What Would Your Ideal Spiritual Life Look Like?

Have you ever looked at someone who is close to the Lord–someone whose ministry blesses you–and thought, “I wish I could be like that”?

If so, what is it about that person that draws you? What characteristic is it that you wish you had?

If you were as strong spiritually as you want to be, what would that look like?

I really want to know.

This is an open discussion. Would you click on “Leave a comment” above and tell me your thoughts?

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  1. i wish i could be like Steffany Gretzinger, her love & passion for the Lord. The intimacy she has with the Lord, the way she responds to the Lord’s love. I would like to share intimacy like that with the Lord. She loves the Lord and there is nothing that can come in between. She can say Christ is enough. But i can’t say always that Christ is enough. I want to crave for Jesus only, but sometimes it just doesn’t come that way. I would love to want Jesus more than i want anything else. Seriously i would love to crave only for the Lord’s presence than anything else.

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