1. i read all of your teachings on this, I just needed Abba’s love so badly. I felt such pure sweet love and hugs. I cried and cried and told him how much I loved Him and thanked Him for all his gifts. Thank you so very much!!!

    But like 10 minutes later, my grandson and his friends started some drama and strife and I felt myself getting upset. I was reminded of Jesus’ parable of the sower of seed and immediately the birds came to eat the seed…..I just went right back to prayer. The enemy is NOT taking my seed!! I gave my grandson to Abba, I even gave his friends to Him too! I know He loves me and is with me,,,,,No matter what!! Thank you Father God!!
    And thank you Jamie..You are such a blessing in my life!!

    1. Oh Patti. I thank Papa for ministering to you! He is such a good Papa. And WAY TO GO on guarding the Word and not allowing the enemy to snatch it from you! Eventually, as you continue to meditate on the Word about this, you’ll have it so deeply that it will just always be there and you’ll always be aware of His love. Praise God!

  2. Oh my; what can I say. I didnt stumble here. I have been a christian for 18 years and up until about a month ago I realize that I dont feel Gods love. Me not feeling his love; I thought was ok until I heard some other christians speak so passionately about God. I stuck out like a sore thumb. So I have decided to say like you said…I believe that he loves me but I dont feel it. I believe also that because of pain and symptoms of illness that I feel in my body that I have prayed and commanded to go away still being there also contributes to why I dont feel his love. I know I dont doubt that he healed me years ago.. I believe with my whole heart and I still have the symptoms. Everyday I expect….but no manifestations. He only ask me to believe so why isnt it working for me. That makes me feel like an outsider because I have seen countless testimonies of healings. Now you speak of the gifts. In all honesty I know my kids are a gift from God, my husband (thinking about it) he couldv’e been worse. Thats a whole other story. So other gifts…..God gave me a car debt free, my friends and family I consider to be gifts. My ability to encourage others and ohhhh….most importantly HOLY SPIRIT.

    1. That’s right. Keep focusing on noticing all the ways He manifests His love to you, and you will begin to feel a change in your heart. I encourage you to read all the posts in this series, too, as each one focuses on a way God shows you His love! (God’s love languages.)

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