Must-Have: The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman | A must-have book | Review by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comI read The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman only once … but it is still changing my life. I’ve been a different person since I read it.

Before I read it, I couldn’t feel God’s love. I couldn’t feel like anybody else loved me, either.

After I read it, God helped me to both understand and truly feel like He loved me. Enough said. If you are alive and breathing, you need this book.

(You can read my story about how Papa helped me feel His love for the first time here.)

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    In this book, Dr. Gary Chapman shows how people give and receive love in five specific ways. Those ways are:

    • Gifts;
    • Acts of service;
    • Physical touch;
    • Quality time; and
    • Words of affirmation.

    Dr. Chapman says that you might love someone with all your heart, but if you convey that love in a way that they don’t understand, it goes right over their head.

    They never “get” that you just loved on them.

    For example, you may give your spouse a gift, but if gifts mean nothing to him, then you have pleased yourself, not him. Your spouse may crave words of affirmation instead. Maybe all you needed was to tell him or her how wonderful they are, and how much you appreciate and respect them.

    But this book teaches you how to give and receive love in the way that really gets through and helps you and others FEEL loved!

    This book is practical and easy to read. It has lots of real-life stories that help you absorb the material easily.

    Reading this book taught me how to give and receive love in my relationships with my spouse, my family, and my friends.

    In the same way, reading The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts will also teach you how to improve every relationship you have. It will teach you how to access the true heart of your loved ones, communicating your love in ways they understand and can receive.

    Run, don’t walk, to get this book. It will revolutionize your relationships. It will bless you on the inside and bring blessings on the outside too. Click the book cover above to grab it on Amazon!

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    1. This book is a bit of sore spot for me. My love language is Quality Time. The hitch is that I’m single. Being single, past say the age of 30, in a married world, is a lonely place. Quality time from others is elusive. The single person is really collateral damage from the family emphasis (worship) movement of the 90’s. Do I say this to people I know? No, that would be too dark and sound bitter, despite the truth of it.

      So my love language feels like a thorn in the side. Please pray God would bring a mate into my life to give and receive quality time. OR just people in general who have reciprocal relationships. THANKS 🙂

      1. I am sorry you are hurting, Paige. I used to be very lonely and still am sometimes, although now it’s a different kind of loneliness when it hits. I can truly say that the only thing that got me through that lonely time when I just wanted close companionship was to get alone with the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to comfort me. Sometimes it took me hours at a time, just to get stablized in my emotions, from the desperate looooonging for that special someone–to know and be known. But looking back, that quality time with Him set a foundation for my life that nothing else could have built. I would encourage you to do the same–to sow into your relationship with Jesus with your time, and claim Psalm 37:4 as your promise that as you do, He will bring you the desire of your heart in that spouse you long for. I will pray for you today, and I pray Papa would comfort you and help you feel His love and affection and presence right there with you.

        1. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful answer 🙂

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