God Anoints the New

God-Anoints-the-NewHappy New Year, and welcome to a wonderful new era!

Are you excited about this year? I sure am. I have so many good things from the Lord to share with you over the next few days, weeks, and months. My head is swimming with excitement. God is doing a new thing!

And speaking of new things …

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    I heard somebody say once that New Year’s Day was just a trumped-up reason to get excited. They said that it didn’t really represent a new season, and that it didn’t mean God was doing anything new or different in your life.

    And to that I say: Hogwash.

    In case you might have been thinking that same thing, I want to talk to you about that today. I don’t want you to miss anything wonderful that Papa has in store for you this year!

    So that thing about newness and New Year’s and all that:

    It all goes back to the nature of God. Our Father LOVES newness, and God anoints the new.

    Think about it. Remember:

    • When you got a new-to-you car, and suddenly you were inspired to keep it clean when you struggled to keep your car clean before.
    • When you started a new semester at school, and you were suddenly inspired to get organized and study hard, even though you’d been struggling before.
    • On your most recent birthday, when you thanked God for the year behind you and began looking forward to the year ahead.

    Whether you realize it or not, GOD is excited about your new season!

    Tune in to Him. Allow yourself to feel the Lord’s excitement in you right now. Feel His excitement over your new year.

    Allow yourself to receive His joyous sense of newness, His refreshing, and His grace that allows you to put the past behind you, start over again with a clean slate, and get filled with expectancy over a fresh start.

    Feel the newness that today brings.

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    That newness is from God. Why? Because He is the God of the new.

    He is the God of new beginnings. The God of new chances. The God of new ideas, renewed energy, new hope, restored faith, and fresh fire.

    Oh, He Himself never changes. But newness is part of Who He is. It’s His nature to make all things new. That’s why Lamentations 2:22-23 tells us:

    Start-quoteThrough the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”

    And that’s why the Bible tells us:

    Start-quoteThen He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” And He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful” (Revelation 21:5).

    God’s mercies are new every morning because He makes all things new. He makes all things new because that’s what He loves to do. It’s Who He is. It’s His very nature. He transforms and renews and invigorates day in and day out. (It must be fun to be God!) He just loves to make all things new. It’s Who He is. Today, tomorrow, and every day.

    Moral of the story? Simply this:

    Today marks the start of a new day on the calendar, and it’s a new day for you in God’s eyes too.

    That new energy and inspiration that is coming to you all of a sudden is God’s anointing. It’s not something you made up.

    It’s not all in your head. Newness is a manifestation of God Himself. The sense of excitement you feel is God’s anointing. He’s sitting down with power on your new day.

    So will you receive God’s anointing on your “new” today?

    The Holy Spirit is brooding over you right now. Will you surrender to what He wants to do? Will you jump into the river of newness and allow your life to be transformed in His Presence?

    Beloved, God is sitting on you with newness. Right now, today.

    So steward the anointing on your new.

    Embrace it. Run with it. Papa God is making it available to you. He has anointed your new, and He’ll keep on doing so. Allow yourself to dive into the river of His mercies, which are new for you this very day.

    Abba Father’s mercies are new every day. Daddy God makes all things new. Including you.

    Does this word speak to your heart? What new thing is God doing in your life today? Leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you.

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    1. Amen! I was blessed by this post and receive it wholeheartedly because I have struggled to believe I was hearing from God and that it wasn’t all in my head. PRAISE GOD!

      1. It’s definitely not in your head, Sharon. It’s in your spirit, because the Lord put it there. 🙂 I praise God for confirming His word to you! May He explode with power in your life today, your new day!
        Thank you for reading my blog! Happy New Year! 🙂

    2. Kelly Solomon says:

      Thank you once again Jamie for bringing a message I needed to hear! Isn’t it wonderful that God is always right on time!! May He continue to richly bless you, your family & your ministry.

      1. Thank-you Jamie, I been feeling for sometime the past year; that I will be walking into a new season this New Year. My heart has wanted to trust that feeling to be a true sure thing. It’s been long awaited for. So reading this today has been a blessing. God Bless You; you’re awesome!

        1. Thank you for your kind words, Lili. I really do believe now is the time, and even since I released this word I have seen it confirmed in my own life plus the lives of my church family, over and over. God is wrecking the waiting game with His NOW thing.

    3. I worry often, too much as a matter of fact but have found that simple prayers help to calm my mind. I’ve always known that the Lord has been watching over me and blesses me everyday but have trouble letting go of my troubles and not releasing them to God, which I was taught to do very early in life. I just started reading your blog today due to worries about a pending eviction not knowing what will happen to my family of 11, but your prayers I recited has helped me want to have more faith. Thank you and keep them coming, God bless.

      1. Neonia, I pray right now that our Daddy God would provide all your needs according to His RICHES in glory in Christ Jesus, and that you would be anxious for nothing; but in everything, with prayer and supplication, you would make your requests known to God. And that the peace of God, which passes all understanding, would guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. In Jesus’ name!

    4. Thank you for the lovely New Year’s message – this aligns with the movement I have been seeing from God in my own life. I am so excited to have more of Him this year. It will be a year of great blessings and victory, I am sure.

      1. Yay, confirmation! Whooohoo, go Holy Spirit! 🙂 I agree. It’s going to be a great year. Happy new year! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

    5. Karen Lathrop says:

      Thank you for the message Jamie,
      I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me this year! I wait expectantly to see what he is going to do!
      I pray for further anointing and a deeper relationship with him.
      Thank you for your posts!

      1. I agree with that expectation, Karen! I believe He’s going to do amazing things also; and that things that have long been limited or held back will freely manifest this year. It’s Jubilee! Praise God!
        Happy new year!

    6. Praise God in the name of Jesus, and thank you Holy Spirit! This is confirmation to me in the movement that I’ve been seeing…… that this year will be the breakthrough that I’m needing. I’ve written down three things that I’m praying for that align with what God is doing and that will change my life. Thank you Jamie for this amazing message! I feel like doing the happy dance….

        1. Praise God for the answer to prayer. I did get an answer to a prayer for advancement..The word of prophecy this morning; New offers and promotions are coming both spiritually and in the natural realm. Praise God, when I got to work this morning I was told by the principle of the special needs school that I work at that I now have a full time position rather than a substitute position…cool! GOD is GREAT!!! This is only a beginning to what God is going to do in my life….I’m ready for whatever He has in store for me…..

    7. What a refreshing message. I was smiling the whole time I was reading it and realizing how blessed we are to have our Abba Father and His amazing love He bestows on us. Thank you Jamie for reminding me of God’s new love and grace I have every morning!

    8. Happy New Year! Thank you for these words. I’m trying to believe that God has great things in store for me and my family, but there’s always a little voice that tells me this is for everyone else, not for me. We have been going through a very serious, scary situation for more than a year. I’ve seen God move many times, but are in dire need of a true miracle. I keep praying, trusting and believing, but struggle with the voice of satan who keeps whispering to my soul. Please pray for us!

      1. Everything Father has is for you, Deb. Everything! I will pray for you today, and I plead the blood of Jesus over your mind, heart, and ears right now. 🙂

    9. Tameeka Brundidge says:

      Happy New Year to your and your family. The Lord has been putting “new” in my spirit. He is working in me right now and I am excited. I pray with you and for you about what new things, great things will happen for you this year! God bless.

    10. Rebecca Jones says:

      I have to agree, He’s doing new things and has already started today. Have a blessed 2016 everyone!

    11. Missy Reynolds says:

      Amen! Thank you Abba Father!!!

    12. Wow! Thank you for writing this, Jamie! This is truly confirming what I’ve sensed God sharing or speaking for this upcoming year. It’s very exciting to me, and I, too, have great expectations for what lies ahead with His government expanding upon the earth.
      The kingdom of heaven is coming forth, and the keys are unlocking as God’s promises are being made manifest here on earth. (Key of David, specifically)
      Praise God for wisdom, revelation and making all things new.
      God bless you abundantly! ❤️

    13. Jamie,

      YOU are an ambassador of God’s freshness, newness and of His living Word. Thank you for this confirmation on what my husband and I have newly discovered (but this revelation was always there for us to receive) over the last week or so: When we made a conscious decision to take the limits off God (a la Psalm 78:41), we have been hearing “Yes and Amen” from unexpected people with unexpected influence. Stay tuned. We know a #mindblown praise report is coming.

      In His Love,


      1. Amen, Dee. I’m eager to hear that mindblown praise report! Can’t wait! GO, JESUS! (And by the way, I receive that thing about freshness and newness. Praise God.) 🙂

    14. Thank you Jamie for this fresh word on the first day of this new year! I pray God’s continued Blessings on you & yours always, but especially pray this for you in 2016!!(:

      1. Same to you, Joi. I pray our Abba Father would overwhelm you with His love, caring, and goodness, right now today in Jesus’ name!
        Thank you for reading and being part of this growing community!

    15. Vivi jean says:

      I love this …. Rain for my soul have so many new fronts today !! My son has started a new and I thank the Father God my banner that he has new for Matt and his past is just that , the scales from his eyes and heart removed . This message has given me further confirmation all is new and expectation for me is great . Bless you Jamie

    16. Jaime,
      Thank you for that confirmation from the Lord! God used you to reassure me that He IS going to do something new in my life this year…..”something that’s never happened!
      Isaiah 43:19
      “See, I am doing a new thing!
      Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
      I am making a way in the wilderness
      and streams in the wasteland.”
      This verse was given to me right before I read your message?
      Whoohooo!! Hallelujah to the King of Kings and Lord or lords!!!

      1. I LOVE that passage too! That whole section of Isaiah rocks my world. So glad Papa’s speaking to you too! 🙂

    17. I feel so filled with fear, doubt and sadness. I know that I must consistently pray and believe for all the great things that God has in store for me and my family now and in the future. Fighting a foreclosure, praying for ways to provide financially, no real connection in marriage and do not feel like a priority as a result of all these struggles and more. I believe in God. I do. I am just having a hard day filled with tears and wanting to feel God in my spirit holding my hand. Your post was definitely. Right on time post. I just want it to stay with me, the belief, faith and just feeling better. Thank you for being obedient and sharing what God ad the Holy Spirit put on your heart to share. I look forward to your words.

      1. GP, I’m so sorry you’ve been going through that, but I prayed for you. I pray our Papa would make a way even where there seems to be no way; that He would make a road in the wilderness and streams in the desert and provide for your needs according to His RICHES in glory in Christ Jesus. In Jesus’ name.

    18. Lana Sieber says:

      Thank you Jamie,
      This article was perfect timing for me to be encouraged and understand that God is wanting something new for my life that I haven’t even imagined for myself. It helps me to cope with all the changes.
      Thanks again,


      1. Amen. Lana, I pray you’d thrive in this new season, rather than just surviving. May the Holy Spirit fill you with His divine life right now in Jesus’ name.

    19. Pauline Borgan says:

      Thank you Jamie for sharing these words of encouragement for a season of blessings and favor from our Heavenly Father, our Jehovah Jireh, our Provider and Protector. I love knew beginnings! Anticipating God’ favor in mighty ways. I continue to claim Ephesians 3:20. All glory to God!!! Happy New Year and that it is. God bless you!

    20. Tameeka Brundidge says:

      Happy New Year Jamie! I’m thankful the Lord straightened out the problems I have been having accessing different blogs, including yours. God speaks to me about new beginnings often. It is exciting. I’m about to get that book you shared in a previous blog…Rees Howell: Intercessor, A Life Truly Lived For God. I pray that God opens the flood gates of heaven for you and everything you need for the ministry he has entrusted to you. I can not say enough how the Lord has used you to bring me out of many depressing encounters. Now I ask Papa to use me to set other captives free. I truly love you sister. I also ask God to release my finances because I want to partner with From His Presence. We need to be better stewards of our blessings. We need to edify each other and one way is giving to worthy, good fruit producing ministries. (When led of course bc I would be broke if I gave to every single ministry I wanted to help?)

    21. Praise God for people like you Jamie!! Thank you so much for writing ! You are a very encouraging sister!! I would love to get together and worship God?currently we gather almost every wednesday at our house here in St Clements MB for Prayer meetings as a group of 4-7 ladys if all show up its 7 ?I love to worship the Lord together!! I have to admit once you have tasted and seen how good the Lord is you will never be the same !!! Thank you for the encouraging words and i thank you for making it so personal it is amazing how it just hit the spot !;-) Holy spirit is so good he is such a good friend!! God bless you powerfull woman of God!shalom!!

    22. Happy New Year! Jamie . Thanks so much for this message. I pray that the Holy Spirit help me to appreciate that I have Him all around me and that I should put all fears behind me because God is giving me new things everyday because of His faithfulness. God bless you for using you to help all those in such situation.

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