How To Transform Your Life Through Fasting and Prayer

bible-study-1634647_640Beloved, would you like to transform your life? Do you need an upgraded reality in finances, relationships, favor, and more?

If so, I have an article that will encourage and inspire you over on today. It’s called How To Transform Your Life Through Fasting and Prayer.

This article is based on Joel 2–a chapter which has TONS of promises about what God will provide for us if we seek Him through fasting and prayer.

Because the article was limited in space, I could only cover four of the things from Joel 2 that God promises. However, there are many more.

So … after you read this article, if you want more, PLEASE read Joel 2:12-32. The list of the things God will provide when you fast and pray will blow you away.

Are you ready to transform your life through fasting and prayer? Click here to read the article on!

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  1. Rebecca L Jones says:

    I have participated in three since September. The Lord made them easy for me. Although, there a couple of days each time when I really was hungry, it was His grace and blessing all over it. I have seen some results, I know are directly from it. That relentless enemy that has always been a defeated foe has to retreat. And he may as well surrender.

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