Prophetic Word: January Is A Time for Healing

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Prophetic word and how to make a vision bookDoes this January feel different to you than other New Year’s seasons have felt? You’re not alone; it is.

Ordinarily, in January, I’m all about new goals–and so is the rest of the world. There’s a flurry of activity: some fruitful, some not. This year, however, I’m not doing that … yet. Here’s why:

I feel like the Lord is telling me that January is a time for healing.

I actually sent this word to some of my ministry partners at the end of December. I could sense something different in the spirit realm.

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    Every New Year’s season for many years, Holy Spirit has sat on me in November and December to make radical goals for January and the rest of the following year. But this year, He didn’t.

    He did give me a few goals, but nothing like other years. And I could sense He was doing something different. Finally, I heard Him say: “January is a time for healing.”

    God’s people have been so tired and worn out from the rigors and warfare of 2016.

    Father showed me that, although He is inspiring some level of vision for 2017, in many cases, we are too tired to receive all He has for us until we get some rest.

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    So January is a time for healing–for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

    Regarding physical healing:

    It’s time for us to slow down a little; maybe take a few days off work if you feel led; and get caught up on some sleep.

    It’s a time to embrace quiet and peace; to maybe even leave our cell phones off sometimes, so we can be released from the constant demands that tug at us every day and exhaust us.

    Regarding spiritual healing:

    I feel the Holy Spirit saying January is a time for spiritual hunger as well as rest; that we will actually find our spiritual healing and rest IN our hunger.

    It’s a time to turn off the many voices that crowd out the voice of God. It’s time to sit alone with the Father and receive.

    If you have not already determined to do so, I strongly encourage–no, URGE–you to go on a 21-day or 40-day breakthrough fast here at the top of the year. There are so many different ways to fast that everyone can find something to offer to the Lord.

    For example:

    • You could fast from meats, breads, and sweets (a Daniel fast).
    • You could fast on liquids, such as smoothies, soups, and juices, for a certain period of time.
    • You could fast some days on water only (drink distilled water if you do this).
    • You could fast from TV.
    • You could fast from sweets.
    • You could give up one meal a day.
    • You could refrain from eating until after a certain time of day, e.g. 12 noon or 3 PM.

    Don’t make rules where God made none. God is not nearly as legalistic as we think He is. It doesn’t matter what you fast; what matters is what your sacrifice is worth to you–what it costs you.

    If your fast costs you nothing, it will mean nothing to the Lord. If it is a costly offering, it will be received as such. The Lord looks at your heart.

    But no matter what you fast, I strongly encourage you to take an extended fast here at the beginning of January. Why?

    Because fasting and prayer, when combined, bring spiritual healing and breakthrough more than any other thing.

    Fasting and prayer is a HUGE key to everything in the spirit realm. Just to whet your appetite, here are twelve victories you can win, and win quickly, through fasting and prayer–victories that often either come slowly or not at all without it:

    1. Character growth
    2. Love for God
    3. Purity
    4. A lifestyle of personal victory and faith
    5. Breakthrough in persistently trying situations
    6. Stepping into your destiny/calling
    7. Incredible, supernatural provision
    8. Miracles, signs, and wonders
    9. Intercessory victories when you’re praying for someone else
    10. Your own good health
    11. Breaking addictions
    12. Vindication

    I STRONGLY encourage, no, URGE you to set aside time in January and February for a 21-day or 40-day breakthrough fast. Give God the first of your year, and watch what He does with the rest of it.

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    But whether you fast or not, January is still a time to seek God and receive spiritual healing.

    Don’t be surprised if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night at unusual times in January. If that happens, ask the Lord if you should get up and spend time with Him. If you feel Him saying yes, go ahead and get up and get alone with Him in worship, the Word, and prayer.

    Don’t worry; if you get up to be with Him, He will usually send you back to bed and help you sleep afterward. You will still get the sleep you need.

    But what you’ll also get in that secret place with God is HEALING.

    Sweet healing and restoring and refreshing.

    You’ll receive comfort and re-invigoration. And you’ll get your joy back.

    So please, take extra time to be with the Lord this month. I encourage you to even set aside time in the evenings–time when you might ordinarily be watching TV or going out–and rest with Him.

    Rest by soaking in the Word.

    Rest by asking Him to give you a song for the year–a song that heals you, gives you joy, and is your secret cry of your heart to Him and His to you for the whole year.

    Rest by asking Him for a verse of the year. (I’ll write more about my verse of the year and my song of the year later.)

    As you do, you will receive spiritual and emotional healing from the Lord.

    January is also a time for a mental re-alignment that will bring mental, physical, and emotional healing.

    The Bible tells us in Proverbs 23:7a:

    Start-quoteFor as he thinks in his heart, so is he ….”

    The Lord wants to heal your thinking in January–and this healing will begin through the power of dreaming.

    Many of us have gotten ourselves into a sorry state in our health, finances, relationships, work, appearance, or other areas. The Lord wants to heal these things. However, instead of healing them through New Year’s resolutions or driven and focused goals, I feel strongly that He wants to heal our thinking first.

    Because it’s not what’s on the outside that defiles a person and messes them up; it’s what’s on the inside.

    Mark 7:14-16 says:

    Start-quoteWhen He had called all the multitude to Himself, He said to them,“Hear Me, everyone, and understand: There is nothing that enters a man from outside which can defile him; but the things which come out of him, those are the things that defile a man.

    If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear!”

    The Biblical fact is: if we have a mess in our lives on the outside, it’s because we have a mess on the inside in some area.

    For example, if we are unhealthy and overweight, it’s because we’re not thinking right on the inside about:

    • who we are;
    • how beloved we are;
    • how we can look if we would like to;
    • about how well we deserve to be treated by our own selves;
    • and about the stewardship of our body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

    If we have a mess in our work, it’s because we are not thinking right on the inside about:

    • working as to the Lord, and not as to men;
    • diligence;
    • faithful stewardship;
    • Biblical pro-activeness; or
    • any number of other things, depending on what kind of mess in our work we have.

    If we have a mess in our finances, it’s because we’re not thinking right on the inside about any number of things, such as:

    • faithful stewardship;
    • supernatural provision;
    • keeping our flocks and herds (a.k.a. finances) in order;
    • the need to educate ourselves diligently about how finances work and how to master them;
    • or any number of other things, depending on what your particular situation is.

    My point is:

    No matter what you desire to change in your life, Father desires to heal your thinking on the inside first so He can help you manifest the change on the outside.

    For this reason, I’m not making a ton of goals for 2017 yet. I have a few goals that the Lord has impressed upon my heart. However, in January, instead of dedicating myself to planning out my goals for the year, I’m going to take the time to get a vision.

    Vision can heal you.

    So I’m in the process of making a vision book for my life.

    In that book (which is a beautiful journal some dear friends gave me recently), I will list who I am … whether I actually see those things on the outside yet or not.

    In other words, I will list who I know I am on the inside; who God made me to be.

    I will paste pictures that inspire me on the pages describing each thing. (The pictures will grab your mind’s eye better than words alone can.)

    And the Lord showed me that, as I make my vision book, He will heal my thinking.

    It’s already working. One of my life visions is that I eat healthy, whole foods that I cook myself. I’ve had this picture in my mind, because I’ve been pondering on my life vision.

    And last night, when my husband and I went to cook dinner, we had a perfectly good raspberry pie in the freezer. But I heard Holy Spirit tell me that He wanted me to make quinoa, broccoli, and portobello mushrooms instead.

    And you know what? I did!

    It was actually easy to do. I had the energy and the willingness to do it–because eating whole foods and being healthy is part of who I am, based on the vision God gave me for my life.

    Please understand when I say that, though, that eating healthy foods is not something I’ve been doing for a long time. I’ve paid a terrible price for making those unhealthy choices, too.

    But in God’s mind and Word, who you are is not the same as what you do.

    Your “who” is: you are the righteousness of God in Christ.

    Your “do” is: well, whatever it looks like on any given day. Changing your “do” to match your “who” is called the process of sanctification. It’s called “working out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”

    Changing your “do” to line up with your “who” is the process of becoming Christlike, even though God attributes Christ’s righteousness to us the moment we make Jesus the Lord and Boss of our lives.

    It works the same way with getting a vision for your life.

    So, I invite you to make a vision book for your life with me! Here’s how:

    Get a journal or book of some kind that you want to use. Then start writing your vision. Allow yourself to dream a little–and invite God into the process. Ask Him for His dreams!

    I suggest making a different page for each subject, or even several pages for each subject.

    Want to be debt-free and financially prosperous?

    Write down what that means to you. Cut pictures out of magazines regarding what financial freedom means to you. Glue or tape them into your book. Leave space to write some goals, but don’t feel pressure to write any goals yet. Just get the vision.

    Want to be healthy, fit, and trim?

    Write down what that means to you. Cut out pictures of some clothing outfits you would love to be able to wear. Glue them into your book. Take time to imagine yourself wearing those clothes. Imagine how good you feel when you are fit and trim.

    And write it in your vision book!

    Want to start and build a successful business?

    Write down what that means! What’s your dream? Where do you want to be in five or ten years? Find some photos that depict your vision!

    No matter what your dream is, it all starts with thinking. And this January, God wants to heal your thinking!

    I feel led to wait until closer to February to write very many specific goals. This January, I feel led to start with vision–with getting a renewed vision of my life; of who God created me to be.

    Want to join me?

    So January.

    It’s a time for dreaming; for rest and prayer.

    A time to heal physically, emotionally, and in any other way we need healing; and to become in our thinking who He made us to be–to become who we are–in a place of rest and peace and HEALING, before digging in to actuate who we are in February.

    January is a time for changing your thought process while in a total place of rest, to allow your mind’s eye to fully grasp who Father made you to be.

    And after you are able to rest in who Father made you to be, that “who” will be your new normal. Anything that doesn’t line up with your “who” will then become distasteful to you (mess, clutter, unhealthy eating, etc).

    Vision. It’s not time for resolutions. It’s time for transformation. Physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental transformation.

    Does this word resonate in your spirit today? If so, please leave a comment below! I love to hear from you.

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    1. Happy New Year Jaime!!!
      This post resonates with me complete. I have made this year about Me and my God. I need the healing touch of Jesus more than I have ever needed. Just this morning I cried out to Him for healing. l will follow your suggestion about the Vision Book (great idea!) All the best.

    2. Crystal Harrington says:

      Thank you, Jamie.
      Your words today confirm just what I’ve been feeling myself.
      I will include in my prayers a word for all who embark on this healing and restoration time whole heartedly (or otherwise).
      God bless you!!

    3. Judy Robinson says:

      Thank you Jamie! I didn’t want to make resolutions this year. I have never accomplished one. But this is raw and real, and that is what I so appreciate you. You are a great teacher….someday preacher! You are gifted through Holy Spirit to be real! You can tell that you are doing what you say. God continues to use you as an example. Show us how! I have so many changes and goals for my life. Getting ready to turn 57 soon and Holy Spirit has told me my best days are still ahead of me. Stop looking back at shoulda, woulda, coulda….I am moving forward! Through the pain and adversity, I feel strength. I know it isn’t me…it is my Heavenly Father! So this day is not about resolutions, but goals. Goals I know that will get met…not in my time. That sets me up for discouragement! Gods time….his perfect timing! I don’t think it is said out loud enough….I TRUST YOU GOD!

      1. Theola Norris says:

        Hi Jamie! Powerful message! I would like to thank you for this on time word. May the blessings of God over take you!

    4. Anna Walker says:

      AMAZING POST, Jamie! This speaks directly to me. Several weeks ago, I was feeling tired, unmotivated, and almost cynical from a lot of activity. The Lord spoke the word “burnout”. During the holidays, there were guests and family at my home, so I really did not rest and take time for goal setting. Like you, I had a few directives. I sensed the need to rest. I felt guilty because I hadn’t written down all my goals, but your post resonates with where I am. THANK YOU for always taking time to share God’s heart with us!

    5. Rebecca L Jones says:

      I’m with you on the fast, I’m glad He made that easy. I know I love junk, but I do eat a lot of veggies. I like the idea of a vision book, it can go right along with Bible journaling. I’m catching up on sleep after the holidays, and I’m focusing on wisdom and worship and may choose a word each month. Happy New Year Jaime.

    6. Wonderful direction and thoughts. Resonate completely, so much ground work has been already laid ….now to the harvest with theses steps.


    7. The Lord has been dealing with me about much of the same things! I couldn’t believe it when I started reading! Thank you for your post and God bless!

    8. Thank you for the word. 2016 was horrible except for work. We spent Christmas & New Year with family and I got to see how broken my sister’s relationship with her husband is. I’m very sad and my faith has been hit but I hope for His healing in every area of our family. God bless.

    9. Jamie, God bless you ! you are really blessed. You are always there to help us get closer to our Lord and for our well being. Thanks soooo much.

    10. Noel Ebuk says:

      Happy New Year and thanks for this wonderful write up. Every aspect of this write up resonates with me. Its my word for the season. Just what I was looking for to give meaning and direction to my life. It seems I just drifted aimlessly through 2016. Its now time to give my life meaning and direction. Thank you and may God bless you.

    11. Thank you so much Jamie!!!! I’m getting my vision-journal together now. -God bless

    12. this word 100 % resonates in my spirit and is exactly where God has been leading me over the few past few weeks pray I start and sincerely keep the fast xo

    13. Robin Lewis says:

      Thanks so much for sharing Jamie,
      Just a couple a days after New Years Day my brother asked me if I had any resolutions for the New Year and I said yes and thought I had at least one. Honestly, I felt bad because I could not think of one even after the conversation and thought to myself, Wow, somethings terribly wrong because I usually have a least one but had none! And naturally
      I felt ashamed and down right confused why I had not made any thing mentally that I could recall. My only thought was, I am just going to have to go to God and ask him for something. I truly can relate to your testimony. I needed a vision from God and needed for him to help me set attainable goals for myself. I too have had quite a year that once it ended I found myself bedridden with a virus and cold. This bought me to place of quite time and less busy-ness so that I could slow down and refuel. I though I had left my spiritual life in 2016 and I came over alone! Now I understand what my need is…to refuel and receive a renewed vision! Thank God I found your blog for more discerning and confirmation on his leading in my journey. God Bless you and thank you as you continue your great work and journey for his Glory!

    14. David Chacon says:

      I felt that God used you to talk to me on how to improve on some areas of my life I had a stroke in 2012 and there is times that I get frustrated because I want to see my healing now and 100 percent back to normal please keep me in prayer God’s message was spoken thru you today God BlessDavi

    15. Deborah Weaver says:

      Hi and Happy New Year Jamie.,
      I am in complete agreement about January being a time to heal, get real close to Jesus, and come through NEW!?. I read a pin that said, “Those that are sent return with a unique story but all have the same message.” So true. Thanks for the reassurance that it’s Jesus telling me these things and the comfort of knowing I have others like you to share with.
      ? Deborah

    16. Elise R Brion says:

      Every Breath He Graces through this fleshly temple is a Holy Gift that I recognize in as many moments as I choose to stay attentive to. What a Holy Life to have His Way surging through every Moment in this timeless and Infinite Kingdom! His Healing Will is also timeless and Indomitable, and until He Comes again, all who have ears to hear and eyes to see are truly called to OPEN in each space of a moment, to further and deeper and wider Receive ONLY His Miraculous Love.

        1. Elise R. Brion says:

          And it is our individual mission within our Bondage unto CHRIST as well as our collective Mission within the Family of our LORD to constantly radiate His Supernaturally Divine Truth. Though the majority of this world will indeed cast itself into the darkness and is currently doing so exponentially, we are MIGHTY in His Healing OutPouring!!! 🙂 Thanks, Jamie, for your spirit’s Focus in our Heavenly Father.

    17. Hi Jamie, I somehow got led to your page. Amazing! It spoke volumes to me in many areas of my life. I thought of how much help there is in what you are saying. My health has had me struggling for a too long of time. I have been praying for healing but also for help. I feel like God has led me to solutions and a mentoring from you for this 2017 year. I am new to your blog. It is a feast for me…I have so needed this. Thank you!

    18. Hello, I see this article was written in 2017 it’s 2024 and I ran across your article. It amazes me how God work. With that being said this article is live and true in 2024. I swear you read the pages in my head and heart. I did not make a new year resolution. I’m currently on a fast and is looking for God to make the necessary changes. Also, working on my thoughts and clearing my mind, getting rest. I’ve also been experiencing waking up in between 1am and 4:44 am. Praying and asking God for clarity, asking what he want me to do. Thank you for this article!

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