Jesus, Let Me Be the Donkey You Ride In On

I was pouring my heart out to the Lord a few days ago–partly praying in the Spirit, partly praying in English; partly silently, partly aloud. I felt so much desperation in my heart, and I searched for the right words.

I told the Lord about my practical problems. But, then I told Him that I don’t always want to be praying about practical needs or practical problems. He said He’d supply my needs–and supply them richly, too. He said He’d solve my problems.

So, I told Him that I am pulling Him onto the thick carpet, if you will, because I insist that He take care of everything that concerns me.

I insisted that He also provide plenty and enough to spare, so that I can spend my time with Him talking with Him about other things.

The reason? There are more important things to pray about, such as:

  • I want Him to use me for the sake of His own glory.
  • I want Him to use me for the sake of His great name.
  • I want Him to use me to increase the inheritance of Jesus … so that, when we come to the end of time, Jesus will see more fruit of the travail of His soul, and He will be satisfied.
  • I want the earth to be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.
  • I want Jesus to be lifted up through my life and through this ministry.
  • I want Father to glorify His own name in me.
  • I want people to behold Jesus, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world–and, by beholding, to become forever changed.
  • I want people to be saved, healed, and delivered from bondage of all types.
  • I want Him to use me to present the Body to Himself, a pure and spotless Bride.

And I DON’T want:

  • To be caught up in my personal problems;
  • To build an empire;
  • For people to look at me instead of Him;
  • To forget my passion for Him, and make ministry about me instead;
  • To become a “professional” minister–ministering out of rote, rather than heart and passion for Christ;
  • To ever even need to think about meeting the budget this month (or any month);
  • To try and “meet numbers”–social media numbers, email numbers, product sales numbers, or any other numbers you could think of that go along with business; or
  • For this ever to become “just a job.”

I want His fame to go out over all the earth, and I want Him to use me as much as He possibly can to do it. BUT …

People don’t need me. Yes, we’re a Body, and we need each other, etc etc. That’s true. But it’s also true that people need JESUS, not me.

So, as I agonized before the Lord, praying about these things, the most descriptive phrase I could think of was this little prayer Holy Spirit dropped into my heart:

“Jesus, let me be the donkey You ride in on.”

You see, at the Triumphal Entry, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. As He rode down those dusty streets, people lined the path to celebrate Him. They put palm branches and coats down on the road for Him to ride over. They shouted praises to His name.

Nobody had much to say about the donkey, but the donkey sure was an essential part of that day’s events. That donkey was so important, in fact, that Jesus sent His disciples specifically into a village to get it. He told them exactly what kind of donkey it was (a foal with its mother), where it would be, and what its owners would say.

But the donkey wasn’t the point. The donkey was just what Jesus used to ride in on.

But when He rode into Jerusalem, He was exalted and glorified. People praised Him, and He fulfilled prophecy.

I want to be Jesus’ proverbial donkey.

I don’t want to get sidetracked with myself. I don’t want anything to be about me. I just want Him to use me–somehow, somewhere, everywhere, everyhow–to glorify His own name.

I want Him to use me to lift Himself up. I want to see Jesus lifted higher. I want to be the one who says “Baruch haba b’Shem Adonai”–“Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”

Jesus, let me be the donkey You ride in on.

Don’t you want that too?

Don’t you want Him to use you to change the world in your generation? Don’t you want Him to get the glory in your life? Don’t you want to keep your focus on Him, Him, all about Him …

… while He uses you as a weapon in His hand to accomplish His will and bring about revival on the earth?

Don’t you want to be the one He uses to prevent one person’s sadness in Heaven? Because make no mistake, beloved: there WILL BE tears in Heaven. The Bible says that God will WIPE AWAY all tears from their eyes. That means there will be tears to wipe away in the first place.

Why will there be tears in Heaven?

I believe that, when we first get there, we will weep at the lost ones who did not come to know Jesus. We will weep when we see all the ones who did not inherit salvation. We may even weep when we see what we could have done–and did not do–to bring a different outcome.

I don’t want that. Do you?

“Jesus, let me be the donkey You ride in on!”

Oh beloved, is that the cry of your heart today?

So many things in this world are here to distract us. So many other things are necessary parts of living, and we LET them distract us. Yes, we have to live. We have to pay the bills and manage relationships and do so many other things that are necessary and good.

But are we getting distracted from the most important thing?

I believe it’s possible to maintain a marriage, family, job, and even a ministry, while still maintaining a pure heart … a heart that bends its knee to Father, day in and day out, and cries:

“Father! Would You be glorified in my life?”

“Father! Would You be lifted up in my life?”

“Father! Would You use me to increase the inheritance of Jesus?”

“Father! Father! FA-THER! Would You help me to bear much fruit for the sake of Your Kingdom, for the sake of Your great name?”

Abba! Father! Purify our hearts and minds–and don’t leave me out!

Is that your heart’s cry? It sure is mine.

We’re going to talk a little more about this next week. But, for now, if this post resonates with you, would you please join me in praying this simple prayer for yourself too?

“Father God, please use me to glorify Your own name. Let Jesus be lifted up in my life. And Jesus, let me be the donkey You ride in on. Let other people see You, know You, and be transformed by You because I carry You in my heart.

Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Does this post speak to your heart today? If so, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. This is exactly what I want…what I need. Your heart said what mine could not put together. Thank you Jamie!!! I will pray the same thing. Half of what you said was in my own prayers this morning. Wow!

  2. Thank you Jamie! Everything you said resonates with me. I have been praying this more lately too. I too get distracted with this life. My heart longs for more of the Father and more of His will, but I do get distracted and sometimes find it difficult to live a balanced life. I prayed that prayer with you.

  3. Jaime. I had just finished praying and one of the things I asked God was for Him to use me. For Him to send someone my way that I could use my experience and story to bless in Jesus name for His glory.
    I ended my prayer, picked up my phone and there was this message from you. Keep on letting God use you, my Sister. And thank you for my new catchphrase. I wanna be Jesus’ donkey!!

  4. Thank u so much for this Prayer this mornin….. It Truly Blessed my heart….. I wanna b everything that Our Heavenly Father God wants me to b n Jesus name…. Bless u Mrs Jamie…… May the Lord God continue to use u for His Glory…. Sincerely urs Minister Schwonna Wilson….

  5. Emily Christine says:

    Thank you Jamie thats my heartfelt desire and prayer too , Jesus use to glorify your mighty Name.

  6. AMEN!!! Awesome word Jamie!!!

  7. This word really touched me, because that is my heart’s cry, to be used by God! Thank you!

  8. OH MY YES AND AMEN!!!! The cry of my heart!!!!!!

  9. Yes please and thank you LORD! Thank you for blessing me today with this Word!

  10. WHAT would I do without your mesages of hope for those feeling they are hopeless, help for those feeling helpless, use for those feeling useless, and worth for those feeling they are worthless. God bless and keep you hidden in His wounds…Thank you so very, very much.

  11. Donna Jones says:

    This really ministered to me today. This is my desire as well and I will print this out and pray this prayer regularly. Thank you Jamie, for allowing God to use you in such a special way!


  13. The donkey plus the very ground He walk on!!! I want to become Jesus door mat!!! It is so imperative that He uses me I don’t want nothing nothing nothing else just to behold a bit or a touch of His Hand would do my soul well. I pray that I become more to God and do a lot more for Him!!!

  14. Yes and Amen!!! Great word Jamie!!

  15. Betty Cox says:

    Jamie, thanks so much for keepin it real! It’s so easy to slip into works, religion & “rote” behavior. God has given you a unique anointing! Thanks for bringing us along with us. I love your posts!

  16. Greatly blessed by this post, l can relate with the Hunger to do more for the master. I struggle to understand why God would want me to be still, and keep waiting on him when there is so much to do, . I have learnt, his thoughts are not my thoughts and his ways are not my ways, so when it pleases him, l will be waiting here, expectant knowing he has chosen me already to bear fruit for him, fruit that will abide. Thank you sister for sharing.

    1. May I encourage you God does not want you to wait on Him. He is waiting on you to move out in the things of Him. You have to go out and try God has already equip you. God want to see what you are going to do. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you plan it to but the most important thing that it turn out the way God wanted to. Be blessed Ada

  17. Amen! This is the cry of my heart, to be used by the Holy One, for His purpose, to be a part of the establishment of His glorious Kingdom, to be honored to let His Love flow through me to them who desperately need Him. Jesus saved me, Jesus changed me, and He deserves it that I will give my live to Him.

  18. This is my heart’s cry too. Thank you for sharing and for the reminders too of God’s abilities.

  19. Whatever vessel He wants me to be for His service!

  20. All God’s promises are yes and amen! I’ve been praying for God to use me as a vessel as salt and light in this dark world. Thank you Jaime for being obedient to HIS calling so that he can be glorified!

  21. Beautiful Sister, this word resonates so deeply into my very soul. This past week while on vacation the Lord repeatedly spoke to me “Feed My Sheep”. I am constantly moved by the Holy Spirit to be prayerful of those who do not receive instruction once they give their life to Jesus and go under the water in baptism. I’ve seen so many come up from the water expecting to be invincible and the enemy find them standing alone and attacks them immediately. I have heard preachers make statements along the lines of “I have baptised 170 this year and only 2 remain” as if to shame those 168…who fed them??? Who threw a big chunk of meat at these hungry infants instead of nursing and fortifying them with the sweet milk of understanding? No one!!! Imagine if you sat a raw 16oz steak before your beautiful babe and told him to gnaw on that for nutrition instead of the vitamin filled antibody laced sweet taste of breast milk that will allow him to become stronger each day. Of course there are days when even the breast milk will cause a tummy cramp, gas and even at times diarrhea but even those could be caused by the deliverer…the host body. I’ve been praying that the Lord walk me deeper into this part of ministry I feel very protective over the infant souls, the newly born in Christ.
    Thank you for your willingness to become the arms, feet, mouth and yes the donkey for Jesus.
    Love your sister in Christ

    1. Amen, praying in agreement

  22. Thank you for explaining how you should fast for yourself and on behalf of others. That made it so crystal clear. We just finished a 15 day corporate fast at my church. It was very hard the first couple of days but after that went well. I’m desire is to become more and more closer with The Father not just for me but on behalf of others.

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