How to Get Out of the School of Hard Knocks

Are you tired of being in the School of Hard Knocks? If so, you’re not alone–but you can get out of that diabolical school!

I’ve noticed lately that there seem to be only two ways to make progress in life:

  1. You can learn everything by yourself; or
  2. You can learn from others who have gone before you.

Learning everything by yourself, a.k.a. the School of Hard Knocks, is the hard way. I’ve been through this school quite a bit, and I bet you probably have too. Can we agree that it’s “the pits”?

The easy way is learning from others who have gone before you. The cool thing is that you get to choose.

Are you ready to get out of the School of Hard Knocks yet?

If so, here’s how. The three ways you can learn from wiser, more experienced people than you (and thus avoid a whole heap of mistakes) are:

1. Reading.

  • I’m listing this first because opportunities to read are unlimited. Books are available to everybody.
  • Even better, nobody has to give you permission to read. You can take the initiative to get launched into your destiny all by yourself.
  • Read, read, read, and read. This is one of the most powerful success principles you will ever hear in your whole life.
  • Hint: Be sure to pick books from credible sources that you actually WANT shaping your life. Don’t read a personal finance book written by a poor guy. Etc.

2. Listening to sermons and teaching.

  • This is similar to reading, and can be done while you’re on the go.
  • You can redeem your spare moments of driving time, exercise time, and working around your house, and turn those moments into huge growth opportunities.
  • You can easily find great teaching on CD, DVD, mp3s, and YouTube.

3. Personal mentoring.

  • I have learned more from my mentors than I can ever put into words.
  • However, I haven’t always had mentors (other than the Holy Spirit), so that’s why this is listed last. You can still learn even before you get mentors.
  • Also, your mentors may shape your life more than anything else, but you still won’t be able to stand on your own unless you get hold of Items 1 and 2.

I promise you that, if you want to grow in any area, you will experience great growth from any one of these three strategies. But you will experience exponential, astonishing growth if you decide to use all three!

Are you ready to get started getting out of the School of Hard Knocks?

Think of one or two baby steps you can take. For example:

  • I challenge you to find a great teaching on YouTube and let it play while you’re cleaning the kitchen.
  • I encourage you to go to the library/bookstore and get a great book.
  • Think of someone with obvious fruit in their life that you would love to learn from. (If you can’t think of anyone, ask your friends or even me for suggestions!)

Ready to get out of the School of Hard Knocks by reading, listening, and learning? I’d love to hear how you want to grow! Leave a comment below.

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