Music Review: “I AM: 365 Names of God” CD

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I Am: 365 Names of God by John Paul Jackson | CD review by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comNeed an anointed CD to set the atmosphere in your home or church? Other than my own solo piano CD, 😉 I AM: 365 Names of God is the best CD I’ve ever heard for that.

The CD “I AM: 365 Names of God,” by John Paul Jackson and Graham Ord, is one of the best, most worshipful CDs I have ever heard in my whole life.

This album was a key part of how the Lord taught me to recognize His manifest presence, because the atmospheric sounds you can hear on this CD (in worship) are some of the same sounds you hear on a daily basis.

From this CD, I learned to actually hear all creation worshipping God.

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    I Am is instrumental music – lots of strings, synth, and drums – with a very nice-sounding male voice (John Paul Jackson himself, actually) reciting 365 of God’s names over the music.

    The whole CD is about 45 minutes long. The names of God are grouped together by theme. For example, as the music plays, Jackson says “God, the Warrior,” and then he recites the names of God that fit in that category. The music continues throughout.

    There is only one song that is actually sung, and it is at the very end.

    Its lyrics say “Holy, holy, holy (repeat 4x) / All Present, All Knowing, All Powerful / All honor, all glory, to the Great I AM.” This one song is so anointed that it would be reason enough to get the CD, even if it were the only track on there!

    I Am will help you live from the presence of God because it will teach you to tune your ears to God’s sounds all around you. The background music is so anointed, and you hear many sounds in it that you can duplicate in the outdoors–even near civilization.

    For example, one day after I started listening to this, I drove by a rail yard and heard the exact same sound coming from the moving of the trains around the tracks that I heard on this CD. It tuned my hear to hear the praise of God everywhere I am.

    I Am: 365 Names of God will help you to learn more about who God is.

    All of His names declared are from Scripture verses, but they convey parts of His character that we don’t always think about. Listening to this album over and over will help you identify facets of God that you don’t know yet, so you can pray about them, study them, and meditate on them, thereby getting to know God better.

    I highly recommend getting this album and letting it play constantly in your home when you’re not there, and even when you are there. As the names of God are declared over you and your home, you will feel yourself changing and tuning in to sense His presence.

    Convinced yet? I hope so! Click here to grab I Am: 365 Names of God on Amazon!

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