophetess Cheryl Buchanan says:

      Oh my Sister by the anointing and the Holy Ghost has God revealed this to you. Thank You.
      I literally have been calling Resurrection forth by The Spirit. My husband has been wandering and others had been in the place where I stand. You are so correct. The there are monies due me I am expecting that I was denied after being told it was due me. I had an invention someone else took and got credit for it. Millions upon millions have been made on this idea. But it’s mine. I made a musical beat entered a contest I did not win. But JayZ and Alicia Keys used the beat in their song NewYork.

    9. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Praise God for His Great Blood..that He revealed what is Vashti is hiding in our lives for us not to see what the Lord stores for us…Great His Your Name Lord..thank you n bless you Sister Jamie

    10. I have no words to explain how much this is confirming a lot of things.

      Thank you for allowing God to use you

    11. Roselyn Wiggins says:

      Yes its time for Vashti to go and hers 👍🏻

    12. This is more than a prophesy. You have said everything exactly, and you are speaking about me! Thank you so much Jamie. Vashti is surely toppled from her false throne.

    13. Wow Jamie this message is definitely for me . Your words were literally jump of the page . I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking through you . Thank you God for this word


      Yes!! Amen!! Thank you Pastor. God bless you Indeed. I still remember the prophecy released in 2019 December- Rest was the word and it came to pass. I am expecting the word for 2022!! Hallelujah, my Vashti has been toppled!!

    15. Thank you Lord that your are blessing my life and Queen Vashti’s is a no longer in my life! Thank you for the powerful word!

    16. E Joyce Kirven says:

      Thank You Lord Jesus you have spoken the word of God. That’s The Holy Spirit been speaking to me all praise glory and honor belongs to God Almighty. Amen

    17. Annie Francis says:

      I can see hope in the message, as really in the past two years I have gone through hell. In 2020 I lost my job and was struggling financially. In 2021 my husband left me for a women 20 years younger then him and my struggle increased with two grown up daughters to make for their education. I was wondering what more worse could happen. I found a job but it does not pay much and it is difficult to meet ends so I have to do two jobs now. I hope the third year of resurrection truly brings the Lords Glory.

    18. Powerful! This is for me! Thank God for your mercy. Abba Father I thank you for removing Queen Vashiti in my life. For two years it’s been hell in my own home. Lord I thank you for your mercies for removing oppression, fear and rejeiction in my life. I need a house of my own where Queen Vashti won’t rule even though divorced, e are forced to live in the same house because if the lies that were told to the court. We were married 26 yrs and all of a sudden he wanted off after visiting Africa, reason being he wanted to build his own empire by himself, little did I know he has been planning for this 5yrs before. He got a lawyer and they manipulated everything and lied we have been separated over 5 years and before I knew it even after I wrote to the court several times to say it was a lie as we still shared even our matrimonial bed..but it went no where..the divorce went through and to my suprise he had convinced the court that we are happy to live together, even saw a letter written as if it came from both of us but unfortunately, because I didn’t have a lawyer, may case was heard but ALL ENDED IN HIS FAVOUR! AS HE HAD CLEARLY SAID WAY BEFORE THIS COURT CASE : WATCH THE SPACE, MARK MY WORD, NO ONE WILL MOVE FROM HERE EVEN AFTER DIVIRCE NOT YOU, NEITHEE THE CHILDREN! SURPRISINGLY EVEN AFTER GOING BACK TO COURT TO CHALLENGE THIS, ALL EASILY LIKE A MIRACLE RIGHT ON MY EYES, TGE JUDGE RULED RULED AGAIN TO HIS FAVOUR, THAT IF PERSONALLY I WANT TO LEAVE I COULD BUT MY YOUNGER CHILD TURNS 18. HE IS 16 NOW! I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN HOW DIFFICULT IT IS BUT GOD HAS BEEN MY STRENGTH! I CAN’T LEAVE HIM AS HE IS VERY VULNERABLE AND ARE ALWAYS IN DISAGREEMENT WITH HIS DAD! MAY ALMIGHTY REMOVE GOD REMOVE SHAME AND REPROACH AND BRING ME PEACE AND FREEDOM A DIVINE HUSBAND AND JOY IN MY LIFE AGAIN. I AM STUCK WITH MONITORING EYES AND VERY HEAVY DEMONIC SPIRITSIN THIS HOUSE BUT I BELIEVE PAPA HAS SPOKEN! THANK YOU OH LORD! I WILL BE BACK WITH A GREAT TESTIMONY ! THANK YOU DO MUCH Jamie .I have been following you so closely and you have blessed and encouraged me greatly. I know God is doing a great thing in my life! He will wipe all my tears in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!Gracie

    19. Mary Coleman says:

      All I can say is Amen and Amen. This message is just fore me. I was just thinking a few day’s ago about all the beautiful things, that God revealed to me some year’s ago about my life and I remember thinking God I don’t know if I will every get to that place; i won’t to but it seems like so many thing’s is blocking me. It seems like the more I try to move forward the more difficult things become. However I’m not giving up, or quitting.

    20. Ann Wilhoite says:

      I believe and receive this in Jesus’ name. Thank you Lord. Amen

    21. Charles Christian says:

      The message is for me.

    22. Lisa Ross Guerin says:

      This word spoke directly to me!!!…
      I have felt and sensed this same thing. However I had no idea what it was called, let alone what to do about it. I just kept plugging away and plowing through. I was believing that one day I would come out on the other side. I know there are mountains, huge mountains and giants in front of me. But I bulldoze my way thru them to “just keep going”. I am surviving by the grace of God. But I am not living in th abundance His word promises. I truly believe this queen vashti is the reason why. I bust her back right now in The Name of Jesus, and I command her down!! Bound and rebuked! Cast back to the place she came from, and out of my way. I have endured and waited. I have rested and I have wared. I have kept my face on The Lord and carried on thru every battle and resistant storm before me. I call for my victory now. In Jesus Name. Amen. May i recieve what The Lord has for me, to the fullest.
      Your will be done Lord. On earth as it is in heaven. Amen amen.

    23. Amen Amen. Overcoming the pain and the obstacles in my Life in Jesus Christ Son of the most High Father God ✝️

  2. God is speaking heavy! This is amazing! He is amazing! The timing is beyond accurate!

  3. This message is for me I receive it in The mighty name of Jesus Christ amen

    1. Patricia hodgden says:

      Thanks Jesus Christ love from your heart!!! Patriciaa men

    2. Roselyn R Mclean says:

      I Receive it in Jesus name 🙏

    3. I am the one He has shown mercy. All glory to HIM! HE maketh all things beautiful in HIS time. Warmest regards Sis
      and remain forever blessed!¡

  4. Pauline Borgan says:

    God’s timing is so…perfect! I receive these words in Jesus’ name. The crown fits and I desire to show honor and praise to our King! Blessings sweet sisters. Let us all prepare. We are royalty and our Father is King!!!

    1. Amen ?? hallelujah God is faithful ????

  5. Jamie I am beyond words.! This prophecy speaks to my very core. The “2 years, “Queen Vashti”, and the rest of it. I am claiming this and thank you Holy Spirit for speaking to me thru Jamie!

  6. Glorious is my Almighty Father in Heaven, glory be to my King Jesus Christ my mighty Lord and Saviour through the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. 19 I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. 20 However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” Luke 10:18

  7. Christine says:

    Amen! This Word speaks to me and I feel joy on the inside. All glory belongs to the Lord. Thank you.

  8. Tamie Haley Tyra says:

    Sister, this word speaks directly to my spirit. I receive this word upon my life, upon my circumstance, upon the talents and gifts Papa has given me that He has led me to hone over these past 2 years. Thank you Sister for a timely word. My spirit leapt when I read “in one day” for these are the words He whispered to me when I couldn’t understand what was hindering me. He said ” in one day I will remove ask that has stopped my plans for you”. I feel such joy and elation at this word. I believe in His word,I believe in His faithfulness toward us His children and I believe in the freedom He will provide by removing the hindrance.
    Thank you beloved sister.

    1. Tamie this is the scripture I read the other day

      Zechariah 3:9 New International Version
      See, the stone I have set in front of Joshua! There are seven eyes on that one stone, and I will engrave an inscription on it,’ says the LORD Almighty, ‘and I will remove the sin of this land in a single day.

      I tell you when I read that it immediately sat in my spirit I know this word was for me and I JUST LOVE OUR DADDY HE IS THE BEST DADDY EVER!!!!!

  9. Linda Cusimano says:

    Jamie, I wish I had the space to give you details of what I have experienced over the past 2 years. His Word through you today lined up so specifically with my life experience that my heart leapt with the encouraging words!!!
    Thank you, thank you for listening to and speaking His Word.
    Linda C

  10. Rebecca L Jones says:

    I going to rethink Vashti right now. I thought Jezebel was the culprit.

  11. Thank you Jamie, this word is for me too. Yep! I receive it! Queen Vasti has ruled long enough, she is falling and God’s promises of restoration and His plans are coming into being. I declare it!
    God’s timing is amazing! Thank you Jesus!

  12. Amen ?? I receive this message and have waiting and waiting and here it is ????I am overwhelmed with joy and God’s faithfulness

  13. amen and amen, I receive it in Jesus name

  14. Denise Challenor says:

    Dear Lord, Thank you! Thank you Holy Spirit!! Thank you Papa God!!! I feel the joy of the Lord in my spirit again. Thank you dear Jamie. I receive this wonderful news and look forward to freedom and deliverance from Queen Vashti’s reign.

  15. My God has spoken. Amen.
    This is very very timely for me. I write from Kenya. Three hours ago I lay on my bed and my prayer ‘was’ ; Jesus I believe but help my unbelief!!
    This is an answer to my prayer.
    Thank You Jesus.
    Be blessed

  16. Mary Azumah says:

    Glory be to God in the highest,my dear sister this is making my heart leap for joy cos for 2years now I’ve been battling with a lot of challenges but this have given me more hope in God cos He is preparing a place for me in the presence my enemies. God bless you

  17. jackline mulanda says:

    Thank you so much Jamie this message it meant for me.

  18. Donna McCann says:


    This so resonated with my spirit. Thank you for your obedience to Holy Spirit to speak out this word. . Papa loves his girls and He has only begun to set us free. This so confirms exactly where I am right now and I receive it. Amen.

  19. Lara Whittaker says:

    I receive this word, the Holy Spirit has excited this in my spirit. Amen thank you for your faithfulness that God would speak you to me.

  20. Thank you so much for hearing Father’s heart. This word is right on. I am so thankful that this is portion of my journey is over, it has been difficult. I delta breakthrough this morning a shift, then I saw this word and knew it was confirming all that I had been through. Thank you!

  21. CHRISTINA M ODell says:

    May it be according to this word, Lord.

  22. Antoinette says:

    Amen!!!Amen!!!!Amen!!!. I am claiming this word for me and my sons. God has spoken. Sorrow He turns into joy!!! I was down and under but thank you Lord when Iam down You are able to do morr than I can imagine. You are mighthy!!!Your are powerful!!! You are my God. My miracle worker!!My promise keeper!! My light in the darkness!!!I worship You my Lord!!!

  23. This is so specific and timely. It confirms recent revelations for my life from the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jamie and God bless you for being a vessel.

  24. I am shaken beyond belief..God is awesome.haven’t opened my mail in a few days and it kept tugging my heart to,I opened and this is the first mail that jumped at me..I lost my very dear sister in 2015 n lost the will to live,a year prior her death my business had crumbled n I had to move back in with my after her death I was a total mess n stopped praying up until about 4 months ago when my younger sister called me and said she had a dream n to cut a long story short she said I needed to start serving God again n stopped mourning otherwise I’d fall Ill n I went to God in repentance,four your site online n became active,joined you bible and started reading several devotional n praying and about a month ago even tho I’m still at my mum’s n my finances haven’t changed I started experiencing joy unspeakable n loving God so much again and resting in his arms only for him to use you to deliver this message to me..I LOVE YOU JESUS CHRIST SO MUCH..I receive this message with thanksgiving. God bless you jamie

  25. Thank you for this message. It enlightens me and will guide me to glorify God

  26. This is incredibly accurate and I thank you ?? for the Word that confirms what the Lord has been speaking to me over the last two years.

  27. Amen n Amen to that. Praise You Lord. May Your Kingdom reign with power & truth!

  28. Thank you for this word, it is true my work for the Lord has been hidden from so many who could use the blessings from it. God Bless you Jaime!

  29. Gwynne Nation says:

    THank you Jamie for your perfect timing once again! This speaks to the battle I’ve been in for my destiny. I believe God is preparing to release women into their callings and giving them a voice SOON! I am ready to step into and walk in ALL that He has prepared for me to walk in to His glory??.

  30. Charmaine says:

    Thanks Amen Just for me! Got similar word three weeks ago

  31. Glory to God. Exactly two years ago I was stopoed, silenced and were living in the shadows. The Lord opened the door for me to speak Nov. 19, and this was a confirmation. I receive it that Queen Vashti has been completely removed in my ministry. I was discouraged in the ministry for two years. Blessings!


    Love u my sister Jamie. Blessed are you sweet daughter of the Most High

  33. What a message!! This is for me. Thank you Jesus for confirmation. Thank you Jamie for your obedience to listen and share with the body. I am shaken by the accuracy.

  34. Thank you Jamie. I asked Holy Spirit for a word just an hour ago and was led to Esther 2, where she is chosen to replace Queen Vashti!
    What you have written here very accurately reflects my situation these last several years that I have been praying about consistantly.
    Thank you for your wonderful ministry, and thank you Father for this tremendously accurate and uplifting word.

  35. Amen. I am humbled by this Word. Let it be as You say My Lord.

  36. Oh Jamie! Spoton message without being edited! For so long now I have been on one spot, though isn’t easy but I told Daddy that I’m going nowhere until He bless me here. I’m just dancing in the thunderstorms believing that one day He will remember me. I receive in the name of Jesus that my Vashti is being dethroned

  37. This message was for me, Jamie! Thank you Lord for speaking to me through your beautiful prophet Jamie. Praise God!

  38. hohgran philips says:

    Did you read the book of esther.

    After reading the book of esther i believe that queen vashti did not do any sin.

    She only wanted to protect her honour.

    So what do u guys think ?

    Is queen vashti really evil ?

    Did she commit any sinful things ?

    1. Hi there. Good question. In relation to the story of Esther, the Bible actually does not say why Vashti refused. It also does not say that she was protecting her honor. We actually do not know why she refused. There is much speculation about this in the world, but that’s all it is–speculation.

      From the Bible, all we know is that the king asked for advice from his wise men–“who understood the times” and who “knew law and justice”–and that this was the solution they felt was wisest, and the most just, considering the circumstances (Esther 1:13). We also know that somehow the issues of not ruling one’s own house and not being able to speak one’s own language at home were related, and addressed in the solution (Esther 1:21-22).

      HOWEVER, and this is the most important thing:

      This article is a prophetic word, not a historical exposition of the book of Esther. Why Queen Vashti did what she did in the story of Esther is really not the point at all–and you miss the real point if you focus on that.

      The prophetic application of this word is about how Esther was destined to rule, but she could not do so because someone else–or, for us, something else–was in her way. This is the rhema (timely) application for the people of God: that we are each destined to rule in some way, and God has seen the situations, people, or circumstances sitting in the way of our rightful place–those things in the way of our becoming who we were created to be. And God is moving those things out of the way, so we can fully become who we are.

      Thanks for reading!

  39. alwin Vinoth says:

    This message is for me sister thanks to lord jesus and you

  40. caroline naidoo says:

    amen amen amen this is finally my word;oh how I have waited for this yipeeeeeeeeeee.thx jamie

  41. Tears filling my eyes as I read these words! I don’t know how! I just know WHO! I praise you LORD!!

  42. Armstrong says:

    wow this word is indeed very personal to me and my situation,praise God queen Vashti is fallen

  43. This word resonates with me today in a big way. I sensed that “someone”/”something” was about to be overthrown but I couldn’t quite articulate it. I so appreciate starting my week with this confirmation.
    God is good! Praise Lord Jesus Christ! God bless you, Jamie.

  44. Kim Miller says:

    Praise God for your obedience and openness to Him. This word is for me and I receive it, with tears in my eyes, in Jesus name!

  45. This statement below speaks volumes to me.

    You have not been able to speak your own language. You have not been able to master your own house, and the world has not seen you all this time. You feel like you have been hidden behind Vashti’s shadow.

    Hallelujah and be gone Vashti shadow. Amen

  46. Ndanatswa says:

    Wow to God be all the glory , what a timely message and l receive it . Thank you Jamie for being obedient and sharing the word , God bless you .

  47. I have been praying for clarity in my situation. Last night as I looked at the date, I saw it was 2 years ago to the date Nov 19th. Then I wake up this morning to your message on Queen Vashti. God is good! The Lord is dethroning Queen Vashiti for ME and removing her from my life entirely. Hallelujah!! She WILL topple in one day and I will remember her no more. I claim it and receive it in Jesus name. Thank you heavenly Father for speaking to me through Jamie.

  48. I was sitting at my desk at work when I got what would have been a devastating blow just a short few months ago. But God in His infinite wisdom ministered to my heart and calmed the stormy sea that was brewing. This word so speaks to me and my situation. It also shows that God does answer prayer even though sometimes we think or feel He doesn’t or is even delayed in a response. Vashti is dethroned! A prayer I have prayed for many months. Thank you Jesus for your servant and this revelation. The word you gave me prior to reading this blog was “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but your will prevails”. Once again a promise that has come to pass. Amen!!


    1. Pauline Borgan says:

      I feel the joy overflowing from you. God is so…good! praise His Holy Name!!

  50. Lisa Pritchard says:

    Thank you for Gods word!
    I receive this………..amen,& amen!

  51. This word could not have been more accurate and timely. It is for me — without a doubt. Thank you so much for this post. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

  52. Marilyn Bucci says:

    Yes he has ordered my steps since October of 2016;I had so much going on in my home,at one of these bad times I went out on my porch and said,God I need Your direction and he made an arrow out of three clouds in the sky,and My Pastor’s sermon was about Elijah going 250 miles in wrong direction God showed me 250 miles from where I was is where I’m at now,then I am in the church He wants me in and many words have spoken over me. But before all of this there had been great resistance even now there is some.

  53. Thank you so much, this message is so timely, inspiring, uplifting and deeply significant! Glory to the Father, thank you eternally for leading me here synchronistically, for guiding me, protecting me and helping with every step of my life purpose. In Jesus’s name I pray and give eternal thanks xx

  54. Sara Carolina says:

    Jamie,me asombra y me llena de gozo leer estas palabras de confirmación sobre lo que Dios ha estado hablando a mi vida!!! Adoro a mi Señor y le doy gracias por hablarme a través de ti. Dios te bendiga grandementer!!!! Te amo en el amor de Jesús!!!

  55. Amen! It truly resonates with me especially the timings indicated. Indeed our God is faithful! Thank you Jamie for availing yourself as a vessel to deliver His word.

  56. Thank you! Good word for me as well:)

  57. Amen. I receive this promise and believe it to come to pass in my life.

  58. Thank you for the powerful word. God is using you in such a mighty way. Mt. Ennon’s Sunday’s message spoke of the exact same thing. Deliverance, Victory from my enemies – Exodus 14:13 ” Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever. Incredible confirmation from the Holy Spirit. May God continue to bless you and your family

  59. Charlotte says:

    Hi Jamie… this defnis for me. I had going through a rough patch from Jan after hearing abt an affair mt husband had. Anyway it was torment this whole year. Because i wanted to leave hubby as he continued his online affair (at first they met and had intimate relations, then it was only online), but God just wouldn’t let me. It was the most hurtful thing ever. I actually lost 16 kgs and didnt want to live anymore. But in May during the abusive times, God started giving me scriptures like Ps 138.8 and Exodus 14.13&14 and many more… i knew i had to stay and stay at Jesus’ feet but i was so wounded and hurt. But i started believing that God will do His work. Thats when i came across your site and the jezebel spirit post. I actually turned that post into a prayer, i was desperate for God to work in my situation. Well He def did cos im alm at my victory line. Its good to hear this abt Vasti in my way. It brings alot of relief and freedom to me. I don’t have the complete victory yet but its better than before. We moved half way across to world to join hubby and he has changed somewhat so i can say truly say God is working. All gory and honor and praise to the King of of kings. Amen.

  60. Charlotte says:

    Hi Jamie… this def is for me. I had been going through a rough patch from Jan after hearing abt an affair my husband had. Anyway it was torment this whole year. Because i wanted to leave hubby as he continued his online affair (at first they met and had intimate relations, then it was only online), but God just wouldn’t let me leave him. It was the most hurtful thing ever. I actually lost 16 kgs and didnt want to live anymore. But in May during the most abusive times, God started giving me scriptures like Ps 138.8 and Exodus 14.13&14 and many more… i knew i had to stay and stay at Jesus’ feet but i was so wounded and hurt. But i started believing that God will do His work. Thats when i came across your site and the jezebel spirit post. I actually turned that post into a prayer, i was desperate for God to work in my situation. Well He def did cos im alm at my victory line. Its good to hear this abt Vasti in my way. It brings alot of relief and freedom to me. I don’t have the complete victory yet but its better than before. We moved half way across to world to join hubby and he has changed somewhat so i can say truly say God is working. All gory and honor and praise to the King of of kings. Amen.

  61. Wow Jamie! Thank you!! This is reverberating through me like a tuning fork. So exciting! What a perfectly timed word. Thank you dear dear Father!! Can’t wait to hear what He shows you next time!! Love you!!

  62. anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed your encouraging word. I have been going through for two years, it seems like longer. I too thought about the Jezebel spirit. Thank you for the confirmation that Queen Vashti will soon fall – never to return to my life again. Praise God.

  63. Ivonne M. Medrano says:

    Thank you Jamie and Glory be to God I received his word and thank God for what he is going to do on my behalf in Jesus Name God is never late but always on time.

  64. Thato Tsautse says:

    Oh Father God thank you so much for this prophecy, right in time and just described how it was and how I am feeling right now. I have this enexplainable joy even though thibgs have not changed as yet. My heart just opened up, my life is so fine. Yes Queen Vasthi must vacate my seat for good.
    Father God I sincerely thank you for the journey that taught to be patient to wait upon you Lord. Thank you Jesus Christ for always pleading my case and thank you Holy Spirit for your counsel.

    I will definitely share when I am made Queen. Thanks so much Jamie, God bless you abundantly

  65. Rachel Castillo-Davenport says:

    Amen thank you I am recieving this. This is a perfectly timed word. Just what I need to hear that Vashti is being dethrowned. Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord! Isn’t our God great, he is never late nor early but alway on time. Praise the Lord!

  66. My Lord! Back in April, a Bishop spoke to me and said that in six months some things are going to change for me. Glory be to God!!!!!!!

  67. Celia Martinez says:

    Jamie, the Lord has been reaffirming His promises to me, and it did start about 6 months ago. As I was reading my spirit was filled with joy. I knew this was God’s confirmation to me about all He has promised to do in my life. Thank you Jamie. You are truly heaven sent. God bless you.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Amen. Very encouraging word. I receive it and claim it in my life in Jesus name!

  69. jenneva russell says:

    Amen for His word I receive it in Jesus name.

  70. I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me in 2015 of something I asked God for many years ago. I had all kinds of confirmations during 2015 and 2016 but they slacked off in 2017. Lately they have come back. Yes, there has been a Queen Vashti that has tried to block everything the Lord promised me. I don’t know why I read this today but I have a feeling it was for me.

  71. Christine says:

    That word is for me and claim the His PROMISES THANK GOD VASHTI IS DETHRONED

  72. Janet Williams says:

    My God Is Awesome and Worthy To Be Praised!
    October 2015, God showed me that I was like Esther and he was preserving me for ‘Such A Time As This! For the past 2 years I have been in a battle with my employer and through 2 Government EEOC cases and I have also been struggling with the Veterans Administration for my Military Disability Compensation. I have been a part of ministry for several years but never sure of my true purpose and calling over the last 2 years ministry has become a part of who I am at the core and I am now a completely changed person and I have anxiety and panic has been replaced with unbelievable joy and peace, On November 18, I received my right to sue my employer a day before you shared this prophetic message. I know that Vashti has been dethroned and I will reign victoriously in my rightful place for such a time as this to be a blessing to the Kingdom.
    Amen Amen Amen

  73. Whoa!! So many of us responding, because of this Vashti was in our way. So it was not only “me”, she’s set out to hinder dreams and promises on a GLOBAL scale? I live in Mexico, but wonder how many women all over the world have been like this for the las two years. My life has always been difficult, but this last two years have been like hell. What I thought I would never go through, happened. So beloved sisters, let’s pray for all of us, let’s lift our voices together as ONE, praising God for what He’s doing with Vashti. I have NOT seen her dethroned, I am believing by faith. Blessed be you all!

  74. Denay Willie says:

    Bless you! This is spot on ! I asked our Father to please send me understanding and confirmation of the season I am in. Thank you so much. Bless you sis. Love from CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA

  75. I have a Jezebel that sits an awful lot like Queen Vashti in my life. And you couldn’t have described my life any more perfectly than this. I almost couldn’t dare think my life would be anything more than ashes, BUT GOD…..!!! Thank you so much for the encouragement. I am really enjoying your blog!

  76. Kevin Slater says:

    Blessed for the understanding. It’s not just a historical event But a spiritual warfare we as kings and priests should DISCERN.

  77. Hi Woman of God. God Bless you for your Obedience.
    This is s Spot on Word not only for my life, but also for Our Church. Although this Word was given more than a year ago it is a Word that we receive today.God is Faithfull and mindfull of us.

    Bless you

  78. Manuel Collado says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Thank you very much for writing up an article about Queen Vashti.
    I was a widower in 2006 then re-married in 2008 and the union brought me and family to Canada. With all sincerity and honesty I fulfilled my role as husband and step-dad to her kids but my wife refused to take up the step-mother role. I pleaded to her to attend a marriage seminar to save the marriage and did attend physically but nothing of spiritual breakthrough happened. I separated from her that she might find the LORD on her own soul searching. Unfortunately, in less than 3 months of separation she decided to file a divorce which is “stale mate” till now as she and her lawyer couldn’t produce documents to support all allegations they presented in court regarding my apparent properties.
    I searched through scriptures just to know whether my union with my ex wife was ordained by God or simply a mutual consent as she uttered these words “It was just the two of us who entered this marriage, so it would only be the two of us to nullify it”.
    Then reading through the life of Esther, and understood that God Himself had to dethrone Queen Vashti to accomplish what God has stored for His people. Last Saturday, our visiting pastor reminded me of God hating divorce and loving the wife unconditionally. But I am convinced of God’s role in dethroning my wife that I could better serve our church without a legal case attached to my name.
    I greatly appreciate your article for re-affirming my conviction of “dethroning my own Queen Vashti”not a license to re-marry but to make me an effective witness that Jesus is able to set me free to serve Him for His own honor and glory!

    1. Manuel, you have completely mis-interpreted this word and the Scriptures. The Lord does not give you license or cause for divorce. You are gravely mistaken. Go back to your wife and repent. Love your wife more than you love yourself, as the Scriptures command you to do.
      Jamie Rohrbaugh

  79. Wow. I can see God doing this in my life. My wife and daughter moved out and are not speaking to me and have rejected me as father and husband.
    BUT… I can see God turning things around. He is faithful. 6 months ago God started revealing my identity in Him and Satan has not been happy. BUT, He has promoted me and I can see victory coming to my family situation. It is HIs battle but God has used this to raise me as a warrior and no longer be lukewarm.
    God is so good! Thank you for this word. My jaw dropped as I read this and realised that this was happening in my life.

  80. Dear Jamie, Thank you for your insight about Vashti. I have never understood this as shared by you, it has given me much insight and I am truly encouraged by this word. Thanks very much.!

  81. Words of confirmation.

  82. Maria Guadagno says:

    Amen and Amen.

  83. Jamelle Major says:

    Wow! What a mighty God we serve?!? I receive this Word in Jesus’s name. Amen.

  84. Thank you so much Jamie I felt this word was strongly for
    Me and my family i receive it in Jesus name Amen!

  85. This is us, we have been in a bad situation, been undermined by people, looked down on, an just wanted to help people, Thank-you.

  86. YES! YES, THIS IS FOR ME! I feel this and it’s so real. I’ve been praying for God to help me to preserver and to preserve me. It has been 6 months since we moved into this home. I’ve been praying for many years….praying and crying myself to sleep for God to help with perseverance in my situation. Yes, in the last two years it has affected me physically, but I keep saying, “Satan, get thee behind me in the name of Jesus!” I know that God has something good for me because He knows every detail. My Eternal Father knows my heart and knows that I want to be used to further His Kingdom. He knows all the anguish, pain and the numbing affect that I’ve experienced. I know that He is doing a big work in my situation because I feel like the chains are coming off, and I feel the Fresh Oil Anointing of Holy Spirit. This word that has been brought forward is confirmation that He is setting me free, and Abba Father is answering the prayers…Hallelujah! I have days when I just laugh at the evil that abounds around me, and then there are days that I just have an unceasing prayer asking Abba Father to heal me from the crown of my head to the tips of my feet, my mind and my heart…thank You Jesus that You know every detail and You paid the price for me already. I know that my stomach issue is a lie from Satan…He wants to hurt me because He knows that my Heavenly Father is going to use me in a big way. I know that the anguish and pain will help me help others in my situation. I am so excited for each morning to come because I know that HIs Mercies are new each morning. I always hear people say we serve a big God, but it just feels like the words used to describe Him, just aren’t descriptive enough. He’s God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and everything in the Earth! He knows every hair on my head. I often think about how sad He must be to see what goes on in this world…I want to bless God. I want to be used everyday in everyway. I am so stoked! Thank you Jamie, Thank You Father God! I just want to soak this up and remember everything about this moment….this is such a God moment …I’m so overwhelmed with the need to get down on my knees in thanksgiving… Captured by His love…..

  87. cecilia ramirez says:

    Yes, this Word is for me! I have been in a 3 year legal battle and I KNOW what the Lord has shown me! I know He is on the Throne and NOW HE is turning it all around! Praise God! Thank You Jamie, for your obedience to release this Word again. Receiving this confirmation stirs up my Faith & I feel it in my Spirit!! Hallelujah!! Thank You Father God ❤️ Lord Jesus & Holy Spirit❤🙌🏽🙏🏽

  88. Gladys Mutungu says:

    Thank you for this word. LORD make it happen for me. I am battle weary. Remember us LORD, my husband and I.
    I am expectant.

    God bless you Jamie your family and this ministry. Such a blessing to so many of us. May the LORD shine on you and provide abundantly in every area.


  89. Oh my goodness Jamie,what a relief.
    I thank you so much,i am so glad to know that the Lord sees all .
    Blessings Jamie

  90. Amen and Amen. Thank you for speaking to me. I have suffered for the last 2 years. every time I reach a breakthrough, I either dream of a cow crossing ahead of me or I have sex with a woman. And that will be the end of what I am expecting to achieve/get.
    May the Grace of God touch me and deliver me from this hindering, failure to the breakthrough, and stagnation spirits. Jamie, I need your prayers
    Blessings Jamie

  91. Thank you God for this prophetic word which is confirmation that you are working on my issues in life. Father I thank you and promise to testify to glory your name. Thank you Jamie for all that you do for us God bless you 🙌🏾🙏🏾

  92. Grace Ukasoanya says:

    Hallelujah. Too profound, and, too on target for me to add a comment. You are a blessing to me, Jammie.


  93. Amen. Beenw waiting for my PR past 2 years and this is a message I’ve been waiting for. All glory to you lord.

  94. Bantshang says:

    Thank you Jesus for dethroned queen Vashti over my entire life. In Jesus name

  95. Thank you Jesus. I receive this timely word and yes this is the year that Queen Vashti will be de-throned. I am no longer displaced and will take my rightful place in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

  96. Dear Jamie,
    Re: your Vashti post (today is 11/9/21). I just sent an email that I hope you get. know God speaks to many people with the same word, in many ways. THIS word is surely accurate in every detail I am experiencing now, and have been for the last 2 YEARS! Thank you and God bless you♥️😇🙏

  97. Thank you Jesus for dethroning Queen Vashti from my life and for giving me the life you planned for me. Amen

  98. Diane Geddes says:

    I feel this word is for me, my husband has memories issues since his heart operation in 2013and I pray for his recovery everyday and its been hard to find a church that does not have fighting in it, so sad but this writing spoke to me, will rejoice now and when the queen finally is laid to rest!!!

  99. I knew God was doing something because I feel stronger and able to stand up for myself, as soon as I read this I knew this was for me no doubts, I have suffered enormously the past 2 years, God is always on time, I am not always patient to receive what God has planned for me but he always works things out for the best, all praise to God

  100. Let it be unto me as you say in Jesus name! Needed this word. Amen!

  101. Here is what I can say between the tears.
    I adopted my daughter at the age of 3 but had her as a foster child at the age of 8 months. she is 15 turning 16 in 9 days.
    The name given to her by her birth mother was Aleia Vashti Haeckl.
    I changed it to Aleia Nevaeh(heaven backwards)
    She has given me nothing but grief for the past 2 years. She has lied to CPS which brought a case against me in court and they took her and made her a ward of the court. I am currently going through so much with cps workers, court, lawyers and I am 67 years old with health issues. Like it says above I have put up with HELL for 2 years. Now it will end. IT is over it is finished this is my year of resurrection. Praise God! Thank you Lord.

  102. Amen thank you Father God for this prophetic confirmation to my fast 🙏🏾🙌🏾😭. I promise to testify to glorify your name.

  103. This word is for me.Praise the Lord .l am in a business and have been struggling for quite sometime financially because l made a decision to operate the business in godly way.This line of business has been riddled with so much cooperation and to survive most people have compromised their principles.The Lord showed me a vision two years ago where my business was doing so well and had expanded.l have been strengthened by the word the Lord gave me in Psalm 46 where he reminded that he was my ever present help in times of trouble and l was not going to fall because he was in me.Every time l thought my business was collapsing thd Lord would remind me that he was withi me .That word has been my pillar of strength.A few weeks ago my landlord has attempted to evict me due to late payment of rentals but l believe that Vashti has fallen and the Lord has won the battle for me.Thank you so much for this prophetic word.

  104. Destiny Marie Pizzileo says:

    This is aimed at me tonight 🙂 I read Esther with Jesus a few nice nights ago, and I relate to Esther a lot and got compared to her recently so I know this is aimed at me specifically too. The last two and a half years, I met Jesus on Christmas Eve 2020 and the transition to new life was initially full of panic attacks, certainly having everything I’ve ever believed including my salvation questioned and shattered over and over relentlessly while clawing my way out of ingrained sins of years and often slipping right back… but God, NOW’S a new season I keep facing each new day with Lord Jesus and I have hope for the future and my family and peace as He’s preparing me for my own ministry and teaching me more trust in Him and His love and Grace I don’t know how yet I just know He called me to something to do with helping people see His heart as a loving Father and removing all fear and distrust from shivering new Christians who’re like I was so they know His LOVE PEACE AND JOY that transcends understanding… and He reached my heart again tonight in a healing way I feel after everything I’ve done, although it’s a process, I can finally start to receive His love like a trusting child again and settle into the process… Amen and Amen.

  105. Lemme Kebaabetswe says:

    Indeed, I will see the queen no more as my breakthrough is here!

  106. SUDANE BLESSED says:

    Thank You Lord God Almighty JEHOVAH 🙏 I Receive your message.. thank you so much my Abba father…. have thine own way in my life I love you JESUS 😍

  107. millicent deenah says:

    Hi recieve it, in Jesus name. Our God is always an on time God. God bless you.

  108. Amen! The time of dethroning queen Vashti has come! It’s time for the mountain to move into the sea. This message is for me and it’s right on time!

  109. This is my word straight from my Father God’s heart. I receive this word and conceive it in my spirit. Thanks Sis Jamie for being the best messenger🙏.

  110. Paul Israel says:

    This message is mine one hundred percent. Thank you pastor.

  111. Amen this message is for me,Glory be to My True Father thank You Lord

  112. I thank the Lord for His continuous re-assurance through His Word. I cannot wait to re-commence my new life WITHOUT VASHTI!!!


  113. Amen
    I receive this word that is for me at this time. God put the story of Queen Vashti in my spirit yesterday and today I found this word that speaks to my situation. Thank you Lord. Amen and Amen.

  114. Thank you for this prophetic word. Today, I literally believe that I heard the LORD say to me two or three times, “Greatness is all I see. Now, I get it!

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