1. Hello Jamie, scanning your posts and this one was unintentional. My eyes was just directed to this post thumbnail so I opened it. But before I saw it, I have asked God if He really loves me because I have a problem trusting that, or believing that with all of my heart, being and soul. I mean, He loves people, yes, others, yes, the world yes, but me? I mean really, personally? As I was reading the post, I have asked a series of questions again and I was amazed that I don’t know, it seemed those words written in your posts just stop me right there and answered me quickly, like every sentence as I am arguing this out with Him. Oh, Jamie. I hope I find Him the way I used to looked at Him, feel Him, and trust Him with all my heart as the child me did. Thanks, Jamie.

    1. Aaron Davis says:

      I just finished reading God’s words of affirmative and I am now fully convince that God really Loves me with all of his heart. thank you for this article it is a Blessing to my Soul.
      May God continue to bless you and your family.

      1. Aaron, thank you so much for letting me know. I’m thrilled beyond words that Holy Spirit helped you sense His love! He does indeed love you with a wild, unending, outrageous love.
        Thank you for reading my blog! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi,I just read “He’s that much into you..”,I’m so blessed by all ur posts.I hear Him speak but how do I actually get myself to believe it.I’ve prayed many times n asked God to help me receive His love for me.I’m really struggling in this area.Pls help.
    God bless u!
    Kind regards

  3. This was perfect timing and reading for me, God is the ultimate affirmer

  4. I asked, this question a bit ago and didn’t get a “response”. Then I went to church today and a guy who ended up praying for me/us- pointed me out specifically and started declaring that God loves ME. that I am wanted by him and it honestly felt so amazing. Also might I add, that I’m still a teenager, so the whole public declaration felt really nice.

  5. Feliz Robertson says:

    I was feeling so down and this really helped me. I have been single for years and the three relationships I have had in the past turned out to be men just experimenting with me. It is so wonderful to be reminded of how much God loves me. Thank you for saving me with this article tonight

  6. Christine says:

    thank you dear Jamie, yes it did really comfort me, & encourage me. i love Affirmations of the word. thank you for more. lots of love & God bless you.

    1. Jamie, I’m learning so much about how God loves me. Me. Just me and who I am. And it’s so amazing and I thank you for sharing and pointing out the way for us! I did sit down quietly, and I asked Papa God, how much do you love me? I just felt this warm comforting feeling all around me like a blanket and I felt He said to my heart….My child, beyond the stars I love you! I’m wrecked, Jamie! Oh wow!!!

  7. Hi Jamie, thank you for sharing Gods words of affirmation. This is really s blessing to me. I never considered words of affirmation as one of my love languages and didn’t realize how much I needed this. This melted my heart and encouraged my Spirit. God bless you and your ministry. Continue spreading the love of God and giving encouragement to His people!

  8. Lisa L King says:

    I just stumbled onto your blog and God has been using it amazingly in my life speaking to my heart profusely. Thank you for being faithful to his calling on your life. I’ve been breaking down walls all over the place. And I just got the answer that my heart has been longing to hear. So God is now in the process of healing my heart which he has been doing all along but I didn’t realize exactly why and now I do. Thank you Jamie Many blessings to you and yours always Lisa

  9. Yetunde Crighton-Adelugba says:

    Thank you SO much Jamie. This is exactly what I need right now.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    It took some courage to do this, to sit and think He might say something. But He did! We are in the middle of a huge storm and He told me He loves me like the wind, Wild and Strong.
    Thank you Jamie for helping me experience the love of the Father and the passion of Jesus. How long I have kept them at arms length in my fear that they wouldn’t come through for me. But How they DO!!
    Blessing your life and ministry to release more and more hungry hearts into the extravagant goodness of God.

  11. Jamie, God and I agree that He thinks you are great, you are precious in His sight, that you are just wonderful, and He loves spending quiet moments with you. You are God’s workmanship, Jamie, !

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