On Intercessory Fasting

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On Intercessory Fasting | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPressence.com
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If you’re anything like me, you may have seen situations lately that break your heart:

  • People who are hurting;
  • People who aren’t right with God;
  • People who aren’t pursuing the call of God on their lives;
  • Relationships that are messed up; or
  • Any other situation in which someone you love is not walking in God’s best according to His Word.

If that’s you, and you’re desperate for breakthrough, I felt like I should share with you what I do to obtain divine intervention for someone else.

I’m not sharing this to get any kind of credit or so anybody will look at me. I’m sharing this because it’s a tool–a weapon in the arsenal of God–that many believers might not be aware they can use.

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    The weapon that will get you incredible breakthrough for someone else is intercessory fasting and prayer.

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    There’s something about fasting. It adds atomic power to your prayers. It somehow moves the heart of God to such a degree that it speeds up His work and gives Him prerogative to accomplish His will on the earth faster and with more power than He could otherwise.

    (Remember that He has placed us in charge over the earth, and He moves on it in response to our prayers.)

    And intercessory fasting and prayer is no different.

    When you pray and fast for someone else, you will see God change people’s hearts even if they don’t want to be changed at this very moment. He’ll take away their hardened hearts and give them a soft heart of flesh. He’ll take away their old spirit and give them a new spirit.

    Over and over, I’ve seen indescribable success and breakthrough with intercessory fasting.

    I don’t have biological kids of my own yet, but I do have spiritual kids, and I love them. They have my heart in the same way that you love your biological kids. And over and over, when my kids have not been right with God or walking in His best, I have seen God:

    • radically transform them;
    • set them free;
    • change their hearts;
    • heal relationships; and
    • turn them back to Himself in response to intercessory fasting and prayer.

    It’s incredible. It’s unreal.

    God always answers prayer, but I think there’s something special about it when we go to intercessory fasting and prayer.

    I feel like it’s because, when we fast and pray for someone else, we are literally doing what Jesus did (albeit in a smaller manner): laying our lives down as a highway for God to ride into the hearts of our sons and daughters.

    Father God loves and honors that heart that is enough like Jesus that it’s willing to sacrifice its own comfort and hunger in order to see His will come forth in someone else’s life.

    If you feel called to an intercessory fast for someone you love, here are a few tips that will help you:

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    1. Don’t go into it without first preparing your heart.

    Pray over the fast before you begin it–asking God for conviction to fast, for grace to fast, and to give you the desire to fast and a love for that person that will sustain you throughout the fast.

    I recently felt called to fast for one of my sons. The need was desperate, but I didn’t begin the fast right away. I prayed over it first for about a week before I actually felt led to begin.

    But when the Lord put it on my heart to actually start the fast, it was like He flipped a switch. He gave me a sudden grace for that fast that lasted the entire length of the fast. And I watched Papa absolutely transform my son’s life and pull him back from the pit. It was unreal.

    The-Supernatural-Grace-for-Glorious-Fasting-by-Jamie-Rohrbaugh-300x3002. Ask God for grace for fasting.

    I taught on this (plus more about point #1) in my MP3 teaching called “Supernatural Grace for Glorious Fasting.” You can check out my blog post about that here and get the actual MP3 here on my Gumroad store if you want.

    Suffice it to say, there is truly a grace for fasting that makes fasting easy. (And I’m the one who LOVES her Mexican food.) 🙂 If I don’t have that grace, I can’t fast. My willpower is zilch without the grace of God. But with that grace, God has sustained me through many fasts, from which I’ve seen permanent results. ‘Nuff said. Papa will help you if you ask Him.

    3. Know that God will answer your prayers and fasting with magnificent results, even if you don’t feel like your sacrifice is big enough to obtain the level of results you need.

    God hears the cry of our hearts. In intercessory fasting, I think He responds most to the love in our hearts for that other person–the love that drives us to sacrifice ourselves and lift that son or daughter up to Him in prayer. Those prayers are sweet incense in God’s nostrils.

    But remember that Jesus already paid the price for our breakthrough.

    We don’t have to flagellate ourselves and try to earn that breakthrough. We simply have to lift our sons and daughters up to God. We can’t ever earn the breakthrough ourselves.

    This is important, because when you love someone, you want breakthrough so badly for them that sometimes you think you have to earn it. You think that, in order to see God transform their lives, you will have to do something really long and arduous like fasting on nothing but water for 40 days.

    I’m not knocking fasting on water for 40 days. I think that’s awesome, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is possible.

    But God responds to faith.

    You know how I have fasted and gotten the most results?

    By simply skipping one meal each day. For me, it’s usually breakfast. I’m sharpest in the morning, and I have the most willpower then; so I usually choose to fast just that one meal. I still have to go to work and everything just like when I’m not fasting, but I spend time during my morning quiet time praying for the person for whom I’m fasting.

    Then, at work, I keep praying for them while I go about my daily tasks. And I just keep lifting that person up to Father all day whenever the Holy Spirit reminds me.

    And you know what? Fasting by simply skipping breakfast may not seem like much, but God answers.

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    Skipping that one meal is what I can do, and He hears the cry of my fast and prayers. He answers. Radically. Every time.

    So what are you in a position to offer up to God right now? Offer Him what you can. Offer Him your best, but don’t compare your best to someone else’s best or to some legalistic idea of fasting. Simply get your heart right before God and keep petitioning Him boldly. He will answer because JESUS paid the price.

    4. Know what you’re asking God for.

    Write down what you want to see happen at the beginning of your fast. Do you want to see a relationship restored? Do you want to see someone repent of their sins and turn to God? Write it down.

    When I’m fasting as intercession, I write my prayer list and requests in one place my journal and keep a bookmark there. Then I go back to it often. I also write down the answers God sends throughout the fast on the same list, so I can see all the progress He’s made at a glance.

    So know what you’re asking for. Write down what you want to see happen. (No witchcraft, please; pray for God’s best, not your good ideas.) Keep your list with you all the time and pray through it often. You’ll see God answer in ways you never imagined He could.

    5. Write down what God does every single day during your fast.

    Literally every day, write down the answers to prayer that you receive. Even if they seem small:

    • Make a note about that awesome conversation you had.
    • Make a note about how you saw change in that son or daughter’s heart.
    • Make a note about the people He brings alongside you who also speak into that child’s life.

    The more you recognize and honor what God is doing every day of your fast–the more you memorialize and cherish His answers to your prayers–the more results you will see. It’s simple as that. What you bless and honor will always increase in your life.

    Your intercessory fasting and prayer can radically transform someone else’s life.

    When you love someone so much that you’re willing to lay down your comfort and hunger as an offering to God, He answers rapidly and with power.

    Is God calling you to fast and pray for someone? If so, prepare your heart. Make your list. Pray and pray and pray some more … and EXPECT God to answer.

    Does this word encourage your heart today, or confirm something the Lord has been prompting you to do? If so, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your experience!

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    1. Crystal Harringtin says:

      Thank you, Jamie!
      Another timely word.
      I’ve come to truly adore having breakfast with you each week day. 😉

      1. Lol! So glad the post blessed you, Crystal. Thanks for reading. 🙂 Where are you from? Maybe we should actually have real breakfast. 🙂

        1. Mandi Tolbert says:

          I love this. Jamie, you have a beautiful spirit.

            1. Ty for this God has definitely been pushing me to fast as well as continue praying and interceding for my boys who have a drug addiction. One is in jail as we speak and God has been so good as to provide him with the counseling and tools he needs while he is there. My other son has a wife n two small children that I care for. He is a mess and desperately needs Jesus, and help that he is unwilling to get on his own. Terrible situation BUT GOD! Ty for the inspiration, encouragement and for keeping it so straightforward and simple! God bless!

      2. Kalavanti Naidoo says:

        Hi Jamie

        Trust you are well.

        Please intercede and pray for me, I really need another job.

        My current Manager dislikes me totally, she is so arrogant and rude, and the way she speaks to me in comparison to my other colleagues is so different,

        I cannot afford to leave this job, as I have no one to support me, to pay my rent, debts etcc,..

        I beg of you, please intercede for me.

        1. Pray for God to bless your company, pray for Him to bless your boss abundantly and soften her heart that she would find Christ if she did not. rather intercede for her. For as said in Jeremiah 29:7 your prosperity and wellbeing looks to depend on hers

        2. Conchita England says:

          Hello Jamie,

          Your words of inspiration really gave confirmation in my spirit. I am preparing to fast for God’s direction for me as well as fasting for others. You brought clarity and direction by the Holy Ghost. Thank you for submitting to God’s to divine direction.

        3. Lisa Nelson says:

          I am somewhat in the same position you are as to respect of my job and boss. The first reaction is to leave the second, if I have to stay, what can I f do o about this anger and injustice. I also know God puts us into situations for a reason. It was just brought to my attention that this is actually a gift. Your boss is a jewel for your crown. You only have one boss and that the Lord Jesus Christ. I bet he/she is not a Christian. Pray for that person. Intercede for that person,For we all are perfect in Christ. Watch your job situation change and most importantly, you will change. Don’t you want to be in a position where a person cannot make you feel anything? Instead of that person effecting you, you will be effecting that person. Look to Christ for His promises. My favorite 2 is, that He will give you a peace that passes all understanding and an unspeakable joy. When you have those 2 things, no one will be able to dictate anything to you.

      3. JACINTA MARTIN says:

        Thank You Jamie truely a blessings!

      4. Blair Jones says:

        This word is confirmation for me because I was led to fast for a friends healing today. And will fast starting tomorrow. I know I didn’t read this word by coincidence. Glory to God!

      5. Thank you. This has truly helped me.

      6. Hello I have not found you by accident.
        This will be my first timing fasting for someone i love whos struggling with believing spiritual warfare is real.
        Your words and encouragement have helped me immensely.
        Will let you know how it goes.
        Bless you
        From Australia

      7. Charles Settles Jr says:

        I thank you for your testimony. I am about to embark on something for someone I truly love. My sacrifice is worth her healing and deliverance.


      8. Thank you, Jamie, I feel like the lord lead me to this passage. I will keep posted.

      9. GOD BLESS YOU Jamie💖

        Not only was I BLESSSED by INTERCESSORY Fasting but from the PRAYER on INCREASING my FINANCES!
        I will begin partnering with you!


        1. Hi Karyn! So glad the Lord used this post to bless you. Thank you for your support and for being part of this community! Blessings!

      10. This was so touching, a message my heart needs to hear, I would like to ask you all for prayer and fasting for my brother who has court in November, Aba Father intervene bring someone in our path our put us in their path for the break through we have prayed for and so need, I pray your reverse to unjust daily, maybe fasting is what I need to speed it along, I ask each of you for prayer and fasting, that we see change, that the enemy that comes against me and my family flee, let the giant fall in Jesus name. My family has been under attach by satan for 3 and a half years, I pray for a new season.

      11. Hi! Thank you for this message. It brought tears to my eyes more than once. I’ve fasted in times past for reasons & for different lengths of time and I am in the middle of one now. It is for the relationship between my mother & brother. What I appreciate most are your words on what God truly seeks – a sincere heart; one that cares deeply enough for others to sacrifice their comfort- that God sees that, regardless of any logistics of the fast (how long, how much, etc). It was just a beautiful reminder that He is always looking and wanting our true and raw selves & is moved by our sincerity. Thank you for this and as the new year begins (it’s 1/1/21), I pray God will continue to bless you and others through you.

      12. Thank you Jamie, I found your post on Intercessory fasting 5am this morning after searching for biblical help with praying for my elderly father He suffers from tinnitus and it seems to grow worse everyday. He is not a believer and because he becomes angry and rejects my efforts to pray with him, I concluded that I can only help him through prayers. I prato God to ask Him what I can do to helphim and He answered me with your article. I will be going through your 5 Days to Victorious Fasting as I start. Thank you. Praise Godxx

      13. Wow! This was exactly what I needed at just the right time. I’ve been praying over an upcoming fast and God led me to Jamie’s Devotional on the app today. Needless to say it’s blessed me. Thank you kind Servant of God for your work. I can relate to the need to lead people to healing through your words as I do the same … Would be honored to connect with you one day. For now, I’ll continue to pray over what God has in store as I prepare for the fast I know is bound to surely change my life and the lives of those around me. Thank you for this piece! 🙏🏽

    2. Yes this is indeed a timely word. Thank you Jesus!!

    3. Stephen Line says:

      woke up this morning with the intent to fast and pray for a person dear to my heart who had fallen away from the Lord and then saw your post this morning. Now I have locked and loaded for this coming week with the principles, for effective fasting, garnered from your article. The timing of your posting couldn’t have been better. Thank you!

      1. Hey Stephen, so glad to hear this was confirmation for you. May Papa pour grace upon grace out on you as you seek Him in intercession!

      2. Glory To God! I decided to Reply to this comment because this is exactly how I felt. So as I’m reading other things that sincerely didn’t catch my eye or complete attention, I came across your post. I stopped everything and started reading yours. God is so Amazing! I felt his Spirit surround me and I started tearing and got Super Emotional. To me this reply from another reader just gives Double the Confirmation. I Bless You Both and Your Families as well, and I ask from the Lord to keep using you to fulfill his will in the lives of others in The Name of Jesus. I thank God for providing outlets/posts like this to reconfirm our hearts desire. It couldn’t be more perfect! I know God is ready to listen and I’m ready to Pray and Fast! Thanks! #ContinueToBeBlessed

    4. This is truly a response on what God wants me to do with my life. I’m praying for my prodigal spouse as well as my family and your words is exactly what I needed to hear. God bless your posts and continue to do a good work in the lord.

      1. Amen and amen. I pray that Papa woukd move powerfully in your spouse’s heart as you lift your prayers up to Him!

    5. Eleanor Tay says:

      Hi Jamie, I know know this isn’t exactly related to intercessory fasting but your post somehow resonated with what I am experiencing lately.

      I have prayed for my loved ones’ salvation on and off in the past. But lately, there has been greater urgency in prayers for their repentance although nothing has happened in our lives. I have been crying during my prayers for my unbelieving loved ones, and I am not emotional or depressed. The tears just come on their own accord, and the quiet crying goes away after a while.

      Is this travailing? Do travailing go hand in hand with intercessory fasting?

      1. Hey Eleanor, that’s a great question. Rees Howells (great intercessor in the Welsh revival) said that you’re never truly in the Presence of God until you weep. 🙂 Regarding travailing prayer, I am not sure that I would call that travailing prayer, at least not the way the term is generally used today–but I would call it prevailing prayer! Prayer that prevails with God! So keep it up! If the Holy Spirit is moving you in that way, He is using it! (By the way, He totally makes me cry like that a lot too… I think it’s because He has given you the heart of Jesus for those people!)

        Travailing prayer is generally what people are talking about when they refer to a keening or wailing that comes deep up from the Holy Spirit through your gut–as if you were giving birth. I wrote about that here if you want to check it out.

        But remember, all true prayer is Holy Spirit-led, so however the Holy Spirit leads you to pray works! Don’t worry about labels or calling it this or that–just push into the heart of God for your loved ones! <3
        Thank you so much for sharing! Wonderful thoughts!

      2. And by the way, deep prayer definitely goes hand in hand with intecessory fasting. Yes, yes, yes. You will find that the Lord leads you into the deepest intercessory prayer of your life while you’re fasting for someone else. He will touch you, too, while He’s at it–because He loves the fact that you’re willing to sacrifice to see His will come into someone else’s life. 🙂

    6. Yes!!!Thank you for this. I’m going to start a fast for my friend, so that God can transform his heart and that He can restore our friendship.

    7. Comfort Sajowa says:

      Jamie God bless you that is all I can say to you. I was feeling a bit some how. And I was thinking of prayer and fasting until you send your email, you confirm it. God bless you sis. Please pray for my son, his name is Titus Elisah my God show my son a great dream about him. Since them he misbehave.

      1. Hey Comfort, I’m so glad Papa used this word to confirm what was in your heart. I encourage you to go after God’s will for your son and any others for whom you are interceding. When we intercede, we are more like Jesus than at any other time, I believe! 🙂

    8. Geraldine says:

      After reading this post which blessed me,I went over to the subject of witchcraft prayer. I had never heard of . It was so informative. I thank God for sending your posts my way! God bless you!!!!!

      1. Hey Geraldine, I’m so glad Papa blessed you! Thank you for reading! Yes, witchcraft prayer is unfortunately something there’s not a lot of teaching about in the Body, but we need to understand how to pray properly so that we don’t open up doors to the enemy in our lives. Praying according to God’s Word is the only way to go. 🙂 Isaiah 8:20.
        Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

    9. This is incredibly on-time!

      I’ve been interceding for months for a long-time friend of mine to come to Christ, and she’s staying with me at the moment. I’ve invited her to my LifeGroup later today, and she didn’t say no! Haha. I’m praying that she is led to come and experiences the amazing presence of Jesus! I’m going to fast lunch today.

      Thank you for this, you wonderful woman of God! 🙂

      1. Hey Kelsey, that’s awesome! How did it turn out with the LifeGroup? I know Father hears your prayers and will answer your cry.

        1. She really wants to come, but the enemy is lying to her and the anxiety it is causing made her back down last Tuesday. I’m not giving up, though, because the Lord called me to intercede for her, and I know that’s because His victory is written all over the situation.

    10. Nicola Walters says:

      Very comforting to know that God has already paid for my breakthrough.

      1. It sure is. Jesus paid it all. Have you heard this song, by any chance?

        If not, you might enjoy listening to it. I love praying into it. It fills me with faith–because the blood of Jesus paid it all.

    11. Michelle Garza says:

      Thank you so much Jamie for sending me this !! I always wanted to be “educated ” on fasting and this is guidance I needed !! PTL!! Although I have been fasting and praying for my prodigal spouse to come home I never knew to do the first step you mentioned! I will do so and I can’t want to see my breakthrough and share it on the this blog ! Amen ! Amen ! May God continue to bless you all the days of your life woman of God !! Hugs !! Hugs !!

      1. That husband can come home, sister. He can. Father hears and answers.
        Thank you for that blessing, too. I receive it!

    12. Lillian Bwowe Nanteza says:

      Thanks Jamie, this has taught me about fasting and interceding for other people. Since Monday, i was thinking of fasting for my husband and children but i was unable because i was not prepared. This blog came in time and looking forward to preparing myself to start the fast. Thank you so much. Am glad and happy that am part of this journey with you.

      1. May Father God bless you exceedingly abundantly during your fast, sister! Thank you for reading!

    13. Sherry Leger says:

      Oh my, what a great confirmation! Thank you for being obident to our father, he has indeed laid it on my heart to fast. Have a blessed day!
      Love Sherry

      1. Amen! Thank you for reading, Sherry. I love how Father confirms His Word in our hearts just at the right time. Thank You, Lord!

    14. Thank you Jamie, a timely word for me since I need to pray n fast for my daughter right now. Pray that God will change her heart towards me and that He will turn her back to Father God. Pray that her mind is healed and that she stops listening to the lies of the enemy, please guide me how to pray for her (being disrespectful, abusive, swearing and basically doing what she wants). Yet she grew up in Church, she is now 23 and in varsity. Thank you

    15. Maria Dimba says:

      Oh yes have to pray for my two sisters to be saved by God, I have a feeling that once they are saved the whole family will be saved. Thanks Jamie for the love of God you are sharing

    16. kelsey Jank says:

      This was so encouraging! Me and my boyfriend of 4 years recently had to break up because he has slipped back into old habits he had before becoming a christian. We are in the middle of a process of working with the state to build an organization for foster youth (he was in foster care his whole life) we both have seen god provide for us in this ministry in amazing ways! I know Satan saw the work of God in his life and a calling to heal foster youth. I have been fasting and praying for a month for my boyfriend to come back to Christ with a humble, repentant heart and to be more anointed than ever to do the work God has called him to. I believe what Satan planned for our destruction God will use for his Glory and I know God will use his testimony to have power over the strongholds of foster youth in our care in the future.

    17. You brought tears to my eyes because sometimes I really wonder if I can actually have any real effect on the situations and lives of the people I love. Thank you for reminding me that it’s not in my own strength or ability, but in God’s… and that He honours faith and sacrifice.
      God bless you, Madam.

    18. Taylor Dixon says:

      You have no idea how much this has encouraged me. I’ve been wanting to fast for awhile now, but after reading this.. it has encouraged me on a different level. I feel knowledgeable and I have such strong hope for fasting because of your faith and encouragement. Thank you soooo much!

    19. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Jamie it will help me a lot for my fasting..i’m going to do the same now..i need God to direct us n do breakthrough in our lives (marriage)…Amen!!!!

      1. Mirembe judith says:


    20. Thank you for your obedience to the Spirit of the Lord. This article was very useful and confirmed what I believe the Lord is leading me to do!

    21. This information was very informative and helpful. I felt God prompting in my spirit to fast for a special young lady who has been battling mentally. The enemy wants to keep her stuck, and cause her to feel like she is not going anywhere in life. I know for sure that’s a lie that comes from the pit of hell, because she will be receiving her Master Degree this coming May. So God has put in my spirit to stand in the gap and intercede on her behalf. So thank you for sharing and reading this has blessed me to walk in faith believing that God is going to show up.

    22. What if you are the one who needs the help? Can you fast for yourself or is that wrong?

    23. Hey Jamie, it might have been 2 yrs since u posted this article but it has really helped my spiritual man. I hope to start fasting n praying for my boyfriend,Mark Mbugua tomorrow for him to get a better job n that God’s grace may speak for him in all his endeavors. Kindly assist me in praying for him too. Thanks in advance n may God bless you.

    24. susan adams says:

      i started my fast yesterday in the evening. my son Steve has fallen away from God. he is very depressed and cries all the time. he doesnt feel God is there for him. i wanted to change doctors for him and i prayed the Lord would lead me. i called the cleveland clinic but they would not take him because he has ADD. SEEMS WIERD RIGHT? so i thought LORD, PLEASE HELP I AM FASTING AND PRAYING ON YOU FOR SOME GOOD TO HAPPEN. i called another doctor and they are not taking new patients. BUT they gave me a number of a doctor who is very close by. this doctor will take my son. i know i was guided by the HOLY SPIRIT. i went from phone call to phone call. to a nonchristian it would look as if i had no luck. i believe that God closed the door to the other doctors because i had prayed that He would send me to the right doctor . it was MY will that my son go to the cleveland clinic. but its GODS WILL he go to someone else. God chose the doctor for Steve. just as i had prayed for. i will continue to fast for three days as Esther did. i believe with all my heart that the Lord will open Steves eyes, and soften his heart so he will again believe in OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN. AMEN AND AMEN

    25. I have desperately been trying to break off witchcraft that an enemy sent my way years ago. I have demonic symptoms in my body and I have demonic visions. I won’t even go into all the evil that I supernaturally feel and see. I have tried fasting for myself but the symptoms come on worse. A minister fasted for me for 21 days and I finally felt relief from my symptoms but it didn’t all leave. It was close though. How do I get a deliverance minister or someone to go over and beyond and care enough to do some intercessory fasting on my behalf? Do you know of a group/church that prays and fasts for people?

      1. Hi there,
        Get and read Neil Anderson’s books The Bondage Breaker and Victory Over the Darkness, and do everything they say. 🙂 That should get you where you want to go–to FREEDOM.
        Thanks so much for sharing your situation!

    26. Adin Ramirez says:

      Hi. Thanks so much for the blog on intercessory fasting. It actually answered questions that I had about fasting. Thanks again! Please keep me in prayer. I need to lose weight. I feel sluggish and heavy. I don’t know what to do or how to do this. I feel that losing weight will make me healthy and help me feel better about myself. I have high blood pressure. I want to lose about 50 lbs but the right, healthy way. Please advice, I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much, be blessed!

      1. QFor brother to be raised from the dead.fzor.

    27. Emily Canupp says:

      Wow! One of my best friends is going through a tough time right now and I was fighting for her in prayer when I felt the impression of fasting for her. I was googling scripture about intercessory fasting and came across this article. SUCH CONFIRMATION! And a great outline for the inexperienced like me. I’m super excited to see what God will do in the life of my friend. Thank you for sharing this!

    28. William Black says:

      I have fasted before. One time our church had a fast and I fasted for 4 days. Then on the following Monday I felt that the Lord wanted me to fast again. I did, but did not know the reason. Later than day a woman from church wanted me to come over and pray for her, so I thought this must have been the reason. I went to her house and prayed for her, binding a spirit of infirmity and casting it out. She told me she was told by her doctor she needed rotor cup surgery. Three months later in a church meeting the elders said I had healed her. They then thought I had the gift of healing.

    29. Hey I was actually observing an intercessory fast today when I got your email. Thank you for the encouragement. Let also pray for eachother as we intercede as this is what shakes the kingdom of Satan……may God lead us to higher objectives and greater victories in Him, through Him and for Him!!!

    30. Hi Jamie, I am new to your blog. Recently my 14 year old (M’hya) announced she does not believe in God. Her dad died suddenly last year and I am thinking this may have something to do with her statement. For many, many years she was an avid prayer and was filled with faith beyond her years. I feel a burden in my heart to fast and intercede for my daughter. Thank you for your obedience and faithfulness to God.
      K. Vasconez

    31. I’m giving up breakfast for praying and praying fasting to God Jesus Christ thanks for this I’m preparing my ❤ for my fast this week

    32. So aiffrming Jaime, as usual !!!

      Thank you!
      Bless you and yours!
      So appreciate you!!!

      Penny ware

    33. Wow you truly hear from God because the timing of this and so many of your other blog post are always on point. I’ve been thinking about going on a fast within this past week for my family because of things that were going on and just wanting them to live in the purpose God has for them and I really made up my mind to start today and this is total and complete confirmation.

    34. Gina Marchetti says:

      I praise God for you Jamie! Although this word was released a while ago it is poignant and exactly what I needed to hear today. I have been beating myself up for not being able to do a 40-day fast. Because my children and ex-husband have been taken against their will into a coven, I have felt the only way to combat this is prolonged fasting. You are right, even the little bit that we do shows God our heart. He may call me to a 40-day fast but in the meanwhile, I will continue to fast each day as he shows me the strategy. Thank God that he looks at our heart and he is a forgiving God a powerful King! I am fairly new to your ministry but I have been extraordinary blessed. You are a mighty woman of God!

    35. Hi Jaime, I literally was praying this morning about going on a Fast with another ministry about repentance in the church’s. I asked the Father to give me a confirmation and here I am reading your email? God is so good and faithful.

    36. I am in love with someone we both are very closed friends she is someone who is as divine as God himself , it is not that I don’t have guts or courage to let her know my feelings but it about my deserverence for her. I always feel I am not so deserving to have such a good person in my life. And she deserves someone who is far better than me. But this doesn’t stops me to love her although I have walked away from her life for her happiness as I believe I was never made for her.
      Still I am observing a 40 days fasting and praying for her so that God showers all the happiness and blessings on her. I will pray for her ..I will pray for her ..May God bless her.

    37. Jan Briggs says:

      Thank you for sharing about intersessory fasting & prayer. I was searching if fasting for someone else would truly benefit that person. I’m glad I came upon your article.
      I feel God has placed it on my heart to fast and pray. My second oldest son is in a lot of trouble he is 30 years old. The prosecutor is bound to get him, while he did make some really bad decisions what they charged him with is ludicrous. He had to plead guilty to two charges and now he will face sentencing for a twisted version of what he actually did do.
      I do agree with some punishment as he really did make some very poor choices. My main reason for fasting on his behalf is because of his heart condition. While he is a loving person he just keeps making bad decisions. He is far away from God and has major walls up. In fact I have 4 boys who all have up walls to God, or mainly church in general.
      So I’m fasting for all 4 of them God says “delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart” My desire is that my boys would hear the voice of the Good Shepherd and respond to His knocking on the door of their hearts. All 4 accepted Christ when they were young all 4 believe in God and Jesus My son who is in jail accepted Christ at age 8 and then again in his later teens when he understood salvation better. But now he’s so far away from God.
      Can I fast and pray for multiple reasons? my son in jail, my other 4 boys, my husband and for my own denial of my flesh to pursue God with greater intensity?
      Or is it better to focus on one thing?

      God’s Love grace and blessings to you,

    38. Jan Briggs says:

      Thank you so much for this article and clearing up some of my confusion.
      Is it ok to fast and pray for multiple reasons? Or better to focus on one thing at a time?
      I wrote a whole other comment but I typed my email address incorrectly. But basically I know God is calling me to fast and pray for my 4 boys my husband and myself. So just wondering what is most effective?
      Thank you again God bless you,
      Jan B

    39. I genuinely think this is the best place to go to for spiritual advice. Whenever I need spiritual help, my favorite place to go is fromhispresence.

    40. Hello Jamie,
      Thank you for your article. I found this article because I started to fast for someone since 2 months ago, 1 day/ week. However these days I wonder if I am listening to God’s voice or mine, regarding my fasting. It is quite an unusual situation I think. I am fasting for a man who is an unbeliever, we are friends but I realized some months ago that I did the mistake to start to like him. I know that I do not want to have a relationship with someone who does not follow God’s word, so I am just admitting my mistake in front of God and try to be just friend with that man, as we were supposed to be from the moment we meet. However, I felt always a desire to pray for him and 2 months ago I felt I need to fast for him and pray more. He is living a life in darkness and I felt the desire to pray for God to save him, and as well to save him from game and alcohol addiction. After I prayed I can see some changes but I am worried that maybe when I decided to pray I was influenced more by my heart and not God’s voice, my desire to see that man saved. So my question is… How can I discern God’s voice and acceptance for me to fast for that man, and not lie to myself and induce to myself God’s voice, just because I like him?

    41. Leigh Ann says:

      Do you ever tell someone that you fasted for them? I’ve been fasting breakfast for a friends marriage since Thusday. Thanks for the blog. It was helpful.

    42. Shunta Anderson says:


    43. I thank God for this post!

    44. Cassandra says:

      I’m not sure if you still run this blog since this an older post but I want you to know that it really helped me seeing as my family members and friends are going through it right now. I didn’t know how to do this fast but your post makes me more equipped.

    45. Mary Cote says:

      Thank you Jamie for sharing this! God used you to teach me to begin to fast. I’ve been asking Him for help on this for awhile, especially lately, and He led me to your site! And voila! 🙂 Thanks be to our always listening, generous God!
      Have a blessed day!
      Mary Cote

    46. This blog entry is super awesome easily one of the best I’ve read in a long time, you are truly anointed and have explained everything to the T. God bless you. I have gained much insight this subject. And I have been saved for 30 years already. In with God’s will you always learn something new. Thank you so much. It has brought me a whole new perspective on fasting. God is truly with you.

    47. I just wanted to acknowledge and thank you for posting this article. I was led by the lord to fast for my husband. I am beginning the fast now and was in search of scriptures to help me meditate and build my expectation and faith. Thank you do including personal sentiments as well. I love that this felt like more of a conversation with a friend rather than a reading.
      Lastly, I just want to agree in prayer right now as a sister to anyone going through a struggle and are in need of the Fathers intervention. I agree with heaven in the perfect will of the father to be made manifest in your life today. Whoever you are in the body, He knows your name though I may not, He knows your story and your needs. May every need by supplied according to His riches and Glory. May you find peace and rest in knowing that the God of heaven answers by fire when we avail our hearts to Him in accordance with His.
      God Bless You.

    48. Thank you so much, Jamie I was supposed to start a fast today for my children but I woke up not feeling well and I was feeling so down that I was not able to fast , but this work have encouraged me and I believe I was not already.
      So thank you for sharing

    49. Islyne Anne Thomas says:

      Good morning. Thank you for an answer to an unspoken question. Hope in a time of inner search.

    50. Lindsay Turner says:

      All of this really spoke to me and was encouraging today 🙂 definitely feeling lead to intercessory prayer for someone else. And hugely looking forward to the results that will come from it! One of the things that really hit me was not being able to manipulate God through fasting. I know that there’s times when I definitely tried to do that in the past and it really helped me break through the shell of Lies this morning. Thank you for being obedient and writing this and sharing with us all. May God continue to love on you and bless your life and those that you impact through your obedience.

    51. This is confirmation for me – thank you! The Lord told me to fast and pray for my husband but I had no more detail than that. For a variety of reasons, I only felt I could do breakfast until noon or a bit beyond. It isn’t impressive to the average person but I have done it twice so far and the presence of the Lord has been wonderful as I did. You have encouraged me that my “mustard seed fast” can be an effectual fervent prayer that avails much!

      Hey, I want to invite you to visit my blog, Jamie. For years it has been simply a mommy blog with recipes, organizing tips, preschool crafts etc. Recently, I took a step of faith and wrote two posts that are faith-based. I wasn’t sure what would happen but it was in my heart to do it. The most recent post about Bibles has actually received some great comments. I am encouraged. My blog is Ducks ‘n a Row – https://www.ducksnarow.com

    52. Thank you so much for this on time word!!!! God bless

    53. Beautiful staff indeed may the good continue to grace you for that

    54. I have been thinking about fasting for my daughter who is on a bad path and who recently has started down an even darker one. She has a 3 year old daughter and I am terrified of the situations she is exposing her to. I totally feel like God led me to this! I am so encouraged and feel armed and ready! I will spend time praying about it 1st and if God confirms then I will be fasting for her! Thank you! God spoke to my heart through you!

    55. I feel that God has led me to pray for my dad and my brother, my brother especially. Thank you so much for these tips, I will use them to pray for a breakthrough. God bless!!

    56. Hi Jamie
      I have had periods of intercessary fasting without any direction and focus. Thank you Jamie for your simplistic approach to . I’m praying for my beautiful loving and caring daughter, whose left her faith and gone astray forming a same sex relationship for the past two years.
      fasting. . My heart is laden with guilt and failure But your words are very encouraging and I will now continue to seek God’s face across the table at breakfast! Please pray with me. Thank you

    57. Thanks for your advice on this. I like that your method of fasting is grouped in an achievable way. I have seen a mentor of mine use fasting to help someone and I have just learned of a family who lost their wife/mother and wanted to share their pain in some way.

    58. I was asked by God over a week ago to fast and pray for my daughter. It was short after I started “consecration of my human temple.” A 16 day process to get closer to God. He said to start after that. So, I have been preparing for about 12 days now. I didn’t know it was a thing to prepare myself to fast. I didn’t know it was a thing to fast for someone else. All I knew was she needs a breakthrough and it was super heavy on my heart. When i prayed God asked me to fast. It is really interesting that what God asked me (and i started today) is exactly what you describe. That k you for this article.

    59. This is full of good info. Thank you! I will pray and ask God to prepare my heart and guide me thru this fast

    60. Hi Jamie,
      Thank you so much for this post. I am so glad I clicked to read on this article. As a matter of fact, I am so relieved to know that intercessory prayers and fasting are truly a treasure in God’s eyes. I key into my testimony as I began this fast as well for my relationship it’s been a distant one and finally he moves home the devil wants to make God look like a liar, he wants to mock my creator but now I know my dominion over my relationship is taken charge and placing the devil in his place. I will write out all the results as advised even if it’s small because truly we need to justify God does answer and Jesus has truly paid the price for our redemption. Thank you.

    61. Victoria Arike says:

      GOD bless you richly Jamie for introducing me for the first time in my life to “intercessory fasting and Prayer”
      I am Victoria, from Ghana, West Africa.
      The LORD led me to your blog just when I desperately needed God’s intervention in my beloved daughter’s life. GOD bless you for the insight on how to start, get results and many more.
      We are together in this.
      Thank You Father GOD for this eye opener!

    62. Thank you for this post. I have been praying for a child of God for years but this past started fasting my breakfasts. I also learned part of the phrasing I was using in my prayers were what you call witchcraft prayers, asking God for certain specific actions, conversations, or attitudes to come from people. I have asked for forgiveness and am being more mindful of my wording in prayer. Thank you for providing examples of wording to use in prayer it is very helpful.

    63. Natalie Mcvay says:

      I am so glad I ran across your blog this morning, such great advice and wisdom as I prepare to fast. Our 4 foster children are getting ready to have a goal change from reunification to adoption and it is going to be life-changing for them. I am excited to see what God does during this time of fasting and I am thankful that I found some of your authentic tips to help me get started. Blessings…

    64. Jamie,
      Good Morning! This post blessed my heart and renewed my faith in our Father’s possibilities! I’m so encouraged and on fire for the Lord’s power to work in the lives of my husband, children, and parents, as well as myself. I will honor the lesson that He gives on fasting and prayer with an authentic open heart and expectancy. All I want is to please Him and honor Him by living our best life as a living example to others to submit to His will and come to Him as their Lord and Savior. If I can do anything with my life to advance the Kingdom of God, I desire to do His will and follow His plan! I believe He led me here and now I know and accept my mission. I thank God for you. May our Abba continue to bless you and keep you in His care!
      With sisterly love,

    65. Kelly Binkoski says:

      I’m planning on fasting with intercession prayer!! He needs a breakthrough and cry out to the Lord. He has an addiction problem and he is depressed. He needs a miracle!! Please agree with me in prayer

    66. Kelly Binkoski says:

      I forgot to tell you it is my son Matthew who needs prayer. He needs a miracle!!

    67. This has encouraged me incredibly. I know that it is typical to fast for breakthrough and blessings in our own lives. I have had a rough time holding onto faith at times during this fast. I recently become good friends with a Muslim. And I began feeling it in my heart to pray for him and the others in my life to have radical encounters with God. Every day of this fast, God is provided me with some type of scripture, revelation and encouragement to show me that this fast is actually for a purpose. I felt like maybe doing this type of intercessory fast wouldn’t work like when I fasted for myself (but I fought against those false lies that warred with my faith). Thank you for this post! I feel encouraged and I feel confirmation that my fasting is going to bring him to Christ–he’s my miracle friend.

    68. Thank you for this teaching on intercessory fasting. My church does an annual fast and because I just had surgery and my body needs time to heal the Lord (as He always does) began to place individuals on my heart to pray for. So I ask God for an opportunity to utilize this fast to pray for others. I begin to read your devotional “5 Days to Victorious Fasting” and what a blessing it has been. God bless you and your ministry!!!

    69. Annell Belfield says:

      Fitting post.
      I have been struggling in my Fasting while reading the post the missing ingredient was asking God for his grace.
      I know now it will be easier because I’ll be operating in God’s Grace.
      God Bless You and again Thank You
      Annell Belfield

    70. Jacquie Griffith says:

      Thank You Lord God..
      Dear Jamie, may The Lord God bless you
      I’ve been fasting for a couple of days and didn’t feel like I was getting any way.
      Now I can go ahead and fast with the blessing of the Lord..
      God bless 🙏

    71. Hi Jamie
      I have been fasting for 1 day the first week and 2 days the second….next week will be 4 days…..for God to meet with us at our church’s Mens Conference…but most of all that my two adult sons who are joining me will have soft hearts and have open ears to hear His voice and that 2020 will be a year of life changing decisions which will glorify our Father🙌🙏 I am reading your Bible plan on the Bible App, so thank you for it and the encouragement that I have received. Be Blessed In Jesus name!!🙌🙌
      Love in Him from South Africa. !!

      1. Hi, Erlin! Welcome to our community and I’m thrilled that Father God blessed you using the Bible App Plans too! Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

    72. I want and feel like I need to step in the gap for my 21 year old son. He’s been battling drug addiction bad for the last 4 years. (First started using at 14) Been in rehabs and jail with no lasting results. Has stole from family which has caused hurt and distrust. I have always felt God has had something Extraordinary for him ever since we survived a bad car accident on October 2, 1999. He’s been through so much and he has no hope and doesn’t even know how to live a sober life although he gave his life to Jesus and was then baptized on December 15,2019. I know God is working but my son keeps letting satan in. I want to fast on my son’s behalf and I thank you for this article. Bless you and your ministry!

      1. Keep praying my sis in Christ, Jesus hears them:)

    73. Robertine Manuel says:

      Hi Jamie. Thank you so much for this article. It will help me so much when fasting. I agree I have been doing it wrong for so long and then I would feel really guilty afterwards if I could not keep up to my commitment to fast. I will take your recommendations into consideration and I know it will be fruitful. Continue to be a blessing to others through your articles and plans. God bless you!

    74. Really loved reading this. May God bless you and your journey in writing more.

    75. Thanks you Jamie. I started searching for fasting for a loved one cos my sister has has some health issues and she called and I could hear how tired she was. The next thing on my mind was fasting for her but I wanted to know how and how our Father wants it to be done. I came across this article and it’s helped shape my mind on how to approach fasting for my sister. I will come back here to testify of our Lord’s kindness when I’m done.

      Thank you and God bless you

    76. Hello Jamie!

      I am reading this for the first time in 2020 and it is very encouraging and insightful. I am not a new believer; I know intercession is a part of my ministry and this read was a great resource! Thank you!

    77. Emilia Loza says:

      Hi! Thank you for writing this! I have a question though, does fasting have to be with food or can it be with other things, like television or video games?

      1. It can be whatever you and the Lord decide together. Whatever He leads you to do. 🙂

    78. Maribel Ormonde says:

      Hi Jamie,
      My grandson was just diagnosed with diabetes type 1. And I am heartbroken seeing my son and daughter in law deal with this. I feel like the Lord is telling me to fast for his healing. I will start slow and wait for God to answer. Please include him in your prayers his name is Levy and is only 4 years old. Has to take an insulin shot every 3 hours!

    79. Brittney HOward says:

      I literally had this (God notion) to drop in my spirit this morning, at work, and I was like “Is that actually a thing?” So, I googled it , LOL , and I landed here. This article brought tears to my eyes because it gave me hope, and assurance that yes I do hear the Lord when He speaks to me.
      I thank God for speaking and equipping me to do His work. Thank God for servants like you who publish kingdom information , because a lot of people feel alone and sometimes crazy on this journey. Thank you

      1. I google searched “fasting and praying for a friend” and was directly led to this webpage.
        Just one night earlier I had decided to start a 21 day fast for someone I love, for his spiritual healing – return to the Lord with all his heart and breakthrough/repentance/freedom from persistent habits/strongholds from his former (non-Christian) lifestyle.
        Your article was greatly encouraging.
        I have been following your 21-days of breakthrough prayer series after that.
        God bless your heart.

    80. I came across your reading plan on YouVersion because I was contemplating trying to do a 40 day Daniel Fast. I was never fully settled in my heart nor did I feel like I had the grace to complete it considering my struggle with 3 and 7 day fasts. There are no coincidences in the Kingdom, so I’m grateful that I was led here. Thank you for this much needed perspective and encouragement.

      1. It’s great to meet you, Tiffanie. I’m so glad this article and the YouVersion plan helped!
        Love and blessings,

    81. Petri-Ann says:

      This served as a confirmation for me ! When I typed in google, “how to fast for friends”, after sensing God’s prompting in that direction, I did not expect this! In fact, I kinda doubted that I would find an article of this naure but God knows this is exactly what I need as I enter a season of intercessory prayer and fasting for my friends. Thank you so much for sharing!

    82. God bless you for this article. I have been looking for this encouragement to pray and fast for a friend of mine and the restoration of our friendship. This came at the perfect time. I will begin my 7 day prayer and fasting tomorrow and ask that you join me in prayer also.

      I am looking forward to God touching their heart and changing their life.

      1. I touch and agree with you:)

    83. Esther Balogun says:

      Hey Jamie, thanks so much for this, it spoke to me. I also call God papa so I found that really sweet. God bless you!

    84. I’m interceding for my husband. We have been going on for 9 months with a separation he wants out but I’m still fighting for my marriage staying faithful and prayful. This blog was not by accident. Please intercede that GOD can give us a miracle and our marriage restored what GOD brought together no man can separate

    85. Hi! Thanks to the Lord for this amazing word! God bless you and I was literally asking the Lord to help me how to Fast because literally all the time o wanted to Fast I failed. The Lord answer to me through you experiences and how to do it, because my fast is not for me but for my brother and the restoration of his marriage. God bless you infinitely!

    86. Hi

      Please pray for me I lost my husband last year due to car accident,now I can’t accept that he is gone and the social worker said m struggling of depression. I m working in a shop the salary is not enough since m the only one whose taking care of our kids and I can’t afford to fix the car that he got the accident with its still stucked in yard and its stressing me. Please I need prayers now not ” depression.

      1. I’ll be praying for you, Salome. I’m so very sorry for your loss. May the God of all comfort be with you and strengthen you and help you as the Defender of the widows and the Father to the fatherless.

    87. Em Fisher says:

      It’s funny how many times I come across this page when looking up intercession. What do you think it means when you are moved to tears, and I mean a lot of tears, while fasting and interceding in prayer for someone?

    88. I’m currently on a 3 day fast for several family members and this was just the encouragement and guidance I needed. So thankful for God using your life as a blessing to the Body of Christ!🙏🏾❤

    89. This morning I started an intercessory fast for my husband. I have been prompted by the Lord for several weeks now to do this. My husband has an insane spirit of jealousy as well as a spirit of doubt. We have been married for almost 30 years, and he continually accuses me of infidelity. I have been 100% faithful to him since the day we met, but he chooses to believe the lies that Satan hands to him. He takes the lies and then makes up his own stories of things that have never happened. It is destroying not only our marriage, but each other individually. My fast is for the release of these demonic spirits from his person and that they are never invited back in by him. Matthew 18:19 – Again, truly I tell you that if 2 of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in Heaven. Thank you for praying and agreeing with me for a complete deliverance.

    90. standing in agreement with you. God is so good stay faithful and remain hopeful

    91. Hello Ms. Jamie. I just want to say..I truly believe that you just saved my marriage. You just showed me something I never thought about. Reading your post, I now have a VERY strong desire to intercessory fast instead of just giving up🙏🏾

    92. Thank you so much. I’m a stay at home mom who has lost herself and what she wants. I often feel my prayers and everything I do has to be rushed because my small kids are constantly with me. I’ve been wanting to fast and pray for guidance and peace. I’m out of town visiting family with my husband without the kids. This morning I have time all to myself and opened my bible app to search for a plan and it led me to yours. And then it led me to this link. I thought I’d spend this time to myself watching tv and doing nothing, but I found myself praying and reading my word. I know this time to myself in God was very intentional. You have blessed me and motivated me so much. I really needed this because I really wanted to just give up. Several times I didn’t want to be on this earth and you’ve really just motivated me. I can have my life back. It isn’t over for me. I can find my purpose and be me again. Thank you.

      1. Nicole, you sure can have your life back. And it will be BETTER than before. When God restores, He restores better than things ever were originally. I am so glad you got a chance to have at least a brief rest, and I pray the Lord would make a way for you to get more rest today and this week.
        Thank you for letting us know that our Bible Plan on YouVersion blessed you also! What a joy it is to hear that!
        I just prayed for you specifically.
        Many blessings in Christ,
        Jamie Rohrbaugh

    93. Help me pray for my mother with a unknown disease! She cannot walk and I’m currently fasting for 5 days only liquid(not bragging in anyway shape or form) im seriously just humbly praying for her and I’ve been thanking God for all he does and acknowledging he has the power to do whatever he wants in this situation! I’m so broken over this situation and I know God can move on it! I’m trying not to be like do this God but rather just glorify him and that’s hard for me!!!

    94. Thank you so much for your inspiration. Almost a year ago I made my reconversion to the Church after being raised a cradle Catholic and later leaving the faith. Upon returning, I have been blessed beyond measure with grace that has led me to a faith in and love for Chirst that I had never experienced. I have been praying and praying and praying for my three sons (21, 20, and 18) to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to return to the Church. I so badly want them to feel the love of Christ in their lives and experience it in the Eucharist every week. It came on my hear to do intercessory fasting for them, but I was not exactly sure how to do it. Your insights are so helpful. Thank you for sharing.

    95. Christy Cloutier says:

      I was fasting last month for something else, and I felt like God told me to fast seven days for the salvation of my children. Today is day one. I’m taking your advice and writing down specifically what I’m asking for and making note of what I see God doing each day.

    96. Thank you so much for this encouragement! It was truly inspiring and helpful. I’ve been in fasting and prayer the last 3 days, Daniel style, and God already opened doors to 2 of my prayers. But my next prayer is for my husband. He’s never had an astounding or passionate faith for God, but he always tried his best to be closer to the Father. But recently it’s like he’s given up. I do my best to be a gentle and encouraging example, but whenever I try to do a devotional with him or ask him spiritual based questions to prompt his faith, he seems to close off and become irritated. Today I start my fasting and prayer specifically for his heart and faith. Thank you again. This has helped me feel more at peace over the fast. ❤️

    97. I’m so happy that God lead you to write and post this. I have been feeling the urge to fast but I knew I wasn’t ready and didn’t really fully know where to begin. Today is the first day in about 2 weeks that I have feel excited and at peace about my fast. I feel it in my heart to begin today and I can focus. I will let you know the results.

    98. Hello Jamie,
      Thank you so much for this. Today reading this passage gave me confirmation of something I’ve been praying about. My brother has been dealing with mental illness and I really want to see God intervene in his life. I’m stepping away from social media as it is a big distraction. Thank you for that extra push in the right direction.

    99. Thank for this passage. It allowed for me to see and receive what God has been preparing me for over the last couple of months. I am receiving and answering God’s call for me and this passage was confirmation to allow God to speak to me and tell what he would have me to do. Praise God for his mercy and grace over our life’s.

    100. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I feel led to pray for my husbands salvation through fasting and prayer but I didn’t know how to start. Thank you so much.

    101. Thank you for this it really fave me more insight on fasting. I recently did a fast for someone I love dearly and this word has encouraged me to keep praying, having faith in God to answer mt prayers concerning that person. I have been encouraged to stay diligent in prayer.

      Thank you

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